Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trying to Make a Cover

Last week, me and Nicole learn that we shouldnt make any covers when our funny/joker friends are around. XP

Lets me just tell you guys whats going on first..

Me and Nicole were doing covers in a class.. We do what we usually do. Hijack a class and just sing it the class. (yeah, we do that every friday. XP) Apparently, that week was sorta like a quiz week. So, people will be using most of the classes that we used to hijack every friday. ALL of the classes are used! D8 I meant.. ALL!!! Usually there will be at least one room left for us.. even the haunted room is occupied that day! D8

Alright, so our friends are there with us. And heres what happened.. watch the whole video and you will automatically understand the whole thing. XP

Get what I mean? XP All this kind of drama will start to show up when they are around. Its not really a bad thing.. or should I say.. its NOT a bad thing at all! XD It gives us entertainment and we get to see what did ourselves do when we didnt even know. XP

This is fun.. i think we should do it again if we are bored and have nothing to do. XD

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