Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birth By Sleep

Im going to be very honest about this..

One of the reason or you can also the main reason that im not updating my blog these days is because..


Well its still in japanese.. but i can wait no more! This game is 5 months late! If i need to wait for the english it would probably take another few more months to come out. So i started off with japanese.. but if its only japanese i will have a hard time playing this game. So me and Tarvin download the english patch of this game.

The good thing about the patch is.. I dont have to brain storm and read faqs to figure out where to go and I can also listen to Terra and Aqua's sexy voices! (when english comes out.. the voices will probably be spoiled ady..) but bad thing is.. there is only 1% of the game is subtitled.. No big deal.. I already know whats going on.. XD

I finished the game within like 5 days plus. Well the game story line is pretty short for each character and also there are lesser world but still we have to play each other 3 times (since there are 3 different characters)

Terra, Ventus, Aqua.

Of course from the start, i've already said.. My favourite character will be..

Terra!! XD

I like Terra not only cause of his AWESOME sexy voice! Is because his really really powerful! XD Terra is like the POWER type character which one single hit will bring fatal! But still his magic abilities are rather weak.. really really weak..

Fatal Mode! My favourite form change mode for Terra!

I've played all three characters but i find Terra's ending the BIGGEST twist of the game! When i first saw the ending.. the ending totally make sense and it really re-connects to KH1.

I would not tell but only show pictures of the scenes.. XP

Just try and figure out wats going on la.. XP

If i would rate among the 3 characters.. I would rate it this way..


Yeah I like Terra and his moves.. but i like Aqua too since her attacks are deadly painful and also fast.. but the disadvantage of her is that her defense are waaay to low.. XP

Now im trying to BOOST my characters into pro shape.. Figure out how to unlock Ultima Weapon.. and Defeat the hidden boss which is freaking hard.. Now i need guide.. XP

Im still going to play the game.. XP