Friday, September 4, 2009

YUI's new look!!

Okay.. im not going to talk abt myself today.. mayb i will.. mayb just later. XP

As you all knw from the last post that YUI's new song's MV came out yesterday.. [Its all too Much] I find find away to get to download.. but thanks to LenPing, he helped me to download the video. IMMEDIATELY!! XD I owe him big time.. plus the video is HD. 8D

Btw, thats another meaning/name for the song.. Its called [Its all too Much] and [Never say Die] sounds cool but i think it doesnt fit the song well.. XP

Okay from the video.. we knw that YUI cutted her hair. How i knw?? Mayb shes wearing a wig or something.. well heres some pictures to proof it..

Yeap that how she looks now.. at first that this will spoilt her image.. but it actually looks nice.. but last time was definately better la. XD

2 years ago she was like that..

2 months ago, she was like that.. XP

Now shes like that.. She still looks good in anyway. XD

How i wish i got this album.. sobs.. T-T

I think thats all!! gotta go!! XD