Thursday, September 2, 2010

3rd Sem Episode 2

Im making another day/episode is because today is a good day as well! Im not gonna make any more episode!! (unless there is another good day to make one la..XD)

Thursday.. its the second day back to college. Pretty much another interesting day since i get to know my other 3 subject's lecturer. XP

First subject is Statistics. I got this lecturer called Ms. See. (Yes, i know.. SEE) XD Well, she gave me and Daniel and pretty awkward first impression.. Both of us can feel that shes not the fun kind of lecturer.. but its still too early for us to judge her. XP Oh, did i mention? Max, Ivan, Nick, Faris, Daniel, Alex, Ainaa, Sin Yein and Wai Meng are in my class. Pretty crowded class eh? XP

She gave just a very very quick introduction about statistics. I said quick as in really really QUICK!! We end the class like in 32mins. XD Nick and Faris came class late.. around 25mins late.. so they just joined the class for 7mins. XD

Have a long 2 and a half hour break.. Stay at the book sale booth and start playing Persona 3 with my PSP. (what can i do.. i was lonely and bored mah.. XD) Persona 3 is a real pain in the ass.. farking hard to play!!

Then after my long break.. its time for my IT subject classes! 8D I have 2 IT subjects this semester. Visual Basics and C-Programming. VB with Dex and CP with Vicky. At least i know i will have friends there. (unlike Internet principles.)

I just knew that both of my IT subjects are back to back.. same class.. even same lecturer! (its not just for that day that class.. its on every class we have!!) D8 I have a bad feeling about the classes im gonna have.. When the class begins, things turned even more un-interesting.. I never knew that both of that subject look/sound/seem soo difficult! Now im really scared.. D8

The first thing that I said after my classes was.. Im screwed! DX

After classes.. its of course the time to lepak.. Lepak-ed the corridoor with Justin, Cheryl and Fiona. Then we start calling Fiona our little 'FiFi' for noooooo apparent reasons. XD

Then, i spotted ZhenPei running across the corridoor.. mainly is because she is late to class.. XD So i raced with her all the way to her class.. which was pretty funny at the same time. XD (my fast walk is equal to her run. XD)

Very quickly I spotted Corliss and Agnes at the corridoor and they asked me to sit down and talked to them. Not long after that Agnes left and leaving me and Corliss having a long long talk with each other. Then, we head to the admin office to settle her new time table..

Once Corliss left, coincidencely I spotted Winnie around the corridoor as well. Sitting alone reading her little book. So i decided to sit down and teman her for a little while..

Soon, we then saw ZhenPei walking back to the front gate after her class. Funnily we made fun of her here and there. (dont really remember fully what the joke was..) It seems that shes interested in my dad's carrot cake as well. XD Well mayb next time la ZhenPei. X)

Continue talking to Winnie until we didnt even see the time coming.. Time flies right to 6pm and I was asked to go home..

I dunno about you guys.. but it seems like an interesting day to me.. XP