Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crisis Core -Movie Clips-

You guys must be fed-up looking at my blog when it comes to Crisis Core. Some of the fellas out there are calling me spoiler cos im telling them the ending even knw they havent finish the game. Soooo what! XD Call me a spoiler if u can!! I dun mind! XD

Crisis Core Opening

Love the opening song! "First Mission" the song was called. I love the title screen as well! "Sucessor" was the song for the title. Psss..psss... If you could notice, Zack's hair was down before he holds the Buster Sword. XD

Sephiroth Versus Genesis and Angeal

Before the battle begin, Genesis said a few words.. Does those words felt very familiar?? Yes those words are in my blog before.. and believe it or not, its from William Shakespeare (according to what game forums said. XP) The battle was awesome and Sephiroth was still the best! XD He kicked Genesis's ass badly.. And Angeal was still keeping his Buster Sword aside.. haiz.. brainless. XD

Zack's Last Battle..

Boy oh Boy..
The Price of Freedom is deep.
*grabs his sword and pray*
Embrace your dreams.. and..
What ever happends protect your honour..
*gets into positions*
As soilder!!!
Come and Get it!!!

Okay first let me tell you something abt this last battle.. You CANNOT use DMW! If you played it you will understand. The data of the character's face in your DMW will turn white also known as deleted except Aerith's. Besides that you can flash back memories of Zack while Modulating Phase..

Are you feeling weird cos of the character's damage?? Dont worry is NO cheat.. I seen people played until the damage seriously reached 99,999! D8 And that character playing this is around level 80~90. Believe me.. its no cheat.. But abt the fella not dying part, i believe is a cheat la.. XP And the last DMW scene you see will be Aerith..

I guess most of you should knw the ending adi gua.. Thus there is still no english or english translation of the ending in youtube yet.. damm people are having there sweet time playing but not chasing the games. XD