Saturday, May 29, 2010

Musics to Share

Like i said before.. although i've been busy with life but still i dont miss listening to music from some of my youtube friends. XP I still keep in touch with them although their replies in message are like SUPER LONG!!

You cant blame them, they are famous. XP So, im here now to share these songs that i like to you guys and in the mean time.. to promote some of them as well. XP

First up with my favorite guy singer on youtube.. David Choi!

I have to say.. this is another touching and emotional song made by him. And the MV is freaking awesome! Its better than the first one which is 'Wont Even Start' And the featuring girl in this video is waaay cuter/prettier than the last one. XP Julia Chang. Look at her picture at the end of the video. XP

Up next, the famous Sam Tsui.

I find this song done extremely well by him. I still have a hard time how he make another few more of him in this video. XD Plus, he still this kinda of 'face' when his singing.. but overall a good cover done! X)
Now its time for girls.. yes, GIRLS!

First up, the famous Janice and Sonia.

I've heard that sing korean songs before but this is by far the BEST! XD I can tell they are definately singing the correct lyrics. (what can i say, they are half koreans. XP) After watching this video.. i dunno why, I love them even more. Yes, I love BOTH of them! as in LOVE them! XD I wonder do they both write their own songs? o.O

Next, its Kirssy and Erika.

I have to say that Erika (the backup singer) looks pretty here. I still think that they have a little bit of chipmunk voice. XP Its an pretty old song.. but they are famous and they have their own offical music video.

This last song is not a youtube friend of my. Cause she TOOO famous now. XD (she was never in youtube at the first place. XP) I just like to share this song with u guys. XP

And awesome motivation song! Charice. I should start listening to her songs more often. XP But this is the first song that i heard from her.. and i LOVE it! XD
Thats all for video music sharing.. hope you guys like those songs as much as i do. XP

God Eater

Another post about games already.. Since my PSP is back with me.. i think going to talk about games again! XD Well not too much i think..

Since i've already finished unlocking everything for BBS already.. i dont think i will stick with the game that much even know im a Kingdom Hearts freak la. XP

Ultimania always have the best art of Kingdom Hearts. XP
Rate for this game: 8.5/10

Not long later.. i've found another game that really really interest me! I was a monster hunter extremer.. and theres a new monster hunter type game that is even more epic and cooler looking. This game is called..

See even the name sounds sooo EPIC already.

I know nothing about the story for this game.. all i know that is you hold big cool ass swords and swing around monsters which are waay bigger size than you. XD

See what i meant about Cool swords? XD

There are like TONS of difference between this game and monster hunter. Let me list it all out for you so u can see the difference.
- you can to jump and whack the shyt out of monsters.
- get to change your weapon while ur fighting.
- get carry more items.
- dont have to pose that long while your drink pots.
- able to use skills to deal hardcore damage.
- dont have to worry about getting your stamina any lower.
- if you die, your friend can revive you.
- able to lock on to your monsters.
- quick stamina recovery.
- monster wont be changing to far far locations anymore.
- no more weapon sharpness.
- you dont have to crave monsters anymore.

From the difference above.. You can tell that this game's battling system is going to be waaaaaay better than Monster Hunter! 8D

Look at the cool ass monster that the player is fighting against.

I dunno whats the monster called.. but im starting to like it. XD

The monsters in this game are kinda huge as well.

You can change into gun and shoot the shyt out of them from far.

Enough with the pictures.. how abt some real actions?

Long story short.. this is going to be a good game la. Im looking forward to play it with anymore of my friends who have this game. This time.. i'll be patient and wait for the english version la. XP

Beside that, there is a new final fantasy game coming out on PSP! D8 Its called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. From what i see and hear.. this game is going to something about politics again.. and the battle system is going to be like Crisis Core but just that this time you get to have partners.

Not really part of my interest but still its another game for my PSP.

So now i got nothing to do.. thats why im bloggin! XD

Friday, May 28, 2010

Updates and Feelings express

Like i said from the last post.. i've been busy these days with college, quizs and birth by sleeps. So, i apologise the lack of motivations to update my blog. XP

So this is going to be ONE SHOT post! I meant SHOT not SHORT.. XP
Nothing much has change for me, myself, just that my ping pong skills are either getting weaker or better.. I dunno.. these days my grip towards the ping pong bat and the strength that i release from it is very unstable.. why? emoticon unstable..

College.. everything is okay.. assignments, quizes, lecturers, tutorials, etc.. all i still can cop along. No problem.. but just that the serroundings of the campus.. Everyone feels so gloomy!! D8 I have to find a way to sort of this gloomy and emo shyts!! Sometimes.. i really cant take people around me being emo..

These days.. i've been hanging out with some of the march intakers just to know them better.. and just a few days ago.. I just know more about Amy Wong. XP

But im going to be very honest.. I seem to have a hard time keep in touch with the january intakers. Since most of them are sooo gloomy and no interactive anymore.. This will take awhile since everyone to get back to normal..

Second semester.. and most of the people there a different.. and im not going to just sit here and be and idioit gloomy-ing with them.. i will find a way to sort our this shyt..

I spend 30 minutes of my life sitting next to you.. and you didnt tell or say a thing.. I dont anything about you anymore!
Ghost Adventures is EPIC! Me and Max are addicted to that show! 8D Well the best of the best is still the movie also known as 'Ghost Adventure Documentary'. They actually hear and saw a parenormal activity there! D8

Birth By Sleep news.. I finally figure out the way to obtain ultima weapon and also ultima shoot lock! 8D Well its not as hard as i tough.. what really matters is time and skills to get it. Within total of 48 hours plus of playing, i've got all 3 character's ultima weapon. AND ITS AWESOME! XD I ready to trash tarvin's ass already!

Although I feel like king on BBS now but my ass still got kicked by the hidden boss which is Vanitas's Sentinel. His soooo much harder than Terra's Sentinel in KHFM+. The only person who can defeat him is my weakest character Ventus. I found a strategy for Ventus to defeat him (and its not a prefect one) but not for my Terra and Aqua.

Lately, i havent been really play with my guitar.. mainly is because i dont really use it that much unless its sunday choir practice. To be honest, i dont really use it much in choir as well..

My interest towards music still havent fade away! I been remixing songs on my guitar.. and so far.. i've remix alot.. with a little front guide by the song 'How Six Songs Collide' i manage to mixed up some songs together with it! 8D

Sometimes.. i think that knowing how to play a harmonica is very very romantic as well. Just sometimes la.. XP
I think thats all for the updates.. running out of ideas..

thus, most of my blog materials are in facebook now. Go check it out la. X)

I've been waiting for her to talk to me in msn every night.. =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thriller Night

Orientation Night 3 is here!! Well its actually it just passed.. XP

21th MAY was our 3rd Orientation Nights.. well its my 2nd la since i didnt go for the first one. XP And the theme of this event this time is called..


No No No.. No Micheal Jacksons are involved. XP but the song 'Thriller' was definately involved in this event.. XP

The decoration was good and scary.. they made paper tomb stones.. coffins.. and they hung barbie dolls everywhere! Of all the things to hung in the air.. DOLLS! D8 *shivers..*

Of course.. we the social spheres members have to be spotting for tonight.. So all of us dressed up in our spooky and scary costumes and make up..

At first i wanted to be a werewolf! but it turns out.. looking for a COOL werewolf mask was a pain in the ass.. So in the end i bought a scary skull looking mask and a secret recipe cake knife to go on with the event..

Thats me.. The bloods are decorated myself. XP

Everyone was dressed and decorated up.. And all of us looked freaking spooky.. SOOOO spooky until Candy dont even have much guts to talk/see us. XD

Look at how scary we are la.. XD (if only the day was dark..)

I have to say.. me and Justin are the most dresed up one loh. XP

If i would rate the 5 most scariest looking ppl during that night i would go like this..

1. Han Han
2. Esther
3. Faris
4. Justin
5. Xiau Wei

And my all time favourite on is Samuel Lim. XD

Its a long night.. and i dont wanna bored u guys reading this by just telling u everything (like how i did for Pyjamas Party) So im just going to go with pictures and summaries.. XP (its an excuse cause i cant find any pictures for the event. XP)

Yun Fang and I.

Oh ya.. that night I took pictures with TONS of ppl and whats really happy is that most of them are girls.. And also i scare the shyt out of alot of ppl as well.. XP (hinting: Amy Goh)

Was chilling awhile from my tough work scaring ppl. XD

I didnt stab JiaLin!? NOO... She MAKE me stab her! XD

Then we have an extremely funny sketch!

Its pretty during the practise but that night.. it was freaking funny! Even know i already know the storyline and everything. Overall the sketch was great! Great Job guys! XD

Then we have a dance from the january intake Social Sphere members with the song 'Thirller' and 'Cry me a River'. Good Job.. better than the normal practices. XP

Then we end the performance up with a Dance Battle.. This is where I come in with 'Sorry Sorry'. XD EPIC!!

And of course our sum up event for all orientation night is..

Some one challenge Jag to a dance battle.. XD

Now this guy is freaking sporting! Awesome Job man! XD

During the dance floor some of us are chillaxing..

Look whose the killer now.. XD

Trying to make this my profile picture but EPIC failed! DX

This is one of the prizes for the event.. FREAKING CUTE! XD

Overall a good night event.. At least everyone enjoyed the event and we gave the april intakers a good impression of social sphere at least..

Tiring night.. zooom to sleep after that cause next day got school. DX

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birth By Sleep

Im going to be very honest about this..

One of the reason or you can also the main reason that im not updating my blog these days is because..


Well its still in japanese.. but i can wait no more! This game is 5 months late! If i need to wait for the english it would probably take another few more months to come out. So i started off with japanese.. but if its only japanese i will have a hard time playing this game. So me and Tarvin download the english patch of this game.

The good thing about the patch is.. I dont have to brain storm and read faqs to figure out where to go and I can also listen to Terra and Aqua's sexy voices! (when english comes out.. the voices will probably be spoiled ady..) but bad thing is.. there is only 1% of the game is subtitled.. No big deal.. I already know whats going on.. XD

I finished the game within like 5 days plus. Well the game story line is pretty short for each character and also there are lesser world but still we have to play each other 3 times (since there are 3 different characters)

Terra, Ventus, Aqua.

Of course from the start, i've already said.. My favourite character will be..

Terra!! XD

I like Terra not only cause of his AWESOME sexy voice! Is because his really really powerful! XD Terra is like the POWER type character which one single hit will bring fatal! But still his magic abilities are rather weak.. really really weak..

Fatal Mode! My favourite form change mode for Terra!

I've played all three characters but i find Terra's ending the BIGGEST twist of the game! When i first saw the ending.. the ending totally make sense and it really re-connects to KH1.

I would not tell but only show pictures of the scenes.. XP

Just try and figure out wats going on la.. XP

If i would rate among the 3 characters.. I would rate it this way..


Yeah I like Terra and his moves.. but i like Aqua too since her attacks are deadly painful and also fast.. but the disadvantage of her is that her defense are waaay to low.. XP

Now im trying to BOOST my characters into pro shape.. Figure out how to unlock Ultima Weapon.. and Defeat the hidden boss which is freaking hard.. Now i need guide.. XP

Im still going to play the game.. XP

Pictures in my Phone

Wow.. I just notice.. I havent been blogging for 1 whole week! okay mayb not one whole week.. but its like 6 freaking days! XD

I've been pretty busy lately.. Rose Message Operation.. Thriller Night.. After that more events.. Sometimes i really worried of my studies.. XD

Well.. Im kinda lazy to blog and typ now.. so im just gonna go with pictures.. XD

Lets begin with Sunday .. Rose Message Operation Preparation..

Alex was happy to get around 80+ roses! XD

Alex chilling on the grass around HELP campus..

There are 110 roses here.. doesnt look like it right? XD

Esther cleaning the floor! XD

Corliss handling the messages..

Max handling the roses..

Alex helped out with the messages..

Faris helped out with the roses..

Saiful was just rolling on the floor! XD

Max watching F1 and settling the roses. XD

Monday.. Rose Message Operation Begins..

Its nice to see students giving lecturer roses. And also romantic couples giving hidden message to their love ones. Very interesting day.. its alot of running but after giving the roses to the person and see their smiling face.. its worth it la. X)

Rose Message Operation day.. we still got classes.. all still must go on..

Li Huey was smsing someone which i dunno who..

Ivan was laughing while doing his finite maths.. XD

and Max was like.. WTF!? XD

Then these here are just other random pictures in my phone.. XP

In Vicky's car.. looking at her drive just for fun. XP

Max pointing to his real name..

Ivan pointing at his real name too! XD

Saiful and his AIR JUMP!!

My turn to AIR JUMP!! XD

Nick's one looked cool man! XD

Last but not least.. Max himself.. XD

Practicing for Thriller Night that time..

Meet all the march intake girls for social! XD

Justin being the DJ of the Night!

Jag showing off his moves..

And so is Sasi! XD

Well that all for the random pictures in my phone..

Oh wait.. Let me end this post with an AWESOME picture! XD

Mr. Siva playing my PSP!! XD

If im not wrong his playing Ventus fighthing with Vanitas that time.. XD

Im going to make another post asap.. If i can.. XP