Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Down..

My internet is down.. so i cant really use the internet.. Dammit..

If your asking how can i post this post, its simple.. Im at cybercafe now. XD Yeap.. waste like RM2 just to update my blog. Stupid issint it?? XP

Internet down is not a bad thing u see, its kinda good. My exams is like in another few more days, so having the internet shut is good. XD I can try, I mean TRY to focus on studying.. XP But still.. not used to it la. XD

Anyways.. NDS emulator is still working.. and Im not really playing pokemon anymore cause im using cheats and its kinda boring.. X( So im playing FF3!! Woohooo!! The game rocks man!! its something like pokemon la.. you hit and you wait and see what happend. But i think FF3 is alot harder than any FF i played.. its more of strategy.. or mayb its cause i suck.. X(

Okay.. im going to update more next time.. when the internet comes back up or after exams. D8 Die la..

Tonight going Jeffrey's house for party..
Watching Kamen Rider Decade ep14..
Learning how to play chinese song on Guitar..
So called Studying..
Miss someone.. X)

Friday, April 24, 2009

again PV

Another "Its all about YUI" post. XD

Yeeehaaaa~ Im just excited that YUI is back!! And this is like the number what time i said it? XD Finally the PV i've been waiting for weeks is finally out!! Yeap, the PV for YUI's new song [again] is out!! Woohooooo!!!

You have to visit the website la.. the poster embedding disabled the video. So i can i post it out in the blog. X( But now worries.. i saved it in my favourite and just incase if its banned due to copyright, i download the video through Youtube Downloader. XD Yeeehaa~~

I said that YUI looks diffrent now right? And i used to say that shes better looking last time right? Well i take back those words BIG TIME!! Shes still CUTE!! KaWaI to the MAX!!! Especially in the hoody. XP Shes still pretty, cute and her looks are more matured. X) She is have the "going to cry face" while she sings. XP

This girl lightens the music in me. XP She gives me inspirtation everytime whenever im composing a song. XD Seriously.. [The Rain is My Tears]?? She gave me some ideas through listening to her voice and song. XD Oh I almost forgot!! The song that im making for her is not finished yet! D8

*Grabs guitar and starts strumming*

Anyways.. Im just happy that shes back. X) FIGHT-TOH YUI!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing Much..

Spend the whole time playing pokemon!! XD Got obessed with pokemon again.. XP Thus, since i got a NDS emulator i can play other nds games!! 8D I can play FFIII and FFIV which are in NDS. But FF4 got a little bit of problem.. is its okay, still can play. XD FF3 works prefectly..

Due to its emulator.. some game any function properly.. for example, The World Ends With You. Yeap, i wanted to play that game like desperately.. but cannot.. graphic cannot support and the file will crashed.. Have to wait for a better version to come out only can play. XP

Back to pokemon.. according to the game i've been playing for 9 hours! Fark thats long.. XD and this is my currently pokemon team. XP

From Piplup to Primplup and now..
Empoleon. lvl46

I thought of chosing Infernape as my starter but.. i decided to go for Empoleon since tons of people are using it and they said it strong. But i regreted, Empoleon is not as strong as Infernape.. but still, its my best pokemon in my team. X)

From Starly to Starvia and now..
Staraptor. lvl35

yeap, just like last time. Staraptor my flyer and my quickest pokemon. Come to think of it, its attack power arent that weak as well.. XD Close Combat rocks!! XD

From Burem to..
Roselia. lvl32

I tought of trying new pokemons.. so Roselia is my new one lo. I want it to become Roserade.. which will take quite awhile more.. Well Roselia is not a weak pokemon. Its my strongest SP.Attacker. XD

From Ralts to Kirlia and now..
Gardevoir lvl30
I just got Gardevoir like few minutes ago.. I just like Gardevoir due to its teleport ability, high Sp.Attk and its looks. Nothing much.. XP Its one of my favourite looking pokemon. XP

Kirlia lvl 28
I got another Kirlia.. but this one is male.. Gardevoir is a female. Diamond and Pearl got a male version of Gardevoir which called.. Gallade. Going to get this pokemon.. but it will also take awhile to get this cool looking pokemon,

Update more about pokemon soon.. XP

WEll still i havent forget abt studying, guitar and of course YUI!! XD I still keep in touch with other things.. XP I still keep up with Kamen Rider. XD I still spend my time going into youtube and looking at tutorials and funny videos. Heres some from the 7Bachelors..


So far.. for this year.. i think this is the funniest among all!! XD Seriously.. i watched this video for like 3 times.. and its still kinda funny. XD

7B Shirts Commercial

Yeap, they have their very own T-Shirt... XP And just to tell the whole world about it, this video was made.. Its still funny and pretty much lame!! The reasons are not true.. XD

7B Hyper Battle

This is just another fighthing video made by the 7B. its good and funny.. the ending is hilarious. XD

Another YUI picture.. X)
I take back what i used to say.. shes is still very pretty and cute. X)

Exams coming, YUI new album coming, Lunch coming, credit last day coming, and fever is coming again.. XP

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fever's Fever

Argh.. i've cured 80% of my sickness and what is left is this horrible cough.. People these days are getting ill.. as in REALLY REALLY ill. For example, Tarvin, WeiSoong, JinHwei, Racheal, and many more.. its problally because of the terrible weather.. pfffff...

Im seriously nervous.. cause exams is like soooooo freaking near!! Thus, im not even studying!! I tried but i just cant focus.. im scared..

4 days straight im having sickness... stayed at home and skipping tuitions even sunday school!! This shows how seriously it is.. I was soooo weak that i cant even press the keyboards. Seriously.. I smsed some of my friends and one of them which is peiyin gave me a shock of my life. Shes the only girl which i knw wants to have sickness. D8 Just so that she can rest.. well good way to try to take a break but its a hard one.. XD

I suddenly got addicted to pokemon again! XP yeap.. so i searched everywhere around youtube for tutorials where i can play pokemon in NDS emulator. For 2 days i've been looking... guess what? I found it!! 8D I can play pokemon again!! Last time i use to have the same emulator but this time is better and faster. I can play pokemon in like 280+% faster!! XD Thus im playing this new pokemon version.. check it out!!

Platinum Version. This time main legendary pokemon, Giratina (origin form)

Anyways.. today is someone's birthday!! X)

I used to think this girl is just some plain old geek or nerd.. but shes worst that.. shes weird!! XD But a very nice friend..

Happy Birthday JinHwei!! XD
This photo was like sooooo last year. XD

Okay need to rest more.. study more.. and spam pokemon!! XD Good night world~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Song!!

Yay!! I finally finished another song!! Wohooo! I finished making "The Rain is My Tears" and it wasnt easy.. i took me like 20 tries plus just to make the video. XP

The Rain is My Tears is only a short song with only piano melodies.. nothing much.. just some plain old simple song but still.. I like it! 8D I decided to make it plain short because there is not singing. So watch and enjoy!! X)

The Rain is My Tears -MIngz-

Dammit.. i'm very very weak nowathese days.. I have a terrible fever right now.. I'll update more about drama, guitar covers and more next time..

Need to rest.. ZzZzZzZz...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How's Life??

Hey YUI Tan, hows life going? *silent* okay, seems to be pretty well going? XD

How's my life? Its pretty much okay.. X) Im not that emo anymore.. heres what happend today..

We finished our BM drama.. and im ready to be.. erm.. DRAMA!! XD Im ready to act.. and hopefully tomorrow, we can kick asss, if cannot win the get the crowds attention. XD Thats should do the trick. XP

We did some chemistry experiment in class. I was in a group with WeiSoong, Vania, Racheal and Megan. We simply mix some chemical and we got this very very cool looking chemical!! 8D Its like lava lamp.. its was sooo attarctive sooo i stole it.. D8 Bad boy.. but this is how its looks like. XP

Pretty issit? Next time i will show the real thing.. its sooo cool and liquid-ish. XD

After that i went to WeiSoong's house and have a swim.. heres what i've learned.. Never invite only one guy to swim with you. It was sounds gay, looks gay and its boring.. diffrent feeling. Invite more people only go into the pool. XD

Then, he called me to picked up a rock and make it into my lucky rock. Well, i did it!! I took a cool looking rock. (konon-nya cool looking) and i treat it as my lucky rock.. its something like the show "The Secret" X)

Mah lucky rock!! XP

I finally know why YUI Tan is diffrent than the other guitar i played. I noticed it through WeiSoong's handmade guitar. D8 Okay back to the main story.. what is diffrent about YUI Tan is.. its strings are harder to press.. its not because its standart strings.. (it might be part of the reason la) but the real thing is because.. her distance between the strings and the fred are further compare to other guitar. Yeap its true.. thats why the feel of playing the guitar and the strings pressing style is diffrent. This means im really have to buy another guitar. D8

Something about YUI:
I finally found out why is YUI soooo busy these months. Well its because shes becoming a DJ in japan!! 8D Thats soooo cool!! Now i like her even more.. XD Thus i found YUI's offical website already! You can see lots of things about YUI there. Her song lyrics, her lasted news, her diary and her radio station!! But u only can understand unless you knw japanese. XD

Making a link in my blog. XP Ganbantte YUI!! XD
Your birthday is coming soon. X)

Monday, April 13, 2009

I knew it..

Sup guys! Remember about the best youtube video i told you guys about? and i was afaird that it will get band?

Well.. it just happend today.. Yeap, my "again" cover got banded... hmph!! Its says that i was copyrighting the song.. what the hell!! But nvm.. for only 4 days.. i got 980+ views and 12 comments. XP Good enough for me! And all of them are good comments. So thanks. X)

Well since i cannot use YUI's voice as my cover.. I need to use some other voice other than her so its not copy righted.. Me? Sing? No no no.. i got a better plan.. XP As i was going on to youtube i found a spanish girl who sings this song very well.. so i asked her to helped out with my video and thankfully she agrees to! 8D So i made another cover and chances of getting band is like 15% this time.. XP Hope sony is not that stingy la..

Thus i finally did!! I made a Goodbye Days cover in youtube!! 8D Woohoooo!!! After learning this song like freaking 2 months+ i finally manage to master the whole song. If only my strings are easier to press to song will be easier to play. Feel free to take a look at it in youtube. but let my warn you that there will be me singing in the video.. so listen at your own risk! XD

Mood flies... happy~emo~sad~jolly~crazy~left out.. Something is soooo wrong with me!! Arh!!!! *smack his head to the wall* Im nuts..

Im just a guy who loves music and nothing..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday? Bad Boy..

Saturday.. theres actually school today but i pontenged it.. I thought i was going to get screwed by my dad, but he sorta forgive me. 8D I love my dad. X) Better not tell mom abt this or im screwed BIG TIME!!

The whole day staying at home trying to learn some new songs.. infact.. i did learn a new song. XD Another YUI's song. XD "Tomorrow's Way", its not that hard after you learn how to play bar chords. XP But still.. using standard strings really kills my finger. Take a look

Yeap.. thats how pain issit.. Ouch..

Huh? Change to light strings? Well i wanted to do that since travis's shop sells it like RM30~35.. But i prefer not to change. Cause one, im lazy to wait for it to season again.. You knw.. new strings.. XP Two, im saving money for a new accoustic guitar.. Even my dad says that my guitar is waaaay to small for me. XD Three, in order to gain muscle to play bar chords, i have to do the hard way. Yeap.. 3 prefect reasons. X)

After learning the song in like 30 mins (boy, im getting good at this. XD) i made the video instantly and post it on youtube. XP Take a look and comment abt it. X)

I finally found pictures for YUI's new song "again"!! 8D Also we can see how she looks in her 22nd!! X) I havent been seeing any YUI new pictures for like 3 months. XD Sooo lets take a look.

This is how she looks like now..

I have to be honest.. she looks better last time.. (shuuuuu.. dont tell her. XD) That doesnt mean she looks bad now!! She still looks good! XD

Yeap.. she looks better last time. XD

Anyways.. her new album is coming out soon already!! Well it will be out first in japan la.. but still its coming out!! YAY!! XD I hope she can get a good sale out of it. X) This 2nd of June!! Support her people!

People! Support her people!! XD

Something nothing to do with this post:
Theres this guy who is with me for like almost more than 8 years. This guy.. he talks alot.. he sings alot.. he burps alot!! But his not a bad guy!! The good part of him is.. he introduce me to YUI!! XD and his brithday is at the 10th April.. and this guy is..

Nathaneal Tan Kim Fei

Yeap.. this is coolest picturethat i can find. XP

We are friend like more than 8 years.. so.. of course we share good memories together.. for example..

This is one of them.. but its not what you think it is.. seriously..


Happy Birthday Nat!! X)

Yeap, and tomorrow (saturday) im going to his birthday party. Yay!! X)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Best Youtube Video

Yeap.. I posted this video for like only 1 hour plus ago and guess who many people viewed this video?? 91!!! From the record of my video list, i've never had this much of people viewing my videos in such a short time!! Im soo happy.. sobs.. wanna knw what video issit??

Listen to my story first.. As you all knw that YUI's new song called "again" is like world famous.. Its new and nice.. For now no one has ever made a guitar cover of it in youtube.. Since i've been like spamming the music and got the tune and melody in my head.. I decided to make my first step and be the first person to make the video cover!!

Aftr like a few minutes of identifying.. the chords issint as hard as i think it is. Its kinda easy! 8D Mayb its cause im ear playing or its really that easy.. SOOO i post the video in youtube and walah!! huge amount of people dropped by, rated and commented!! 8D Thank you! Thank you!!

again -YUI- cover by MIngz

So what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Dont comment here! Go to my account and comment!! XD Your rates and comment are very important to me. XP

109 views now!!!! Okay what am i really really afaird of is.. the sony company go and band my account. Cause i've been seeing some electro "again" cover in youtube.. and all of them got band! D8 Please la.. hope that my account wont kena band la.. DX

Im gonna work really really hard on guitar now!! But wait.. exams coming!! D8 Die la..

But the good thing is.. YUI Tan's strings are seasoned. X)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ponteng to KDU

Thursday.. its a typical normal school day.. but i pontenged school!! XD Not alone!! With Tarvin, Nat. Huiee and Izzaty!! And we have or premission and reasons to ponteng. Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..

We went to this KDU treasure hunt competition called "hot cat tour". I was teamed up with Nat and Tarvin. The reason we enter the competition was because of the $$$, yeap money. Its a tough luck yet fat chance but worth a try, the first place gets RM1000!! D8 Thats like freaking lots of money!! If we win, we split the money among us into Rm333. Extra RM1?? Buy ice-cream la!! If I get the money i will buy a new accoustic guitar!! Tarvin wants the money to repair his psp. Nat?? he wants it to date girls. XD

Taman SEA has sended six teams.. yeap.. SIX FREAKING TEAM!! That means there will be like 18 of us pontenging. Me, Tarvin and Nat tell ourselve.. MUST WIN!!! Even if we have to fight against own people!! XD

We thought that his competition is a piece of cake.. should be.. be it turns out farking hard!!! Among all the tasked.. we just finished 3!! 6 teams from Taman SEA, 5 of the teams got kicked out! X( Well.. we knew it was a fat chance ady..

Since we pontenged school and we can pick to go home, we decided to go to ATIAR (dunno how it spells) to have a walk.. But we made a bad choice.. ATAIR is way way way toooo boring.. Nothing to do there!! We just go there and waste out time. So, we called steven to join us. X) In the mean time be our taxi driver. XD

We decided to head home.. home as in MY HOUSE!!! So i let them entered my messy room.. while Huiee and Steven have to go to ss2 and buy something. Which is pretty much good damm obvious. XD Then we slept for like 2 hours at my place.. spsssss... I slept with Nat. On the same bed!! D8 Die la.. i dont wanna live anymore la.. (you get the joke right?)

After that Steven and Huiee came to my house and continue to have fun!! I showed off some of my guitaring skills.. *hidung tinggi* After that we went youtube and hear some YUI song. I still think "again" is good. X) Thus we go and look for some korean songs. XD Gee was first in line.

After that all of them went home and me?? back to the bed and get ready to help my dad in pasar malam!! XD

Something awesome happend in pasar malam that night!! 8TV came to pasar malam and make their show right infront of my dad's stall!! 8D Its something like a superstar show.. for once im seeing some real show right infront of me. The best part is, i get to see it first before the show which is saturday!! XD

Went home and took a long night rest.. ZzZzZz.. tomorrow? Good friday? It has nothing to do with our school. Damm.. XP

What we learned During Sivik

I've not been updating my blog like only 3 days.. damm paranoid la me. (It comes from my mom. XD) Okay this post is abt what I learned during sivks period which was last tuesday. XP

Teacher was talking abt the diffrence between the marriage of an Islam and a non-Islam.. here was my class think it is..

ChoonKit stands up and be the first volenteer to write. We thought that he was god damm serious about it.. Cause his actually quite smart.. so this is what he written..

Islam, boleh ada EMPAT isteri
Bukan Islam, boleh ada SATU isteri sahaja.


Me and Tarvin are like laughing our asses out!! Even the teacher laughed as well! XD She called another person which is Roshan to write the next one.. this one is worst..

Islam, mesti bersunat
Bukan Islam, tidak semesti bersunat.


Thats funny but is freaking true!! XD

So thats what we freaking learn is class.. we actually listen for that particular day cause of this funny incident! XD Usual we will be like throwing paper planes here and there. XD

At least we learn something "useful" XD

Monday, April 6, 2009


Arrrhhhhhh!!! YUI Tan's strings keep out of tune!! I beared with it once.. so now i have to bear with it again!! Arrrhhhhh!!! Its killing me!! Strings arh strings.. faster season la..

Mixpod is making me frustrating as well!! Grrr.... "again" song which i putted there.. suddenly just change into the next song. Im finding a way to fix it.. but still its kinda frustrating.. Arrhhhhhh!!!

Im thinking for chords.. but just because of the new strings.. its soooo much harder to press cause it new and im not used to it.. playing bar chords is hard again. Arrrrhhhhhh!!! I think i will buy a new guitar.. a better quality one.. and this one? I'll still keep it just incase the new one broke a string or something. Saving BIG TIME money again.. $$$

My piano is going pretty well.. still got a little bit of touch.. XP So "The Rain is My Tears" is current underprogression.. Pretty good.. but im spending more time on guitar so that i can get use to the strings.. XP

Heres the opening for Full Metal Alchemist (series 2)

I wasnt expecting much.. but this is quite an opening. X) Pretty good..

Frustrated with lots things.. mainly is the guitar.. arh!! Patients.. I'll get used to it and solve it as well!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maybe Something Diffrent

Since im waiting for YUI Tan's strings to get season.. I will stick back to piano again.. XD

I found a melody for "The Rain is My Tears" on the piano already!! So i decided to make the song a musical song.. as in no singing.. Just music.. X)

I just miss how i play piano again.. it like soo memorish!! X)

Okay back to seasonining the strings.. Ganbatteh!! XD

Fixing YUI Tan

Okie, blog readers should knw whats really going on.. to those who dont really knw.. read the past few post and then u will understand.. why am i fixing YUI Tan.

Something nothing to do with the title:
Today sunday school was wicked!! Class was nothing.. but choir was fun.. its like a BISDS idol.. Everyone is auditioning for Nalanda Competition. XD I was one of them.. Round one i sung "Bridge over Troubled Water" people comment and said.. it was good but waaaaay to serious and goosbumps.. 0.) Round 2 is "Where Peace Begins" and that song was better than the first one. Still.. Im using my nose and sing. So Vanessa gave me a special training on singing.. I have practices. XP

Okay back to the real subject!!! My aim was to bring YUI Tan to Travis's Guitar Shop and get her fixed.. but suddenly, while i was walking half way throught.. BAM!! Started raining heavy. D8 So.. i change my mind.. since i was still waaaaay far from the shop... So i took this huge risk..

I stopped by at Mahogany (the guitar shop in ss2) and brought a set of standard accoustic guitar strings. What am i doing? I going to fix YUI Tan myself this time!! D8 Yeap.. I taking this freaking huge risk.. One to save time.. Two, to gain more exprience.. So i brought YUI Tan home and get ready..

After studying on Youtube.. Asking Tarvin for some instructions and soo i begin..

YUI Tan without her strings..

The packages of strings..


*After 30 mins of twist and turn..*

This is the result it turn out..


Did i scared you?? XD No NO NO.. this is Tarvin's guitar.. XD Btw.. I named it Classcoustic. Is like Classic + Accoustic = Classcousctic. XD Cause his using a classical guitar with contains accoustic guitar light strings!! GAY!! So now he has a semi-accoustic guitar. XD What is really funny abt this guitar is that its as brown as its owner. XD Just kidding.. XP

Back to YUI Tan.. and Tadaaaaa~

Yeah... See See See she got strings again!! XD

Up here is messy.. Cause i dont have the cutter to cut the strings. XP Thus Tarvin say that is best that i dun cut it. o.O

But what is really important is..

My guitar is back... YUI Tan is back! XD

I got her back the way i got her from the start. She sounds diffrent.. just because of the new strings.. it needs some seasoning.. (means something like to be matured..) So i wont be making videos until its sounds back like an accoustic guitar again. X) How to get back its voice? PLAY LIKE MAD. Then can ady. XD

Anyways.. i gain a new experience at least. X) Fixing guitar issint as hard as u think.. (SAYS ME!!) i just takes a little bit of twist and turn and walah!!! yur done.. XD Guitarist should try to save money by fixing it themself. XP (save like RM20!!)

Okay.. One of the problems in my life is solved. X)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kamen Rider's Main Characters

Im being real childish again.. XD Kamen riders FEVER!! Believe me.. im not the only guy who is watching kamen riders in my age. There are many more.. and some of them are even older than me!! XD Okay back to the real subjects.

Ladies.. im going to show the main guys characters of diffrent kamen rider series. I dunno whether they are hot or not.. so you do the voting!! Im serious.. VOTE! XD

Lets get started shall we?? XP

Takumi Inui


Kamen Rider 555
-Faiz Axel Form-


Tendou Souji


Kamen Rider Kabuto
-Hyper Kabuto Form-


Nogami Ryotaro


Kamen Rider Den-O
-Den-O Climax Form-


Wataru Kurenai


Kamen Rider Kiva
-Kiva Emperor Form-

So ladies start voting.. On my suggestion.. If i were a girl.. I think that Tendou Souji from Kamen Rider Kabuto is the best looking guy.. but guy comparing guy is just not right.. ewwww!! So you do the picking. XP

Supernova -Tetra Fang-

One of the best song in Kamen Rider history.. The singer is the main character for Kamen Rider Kiva which is Kurenai Wataru. XP

I like this picture.. Ichigo is just waaaaay to strong already. XP

I screwed it up

Something damm shitting happend..

Today i wanted to change YUI Tan's string to a light string which is what i called soft strings. But just because YUI Tan's guitar is diffrent.. so changing into another type of string will change its voice as well.. So now YUI Tan's voice is totally untune.. is actually sounds diffrent. BIG diffrence.. Dammit!! I feel damm bad now.. shouldnt have changed her strings.. I feel damm bad now.. (I feel soooo bad that i have to say it twice)

Since YUI Tan's voice is temporally not good.. (I will get her repair in Travis's guitar shop) I wont be making any guitar videos for now.. mayb its time for me to get back to piano. XD But seriously.. i need to fix YUI Tan's voice..

Btw, my video for Konayuki cover i made is in Youtube now. Check it out. XP

On the other hand of the real Yui, Yui Yoshioka. Remember her song for FMA (Full Metal Alchemist)?? Its out in already!! 8D Woohoooo!! Check it out!!

again -YUI-

This song is not bad.. one of YUI's rocking song. But still not her best song i think.. her best so far is still JAM. I think.. XP But still this one sounds good as well!! Nvm, thats only one of her new albums songs. X)

I got addicted with Kamen Rider Kiva. Last time i dont really like it.. but suddenly i got intrested.. XP Why?? Cause of the songs which are in the show are sang by the main character of Kamen Rider Kiva. D8 Thus the song is not boring.. its freaking rock! XD Im starting to Kamen Rider's songs.. XD

The only thing that kept me happy is YUI's new song.. NOTHING ELSE!!

ChengMing? Im not visiting my grandparents. X( I feel bad... but i got sunday school to go and i have to stay here and study. Stupid mom..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Guitar and Calculater

Okay heres a hint about making your own song.. According to my suggestion.. You should NOT write the lyrics first then only find the chords. I suggest you find the chords then only the lyrics.. i think its more a royal pain in the ass to find the chords other than the lyrics.. XP

Spending the whole day with YUI Tan, keep finding for chords which is prefect for the lyrics.. dammit.. hard~ hard~ hard~ Then i took a few pictures with calculater. XD

Yui Tan~ XD

Yui Yoshioka..

Ganbatteh!! XD

Hope her new album is in big sales!! X) Everyone support her please!! Listen to her songs you will apperciate her! XD


Okay back to the chords looking.. wish me luck..


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The rain is My Tears..

2th Aprill.. one of the day which i cried the most.. sadly.. painfully.. and a little bit of happy.. X) Let me tell you the whole story then..

Sadly is because when i came to school during BM period im feeling a little bit of weird.. feeling very very weak.. then during ACC period that time i felt extremely cold.. Then during SEJ i just notice that i had a fever. I thought it was a slight fever only due to Chow Ern's comment.. but according to Kah Keng and Tarvin the fever is pretty much high. So i was send to the PBSM room, took a panadol and rest.. Thanks to WeiSoong for taking care of me the whole time..

Painful- She didnt even visit me.. X(

Tarvin, Nat, Huiee, Izzaty, Darren, Racheal, Vania, Megan, Sharma, ChowErn and Vincent paid a visit to me.. thanks guys.. X) After 3 hours of nap.. i woke up and my whole body is covered with sweats!! D8 YUCK!! But due to the loads of sweat im 80% cured already.. so i decided to get back to class at least for the last period. XP

Painful- She didnt even ask or know that im sick.. X(

After school me, Izzaty, Nat and Huiee went to Tarvin's house to play for awhile.. I reach there and the first thing i did was GUITAR!! XD After playing his guitar.. i felt very easy.. why can i play bar chords sooo much clearer? No wonder!! Tarvin is using a soft string!! And he called me not to use a soft string! Pffffff... im going to change string already! Thus i tried teaching Huiee how to play Goodbye Days.. but shes a horrible student. XD

Get back to school and get ready for rumah biru. Our captain said that we are going to practise the activity that we joined.. Means im going to pracitse High Jump and Long Jump!! 8D but after the warm up.. Sadly.. the rain came.. there goes my happy-ness again.. X(

On my way home.. in my mind there is like a melody in me.. pretty much a sad melody.. so i went home and try to play the melody.. it didnt work out but still im going to keep playing over and over again.. I even got a name for this song already! The Rain is My Tears.

The happy part.. I watch Kamen Rider Decade episode 10!! XD Faiz sucks in the decade.. Then i found out another thing!! Full Metal Alchemist is making the 2nd series.. is like remaking the whole show but better quality. XP Thats not the most important part.. the singer of the opening song for Full Metal Alchemist 2 is..


Yes, YUI is back for 2009!!! And her main song is called.. "again" so far there is no new song.. but im very excited to hear more of her songs again. XD

Yui -again- Full Metal Alchemist series 2.

Whatever happends.. the only thing which can make me really really really happy always is Yui.. Even knw we cant see each other but her songs made me sooo alive.. No ONE!! I mean NO ONE!! Is this world can make me more happier other than Yui. I MEAN IT!!! I dont care if other people said that shes lousy, ugly, emo or anything!! Shes still the best!! Im OVEROBESS with her? So what?? Im a sad little lonely boy..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

April Fool.. One word describes everything.. BORING!!!

Is not that no one didnt fool me. Some of them did fool me big time.. but still this year is just way way way boring.. why? Its photoshooting day two at the same time. =.=

We have like 5 free periods in class.. 2PJK, 2ENG, 1EST. PJK is consider as a free period i believe.. XD English is because Pn.Chung is incharge of the photoshooting. EST is because Pn.Harminder is incharge of catching those students who have weird looking hari style. (those people who arent from my school.. She is a displin teacher. XP)

The whole time me, Tarvin, Lyn and Eng Hoe sitting at the stair case making jokes here and there. In the mean time we teached Ahmad Daniel a little bit of chinese. XD After that i paid a visit to see hows Nat doing with his photos. And i have to admit.. the best pose candid shot for KRS is NAT!! He made a god damm yeng post. XD

After that Huiee brought her camera and snaps here and there. Then recess..

After recess.. is back to class.. Bored.. Bored.. Bored.. During BM period i went for my photoshot for rumah biru. Love rumah biru la!! One of the things which always keeps me happy. XD Then i ponteng to other classes and chit chating.

Teck Yan's (the tallest and largest student in school) hands are smaller than mine? Surpising? I was shocked as well. XD Thus Ranee spreaded rumors abt my cool looking brother.. =.= How i wish my looks was spread in school like that. XD

Get back home and try to make some video.. in the end i manage to only make one which is Konayuki from One Litre of Tears. That song is soooo easy i learn it in like 10mins. XD (show off) Then i learn a little bit of "Winter Hot Music", "Tomorrow's Way" and trying to master "Goodbye Days" XP

I still cant let go off you..
But why am i still letting you to hurt me?
Im stupid and confuse now..

Yui Tan, its going to be a sad night tonight..