Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Im Offically Diggin!!

You know what?? Im offically diggin Taylor Swift!! I cant stop my mind thinking of her!! 8D I even dreamt of her.. (im not kidding.. ask my sister about it!!) Proves how much im IN to her nowathese days!! XD

She has her own youtube account and I've watch her videos.. over and over again!! People said that account is problally a fake. Well i believe its a REAL!! Fake or Not, I got nothing to lose!! All of her self made videos are all there.. and i believe not taylor swift fan can make up those video. XD Believe me or not its up to you!! XP

Since im totally IN to Taylor Swift, Im learning all of her songs.. since most of her songs are available on guitar, plus her song chords are alot easier to learn.. its either capo or easy chords. XD Love her songs!!

This is one of her videos.. she put a hard time making up this video!! And i find it pretty funny looking at her impression and also her other friend's one. XD Thus the guy in the song [You Belong with Me] is in the video too. XD Go to her account to find more..

Yeap, I've said before and im going to say it again!! I love Taylor Swift! And everybody does!! XD I found a few which dont find taylor attractive.. weirdos..

I find Taylor Swift pretty similiar to YUI. I mean.. look, they are both female guitarist, super famous in their own country, accoustic guitarist, both are still young, Erm.. i cant think of it anymore!! But they both are similiar!! Just that one is famous in Japanese and the other one is English.

Speaking of YUI! So does that mean Im not IN to YUI anymore?? FAT Chance la!! Im always in to YUI!! Shes still the first guitar girl to give me my inspiration to play guitar! X)

I'll never forget YUI!! As in NEVER!! XD

Gotta play some guitar and then try to study.. Bah~ See Ya!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taylor Understands

Nowathese days im like digging in my Taylor Swift. First, she has become my friend in youtube. *yay!* Next, is cause she a teenage girl!! Come on shes only 18yrs old this year!! 8D And lastly, she kinda reminds me of YUI. XP Both are young girls, can play guitar, can sing, and very popular when they are young. XD Pretty similiar eh?? (YUI is just older.. XP)

What does the title have to do with this post?? o.O Dun get it eh?? Jsut take a look at this video i found.. X)

What she said on begin on 1:29 on the video.. it kinda makes sense.. Mayb i should write a song about some incident.. and just tell the story with it. X) Mayb that will make me feel a little bit happier and stronger. I wanna be strong! X)

I like Taylor Swift's song called [Fearless] and [White House]. well even knw the songs are usually meant for girls.. but the songs are very meaningful.. let just say all her songs are very meaningful, especially for people who are in love and something like that. XD

I like Taylor Swift and Everybody loves Taylor Swift.. X)

I still like YUI, dont worry.. XD

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I cant talk to ONE, now i cant talk to TWO..
I dunno what to do.. im lost again..
Someone save me again.. please.. im scared..
Day by Day.. just haru~haru..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Music of the Month

Yeah, im fine Taylor Swift. X)

Yeap, this month's music of the month is Taylor Swift's [You Belong with Me]. An awesome song and i believe everybody loves this long alot. X) This is one of Taylor Swift most awesome song ever in year 2009. Thus, the lyrics is meaningful even know its for a girl situation. XD

You Belong with Me
-Taylor Swift-

You're one the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset
She's going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn't get your humor like i do

I'm in the room, it's a typical tuesday night
I'm listenin' to the kinda music she doesn't like
And she'll never know your story, like i do

But she wears short skirts, i wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers
Dreamin' 'bout the the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin' for has been here the whole time.

If you could see that i'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see
You belong with me, you belong with me

Walkin' the street with you and your worn out jeans
I can't help thinkin' this is how it ought to be
Laughin' on a park bench, thinkin' to myself
"Hey, isn't this easy?"

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I haven't seen it in a while, since she brought you down
You say you're fine, i know you better than that
Whatchu doin' with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, i wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers
Dreamin' 'bout the the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin' for has been here the whole time.

If you could see that i'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see
You belong with me
Standin' by here, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know, baby
You belong with me, you belong with me

Ohh, i remember you drivin' to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh, when you know you're 'bout to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me 'bout your dreams
Think i know where you belong, think i know it's with me.

Can't you see the i'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me.
Standin' by here, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know, baby
You belong with me, you belong with me.

You belong with me, have you ever thought just maybe?
You belong with me... you belong with me.

One of the best MV i ever seen in any of the songs. XD Well this song is very meaningful but now a suitable song for my kinda of situation. XD

Hey, you know what? Taylor Swift has added me as friend in Youtube!! 8D Yeap, im serious.. chances like this never come along. XD Yay!! The joy in my soul!! X)

Btw, I know how to play this song on guitar a long time ago.. X) Just gonna play and sing it all day long~ X) Go Taylor Swift!!

Yes, yes, Im digging in Taylor Swift and YUI at the same time. XD Both of them are young singers and popular! XD And the best part.. both of them knw guitar.. XD

Old Friends are Lights

From the last post, i got kinda down due to some small small incident.. well like i said, im very sensetive. XP Well im kinda cool with now.. since i've talked with my old friends.. X)

Well i have to say, my old friends are actually always looking after me.. X) Today, at the afternoon after tuition, Weng called. Btw, Weng is my old old basketball friend, also known as my basketball sifu!! Its been almost 4 months ever since we last talked.. but suddenly he called me!! 8D

We have a short conversation, he said nice things to me and make me happy. XD He remember when he saw chao's blog with my blog link. So he tried his very very best to comfort me.. It was a short like 6 minutes of talk on the phone but.. that 6 minutes made me alot more happier.. I ower another one, Weng. X)

Next, Chao another old basketball friend came to my blog again! 8D Coincidence.. he finally visit my blog again after soo long!! XD Same thing like what Weng did, he comfort me.. and you know what? When im sad, mayb i really should go back and find them for a basketball game. XD I will and this a promise.

Lastly was KaiShin, well.. i never talk with her for sooo long but tonight was the longest coversation we had after soo long. X) She didnt really comfort me or anything.. but she did make me a little bit happier through the conversation. Dunno why? XD Mayb cause she cured my bored-ness~ X) I really apperciate it..

Friends are Lights.. they are always be a light that shine on you when you are down but the light could just fade away anytime.. but old friends are the a kind of light that never be shut down.. thats why its a friendship bond that can never be broken.. X)

Long story short, Friends are the BEST! X)

I feel more lighter now.. X) Thank you everyone~

Monday, September 21, 2009

I dunno why.. but.. im currently not in the mood now.. well.. i just dont understand.. im really really confuse.. real god damm confuse..

I was just being real fearless after i heard the song from Taylor Swift called [Fearless]. My confident have boost! I felt like another person!! I wanna do wat i wanna do!! YEAH!! But after that just 3 sentence, around 30+ alphabathes shot me down.. real bad..

For that moment.. i was very very scared.. room a hot room suddenly turn into a cold room. I was stunned looking at the monitor for like 3 minutes.. palms are wetting like waterfalls.. im serious.. i was real scared.. So scared that i felt like i wanted to cry.. eyes are watering..

I dunno what to do after that.. i just suddenly turn mood down!! Totally dead.. dunno what to do and i was just trying my best to make things back to normal.. spam words and alphaberts. Telling, Saying, Yaping and Praying that things would just be normal.

No one is wrong, its just me who is just damm fucking sensative..

I learned my lesson today.. I have to learn how to not talk sooo much until it annoys people.. I have learn how to not talk the same thing over and over again.. and i must also.. not to be waaaay tooo confident on what im saying.. STOP YAPPING!!

So, you knw the Taylor Swift song [Fearless]? For me, its just another way around..

Im not in the mood right now.. bye

Saturday, September 19, 2009

YUI [Never Say Die]

I thought that YUI got only one new song.. but infact there are 2!! D8 [Its all too much] and [Never say Die] is both different song!! D8 Damm~

Yes, i just found out that YUI have another new song through youtube. 8D All thanks to Natumi for posting the guitar cover. X) Now i got another new YUI song in my com!! Yay!!

I dun quite get the PV la.. its like girl in short skirts playing football.. cause of showing their boy friend's picture with them to each other. Its kinda weird.. But the song is kinda nice.. but i have to say [Its all too Much] is nice. XD Her short hair makes her even cuter in this MV.

Now YUI is much of a rock song singer already.. her songs are mostly meant for pop rock.. well i still love her.. that doesnt really change everything.

Thanks to Michelle, i get the MV of this song before the song was band from youtube!! Thank you Lollygal!! XD

I love YUI~ Everybody knows that. XD

Home Alone..

You know what?? Me and Wei Soong can be a real good series of "Home Alone". Why?? Cause most of the time, its only us alone at home. Right WeiSoong? XD

Home alone.. AKA bored.. real bored. Someone has to bring me out somewhere!! I need to see the world!! I dun wanna grow fat or skinny at home!!

The good thing when your at home alone, you can strum your guitar as loud as you can in your room. Nobody cares! 8D Thus you can sing or do anything stupid and you wont have anything to embrassed about. But lock your room just incase yur maid comes alone. Thus, home alone you can open your music loud loud! These are usually what i do when im home alone. XP Yeap, im lifeless. XD

What im sick about is tuition during holidays. Even holidays have tuition really pisses me off.. Well SPM is coming and that what pisses me off more!! Pfff... life sucks when you are form 5.. form 5 dont suck.. the exams sucks.. agree?

I vist facebook again! i mean.. like the 2nd time this month. XD Well i find facebook is a good place to chat! XD I get to chat with some of my old old old friends. XP Part of them are like KaiShin and XinYi. Yes, XinYi is my sunday school classmate for like 12 years already! (thats what she says)

Oh btw, To All Sunday School friends!! Im going for Lantern Night!! 8D So all of you better come, this could be the final farwell for me. X) Let all go see lantern together la. X) Thus i wanna sing with all of you again.. so plss come yeah? X)

I wanna talk to "her" but i dun have the guts.. everytime when we start talking in msn.. i cant really start a conversation with "her". I mayb be big and tall.. but inside im a very very shy shy guy. XP Cant stop thinking about "her".. hope shes will healthy! X)

Okay, lots of you have been asking.. whose jh?? whose "her"?? Those i comfirm cannot tell u guys la.. You have find out yurself. XP Well but i can tell you. jh and "her" are NOT the same person. Okay??

Im going to continue my own series of Home Alone la.. XD

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Holiday

Pfff... friday is usually occupied with tuitions but i canceled everything just to make my life more beutiful!! XD Yay the joy in my soul!! XP But my mom called me to clean up my room cause its a big mess.. so, pffff...

I like Yu-Gi-Oh! again!! XD Well the show is damm fake.. cause its all depends on risk and luck and miracles. But i do like the cards!! XD The show is just damm fake la.. i watch the ending of season 1 again.. its nice but fake la.. (How many times am i suppose to say that.)

Me and my brother have some quality time to getting.. we spend time cleaning our room (i did all the work) and spend time watching somethings on youtube. We watching some fishing thingy, car thingy, funny thingy and some taylor swift thingy! XD My brother likes Taylor. X)

Heres what i mean about funny. XP

Get the song?? XD My brother said that the guy singer is a very famous DJ. Well he does look familiar. XD And the girl.. shes hot and she can freaking sing! Love her voice.. X)

Taylor Swift is good.. Shes actually my favourite ENGLISH female singer. Japanese one is YUI. XP But that VMA awards really really hurt her soooo much. If it were me i will go like what the fark are u doing on my stage!? Fark Kanye West!! Agree with me people!?

Watching Kamen Rider Den-O the movei [Saraba Final Countdown].

Im bored.. i have to do some now! Or tomorrow!! Anyone wanna go gai~gai?? XP

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Screw Today, Enjoy Holiday!

Like what is written at the title la.. XD

I screwed Add-maths today.. ish.. feel damm bad.. Actually, if i really really put in more effort in add-maths i can improve one!! I can do add-maths one!! But the only thing stopping me from improve is laziness.. that cant help it la. XP

Tomorrow is holiday.. actually, tomorrow got Accounts paper 2 and EST paper 2 one. But its holiday!! So its posponed to school reopen.. now.. im not sure whether im suppose to be happy or not. XD I think I should be happy, since i can have more time for accounts. XP

Yesterday, Mod-Maths was FARKING easy!! Everybody find it hard but i find it easy!! 8D Im such a show off. XP I finish the paper 2, TWICE!! Means i do the paper, then do the paper again!! (rechecking answer) i got confident that i can an A already. X)

Im still bored.. what to do?? I guess youtube is my best choice la..

Heres some tips.. if your bored/emo/sad heres what you do, you go youtube and watch all kinds of funny funny stuffs for example, Happy Tree Friends!! The show is cute+violet but its god damm funny! What works best for me is, Whose Line Is It Anyway!! That one never fails to make me laugh.

Screw Today but im going Enjoy Holiday. Thank you Islam for giving us holidays! XD

Enjoy you RAYA people!!

Korean Songs

Im kinda in to korean songs these days.. well just a few of them.. im not really IN to their bands/singers/artist but im IN to their songs only. XD Which means im not really a big fan of them neither im really a big fan of korean songs. XP

I just notice.. most of the korean artists dance and sing at the same time.. even knw their steps for the song are like the same thing over and over again.. but still im impressed with their dancing and singing skills. XP

Its all thanks to my brother, Choonglye and Ranee for corrupting me with some korean songs.. seriously.. to know some girls better, is good to know some korean songs or artist. XD Girls LOVE korean guys/girls. XD Trust me..

I kinda like this group of korean singers called 'Kara'. I only like one of their songs which is called [Wanna]. I have to say that song is good.. even knw its reapeating over and over again. Dunno why but i seem to like it. XD

The song is nice.. of course the girl is nice too (at least im honest) i only like 2 girls in this group which are Nicole (the one with short hair) and Gyu Lee (the prettiest one).

Heres something special about this song.

Yeap it has a male version.. XD Sounds nice too!! The video is not the dance for the song [Wanna] but it seems kinda similiar. XD The guy who did this eddited it very well. XP The name of this group is the all famous TVXQ/DBSK/Dong Bang Shi Ki. Girls love them.. not only because of their looks.. but they can really really sing. Im impressed. XP

Korean song are nice.. cause you dont knw the meaning of the song. XD Thus, the melody of the song is nice too.. some are kinda hippy and some are very romantic..

Still im not use with the different kind of language they are saying. Im still more of a Japanese song kind of person. XD If is japanese then its of course, YUI!! XD

Till then, tata!! XD

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Physics was Physics

Thank god today's physics paper was exactly physics paper! XD Simple.. easy.. straight to the points!! Chemisty ppr 3 was okay.. but Physics ppr 3 was surprising different from what we did yesterday, i have to say it was okay cause i dont think i did well.. oh well~

OMG.. Zhao Yang was super brave today.. or should i say super stupid.. XD You can never guess what he did during chemistry exams. He farking tear (am i spelling the word correctly. o.O) something like destroy on of the chemistry exams paper!! D8 The funniest part is he did that on purpose!!! D8 So is brave or stupid?

Company Celine home today. AGAIN!! Well she wanted to walk home AGAIN, so i decided to teman her AGAIN!! Well same road.. same place.. same jokes.. but but but I get to meet her undetified sexual cat! XD The cat is freaking small!! Its the size of my palm! (but my palm is kind huge as well. XP) I was soooo scared that i crush the little fella. I think that cat is a female.. XD

Yipieee! Tomorrow Mod-Maths, my kind of thing! Muahaha! But still cannot legan-legan.. pass year questions here i come!! XD

Guess whos this??

Its YUI!!! XD

I miss YUI very very much.. I need to listen to her songs more.. im still loyal to her!! XD Proofs that im her loyal big fan (boyfriend). Hope Taylor Swift doesnt take my attention.. XP

Monday, September 14, 2009

Physics NOT Physics

Today was the all god damm farking hard physics paper.. im always scared of my physics paper since im more sucky in physics.. thus i like chem more than physics usaully. XP So yeap.. so today is the all oh my farking gord dammit physics exams..

Yeap, today Physic paper was not physics paper.. its the worst yet hardest physisc paper i did in my whole year in school. Swear to god!! Paper 2 was okay.. since i woke up early to study it, but paper 1? pffff... im farked...

After school i decided to accompany jh hope (thinking of..) but turn out i accompany someone else! XD A friend which i never accompany her home before. Celine! XD Since shes walking home alone.. i decided to give her some company. XP

I was a very short journey to her house but i walked pass a padang where i almost got robbed before.. but i was lucky.. XD Then when we reached an area.. I decided to play some guessing game with her.. guess which one is her house was hard cause all the house at that area look freaking alike!! D8 Or issit just me..

Reached home sleep and wake up going to play some guitar hero with Tarvin, Nat, Ronald and Huiee again!! Weeee!!! Tomorrow? Well its Chemistry ppr 3 and physic ppr 3, soo... good luck to me??

Damm why is WBX full song not out yet!? pfff...

Friday, September 11, 2009

One More Week..

Yeap, one more week for trails.. the first week way nice.. second starting to stress me out.. i wonder how bad can this last week be.. wanna knw how abt issit? I got Physics ppr 123, Chem ppr 3, Addmaths ppr12, mod-maths ppr 12, accounts and est ppr2 . These paper are enough to kick my asss.. argh..


Im saying this to myself just to make myself happier. XP

Why la why la.. WBX full song havent come out.. i really really like that song! Its not because of the singer who looks alot like my old friend but the song is really really nice.. i think is the best kamen rider song in all rider history. XD

I listen to YUI's [Life] again and it make me think of her more and more!! I need a YUI musics!! Someone gimme a freaking pendrive and let me save all her songs for my brother's com!!! XD

Watched Transformer 2 again.. now i think i like JetFire.. XD His old but his wicked funny!! XD Strong?? Nah.. that one comfirm is Optimus Prime ady one la.. XD BumbleBee? oh.. everyone just love that bee. XD But Megan is still hot in every shape and size.. mmmmm..

I really got nothing to say right now.. i dun wanna talk abt exams.. i dun wanna talk abt games.. all i wanna do is just sit down and take a break. X) Enjoy life..

Okay i got a girl whos smashing guitars at me.. XD Gtg chao!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Friend

Sejarah yesterday.. damm... im damm confident in the paper!! Im soooo confident in that paper that i can get 10marks! XD Passing? FAT CHANCE LA!!

Today was pretty much bad.. cause the whole day im kinda thinking of jh.. then i spontanously walked pass her house day, her maid even waved at me.. oh well.. cannot means cannot la. XP I can bare with it.. this is nothing.. X) Dont worry~

But that night kinda cheered me up, thanks to choonglye, i remember one of my old friend's birthday. Yeap, shes KaiShin. XD Its been like 3 years ever since we really talked with each other.. but last night.. we talked for almost 10minutes! And 4 messages.. XD

For some reason.. im really happy.. she said some nice things to me. (i think..) Well i really hope that i can meet her again.. i'll sure to buy her a present.


Seriously.. i still she looks a little bit like Aya Kamiki.. XP

Oh and heres another one.. its kinda late it shows my sincierlity. XP

(btw, thats suelyn. XD)

A day of sadness and a day of joy. I was happy until i couldnt sleep at night.. XD

Oh well.. no exams today.. so chilling.. XD But tomorrow Chemistry exams.. D8 owww crap.. here goes another one..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kamen Rider W

The new season of Kamen Rider W is awesome.. I think that its not weird at all!! XD After watching the first episode i find it kinda cool.. especailly when its in the dark.. the lights of the armor are glowing! XD Thus this rider has a car!! Same as the rider Black RX but this one broke his record for having a cooler and bigger car. XD

Okay i dont really think the rider is cool.. (its kinda weird actually) but i like the opening song!! The song is really really nice!! People said that it might be the best rider song yet! 8D Like i said in the last post, the song is called WBX, W Boiled Extreme.

Nice issint it? The opening is waaay better than decade's one.. decade's one is emo shit but this one is wow!! The song makes u wanna listen to it over and over again!!

Thus, this song is sang by a famous female japan artist called Aya Kamiki. What surprising is she looks alot like an old friend of mine KaiShin! D8 Take a look!

To those of you who know kaishin just try to compare.. they look something alike... or issit just me.. XP

Who ever it is.. i still like YUI!! X)


I wonder.. why are YUI's songs only for movie and animes.. why not riders? XD

Sejarah tomorrow.. Im farked..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

W Boiled Extreme

Yeap.. Im W Boiled Extreme (WBX).. Really really boiled.. well thats actually the name of Kamen Rider W's opening them. XD Who cares..

Let me tell u something truthful.. WARNING, its emo.

I kinda miss jh all in a suddenly.. its been a long time ever seen we talked to each other face to face or even smsed.. In my mind.. thinking.. even during exams.. im thinking of her..

When i looked at one of jh's friend's blog and found a picture of her.. picture of her smile.. its been awhile ever since i seen such a happy smile on her face..

I wanna talk to her.. but I just cant.. or should i say.. I dun want.. is like a wall is blocking me.. and theres a reason for it and im not going to tell it out here!! (unless this is a private blog but its NOT)

I dont blame her for not talking to me.. cause its me who dont wanna talk to her.. i deserve to be sad right now.. some brother and sister we are..

Im confuse.. and sad.. and stress.. and happy. XD

Btw, i never had a girl message which says "I Love Ming, Love you always" never!! Never until today!! Thanks to a good friend of mine.. X) I love you too.. Btw, shes a FRIEND!!

For me..

If i like someone i will go down to the max!
If i hate someone i will go down to the max!
If i am happy i will go down to the max!
If i am sad!!! You'll knw the answer..

Im sorry but I Love You..

Friday, September 4, 2009

YUI's new look!!

Okay.. im not going to talk abt myself today.. mayb i will.. mayb just later. XP

As you all knw from the last post that YUI's new song's MV came out yesterday.. [Its all too Much] I find find away to get to download.. but thanks to LenPing, he helped me to download the video. IMMEDIATELY!! XD I owe him big time.. plus the video is HD. 8D

Btw, thats another meaning/name for the song.. Its called [Its all too Much] and [Never say Die] sounds cool but i think it doesnt fit the song well.. XP

Okay from the video.. we knw that YUI cutted her hair. How i knw?? Mayb shes wearing a wig or something.. well heres some pictures to proof it..

Yeap that how she looks now.. at first that this will spoilt her image.. but it actually looks nice.. but last time was definately better la. XD

2 years ago she was like that..

2 months ago, she was like that.. XP

Now shes like that.. She still looks good in anyway. XD

How i wish i got this album.. sobs.. T-T

I think thats all!! gotta go!! XD

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trails or YUI??

You knw what.. FAK trails la!! YUI is more is more important!!

Yes, im going online just to look for YUI's new song [Its all too Much] MV. And guess what?? Its my lucky day!! I found it!! And i was just uploaded like 2 hours ago.. 8D Lets see!!!

For those of you who are YUI fans.. did u notice anything new abt YUI?? Yeap, she cut her hair!! D8 her long hair was better but short hair.. i can live with that. XD Thus it makes her more cuter. XD All along she still looks beautiful. X) I miss her sooooo much! The MV is beutiful.. its worth to download..

her smile is worth to not study.. XD

ANYONE WITH YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER PLSS HELP ME TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO FIRST!!! PLSSSSSS... Trust me the video is going to dissappear in another 1 or 2 days.. youtube is stingy so they wont let us get to see free japanese MV in youtube.. so can someone help me download first!! How are u going to gimme that one we plan next time. XD

I found another video of YUI.. it was a japanese festival event and she was singing live.. i suspect that the song that she sang is one of her new album song.. hrm..

I think she looks very cute in the ninja suit costume. XD What am i saying.. shes cute in anyways. XD Dont waste your time downloading this for me.. the sound quality is not that nice.. so lets wait and see only download la. XP

Im done with YUI.. now?? Trails. XP

BM ppr 1- was nice.. i wrote the question with the filem thingy. Damm spontanious.. sribble.. sribble.. sribble.. i worte abt the movie which i love and watch like more then 7 times.. smart ppl and blog fans should knw what movie issit. X)

BM ppr 2- rumasan and novel was good.. others i kinda screw the whole thing up.. but nvm!! I think i can pass!! Confidently!! XD

ENG ppr 2- the paper was one of the hardest paper i did in my life! Summary was a royal pain in the ass!! I manage to answer the novel and short stories thanks to Vania. I owe her one.. XP Long story short.. the paper was hard..

ENG ppr 1- was waaaaaay better than paper 2!! Article to promote the club was pretty easy. XP 2nd question was very hard to pick.. cause all are soooo easy to write! It only depend on how much i want to think to write only. XD But i picked the title 'water' since i did it before with my tuition teacher. XD

tomorrow?? Moral and EST. EST is nothing for me.. but Moral is the biggest shit ever. I only remember 13 nilais so far.. 23 more to go!! ARH!!!! Lazy to memorize ady.. hopefully i can cramp everything last minute.. XP Cannot blame me.. i am a lazy guy.. XP

I watch a touching hong kong drama series.. its pretty sad.. until the end is still sad.. arh.. i cant take dramas.. any drama with something abt relationship.. hate it!! but still wanna watch.. dunno why. o.O

YUI YUI YUI!! I really wish her all the best in her new album. X)

Wish me luck!! X)

i am afaird that you will ignore me like what u did last time..