Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool

April Fool.. One word describes everything.. BORING!!!

Is not that no one didnt fool me. Some of them did fool me big time.. but still this year is just way way way boring.. why? Its photoshooting day two at the same time. =.=

We have like 5 free periods in class.. 2PJK, 2ENG, 1EST. PJK is consider as a free period i believe.. XD English is because Pn.Chung is incharge of the photoshooting. EST is because Pn.Harminder is incharge of catching those students who have weird looking hari style. (those people who arent from my school.. She is a displin teacher. XP)

The whole time me, Tarvin, Lyn and Eng Hoe sitting at the stair case making jokes here and there. In the mean time we teached Ahmad Daniel a little bit of chinese. XD After that i paid a visit to see hows Nat doing with his photos. And i have to admit.. the best pose candid shot for KRS is NAT!! He made a god damm yeng post. XD

After that Huiee brought her camera and snaps here and there. Then recess..

After recess.. is back to class.. Bored.. Bored.. Bored.. During BM period i went for my photoshot for rumah biru. Love rumah biru la!! One of the things which always keeps me happy. XD Then i ponteng to other classes and chit chating.

Teck Yan's (the tallest and largest student in school) hands are smaller than mine? Surpising? I was shocked as well. XD Thus Ranee spreaded rumors abt my cool looking brother.. =.= How i wish my looks was spread in school like that. XD

Get back home and try to make some video.. in the end i manage to only make one which is Konayuki from One Litre of Tears. That song is soooo easy i learn it in like 10mins. XD (show off) Then i learn a little bit of "Winter Hot Music", "Tomorrow's Way" and trying to master "Goodbye Days" XP

I still cant let go off you..
But why am i still letting you to hurt me?
Im stupid and confuse now..

Yui Tan, its going to be a sad night tonight..