Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I Met My Friends

Did you guys read my most recent status post? (29/9/10) If you guys dont know.. let me just tell you guys what did i wrote. XP

'The first 10 person who LIKE this gets to know how I met him/her. XP'

There are people who liked the status. And as a promise im going to tell those people how I met them. Of course, telling them in facebook is going to be a pain in the ass since I have to go to one by one and tell each and everyone of them.. Plus, telling them one by one through the facebook status is going to kill the others since notifications will start flying and everyone's emails will start getting spam. XP

Therefore, to make life easier.. im going to tell them through my blog. XD

Im going by sequence from the first person who liked my status till the last.

1. Jarrel
- I still remember how I really met his dude. I remember its was a camp in eagle retch resort. (approximately about 3 years ago i guess..) His was one of my group member to team-ed up and did all the awesome things in the camp! XD I still remember that he was the dude who jump into the water and swim all the way to get the flag during out water rafting activity. XP

2. Kai Shin
- God, this is one friend who I have met long long time ago.. XD But still, since shes 'special' I definately still remember how i met her. XP I remember it was about standart 5 or 6 where I been to a tuition place called 'Edu Smart'. Theres where I first met her. Still remember that it was an english tuition class. XP At first, shes was just an ordinary smart girl who I met in class, then suddenly we both became close and then started talking to each other more and more often. Part of the reason that both of us became close is because she know who I 'like' during that time. After 7 years, both of us are still friends even until today. Thats why i said that shes 'special' X)

3. Victor Soon
- If im not wrong.. I know this dude through a camp.. How i really met and know this dude, is through choir. XP We both have met each other through Youth Camp but we started knowing each other better in CFCamp. But how I started become close to this dude is definately during choir practise. XP Why? Cause he keep demanding songs from me.. XP

4. Hevind
- Ahhhhh.. one of the first dark dudes that i met in college. XP To be honest, I know Hevind is really simple. Its through another friend named Dex. Really.. No Kidding.. but how both of us get to really know each other, is through DOTA-ing in campus. XP Besides that, we are like dudes who jumped around campus and kacau-ing people during the first few weeks of the semester. XP I also still remember that this dude was one of the people in the finite maths class which i intercept in. XD

5. Stefira
- I met this girl like really really really recently. Like less than 1 month that we known each other. XD I met her is through a friend name Faris. (that was first sight) But how I really met her.. is sorta by accident.. I accidentally pat her head cause i thought that she was Amy Wong. (both of them looked pretty alike from behide) How i really know her, is one day after business class, Me, Max, Daniel, Faris and Her went to Ali Maju and ate there. And thats when I really get to introduce myself and know her name. XP

6. Wendy
- How I really met Wendy, its PURE simple and clean. XP For first sight, I known her through one day at sunday school before choir practise. She heard me playing a YUI song called 'Again' and at the same time, she liked that song. XP How I really get to know her is through camps, choirs and a couple of sleep overs at Justin's place. XP

7. Reuben Liu
-Ahhhh.. Reuben. One of the dudes that i know who can really play Ping-Pong ball in college. XP How I met this dude, is definately through one of the days in DSA where he was playing ping-pong with some of his friend. (His friends became my friend as well after that. XP) How i really get to know this dude, this through practising for Pyjamas Party Orientation Night. XD Those we're the days where 'No Credit' are hardcore.. XD

8. Haley Choo
- It may seem like i met this girl recently.. but to be honest, I've known this girl long time ago. If im not wrong, when Im form 2. XP She was a randomly girl who i added in friendster and she was also one of my friend in my old msn email. Talked to her through msn before and after my email went hey-wired.. I never talk to her ever again. After few years.. she appears in my college as a April intake student. XP Sadly, she doesnt remember how we both met. DX

9. Candice Lim
- How i met Candice is really really random. When I was form 2, I was in 2 Lili and I took chinese subject. (surpirse? XP) Everytime when we have chinese class, we will swap those who are taking chinese into one class and those who are not in another one. My class has to swap with 2 Kemboja. And what class this girl in during form 2? XD If im not wrong, she also took chinese that year and thats how we both of became friends. XP

10. Xiau Wei
-Another girl who I met in college. I know the existance of XiauWei long time ago in college.. but how i really know her, is through Justin. Justin knows her because of WeiGin. At first, I thought she was the twin sister of WaiSin but turns out, they are not. (Thank God..XD) How I really really get close to Xiau Wei, is thanks to Pyjamas Party as well. XP As an add-on, I was sorta her advisor in some certain stuffs. (its only between me and her.)

There you go, that is really how I (personally) met all of you guys. And really, none of these are made up. If you really think and flash back for awhile.. I believe you guys will think that im not lying.. XP

Wow.. I guess I have some sort of SUPER Memory after all. XD I dont name my blogspot 'Memoriez Beyond' for no reason. XP

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 'When 10 Songs Meet'

Have you guys heard of 'When 10 Songs Meet'? Its a very interesting song..

'When 10 Songs Meet' is a mash up of 10 songs all together. It all begin with a small mash up song guidance called 'How Six Songs Collide'. After that, that person who wrote the song made some slight changes and turns it into a 10 songs mash up.

Who wrote that song? Me!! XD

Okay, not really only me la. I have help from my friends. One of them is Justin. XP

Yeah, really 'When 10 Songs Meet' is a mash up which is made by me. To be honest, its really simple. Its not as hard as u think it is.. All i did was flip through my song chord book and see what song have the same chords and just throw it in. Even if they dont have the same chords but they sound nice, I will transpose them into the chord that i want.. XP

I think the hardest part of making this song is to memorize all the lyrics of each song. Thats the annoying part. But once u get the hang out it, it shouldnt be a problem with the song.

Have you guys heard it before? If you never, go to my youtube channel and find it.

Go to youtube, type 'MIngzNYui' and click search. Thats my youtube account name. Then go look for the song 'when 10 songs meets' and walah. XP

I find that 'When 10 Songs Meet' is the song which I am most proud of. Sure, its not really 100% original from me.. but still, receiving great comments form both facebook and youtube users, really made me feel proud that i made this song.

KaiShin: Among all your songs, I like 'When 10 Songs Meet' the most. X)

Thank you, KaiShin. XP

Alright, why am i suddenly bringing up this song again?

Since I have been working on IT subjects and also movie makers these days.. I decided to remake this mash up of mine. But this time, im going to do a little bit of changes.

Im going to look for 9 singers/vocalist to sing this song with me. Well, obvious Nicole is going to be one of them as well.. therefore, im going to look for another 8 more. XP Once i got 8 people, im going to split each one of them into their own parts of the song.. Therefore, i'll be needing 10 video cameras to do so.

Next, when i collected all the video records of the singers singing their own part, i will find other musicians to help me to put in more instrumental musics inside. Therefore, instead of having only a guitar playing for the entire song, I will have piano (Suilun), Violin (Nathanael), Beatboxer (???) and many more..

Lastly, i will fuse all the sounds and musics all together and turn it into a video and mp3 file. Then its going to youtube or facebook or either both ways. XP

Im trying make this thing BIG!! Sure its requires lots of planning and everything.. but seriously.. I have most of it planned in my head.. How am i gonna fuse all the musics? how am i suppose to get 10 video cameras? how am i going to get everyone's tempo the same? how to split this and that? everything is all in my head. XP

I call this..

Project 'When 10 Songs Meet'

Interested in helping? Well come and find me or gimme a call or something.. I'll see how things will go. XP Yes, im very picky with my singers and musicians and the people that im working with. XP

Lets hope that this wont be like the previous ambitious things which i planned to do but turns out didnt do..

That is why im making this post to remind myself. XP


Monday, September 27, 2010


Today I had business class again..

Business class are getting more and more interesting. Maybe cause the class is starting to get along and discussion session are getting more and more louder.

Well, louder in terms of people start to open their mouth more often.

Well, open their mouth more often is not terms of yawning, its in terms of talking more.

Well, talking more is not in terms of making noise, its in terms of having more discussion.

Walah~ Made one big round just to explain the whole damm thing. XD

I bet Mr.Gobi is starting to enjoy the class too. And of course, his counting on Daniel which is the star student in the class to help him get the discussion going. XP I am Daniel's manage/adviser. What do i do? Stop him from talking to much. XD

Anyways, we had an interesting topic today which is something to do with Entrepreneurs. I dunno whether other people think that its interesting but I find it interesting. XP

Me and Daniel then discuss what kind of Entrepreneurs we are. There are four kinds of entrepreneurs. Lifestyle, micropreneurs, growth and intrapreneurs.

Daniel thinks that his more like a growth entrepreneurs. And i think Im more like a intrapreneurs. Even Mr.Gobi said so. XP

Intrpreneurs uses their creativity to help to change the world. Why do i think im that kind of person? Well, simple, cause I want to change the world but not with business but with musics. XP Yeah, its a pretty lame thing to say since its coming from me.

Mr.Gobi sorta knew that i was interested in making music covers since i like to voice out my suggestions during business which is fairly related to musics. Plus, i usually bring my guitar to campus on friday which is also the day for business class well..

I remember asking Daniel something stupid.. XP

Me: Wow.. He knows that im interested in such thing!?

Daniel: Yeah, i think sooo..

Me: But how does he know!? D8

*Daniel gave me a short 2~3 second stare..*

Daniel: Errrr.. cause you always bring your guitar into class?? XD

Yeah, Daniel was smarter than me.. BUT only in business class. XP

Then, Mr.Gobi start giving me (not only me la, but tot he whole class) ways and hints on how to make business successful with musics. He showed us an example which is Jay-Z. Apparently his a growth entrepreneurs which is totally not my type.

Thanks to Mr.Gobi's class, hints and motivations.. I am now more inspired to do more and more covers. Not to say that i wasnt inspired last time, but just that im more inspired now. XP

Who knows? Mayb and just MAYB i might be one of them who earns money with music.

IT subjects can also help me out with that kind of business as i can know how to edit codes or design my music videos nicer or something? Or mayb i can develop some sort of application or software that can help me create or reformat my videos easily? Who knows? XP

Well, I do get motivated very easy.. I actually have TONS of dreams that I want to achieve. (There is sooo many that you cant even count it with your 10 fingers. XD) but sometimes.. i dont plan to do it as well.. pretty weird huh? XP

But there is one thing that i really wish to do/learn right now..

Who wanna learn Weng Chun with me? XD

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gives You Hell + I'll Remember You cover ft.Nicole

Hey guys, you guys remember Nicole? Yeah, we another 2 more covers together last week XP

This time we made 'Gives You Hell' by AAR and also 'I'll Remember You' by YUI.

To be honest, both covers are waaaaaay easier than the first one which is 'Misery Business'. Mayb its because its a lower key than the songs that we are doing. Plus, Nicole is more comfortable with lower key songs.. She sounds better too. Less stress. XP

Now lets cut the talks and head straight to the videos shall we? XP

'Gives you hell' is definately waaaaay easier than 'Misery Business'. The key of the songs is very comfortable. Even I can sing that song. XP Plus, it will sound pretty interesting if its sang by a girl. The chords of this songs are easy and I dont really have to play it as hardcore as the previous one. XD

But of course, during the cover shooting we did make some mistakes. All are minor mistakes except one. Did you guys watch the bloopers? Well you better watch.. its funny.. XP

Next, is 'I'll Remember You'. Yeah, its a japanese song and it made right after 'Gives You Hell'.

At first, we never thought of making this cover. We were about to make other cover like 'Just the Way you Are' or 'Pokerface' or some other song until.. Nicole opened my chord book and found some YUI songs. Turns out, she was a YUI fan as well. (Actually she told me before, just that i forgot about it. XP) Therefore, we made this cover.. XP

So what you do think of her japanese accent? I think its pretty good.. XD and guess what? It took us like only 2 tries to make this cover. All minor mistakes, therefore no bloopers. XP

Alright thats all for last week.. mayb next week we will have another few more videos to be uploaded. XP

Before I end this post I would like to say a few things..

Me and on behalf of Nicole, I would like to thank everyone of you for ALL of your support. I have been receiving GREAT comments in facebook. I've receive 17 LIKES in only 8 hours! For a first timer, thats great! Its a double digit number! XD

Ever since those great comments are coming in, Nicole has been doing great. She has more confidence in her singing, she can hear and recognize timings better and she starts moving around when she sings which is good. She can sing in public and not feeling shy about it. XD

I hope that you guys can stay along and support us. If you guys have any other suggestion like you want us to make a song request, leave a comment in the facebook, in youtube or in my blog. We will try and fullfill your request. XP

Thank You all Again!!
You guys are the BEST!! X)

We Could Be Happy Cover

Any idea who sang this song? XP Watch this video and you will know. XP Make sure that you watch until the end of the whole video as I have a credit section and also blooper. XP

Hows my video editing skills? Pretty amazing eh for the first time? (NO..)

Like i said in the end of the video. The person who wrote this song is called Eriel. I think i mention before in one of my video cover's blog post. She was the girl who inspired me to do the cover of 'Brick by Boring Brick'. Remember? XP

Seems that Eriel has the talent to write songs as well. And the songs that she wrote are pretty amazing.. but among all i like this song the most cause its like more related to me. XP Its easy, meaningful and awesome.. what else can i say? Im running out of praise phrase. XD

I sorta change the chords for the song.. the chords/keys/tabs sounds different from Eriel's one. I change it because i cant figure out her chords.. (if u watched her video before, u cant really see the positions from her hands. XP) secondly, is because i cant reach her pitch.

To be honest.. i think my voice spoiled everything.. DX

Anyways.. I hope you guys like this cover. Be sure to download the real original song from her in Itunes if you want to.

Subscribe, LIKE and Comment the videos on my youtube channel..

or at least..

Go to Eriel's channel to Subscribe, LIKE and Comment. XP

More video cover are going to be update in my blog soon. Video covers ft. Nicole. You guys remember her right? XD

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Muay Thai: Self-Defense Workshop

Few days ago.. i went to Muay Thai workshop in HELP to learn alittle bit about self-defense and stuffs. I didnt really promote it in my blog but i believe i did promote it on facebook and even face to face in real life. XP

Ever since i was young.. I always wanted to learn some martial arts.. I still remember when I watch Jackie Chan movies, what i find the coolest is the 'Drunken Fist'. (I was never interested in Wong Fei Hong's stuns.) I told my dad and my dad went..

Dad: 'NO!!!! You cannot learn that art!!'
Me: 'Why!? o.O'
Dad: 'Cause you have to drink alchohol to develop that kung-fu!!!'

LOL!!! Yeap, I have a pretty cute dada. XP

Then after watching Ip Man, i wanted to learn Weng Chun. After watching Ong-Bak, i wanted to learn Muay Thai. Well not as much a Weng Chun la cause its sooo violent.. DX DX

Anyways back to reality..

Right after me and Nicole's cover recording, Me, Daniel, Max, Jag and Nicole head to the HELP residence and get prepared. Most of our other friends are all already there.. Head to the restroom and change immediately..

Something funny happened during the changing session.. NO, there are no underwears or naked bodies running here and there.. I should rephrase the sentence.. Some funny conversation happened in the rest room.. Ahhhhh~ XD

We start having a conversation of the incident in Saiful's open house. The story related to the BB gun.. XP (scroll down and read the blog post to understand more.)

Me: 'Jag, say you're a girl!!'
Jag: 'YOU'RE a girl!!' XD
Me: 'Crap...'

LOL!!! No, i was not being stupid.. XD

After changing, the coach arrive and give us a great introduction by shaking our hands.. asking our names and everything. I find him pretty cool.. XP

Then the event start.. We started warming up session with 10 laps of running.. No big deal.. I have long legs, thats definately not and issue. XP Then we have to do push ups for 1mins!! I repeat, its 1 mins!! NON-STOP!! DX right after that, its 1mins of sit ups!! DX DX the lastly we have to stand up and do left right punchs 100times. DX DX DX Super tiring..

After that, we have a few lesson about block and fighthing back.. He used Faris as his assistant for the whole lesson. Thanks to him, I've learned alot of ways to counter and punch.. All i need to develop is strength, accurancy, speed, erm.. basically i need more than one class to be able to really fight. XP

We learned alot of awesome moves which I cant really describe it through words.. You need action and demostration to see what we did. XP We did, kicks, punches, counter hits, jump attack, grab counters and many more..

Well the girls did learn something interesting.. when they are being attack on the floor, they have a way of counter attacking which i find it extremely useful for anyone!! Even dudes.. XP

Of all the moves that we learned that day.. my favourite is a the 'Tiger'. What issit like? Well, have you all watched Ong-Bak before? Where the guy jumps and uses his elbow and directly hit his oppenent right at the head? Yeap, thats 'Tiger' XP Max was my partner during the class..

You jump..

Raise your hand and..

Aim your elbow right at his head!

Thats 'Tiger'. No worries.. no one was injured using this practise. I was aiming for his shoulder instead of the head. XP

Through my research about Muay Thai, there is also another which is called the 'Elephant' which used both of your hand's elbow and also your knees to hit your oppenent. Very cool..

He then demonstrated with his pupil (which is a girl) on how Muay Thai training is like. Both of them are sooo fast and quick that i cant even count how many punches did they land on each other. From the looks of it, it must have taken them at least 2 years to develop such moves.

Next, he tested everyone of us.. he tested how well and how much have we learn through his class. He mainly test on the female participants as self defense is more important for them than male. So, he ask the girl to lay down on the floor and ask guys to attack them.. if they can survive for 10 seconds, they pass. XP

Max and Daniel manage to successfully attack a girl. For Max is probably because he has long hands like me.. and for Daniel.. erm.. I dunno.. his aggressive i guess? XD

Sze Kien was there and he taught a few counter moves of his own.. and I have to say that.. his damm cool.. those muscles that he have arent for show..

3 short hours of Muay Thai lesson really made me feel much more stronger. And it also really make me wanna learn martial arts more.

The coach then give us another few more tips and also open questions to anyone on how to defend ourselves in a different situation. He also told us the story of why he took Muay Thai and what kinda of martial arts he learned. Whats funny is that he told us what kind of martial arts his afraid of. Tai Chi. XD

Heres what I think Muay Thai is.. its a martial that gives a 1 HIT K.O. strike to your opponents. Does deadly or critical impacts to your opponents to knock then out. XP

If you asked me to take Weng Chun or Muay Thai. To be honest.. I'll take Weng Chun. Why? Its because Muay Thai is more of kicking and Weng Chun is more with hand motions.. From the start, im always better with me hands. XP I prefer Weng Chun more as well ask I think (i repeat, i think..) that is not as difficult as Muay Thai. (repeats, i said i think) Plus, Muay Thai seems pretty aggressive and violent..

Well who knows.. i might change my mind into Muay Thai instead. XP

We are planning to have a second one just for those who cant make it for the first one.. for those of you who didnt went.. BE SURE TO BE THERE! XD

Mayb i should really learn martial arts.. XP I did some research and I've found these..
1. Weng Chun center some where in Taman Tun (RM80 per month)
2. Muay Thai center beside KL central's Monorail station. (RM60 per lesson)

Anyone interested? XP

Lazy Updates

Sorry guess, I havent been blogging much lately.. Im pretty much slacking away these days.. DX But like i always say.. I have my reason. XP

Part of the reason that im not have updating is definately because im Lazy.. XP Everyone knows that im lazy.. Besides that, nothing really interesting happened in life. Yeah sure, funny things always happens in college and everything. XP But still, the real reasons is because im lazy to blog about it.

Another reason is because college quiz are coming.. the subjects that Im taking this semester is definately not my kind of A games.. I need to study for it.. Imagine that you have to write codes for calculator with ur hands!! Yes, not with the keyboard but with your hands!! DX Its definately not easy. Thanks to quiz.. I dont really have the time for sunday school or PSP anymore.

Well of course I'll still make some time for my PSPs and games.. XP Birth By Sleep is over.. Defeated the Mysterious Figure will all 3 characters and finish the arena but still no UltimaWeapon. Lazy to get. (see I even get lazy with games!!)

I have been playing Fiesta online.. but its just no fun without my friends playing it together with me. Dex, Mandy and Esther are playing it with me. Sooner or later, Daniel and Belle are going to join us as well. XP LETS ALL PLAY!!!

Yeah, i have been making covers. With me, myself and Nicole. XP It seems like alot of people are starting to enjoy Nicole voice. Thanks to you guys, she have more courage to sing in publice now. X) Well of course, she has an amazing voice.. just a little bit more practises and she'll be famous one day. XP

Videos are going to be up on youtube soon. Make sure you guys LIKE it. XP

I think thats all for now.. I'll try and make more updates soon. XP

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A day at Saiful's and the Night at Alex's

Its was the day right after orientation night, Back to School. (read the previous post to know how the whole event went.) I actually wanted to just stay at home and sleep until the next morning. But this week I have plans.. LOTS of plans.. XD

Usually I dont really have any plans on saturdays.. what i mostly do is wake up early go help my dad for the morning market or just stay at home refreshing my facebook page or even playing PSP. Thats all..

At first, i was invited to Justin's celebrating BISDS Nalanda Competition (come to think of it i havent do a part 2 of that post! D8 remind me!!) but to bad the event was cancel. Then I was invited to Saiful's Hari Raya open house and follow by Alex's pre-birthday celebration.

Saiful's open house begins round the afternoon till the evening and Alex's celebration is from the evening till the night.

Let's begin with Saiful's open house. Thanks to Vania and Benjamin, I have my transportation going to his house. XP The people who went are.. Me, Vania, Benjamin, Desmond, WaiSin, Esther, XiauWei, Alex, Max, Nick, Daniel, Corliss, Ysabelle, Fiona, WaiKeong, Jagshey, Aaron, Naomi, John and some Saiful's primary and high school friends. XP

Its a long day there.. so i'll write down the funny incident only.

Me, Jag, Nick, Max, Aaron, Daniel and John are in Saiful's room feeling the air-con. John found a few of Saiful's BB guns. Jag and Max are trying to snatch one of the most painful gun. Both of them move here move there, pushing each other's hands away. Then suddenly, Jag accidentally pulls the trigger (no one knew that the gun was loaded) and accidentally shot Nick right at his right legs!

Nick shout loudly in pain. From his looks we can tell that his not acting.. Its was painfully funny.. XD Then, Nick got angry and snatch the gun away from Max and shot Jag twice. The funny part is Jag shouted like a girl.. XD

John got the gun started taking control of the room. Everyone was damm scared of him.. well not actually him, we are actually just afaird of the gun. XD Everyone started covering themselves with pillows blanket. Some of us are on the floor crawling away from him. Jag ran out of the room.

Nick found himself another BB gun.. It was not as painful as the one that John is holding but still to defend himself he hold on to it. Then, the war started.. John and Nick started shooting each other.. Sadly, Nick got shot at the stomach this time. XD Jag was still running away.. XP

Whoever who is holding the BB gun started to misused the power. We started pointing and people and start asking them stupid question like. "Whose more handsome, me or you!?" or "Say your a girl! Say your a girl!". XD Because of the gun, the victims are forced to say something they dont want to say. XD Jag again screamed like a girl. XD

All of us grew tired of the game.. so we all head to the living room, sat down and chill right there. After just 10mins of sitting, all of us grew bored again..

Nick the suggested this lame ass game.. the rules are simple.. Whoever stands up first, lose. The loser will get whack by everyone who are involved in the game. If one person stands one, get whack.. everyone will be safe. But the problem is.. whose gonna stand up first? XD

The people who are involved in the game are Me, Nick, Max, Alex, Faris, Corliss, Aaron, Jagshey and Daniel. All of us sat down there like idiots cant move here and move there. We are telling each other to stand up and do things or something, it was pretty darn funny. XD The only one who was relaxing was Alex cause his holdin my PSP. Dammit.. XD

Some of us got tired of the game and wanted to leave already but the problem is.. if they stand up they will get whack. XD So, we start thinking of plans to get away without getting whack..

John walked passed us holding the BB gun in his hands.. then Aaron asked John to borrow him the gun.. He first check whether the gun is loaded with bullets or not.. Then.. He suddenly stands up and point the gun at us!! He went "Dont move ah!? Or i'll shoot!!", the funny part is no one dare to punch him cause his holding the gun! XD

Corliss gave up on the game and stand up but no one dare to whack her too. Its either cause shes too fierce or mayb because she our boss or something. XD Max manage to run away too with the help of the gun.. but John wasnt the one who gave him the gun, Saiful did. Well its because Saiful didnt know what we all were playing. XD

Nick got fed up with the game as well.. So he mange to figure out a 'plan' for his escape. He grabs the cup of coke on the table and then stands up and shouted "Dont come near me or I'll splash this water on you all!". Sadly, his plan failed terriblely.. We all knew that he wont splash the water in someone's house or else it would cause a mess. So we all stood up ran after him.

Of course Nick have a backup plan for his escape. He ran out the door and U-turn to another small door which is linked to the house. To be honest, it was a good plan cause he can run really fast and if he can manage to make it to the door and shuts it before we reach him, we will have to turn one big round to catch him back and by that time he would probably be somewhere safer already. Good plan eh?

Nick ran all the way.. U-turn.. Head towards the door and opens it.. but sadly.. the door was LOCKED!! XD So we all manage to whack the shyt out of him. Thanks to him, the game is over and the other we're safe. XP

And so that was the funniet part of for the open house. XP There are many funny and memorable incident during that open house like..

1. Making fun of the cat's tail.
2. Seeing Faris molesting the cat.
3. Belle trying to shoot a huge truck but epic failed.
4. Belle being pokerfaced.
5. Asking Naomi to guess my full name.
6. Watching urber awesome playes playing COD.
7. Seeing Saiful shooting Pussy face.
8. Making fun of Desmond's height and the cat's size.

Alright now on to the next event! Alex's pre-birthday celebration. (picture credits goes to: Evelyn)

After waiting for Corliss at her place getting ready for the night, she drove me to curve for Alex's pre-birthday celebration. Place? Italianise. (dunno how to spell la)

At the same time, Bunkface was there performing. They are good but the crowd sucks.. no jumping, no cheering, theres not even clapping in the crowd. WTF!? DX

Head to Italianise and met a few of Alex's old friends. Eevern, Evelyn, Adrian and Nicole. Well most of us already knew Nicole through the orientation night. XP

Me and Corliss. Wow.. DSL quality. XD

And on my right are the other douches. XD Daniel, Max, Nick and Faris.

Alex and his old friends. Eevern, Evelyn, Alex, Nicole and the person is taking the photo was Adrian. XP

We all sat down, ate, talk/chat. I sat and listen to the stories about how Alex met each of his friends and how his friends met the others. I like to listen to stories like that.. it reminds me how i met my first best friends. X)

What really kept we wonder through out the night is a funny story known as the 'Soup Story' which is strongly related to Evelyn. o.O In order to listen to the story, I have to hang out with all of them at least 5 times to only hear that story. That story better be good.. XD

Then the cake came and everyone sang the Happy Birthday Song. We sang all 3 languages of the song. English, BM and Chinese. XP

Both of the legal man. Eevern's B'day is just few days before Alex's.

After that we all head to the pub and have a few drinks. I didnt drink cause.. I dont want to. XD But still i sat there and enjoy the music. XP

Alex and his blue alchohol drink.

Daniel, Me, Max, Nick and Alex.

After drink its time for all of us to head home. Before that, we all have a final group picture among our own friends.

Adrian, Evelyn, Alex, Nicole and Eevern. Alex's old friends..

Max, Nick, Alex, Daniel and Me. Alex's HMC friends.

The Day ended beutifully.. Thanks to Nick, I found my transportation home. X)

Great Day.. It was the day I use Terra to defeat the Mysterious Figure, meet some awesome new friends, and Nick got the signature of all the members of Bunkface. XP

Went home.. played a little bit of Fiesta, Used Ventus and try and fight the mysterious figure and then head to bed. X)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to School

Yeap, thats the theme for our August HELP Orientation Night. XP


This time's theme dress code should be alot more easier than the past few ones. All we have to do is squeeze ourselves back to our old uniforms and just BAM!! There you go. We are ready to get into BACK TO SCHOOL mode!! XD

This time's organizing the Orientation Night is slighty different from the past few ones. This time the January intakers of Social Sphere will step aside alittle bit and let the March and April intakers to be incharge of this time's orientation night. XP Press interesting eh?

The person who is given to be incharge of this time's orientation night is JiaLin and Shi Wei. XP

Lets stop the yapping and go all the way to The Events. XP

Although the turn out of this time's orientation night was lesser than the usual but still I believe everyone had FUN. Yes, I said everyone. Which also includes the Participants, people inchage and even the lecturers. XP We have people who are not from HMC there as well for this event!! XD (hinting: Nicole)

The games for this time's event are interesting.. I was part of the participants playing for each game.. and I had fun. XD Cooperating with other teams to bom other teams was serious interesting. Butt writing with my group mates (the BOM BOMs) and fake guessing Micheal Jackson was seriously a LOL. XD

The amazing thing about this time's Orientation Night is the performance. I believe everyone agreed with me right? XP This time we have a special band which is known as 'Never Early' performing for this time's orientation night. (No, they are early.. dont get the wrong idea cause of their band name. XD)

We found talent spreading out from this band through our Prom night performance auditions. So, we decided to ask them to perform for our orientation night. Thankfully, they agreed and brought along a friend of theirs to sing along.

7+1 songs (or was it more than that..) for the whole night totally rock the whole orientation night! XD

Of course, we have other performance by our own Social Sphere members like sexy Wonder Girl's dance and also some duet singing as well. I was part of the duet singing performance.. XP

Since im the part the duet singing performance, imma gonna talk more about it. XP (skip this part if you dont wanna know anything abt it.) Few days before the event.. Justin came and seek help from me to help them out with the performance. He and JuYi are going to sing duet for a song and Brandon and Steffanie for another one. (Brandon and Steffanie settle it their own)

They actually wanted to sing only 'Use Somebody'. I started practising and all in the sudden.. some inspiration struck my head. I manage to mash up 'Two is better than one' and 'Stand by Me' into one songs. 8D So, we decided to try to make things more interesting and sing a mash up duet for this performance. XD

Whats really interesting about these 3 songs is that they are pretty related.. XP

I was happy that the performance went great.. You can tell that there a small circuits running through Justin and JuYi's eyes while they are singing. XD I believe everyone will agree with me as well~ Yeah, I have to admit that the whole songs was a little bit long..(my apologise) but I still hope that the crowd enjoy-ed it. (Thats for you to answer.. not me. XP)

The really BIG BIG thing about each and everyone of our orientation night, is the Dance Floor.. XD

This time's orientation night we have more epic and professional dancers in the dance floor. Both male and females. Break dance, locking, robot, shuffling, free style.. wtv kind of cool moves they have in the dictionary of dancing, we have it on the dance floor. XD

Yeah, the dance floor was alittle bit short than the usual but everyone was tried.. from the games and the cheering for 'Never Early' performance. XP


I would say this is one of the best orientation night that I have ever had in my college life.

I have 2 more orientation nights to attend since im staying for another semester. But this really a memories beyond..


The New Hidden Bosses

Im actually sorta like turning back to a gamer.. well not 100% gamer that would just make me sound like a geek. (or mayb I am already a geek.)

Its been awhile ever since I make a post about games.. guess now is the best time. XD I have my reasons.. This is all because of Kingdom Hearts!! My all time favourite game! XD

I have been playing BBS english again.. Playing the game over again is really nothing to me. There is nothing challenging.. except, the hidden bosses of the game. Last time in Japanese there is only one hidden boss. The boss is hard and u have sucky rewards.

Vanitas Sentimental. His not so much of a different from the original Vanitas but his attack are urber painful and he has some new strong skills that the normal vanitas doesnt have.

How to unlock? Simple. Finish all 3 characters. Unlock the Final Episode of the game and finish it. Then, load any of your 3 character's save date file.Visit the keyblade graveyard again but choose the new area. Walk forward, prepare yourself to fight vanitas sentimental.

The boss only has one bar of HP. But its has urber lots of dodging skills and its defense is SUPER HIGH. You need to be at least lvl40+ to win this boss. Among 3 users, Ventus is the easiest to win this boss. Follow by Aqua and lastly Terra.

Square-Enix notice the bad responds from the gamers due to that problem. So they decided to change the system for the english version. They make the boss less harder and also defeat the boss gives gamers a great reward which is a new keyblade.

Void Gear. Its slight strong that Ultima Weapon in terms of strength but its still weaker in terms of magics. Overall a good keyblade for people who dont have UltimaWeapon yet. XP

To be honest, thats not the real thing that im really excited about playing english version. I beat that matar farker in japanese version. XP Whats really making me excited about playing English version is that they added and NEW secret boss which is WAAAAAY harder than the last one.

They call it the mysterious figure. Now, for those of you who played KH2. You guys should know that this is a guy who looks like one of the people in organization 13. Well, you guys are wrong.. this one is waaaay different.

How to unlock? Simple.. Defeat Vanitas sentimental. After that, go and revist the Land of Departure. (the first place of the game.) Before visiting the world, prepare yourself with everyone and then go in and fight.

This mysterious figure just appears from no where..

Stares at you for a moment.. and then..

Summons his weapons!!

For noooo apparent reason, just fight with you!

This is no oridinary boss.. unlike vanitas sentimental. If your lvl99, you can beat him easy. (the hard part is the lvling part.) but this boss. No matter what lvl your character is, chances of dying is still damm high. Winning this farker needs skills, experience and of course, luck.

His weapon and extend and become a whip shape like sword!!

He can summon meteor..

He can summons lots of laser balls to shoot you..

and He can instantly kill you in 4secs if you dont mash 'X' button fast enough.

Seriously, i almost gave up on this boss cause its too farking hard!! Cant believe that there are actually people who can defeat him in critical mode!! Im playing standard mode and I already have a tough time fighthing him! DX Easiest character to win this boss is again using Ventus. Follow by Aqua and Terra.

Even the article says that this would be the hardest boss that Kingdom Hearts series has ever made. The game developers says that out of 27 of their member in Square-Enix company that tried this boss. Only 5~8 of them manage to win this boss. To win is either bet your skills and luck or just play cheat. (no kidding, true stories!!!)

But guess what? After around 50~80+ rounds of battling this boss. I manage to win it!! 8D You will receive another new keyblade weapon as a reward of defeating this boss. Having this weapon will prove that you have won the boss before.

The weapon is called No Name. This slight weaker than UltimaWeapon in terms of attack but its stronger than UltimaWeapon in terms of weapon.

Guess who did I used to beat him??

Yes, believe it or not, I used Terra to defeat him!! One of the hardest character in the game to defeat him. Why is that so? Cause Terra's attack is the slowest among all 3 characters in the game, and Terra's dash has a long delay time which make him pretty much vulnerable. The only advantage about Terra is his urber strong attacks. I have to make my Terra lvl66 to defeat him. Believe me! Its not easy..

Many people suspect/assume that this boss might be the lingering sentimental of Xehanort. Or it is one of the new members of organization 13 in KH3 which time traveled back into the pass to challenge the Keyblade wielders.

The last assumption could be possibly true.. cause when you are fighthing the boss, the boss has the ability to turn back time and counter your attacks. No Kidding!! Try to use normal attacks to the boss! After 2~3 hits or more, the boss will suddenly stop time reverse his HP to the last that you hit him and counters your attack as well.

Yes, after defeat this boss. If you wanna excited yourself again, you can revisit the world and fight this matar farker. XD Im done with Terra's part. Now Im left with Ventus and Aqua. They should be easier la.. (I least I hope so la..)

Back to gaming~ Nyahaha~~

I repeat.. I AM NOT LIFELESS!!!

I still talk.. talk alot.. XD

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Brother

Okay.. mayb some of u dunno or more appropriate is.. mayb some of u forgotten! XD Yes, I have a brother. No, his elder than me. Yes, im the youngest among the family. No, im TALLER and the TALLEST! XD

Heres how my brother looked like..

Okay, i was wrong.. Heres how my brother's hair looked like. XD

No, im not gonna expose his picture here.. XP

My brother is the one who gave me my urber glamour name. Klex. Its really a random name or shud I say more like a name that doesnt really exist. XD How did he figure out that name? I have totally nooooo idea..

Well, mayb because his a funny guy. Not those like make jokes and laugh or something kind of funny. His more like SMART and funny. The things that he say are funny and it makes sense! XD Something like Russel Peters.

Just few days ago.. something funny happened.

That day, me and my family had lunch with my uncle and his family. My brother was sitting beside one of my cute little cousin. So, heres what happened.

My brother start helping my cousin to take food and put it on his plate. And so i said this.. (PS: Im was not jealous!! XD)

Me: Help other people take but dont help ur own brother to take la? XD

*my brother gave me a 1 second stare and then said...*

Brother: You got long hands la stupid!!!

*the whole table started laughing at his jokes*

Okay.. heres another one..

Both of us are talking in our rooms. Then I said something sooo lame that he sorta got pissed or got fed up.. i dunno whats the word.. Its like u know, when someone says something lame u will do the 'L' sign with ur hand. He didnt do the 'L' sign thing.. he said this..

Brother: You lucky that I choose not to punch u wei! XD

Me: Why wont you? I though t u like it?

Brother: Cause if I wanna, I'll punch u sooo hard that u will die. XP

Me: Wouldnt that make u happy? o.O

Brother: No! I dont want to be the only son!

Okay.. mayb that last one wasnt funny to you guys. But it does sound freaking funny to me!! XD

Its nice to have a funny elder brother like him to be in my life. We do have a very sad and hateful history in the past.. but thank god that he starts showing respects to me now. X)

I said it before.. and I shall say it again..

Great Brother. X)


Hello? Thats it? Thats all i got!? D8

Wow.. im really starting to losing ideas for my blog title.. its not because im becoming stupid or anything. (or mayb I am) but is because there is just nothing much to write about. Yes, the past 2 days was pretty darn boring..

College has begin for its second week, im still not really enjoying the 2nd week of this semester. Its not because im not having fun in class. (you got to be kidding me..) Okay, mayb just a little bit.. but still its because of the subjects that Im taking this semester.

This semester im taking Business, Visual Basics, C-Programming and Statistics. And which is the subject I love the most? To be really really honest, I like Stats the most. No kidding! I swear!!

Everyone in my college hated stats, well i mean my seniors la, i dunno abt my intakes. Well, really im pretty much enjoying my stats class. The reason is definately NOT because of the lecturer. Shes pretty dull and i believe everyone agrees with me. XP Part of the reason that I like the class is because of my classmates. Pretty awesome classmates. XP

Besides the fact that the class is noisy, another reason why I liked stats is also because its maths. NOT ADD-MATHS but Mod-Maths. I just like numbers but not complicated numbers.. mayb thats why I like the subject so much. XP Believe it or not i spend my Raya Breaks flipping through the books! D8 (I cant believe it myself.. XP)

Coming from the genes of a maths teacher.. I guess its very very normal.. (I said I guess.. XP) Well, my dad loves maths too! So, i think its like pro + pro = PRO-er kind of thing. I dont even know what am I talking abt.. (yeap, im losing it.)

Alright how about gaming? Of course I did some gaming la. If i dont game, ur probably reading the wrong person's blog. XD

Birth By Sleep US is finally out!! 8D In japan ver the game was out late.. but in US ver the game was out waaaaaaaaaaaaayy early!! September 10th become August 3rd! XD Yes, i got the game from Wan Zhan and started playing already. Finished Terra's story and now proabably 55% storyline of Ven's. XP Playing this game for the 3rd time.. still doesnt bores me. XD

Besides playing BBS, i have started playing online games again. Yes, i know it more a waste of time than playing any other console games but i was really really bored playing games alone. So i invited my college friends to play alittle bit of online game! XP

Heroes of Three Kingdom

Thats, the name of the online game. XP Its about chinese warlords and everything.. (do ur imaginations..) Of course, who wouldnt agree that chinese warlords have awesome looking weapons and skills. XP Plus, the effect of the game is not half bad! XP

The game play of this game is something like RO.

Press on monster >> character goes attack >> press some buttons and cast some skills >>monster dies >> click item to pick up.

Heres what I think of the game la.. Lets start with the good points.

1. Awesome looking armor and effects.
2. Fast HP, Power and Chi regeneration.
3. The game doesnt really require any MP to do skills.
4. You dont have to do some job change quest like other online game.
5. Weapon/Armor upgrading is super easy, doesnt require any materials.

Okay, thats really all i can think of abt the positive. Heres the negative.

1. It requires alot of travelling.. as in ALOT!!
2. The game lvling system is kinda annoying..
3. The character's skills are kinda annoying as well.
4. Lack of skills for each character.
5. SUPER slow walking speed.
6. Have very very little storage space.
7. Creep's EXPs are Urber LOW!!

Yeah more negative than positive eh? To be really honest, this is not a very good MMORPG to play if u dont have patience. If i would rate, i will rate it..


Everything about this game requires EXPs, no EXP means Why is EXP so important in this game let me tell u guys.

1. To upgrade ur class level - Like RO, you have personal level and job level. But in RO, both of them gain exp at the same time. But in HOTK, you need to scarfice ur own EXPs to upgrade ur job. And the job doesnt requires little.. its cost alot!! Sometimes even 45% of ur total exp to level up!! This is like the most annoying part of the game.

2. To upgrade weapon - Yeah, you dont need materials to upgrade. But you need EXPs to upgrade!! Well not very much I have to say.. only around 5~10% of ur total EXPs. Not really an big issues.

3. To level up of course- Like any other game, leveling is like the most important thing. If you dont level up, you cant wear certain equipments, you cant learn skills, you cant upgrade class. Really really annoying..

Long story short, If you have no patience then dont play this game.

I have played better chinese warlord games. World of Kung-Fu is a good one but sadly.. its shut down due to some reason which i dunno. X(

Okay.. I have been talking too much abt games... Guess thats enuf about this post..

Yeah, just here to drop by and say 'Hello'. XP