Sunday, October 31, 2010


From the day that I've feel in love with the first girl.. I've know there something is wrong with me.. I asked her.. whats wrong with me and..

She said to me: "You're just sensitive, thats all. X)"

My dad says so and so does my mom..

But is being sensitive really good?

I just had a few conversation with my friends.. One of them was tired and wanted to give up with his/her life. One sounded kinda pissed and wanna flip the whole world upside down. Its on msn, so i dont really know about it.. but from the words that they type, i can feel that something is not right.

I asked them.. "You okay?"

Its true im no god, im not the kind of person who can keep secrets prefectly, im no family to you, im no close friends.. I would totally understand if any of you wont wanna tell how you feel or what you think.

Sometimes, I think.. issit just me??

What can I do?

What did I do?

I said it before.. "Im going to make everyone around me happy!! Just like how my father did it!! XD" Yes, I remember i said it proudly along the corridoor, in the restaurant, in my blog and even in facebook.

I wonder.. how my dad does it? How can he comfort me and everyone around him so perfectly.

A friend once told me.. he tried to do the same thing that I am trying do now. Heres what he said..

"You can save people but you cant save everyone.."

This stories have nothing to do with me.. but why my heart is aching so badly?

I just felt useless...

Who says being over sensitive is nice..

But you know what?

Im not going to give up cause of these few SOABss trying to make me feel sad!! And im not just going to say it to myself.. Im saying to you SOABss as well!


If i give up now.. lesser people are going to do what im doing now.. Who knows.. No one else is going to do what im doing now in the future?

My dad did it, i believe so can I. Yeah his more handsome than I am and more cooler than I am but what the heck.. his true kind-ness still flows in my blood. XP

If i fall and cry on my kness, i'll wipe my tears and stand up and fight!! or I have Daniel and my other friends to kick my ass to keep me awake. XD

Ask yourself.. what should you do..

I have my answer..

Im going to keep on going.. XP

Dont worry.. be happy.. cheers~

Friday, October 29, 2010

The 'Key' towards a Long lasting Relationship?

Me: Trust and Patience is the key towards a long lasting relationship.

Yen Ping: Understanding is the key towards a long lasting relationship.

Dex: YOU and ME is the key towards a long lasting relationship.

King: Having the feeling of unconditional love is the key towards a long lasting relationship.

What do you think? X)

I just think that i have to develop/master all 4 of those quotes that me and my friends mentioned above not only to have a long lasting relationship.. but friendship as well. X)

Yeah, I miss You.. but I dont want you to miss me cause I understand that you only say it when you mean it. X)

Weird eh? For me talking about this all in the sudden.. XP

Must be pretty random of me. XP


Remember I said that I want start re-playing online game.. Yeah, I've been saying that alot lately.. But still i cant really choose the right game. Even if i have choosen the right game, some of my friends are not really interested in it cause it boring.. DX

Thanks to Dex Shan, I finally manage to found the prefect game for me!! 8D Its now back to the one and only Ragnarok Private Server!! XD

*If you wanna know which server are we playing. Look at the title of this post. XP

Most of my friends in college are playing this game. Dex, Mandy, Dex's friend which i known as Trey, Kai Boon, Esther, Suilun, and Nick. Soon be recruiting more. XP Join us la if you guys want.

server link:

I was never a very good RO player.. The further-est I went was Knight lvl78 thats all. XD Playing private server is the best way to make me 'look' pro. (or the other way, NOOB)

I have been trying to play various different kinds of job.. My all time favourite is always some job that is holding a sword and shield or spears kicking people's/monster's ass. XD Therefore, its between Paladin or Lord Knight.

After listening to Dex's point of view on which character is better. I prefer to be Paladin. XP Not much of a killer type paladin, but more towards tanking type paladin. (AKA Devotion Paladin) What i heard from Dex is that the job of a tank paladin is pretty easy.. stand there let ppl hit and eat pots. XD

(left) Dex's Sniper, (mid) My Paladin, (right) Trey's Whitesmith.

I did try and PVP/Duel with some of us.. It was not easy winning as them.. Sometimes, winning them are just pure luck. Its either my shield reflect they die, or i was lucky to manage to hit them. XD

Won Dex's Sniper.

Won Nick's Sniper.

Yeah, the jobs that I've killed were all Sniper. XP XP XP I never kill Trey's whitesmith and Dex's Assassin Cross. Even if i did.. it was pure luck like i said. XP

Ever heard of Coinring? I think VeeeRO is only RO that have that kind of poring. XP

My paladin is definately not the best character to go for hunting.. So i created various of different job for hunting. XP Lord Knight and Assassin were my best hunters. XP

I think im going to pump my Lord Knight after i finish pumping my Paladin.. Got a tanker, and a half time killer. XD

I still got a long way to go if I want my Paladin to be damm strong.. X)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid-Terms OVER!!!

My 3rd semester mid-terms is finally over!! But that doesnt mean that its a very good thing.. that also means that assignments due dates and also finals are coming! DX DX DX

Hows my midterms? Well.. My first two papers are bitches.. but my last two papers i did pretty good. XD Im pretty sure I'll get good grades for it. XP

Right after mid-terms exams.. There was Halloween Night. Sure the event wasnt really successful.. but I had fun. Im not sure how the others feel about that night but i think that night is a good way to let out all my exams over feelings. Finally doing an event without a burden on the chest saying 'GO HOME and STUDY! STUDY!' XD

The next day, Saturday, I have to wake up early to help my dad out in the morning market. Something pretty funny and yet interesting happened. There was this customer with a twin daughters. (about 5 years old I guess...) Both of them looked extremely cute! 8D After they got their carrot cake, they both together said bye to me and my dad. Right after that my dad right away told me that..

"One of you is going to get me a twin!! XD".

Now, im feeling the pressure.. lets just hope me and my future wife's hormones are good/lucky enuf to produce a twin. XD Or mayb i'll let my brother and my sister's future family to deal with that. XD

Sunday was pretty amazing as well.. We had a class trip.. Suelyn, Jeanie, Victor, WeiGin, Mike, JarnJiang, and most of my other class mate are involved in the trip. The whole trip was pretty long.. especially the bus trip.. We had TONS of fun inside the bus.. eating, singing, playing.. We have a game which is pretty special cause it involved music/songs. (Which im totally IN to it! XD) Its pretty much a common game. XP

First, our teacher give us a word like for example 'Love'. We have to figure out a song with the word 'Love' in the lyrics. It involved different language as well but that song must have the english word 'Love' in it! XD Pretty easy eh? Well, its not as easy you think it is..

Turns out my team won.. one is because of my uber strong music lyrics memory!! Of course, Victor, Suelyn and JarnJiang helped alot too. XD I just notice that we choose are the Barney song alot for our asnwer. XD Anyways.. Good Game..

Finally we reached our destination. In this trip we are going to two places.. First, we visited some place where they adopt or save dogs which are unwanted or injured before. To be honest.. When I enter the place.. i feel a full saddens and sorrow and feeling bursting into my heart.. Maybe its the aura that the dog are releasing.. or mayb its because im sensative.. XP

Its fun to look at the dogs waving their tails at you.. but it sad when you look at them suffering from those serious past injuries. There this dog is small and super cute!! but then.. that dog has cancer at the lungs. DX Which means.. its not going to survive for long.. Theres also another cool and huge looking german sherpard which only have two legs. (front legs) The poor little thing cant even pee properly since it cant lift both of its hide legs. It have to pampers in order to pee and poop. Poor thing.. X(

Some of the dogs there are normal and looked very very beautiful with their awesome fur. But they have human phobia due to their sad past owner/experience/memories. (Curse them!!!) I really want to pat them on the head but when I step a single step toward them.. they started running away. X(

After that, we all got confused with the name of the dogs there, then we decided to name some of the dogs there with our own people name. XD I named one Victor, another on Jeanie, another one WeiGin and they named one of it Klex and another one Yu Ming. Turns out that they one named YuMing is a female dog. DX XD

Next, its part two of our second trip! XD before that we did head to some restaurant and have our lunch. The food there are great but its too little. XP Anyways, our second trip was to the HOT SPRING!! 8D

What I've been imagine about hot spring its just a huge bath tab with warm water.. not HOT water. But that hot spring that we went that day.. was FREAKING HOT!! DX

There were two hot tubes there. One is not so much.. its like dipping urself into a hot tab but slight hotter. Just slightly.. XP Well, the other was the one where you throw an egg inside, the egg will become boiled that kind!! D8 No kidding!! Its THAT hot!! XD

Me, Victor and JarnJiang took the first step into the HOTTEST ONE!! Well we didnt knew there are two different hot tabs so we decided to go to the one where lesser people are in. But sadly.. there a lesser people in that particular tab is because its the HOTTEST one. DX

One step or shud i say, dip into the hot tab i started shouting in pain already. Then slowly slowly one by one started shouting along. The hot-ness of the water is no joke.. moving ur feet is worst than not moving it at all! The best way to bear all the pain in to just sit still. XD The one who beared the most pain among us is JarnJiang. XD

After all of us got a little bit used to the water. We start having a competition. See who can stay inside the water the longgest. Turns out, no one win that competition because of us are just sitting still.. seriously.. even if someone is moving the water.. it will be damm painful. DX

When all of us got up, our legs are HOT reddish! XD

The journey back home was quiet and peaceful.. everyone was tired from all the things going on that day.. napping in the bus was great. And surprisingly, i didnt snore like an elephant that time!! 8D I think me myself know why.. XP

Back home.. bath and then start doing my stats assignment which due date its the next day itself!! Thanks to KaiBoon and Esther, I manage to have a reference of what I am doing. XP Thanks again..

Well thats how i spend my konon-nya 3 days of holidays right after mid-terms. This sem there are not mid-term breaks or something.. DX

Oh well.. lets just get over it.. X)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mid-Terms Here and There

Finally a short break after 2 out of 4 of my mid-term exams. XD

Yes, my mid terms is still on and im still online.. Dont learn.. Its bad for ur education life. XP

First mid-term exams was C-Programming.. To be honest.. I dont find the paper hard.. The paper is just pretty tricky.. I love C-Programming but turns out C-Programming dont love me. DX I didnt really funk that hard.. but stilll I just think i can do waaay better la. DX

Next is Business Principles. The whole paper is like H.A.S.!! What does that stands for? Hard as SHIT!!! DX No only its difficult, its like farking long. The short questions are a literally meant to kill you!! D8 There are like 15+ of them and they all consist of soooo many marks!! Totally killed my fingers and hands.. Flunked again.. DX

Now whats left is Statistics and Visual Basics Programming.. Im not gonna fark these exams up.. Imma try my best to score for these!! Especially Visual Basics..


at the mean time.. lets just RO for awhile.. XD

Friday, October 15, 2010

Helping a Blind Girl

One day.. I was in a packed bus about 5.30pm. Yeap, after 5.30pm your chances of getting into a empty bus is pretty slim and chances of getting squeeze is very very high. Maybe thats why im so skinny! XD

Haha.. just kidding.. lets get back to the topic.. XP

One day.. I was in a packed bus about 5.30pm.. luckily.. I manage to catch up an empty bus which is not really packed. I mange to get seats in the bus, there was very limited seats but luckily i manage get a sit.

I was sitting beside this girl.. to be honest, she was pretty.. but thats not exactly the reason that I sat beside her. (Okay.. mayb it sorta is.. but just hear me out okay? XD)

Then this girl suddenly touched me and asked.. 'Excuse me, is this the flower pot station?'.

At first, I was wondering.. what kind of station is called the flower pot station??

Then she continues asking 'The station near tropicana city. *smiles*".

Then only I knew which station she was talking about. XD Its the exactly same station that im dropping off. Why issit called the flower pot station? Cause behide the station, they are selling flower pots. XD

I started wondering.. Why cant she just see the station for herself? And so, I noticed that she was not staring at me when she was asking the question, she have grey-ish white pupils and shes holding a stick. Then only I know.. shes a blind girl. I was not being very noticable at all. XP

I answered her question "No, not yet but you are almost there."

Then the conversation continues..

Blind Girl: "Owh okay.. Would you mind telling me when we are at that station?"

Me: "Yeah, sure. No problem.. Im stopping at that station too anyways."

Blind Girl: "Thank you very much *smiles again*"

After that.. it was a long and silent journey. I think because shes shy.. or maybe she thinks that im a bad person. Well, I cant blame her. Suddenly one strangely nice dude sit beside you suddenly offers his help to help you. I would feel very uncomfortable as well. Plus, shes blind.. she probably cant tell what age, what size or what type of person I am..

When we are about to reach out station, I quickly told the girl that we are reaching already.

The bus was pretty damm packed with FAT people and the blind girl was struggling to get out from the bus. The fat people in the bus are not even moving or making way for the blind girl to move! They busy trying to snatch the seat which I and the blind girl was sitting on! D8 (No offense but most of them are fat malay women.)

I was sorta pissed cause I was also trying to get out from the bus but still none of them move!! If i have a chance, i would definate shout or punch those SOABs to move their asses and make way for at least the girl. Still.. I gotta control my anger and emotions..

What my main concern was still the blind girl. So, i have act and do something to help her out. I hold her hands and guide her out of the bus. I ask other people to make way for both of us to get out. Thankfully, there were still people who are not heartless.. They made some spaces for us to leave the bus. (God Bless them..)

As soon as I left the bus along with the blind girl. I quickly apologize to her for holding her hands. Thankfully, she was okay with it and she thanked me for helping her out.

She said that she have wait for her transporter on that spot and she asked me to go home and dont wait for her. It will be pretty dangerous for a blind girl sitting at a bus station alone, so i decided to stay back and wait with her for her transporter.

While waiting, both of us finally have a little conversation among ourselves. I finally get to know her name, Abie. (Should be something like that..) She lives some at Puchong and shes went to Pusat Bandar to take her new passport. Other than that, shes asked stuffs about me like what my name.. why the name Klex? XD

After 20~30mins of long talk, she receives a phone call and I heard her say 'Oh, your reaching already?'. Thats means, her transporter is about to arrived. She ask me to go home first but again i insist of going home yet until her transporter arrives.

Another 3~5mins, her transport arrived. The person driving was a young man.. If im not wrong is probably her boy friend, brother or her own driver or something. XD He seems like a nice guy, he came down from the car thanking me for helping Abie out. Then he slowly guide her back into the car..

Before she left she thanked me again for whatever that I've done and waved good bye.

After seeing her entered the car.. I felt happy.. happy that I've made someone happy.. Its not really because shes pretty (or mayb it is) but it because shes blind and she needed help. I smiled at myself and begin my walk back home.

The whole journey back home, I was smiling all the way. XD

That feeling that i felt that day.. and pricless.. I made me feel like a total different person.. I mean.. just do good thing like helping someone out and you'll understand how it feels.

Yeah, this whole thing might sound like some korean/japanese drama movie.. but believe it or not.. Its all up to you. X)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bump on the Head

You know.. when you see cartoons show, they bumped on their head and they have a HUGE bengkak pop-ing out from their heads??

Well.. *touchs head* Ouch.. They are not kidding..

I actually bumped myself on the head yesterday.. Yeah.. laugh all you want la. XD

Why? Well mayb because I was too excited to see Corliss going down from DSA so quick, I jumped down too high while running down the stair and accidentally hit myself on the head. DX

Yeah it hurt.. Corliss saw it live too. XD I laughed abit and suddenly felt pain..

After rubbing the pain part for awhile.. i felt like theres a bump there.. like a really really big one! Corliss felt the bump too!

Then she starts helping me to rub that bump and trying to push it back into my head. It feels pretty comfortable at first.. then it turns really really uncomfortable later on.

So kids, what cartoons are showing you guys these days.. might be real.. I've just learn my lesson.

I remember Kai Boon was like telling me.. "In cartoon they all can push it back one wor, why dont you try la!! XD".

Very funny Kai Boon..

And Corliss dont feel bad about it.. It my own clumsy-ness anyways. XD Treat it as a really funny joke. XD

Yeah, the bump is still there.. but not as big as the one I had yesterday. Thanks to the ice water that I have in the fridge. XP

Now, who say that being tall is good??? XD

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jasper gets Lost

For those of you who dont know who is Jasper.. Jasper is actually the CAT which I have been having in my house for about 7~8 years.

Yeap, that cat sleeping beside of me, is Jasper.

Okay i lied.. Jasper is actually a DOG. XD Yeap, my little, cute, fierce, not so smart, childish, hyperactive, old, pain in the ass, gay doggie. XD

Yeap, this is the dog that im talking about. XP

Im going to talk about a little cute and interesting story that just happened just now, today, this date (9/10/2010).

Max was willing to fetch me home cause he has nothing to do after classes. So, after fetching me home, I pressed on the door bell and like always, I'll call Jasper just for fun. Then sudden, Jasper slowly walk out from his sleeping spot and all the way infront of the door. Usually, Jasper will chained cause its fierce and it bites. So, Max saw the dog and he went..

Max: 'OMG!!!! The dog is FREE!!!!! D8'

Not to worry Max, with my uber awesome petting skills and with ur body in the kelisa, im pretty sure that Jasper will not lay a bite on you. XD

It turns out, Jasper was set free because my brother just took him out for a walk and wanted him to have alittle bit of free time to run around the house. So, he set him.

After that, I head straight to my room and to the computer..

Then, I heard the door bell and head straight down straights to see whose there. Turns out, it was the gas man who deliver gas to my house. So, my dad went and open the gates for him..

Remember that Jasper was chained for a reason? And remember Jasper was not chained during that time? Guess what happened...


Alright, something did happened.. but there was no blood, no scars, no injuries, basically, No biting. XD Jasper saw the gate was open and he quickly ran out from the house!! D8

This was the second time that such incident happened.. I remember when the first time this happened, i ran out and chase after him with my bare foot. I have been searching around the corner for about 30mins and still so sign of him. I felt like i was about to cry.. cause his my first and only dog. DX Thanks my dad, he found him loafing around behide my house. X')

Second time.. I have no feel at all.. I pretty sure that i can chase him back this time with my extremely smart brains and my uber long legs. What really pisses me off is that when i shouted his name for about 10 times. He show no respond and keep on running. Son of a Bitch.. XD

After walking around my neighborhood for about 10mins.. I started looking for the place where Jasper always love to go. The playground. So I head to the playground behide my house and still see no sign of him.. then when im on my way back home. I heard the sound of a chain being drag on the floor. (Its sorta like Jasper's bell. XD)

When i head to that direction.. i saw the little fella there..stoning left and stoning to the right. From the looks of it, I can tell that his lost. XD

I walk towards him and when he turn and saw me, he starts wiggling his tail and starts running towards my direction joyfully.

I dont speak dog language.. but im pretty sure that Jasper was lost and its happy that I found him..

I was pissed at him a few minutes ago but then.. after looking at his happy and reluctant face when I found him.. I guess that his just a little naughty.. thats all.

In the end, I hug him and give him a pat on the head and bring him back home..

I totally agree what they say.. Dogs are Men's best friend. It works the other way too. Mans are Dog's best friend. X)

Misery Business Cover ft. Nicole REMAKE

I wrote a huge REMAKE word on the title of the blog post.. so i repeat.. this is a REMAKE cover of Misery Business. XP

Why? Simple.. Nicole just wants to remake it cause she said that she can do better than last time. And I have to say.. she did mean what she said. XP

Less talk to lets get on with the video.

Can u tell the difference of her previous Misery Business cover and this one? I can. Let me list out the few things which is different from the previous one. XP

1. its very obvious that there are lesser sound cracks.
2. timing is better than the previous one.
3. shes moving alot which means shes enjoying it.
4. slightly better video quality.
5. lesser off keys.

Yeah, these improve are mainly because of Nicole. Of course its also because of anyone who have LIKE or seen or support her. XP

Shes been improving very very quickly and of course, without anyone of your support, she wouldnt improve that fast. X) Thank you all soooo much for supporting!!

LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE my youtube channel~ XD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trying to Make a Cover

Last week, me and Nicole learn that we shouldnt make any covers when our funny/joker friends are around. XP

Lets me just tell you guys whats going on first..

Me and Nicole were doing covers in a class.. We do what we usually do. Hijack a class and just sing it the class. (yeah, we do that every friday. XP) Apparently, that week was sorta like a quiz week. So, people will be using most of the classes that we used to hijack every friday. ALL of the classes are used! D8 I meant.. ALL!!! Usually there will be at least one room left for us.. even the haunted room is occupied that day! D8

Alright, so our friends are there with us. And heres what happened.. watch the whole video and you will automatically understand the whole thing. XP

Get what I mean? XP All this kind of drama will start to show up when they are around. Its not really a bad thing.. or should I say.. its NOT a bad thing at all! XD It gives us entertainment and we get to see what did ourselves do when we didnt even know. XP

This is fun.. i think we should do it again if we are bored and have nothing to do. XD

Although this has nothing to do with any covers.. but still do LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE my youtube channel if u really really like it. XP

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Song You are to Me

Alright facebook-ers. Have you seen my latest facebook status? (3/9/10)

'The first 15 person who LIKE this status will get to know what song you are to me! XP'

If you're really a facebook-er and your a blog fan or mine, you should know why did i ask you guys to do so. XP Yeap.. this is another challenge for me to scroll down my playlist and think carefully who related to which song. X)

True.. When i put on the earphones.. play a random song (my phone playlist is always shuffle mode) When a song is playing.. for some reason.. i think of a person.. its like imagine that person is in some sort of imaginary music video I have in my head. XP It only happens to some people who are close to me.XD

I will put a small hint there to tell you guys why you guys remind me of that particular song. If you guys still dont get it then too bad la.. XP

#. (Name) - (Song Name) by (Artist who wrote/sang the song) (Hint)

1. Yun Fang- If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland ft. Katy Parry (After camp you found me.)

2. Yap Calvin- No Boundaries by Kriss Allen (Unstoppable.)

3. Max Ming Yi- Utopia by Within Temptation ft. Chris Jones (Introducting me the song.)

4. Hvey Jci Cheong- Hey Soul Sister by Train (Another Sister.)

5. Stefira Marzuki- Dynamite by Taio Cruiz (Influencing.. influencing..)

6. Amir- Justifaiz by Psychic Lover (555)

7. Adri- WBX/ W Boiled Extreme by Kamiki Aya ft. Takuya (Cyclone and Joker!)

8. Cai Hong- Baby by Justin Bieber (Your hair.)

9. Cheryl- Bounce by Timbaland (Dancing with the song!)

10. Ysabelle- Smile by Uncle Cracker (Your smile.)

11. Saiful Bahari- Change by Miwa (Bleach!)

12. Ming Long- Energetic by BOA (Sporting and Dancing.)

13. Wan Jia-Fearless by Taylor Swift (Fearless.)

14. Veron- Breath by BEAST (Your favourite.)

15. Xiau Wei- 小薇 by 黃品源 (Your name.)

If you guys have NO IDEA what song am I talking about. Go to youtube and try and find it. XP Hopefully, you will find any of them. XD

Wow.. i have to say.. this is waaaay harder than 'How I met You'. This one I really have to crack my head. Cause some of you guys are not really close to me and I totally have no song which are related to you guys.

Not going to do this again.. Mayb just stick to 'How I met You' is good enough.

When I hear 'Ho Ho Hopefully' by The Maines, I think of 'her'. X)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Random Updates..

Its about 12.56am right now.. Sunday.. Although im not going to sunday school later.. but i still have to go to sleep early.. Why?

1. I have to start practicing and studying my VBP.
2. I have to start editting the videos that me and Nicole just covered.
3. I have to spend time thinking for 'Project When 10 Songs Meet'.

Yeap, thats 3 things that I have to do later.. which is today.. bah~ Im confuse..

So, imma make this post as short as possible.. Just to update you guys on what is goin on with my life these days.. It could be something very random or something that wanna say.. Long story short.. this is just some random post. XP

- Im doing great, Im doing fine.. Im still alive..XP
- C-Programming and VB Programming is KILLING ME!! DX
- Ms.Lorna is one of the coolest female lecturer in college. XP
- Mr.Gobi is officially my second favourite lecturer. X)
- Nicole has an awfully cute voice!! 8D
- Cannot let Stefira play my PSP for some reason... XD
- Spend time with Winnie and her mother! XD
- My dad thinks that Im in a relationship.. D8
- My brother thinks that I like Nicole!! D8
- Me and Nicole cannot make covers when our friends are around! XD
- Taylor Swift is still soooo HOT!!!
- Had an awesome time singing with Justin and John during Choir Night.
- Love spending time with 'her'.
- Still dreaming of being a super hero.
- Obsessed with Martial Arts!
- Dont want to sleep late but have to sleep late..
- Will not let Xiau Wei to kick my ass!!!
- thinks that I will be a useless Cupid.. XP
- Wants to help 'her' to distress herself..
- thinks that Libby needs a day or two to rest.. X)
- Want to spend more time with 'her'.

If and only IF I have a chance.. I'll say.. or should I sing..

'You are the best thing.. thats ever been mine..'

What? I like that song~ XD