Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad but Funny Oreo (Oreo 4)

All puppies at bad.. But Oreo is one funny badass doggy. XD

Oreo is currently undergoing potty training. And to be honest, the process of this training is not going very well.. I said not very well. So that means there are still some slight improvements. XP

The good thing is he found a usual spot to poop. More or less about 70% chance that he will poop at that same place.

The bad thing is that the place that he choose to constantly poop at, is my neighbour's house. XD

I have this door that link to one of my neighbour house. Why? Well, to be honest, I dont really know why either. My mom just wanted a door there to link to my neighbour's house. Maybe cause we are pretty close to that neighbour instead of the others.

Oreo is still very very tiny. His body is so small that he can squeeze through most of the holes there are in my house. And the door linked to neighbour's house have holes which Oreo can just easily sequeeze himself to get over to the other side.

We knew that is Oreo sequeezing through holes would happened. So we leash him up and put him outside the house.

BUT But but, that tiny little puppy has the strength of a titan!!!! I not kidding. I dunno how he does it but he actually break the leash and manage to go over to the other side and then poop at my neighbour's house! XD

Ever since that incident happened. Whenever we fixed the leash, he did the same thing again. (it doesnt happened all the time but some how he manage to break it once in awhile.) Break the leash with his amazing super strength, head over to the neighbour's house and POOP there! Not pee, he choose to pee at our place but he POOP there!! Thats whats funny this story! XD

Although this dog is stupid but damm is he strong!! A tiny size puppy like him can break a leash with.. i dunno how but he break it!! (about 3~4 times ady) And his the first dog that I've ever seen climb up all the way to my shoulder while im sitting down!! That is like the dog version of Tarzan man!! XD

Is time to get him a metal leash like Jasper did. Maybe that way he wont be able to break the leash or bite the leash with him almighty teeth. XD


A Friday Day Out!

WARNING: This is going to be a very very very long post cause its and awesome day to talk about! XD XD XD

Its Friday~ Friday~ Gotta get down on friday!! *SLAPS!!!*

Alright its friday and I finally get to get out from the house and go out have lunch and watch a movie with my friends. But this time its a little bit different, this time Im hang out with my very very old/long/went missing/friends. XP

One is my spongebob friend, Qi Wei! I have known him for almost 4 years and its been a long time since both of us went out and watch movie together. The only time we met are the times where a certain event is going on at Justin's house. XD

Two is the badass Zhen-Whei. Another friend that I've known for almost 4 years too. I usually will see him in the temple on sunday classes but lately both of us have been busy with our own life we didnt have time to go temple anymore.

Three is the most unique one, Kai Shin. A friend that I've known for about 8 years of my life. Its been a long long long time since both of us meet each other. The last time we saw each other face to face was 2 years ago during some seminar.. after that no more. Actually the main reason of this outing is to meet up with her la. (no offense Qi Wei and Zhen-Whei. XD) oh, and just incase some of you asked, yes shes pretty. XP

So, the plan of the day is head to MCKL to meet up with them, go to midvalley, grab lunch, watch a movie and after that hang out.

I woke up at 8am early in the morning! I couldnt really sleep last night cause I was really really excited for this day! My brother was shocked and he thinks that im weird.

Played a few noob games of HON to cool myself down. After that, start to wash myself up, change and head to Tropicana City Mall!!

I grab TCMall's shuttle bus head to Kelana Jaya, then from Kelana Jaya head to KL Central and from KL Central I walked all the way to MCKL. Yeah its a long trip but its worth it! XD

It was pretty hard to miss MCKL when you get out from KL central. All you have to do is walk straight all the way and you reach the destination. To be sure whether is that easy to go or not, I asked some MCKL student on the way for directions and it was all true.

Once I reached MCKL there was security guarding the front gate. I have the feeling that if I dont have a MCKL student ID, I cannot enter the college. So, I called Qi Wei and asked him to pick me up. But he was somewhere outside the college doing something. He did asked me stay where I am for awhile, but I did not listen. I just walk into the college ignoring the guards and all. Surprisingly, they did not catch me. Maybe is cause I was a wearing a jacket and they think that I was wearing a name tag.

While waiting for Qi Wei, I look around the college and see whether they provide any IT subjects for degree and all. But sadly, that place doesnt provide any IT subjects. DX

When Qi Wei reached, he walked me around college and after that we found Kaishin studying alone. She did not notice our presence cause her back was facing us.

At first I dont quite believe that the girl that Qi Wei pointed is Kaishin cause I couldnt recognize her from the back with her new hair. But I totally believe Qi Wei's sense of looking. So I go over quietly asking everyone around her not to make a noise and then I close her eyes. The moment that she starts talking then I believe that the person's eyes that Im close now, was KaiShin. XD

After awhile of letting her to guess, I open her eyes and gave her a surprise. When she saw me, she jumped up and gave me a nice big hug. I didnt know that she was as excited as I am to see her. Its been so long since we both last met. So one hug is no biggie. XP

Next we found Zhen Whei hanging around some place in MCKL where lots of people hang out too. XD Then I meet an old BISDS friend there, Calvin. it was shocking to see that guy. XD Once, Zhen Whei and Qi Wei are done with their stuff, we begin out journey to Midvalley.

Before I begin talking about Midvalley stuffs, I wanna say that MCKL is a cool college. It looks small but it is actually a cool place with lots of things to do. Well, thats what i think la. XP

Went to Midvalley and the first thing we did is to think of a movie to watch. At first we didnt want to watch any scary movie cause Kaishin is not good with scary movies and I dont really liked watching one either. But after that, we all decided to choose a scary movie after all. (I dont remember how we came up to that conclusion.)

So, I was a choice between Scream 4 and Red Riding Hood. And for some reasons, we choose Scream 4 cause we thought that it will be more scarier with such a title. And plus, its the 4th sequel movie. So it might be better.

We hang out around Charles Junior (is that how u spell it? cause i dunno) for our lunch. Talked and laughed at each other. Me and Qi Wei had fun looking at Zhen-Whei making fun of Kaishin most of the time in CJ. XD We hang out there until the movie is about to start.

Entered the movie and begin our movie..

Alright, the movie was HORRIBLE!! I would say.. It was the first horror/violent movie that I've watched that will actually make me laugh! XD How un-scary is that!? I didnt really enjoy the whole movie. Honestly, I enjoyed watching Kaishin hiding behind Qi Wei's bag more than the movie. XD

In Conclusion, Scream 4 is a horrible horror/violent movie. Dont watch Scream 4 if u have a funny friend to watch beside of you. XD

After that we head back to MCKL and spend some hanging out with Kaishin and Zhen-Whei. Qi Wei went home early cause his going to Maroon 5 concert. We wanted to make a vlog on that spot but the camera thar I borrow had too little memory space to make one. DX

After that Zhen-Whei chao back home and finally Kaishin. Then I head back home the same way like I came to MCKL. X)

It was an amazing day I would say. The whole holiday I havent been really going out and watch movie with my friends at all. Plus, I was hanging out with friends that I havent meet for a long long time. (except Zhen-Whei.)

I took some pictures with them as a memory.

Patrick star and Spongebob Qi Wei. XD

Me and Zhen-Whei's retarded face. XD

And finally, Me and Kaishin. After 5 years we finally take a picture together again. XP (Yeah, no kidding the last time we took was form 2)

To be honest, there are lots of things that I wanted to do with them. But I guess someone up there is telling me not to be greedy. I get to meet friends that I might never be able to meet again in the future. (the word 'might' is there. XD) I hang out with them, I took a picture with them and I get some update from them. Thats good enuf. Im grateful. X)

So, we are going to meet in another 2 years again? Who knows? XD


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never Really Changed

Weng: You never really changed did you?

Me: What do you mean? Look at me!!

Weng: Yeah physically you changed big time but on the inside you didnt change much..

Me: Keep talking..

Weng: Well, you are still the person who likes to silently care about others that who dont gives a damm about you.

Me: You caught me.

Weng: Nah, that is just who you are.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Since im done with my foundation, I've decided to roam around to other colleges to look for my degree courses.

And just you guys dont know, i wanted to study Computer Games Development! Yeah, you kids or grandkids are going to play my games in the future. XD

Wednesday, I visited APIIT/ UCTI with the help from Dex to fetch me there. The journey there was extremely long. It was from ss2 to Bukit Jalil, thats probably gonna take about 1 hour to reach our destination. So I was stuck inside the car with Dex molesting me.. NO kidding.. XD

We reached the place but we have to park in a car park that was pretty far from the college. Apparently UCTI doesnt have any carparks IN the college. But they have plenty of other car parks places outside the college.

So we parked somewhere and we have to take a UCTI van to the college. Which is pretty cool. Something like our HELP's shuttle bus but smaller.. WAAAAAY smaller.

I would say that the place there looks cool. Everyone there looked so smart and professional! (well, looks can be deceiving, so i dunno..) Every student there have wear formal. Not semi formal, but presentation formal!

The place looks BIG, waaaay bigger than HELP i would have to say (thats obvious), they have a library, cafeteria, computer labs, office ALL IN ONE PLACE! 8D But what i didnt see there was a hang out spot like HELP's DSA. Maybe there is but I just didnt see it. XP

Went and talked to a counselor there and talked to her about what I wanna study.

She told me that the course that I want to take has the very little students taking the course. That was no surprise, I was already ready for that from the start. The whole class is probably gonna filled with only guys, very rarely u get to see a girl taking games development.

She told me that I require good maths skills for that course, shouldnt be a problem. Im pretty good with maths I would say. I also need critical thinking skills which I believe I have some. But whats really bad is that I need physic skills. I was like, WHAT!? I need to take physics again!?

I thought when I leave high school I will never again see the subject Physics again.. but WHY!? DX Im a bad bad bad physics student.. like pretty bad..

I took a tour around the college with the counselor and again I will say that the place looks amazing. Maybe cause I never really enter a big and huge college before..

She asked me what kind of sport I do, i told her basketball and dodgeball. Then she was very happy to hear that I play dodgeball. She asked me re-open the dodgeball club for UCTI, cause UCTI's dodgeball club is not very on. I find it kinda cool but I dont play that much dodgeball and Im still not sure whether Im going to that college or not. We'll see...

After the tour, Adri came along and we both went lunch together in the college's cafeteria.The food there was okay I guess but there are many other places to eat and not just the cafeteria there.

Then, after lunch Adri bring me around college to meet some of his friends and also tour me around. Theres actually another few more building instead of the main building of UCTI. So that concludes that UCTI is a pretty big college. XP

Adri then has his class and Dex is still in his class, so I decided to go home myself. From Bukit Jalil all the way back to Taman Bahagia using LRT. And DAMM it takes a long time! 20 stations and is about 1 hour plus journey!! D8

But it doesnt require alot of waiting like U82 and its not that cramp.. I think.. maybe cause im going home at about 1pm. But through out the journey, I get to sit and sleep like a PIG! XD

I would say again that UCTI is an amazing place, I saw some computer games development class and they look pretty amazing with their 2D graphics and all. Im sure they just started their level 2 course not long ago. XD

But the bad thing about is that the place is too damm far. I might need to rent a room there with a friend or something.. it will all depends la.

There are still some other colleges with computer games development courses that I havent visit, so I cannot decide where to go yet but I would say UCTI will be a good choice. X)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Turn back the Pendulum For a Moment

One of the other things that I do at home when im bored, home alone, internet down, PSP battery charging, no games for NDS, Oreo is sleeping, bored of guitaring and ran out of comics. I do what everyone do..

Lie down on the bed and THINK!! Yeah, its a stupid thing to do but I was really bored!

Sometime if its on day time, I will go out of the house. Lean on the gate and look up to the sky and THINK! Sometimes my family members find it very creepy.

When I think, i usually wont think about the future cause I want to excite myself and give myself alittle surprise. Another reason is because Im really lazy to think about my future. (actually that is the real reason)

So what I do most of the time is look back to the past. Turn back the pendulum for a moment.

People like to say forget about the pass and all that shyt. But for me, i like to keep my past some where inside my brain. Yeah sometimes I find it very stupid and all to keep my past in my brain. Thinking about it sometimes makes me very emotional. Anger, Sadness, Happiness.. all will start flowing out.

But the reason I kept my past in my head is because I wanna compare myself. I wanna compare with the person that I am 10 years ago, 1 year ago, 1 month ago and even 1 day ago.

I especially like to look at my previous love lifes. How I chase, how i talk, how i react, how I act with the girls that I used to have deep crushes on. (FYI, I dont act really normal infront of the girls that I like. True Story.)

I get goosebumps thinking about the things that I say the girl just to make her like me and stuffs. I feel stupid thinking about the things that I do for the girl just to make her fell for me. I feel useless when I think of being rejected by the girl after all I've done.

I like to think of drama moments too! Those days where I fought with my best friend and how we make it up to each other. Those days where I fought with the girl that I like, childishly. Those days where my parents or my brother and sister fought with me and had a short cold war at home.

But once im done look back at the past I will come back to reality and tell myself.

"Man, Im glad that those days are over."

After think about the sad, emotional, disgusting past and IF im still bored. I'll start thinking of the happy ones!

I will start thinking about all the awesome friends that I've made. All the good stuffs that I've done. All the crazy things that I've done with my other partners in crime. All the things that I've learn. All the wonderful memories that I have shared with people that I've met in this life.

Man, Life is good..

Once im done looking at my past.. I will conclude myself.. I will tell myself. I've grown up.. alittle bit.. or maybe.. alot.. or maybe.. ermm.. i dunno? XP

DONT BE LIKE ME!! Seriously.. if your overly emotional and sensative, you might find this a very very stupid thing to do. XD


Saturday, April 23, 2011

His Growing Up (Oreo 3)

Hey guys, just wanna update you guys about Oreo. Yeah, so you guys dont have to randomly come to my Skype and talk to me just to ask how is Oreo doing. XD

Lately Im starting to leave him outdoors. His going to grow up to be a real big doggie in the future and we cant leave him indoors all the time. It just not suitable. So, that way he can get use to all the surrounding as he grows up. That is what i did to my previous dog.

But when I put Jasper outside, he was about 4~5months old already. His head is cannot fit thru the house gate anymore. That means, he cannot run out from the house. But as for Oreo, we start putting him outside the house at a younger age. So he is still at the point where he needs people to be around him when he do stuffs and all.

His been noisy ever since the day that we put him and tie him outside. That is because his really not use to all this new serrounding and the leash stopping him from moving.

Its really really hard for me to look at him like that. It sounds like his suffering but his actually not. He just need some attention. The worst is that he has to leave outside alone going thru all hot weather and rainy storm days alone. Its not a good thing to do but he has to learn it the hard way.

I dont really have problems when Jasper comes in. Maybe cause I was young and my brother is the one taking care of Jasper all the time.

But his been outside for 3 days and the period of him making noise is getting shorter and shorter day by day. Which is good. Sooner or later his going to know that outside is his territory already.

Im still having a hard time training Oreo to poop and peee. It really is a pain in the ass.

But now Oreo knows how to SIT already.. Im going to teach him how to STAY which people say is the MOST IMPORTANT command for any dogs.

Especially if I want Oreo to be the kind of dog that doesnt simple attack and bite people.

I've been spend sometime watching Dog Training Expert videos to teach Oreo to do lots of different tricks.

Its going to be different with Oreo, I hope my efforts pay off.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tagged by Desiree

So, Desiree.. You tagged me in a 92 question post? Alright, I got time to kill. XD



1. last beverage = Water

2. last phone call = Kelly Tan (my sister)

3. last text message = Kai Shin

4. last song you listened to = All time Low -The Wanted

5. last time you cried = The day when Jasper died.


6. dated someone twice = Nope. Never.

7. been cheated on = If cheated is something like 'using' ppl, then yes.

8. kissed someone & regretted it = Never.

9. lost someone special = Yes. Jasper. DX

10. been depressed = Duh~

11. been drunk and threw up = I dont drink. So Yeah.. XD



13. Black

14. Red


15. Made a new friend = Nope. I made MANY friends. XD

16. Fallen out of love = Yeah~

17. Laughed until you cried = Yeah!

18. Met someone who changed you = Yeaps.

19. Found out who your true friends were = How many times must i say 'yes'?

20. Found out someone was talking about you = HELL YEAH!! But shes dead to me now. XD

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list = Nope. DX


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = At least 80% of it.

24. Do you have any pets = Yeah! Oreo! XD

25. Do you want to change your name = I already did. XD

26. What did you do on your last birthday = Chill out with my high school friends. XP

27. What time did you wake up today = 11.23am. Fuh~

28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Watching One Piece. EPIC!!

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = To go out with any my friends. XP

30. Last time you saw your Mother = This morning. DX

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life= I wish to be stronger in life.

32. What are you listening to right now = Ho Ho Hopefully -The Maines

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom?= YEAH!!

34. What's getting on your nerves right now = Oreo gotta learn to NOT pee in my room!

35. Most visited webpage = facebook. No surprise.

37. Nickname = Klex

38. Relationship Status = single.. sigh.. DX

39. Zodiac sign = Pisces

40. He or She = SHE!! XD

41. Elementary = SJK (C) Puay Chai

42. High School = SMK Taman SEA

43. College = HELP University College

44. Hair color = Black

45. Long or short = Short

46. Height = 187cm

47. Do you have a crush on someone? = Yeah... XP

48. What do you like about yourself? = Definately, my height. XD

49. Piercings = NEVER!!

50. Tattoos= Nope.

51. Righty or lefty= Righty


52. First surgery= Stitches on my face after a fight.

53. First piercing = Like i said.. NEVER

54. First best friend = Foo Jun Jie (ahhh.. good old days.)

55. First sport you joined = Running.

56. First vacation = Hong Kong

58. First pair of trainers = Yeu Meng and Weng Kit.(No Kidding.)


59. Eating = Havent eat yet.. DAMM IM HUNGRY!!

60. Drinking = Still water.

61. I'm about to = Finish this post! XD

62. Listening to = Memories -David Guetta

63. Waiting for = Brother to finish his HON game.


64. Want kids? = Yeah!! At least 2. XP

65. Get Married? = Yeah~ XP

66. Career? = Computer Games Development.. nyehehe.. XD


67. Lips or eyes = Eyes.

68. Hugs or kisses= Hugs.

69. Shorter or taller = Shorter.

70. Older or Younger = Younger.

71. Romantic or spontaneous = Spontaneous. (Leave the Romantic to me. XD )

72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Nice stomach. (Ahhh model size. XD)

73. Sensitive or loud = Loud.

74. Hook-up or relationship = Relationship.. XP

75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Hesitant.


76. Kissed a stranger = Yeah. An old folks home aunty. XP

77. Drank hard liquor = NEVER!!

78. Lost glasses/contacts = Lost glasses. Yes. Contacts. Nope.

79. Sex on first date = Nope.. sigh.. XD

80. Broke someone's heart = Sorta.. DX

81. Had your own heart broken = Yeah.. sigh... DX

82. Been arrested = Nope!!

83. Turned someone down = Nope.. DX

84. Cried when someone died= Yeah.. Jasper. DX

85. Fallen for a friend = Yeaps. XP


86. Yourself = YEAH!! *stand proudly!*

87. Miracles = Yeaps!! (I passed my Moral studies! 8D)

88. Love at first sight = Yeah! XP

89. Heaven = Sota..

90. Santa Claus = Nah.. Used to until i figure it out. XD

91. Kiss on the first date = Nope.. sigh.. DX

92. Angels = Nope.

Alright!! Tag finish!! Its not that hard at all! XD

I tag anyone who is looking at this post and is free as I am. XP


Holiday Mood (Vlog 4)

Heres a video featuring Max and Oreo! XD

Im gonna be bored and occupied at the same time for these holidays.

Gonna spend time playing and taking care of Oreo and all. DX

But still if anyone of you have plans and you one someone to accompany u guys or something. I am available. (but dont call me last minute cause i might be busy.)

And like I said before, since there is going to be nothing interesting going these days, i guess i wll go back go bloggin more than vloggin. XD


Your Special Day

Come to think of it, its been ages since we know each other right? XP

I think this was our first picture taken together.

Your birthday when you are form 5.

Our first porm picture taken together.

Our last picture taken together.

And today is your special day! XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jin Hwei (Winnie)!!

You thanked me for being there for you all the time. But I want to thank you for being there for me SOMETIME too. X)

I would say that you have sorta changed alot for these past few years. Or maybe is just that I dont know you very well last time or something.. Well long story short, your a BIG girl now! XD

But anyways, hope you have a great one kay?

I'll give u your present once we see each other again.. XP Yes, im trying to keep you wondering what present is that. XD


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oreo LOVES J&S (Oreo 2)

While I was taking care of Oreo. I brought my laptop out from my room and go into youtube to hear some musics.

I looked for Megan Nicole, Boyce Avenue, Tyler Wards and Kaile Goh's musics just entertain myself while Oreo is biting his chew toy.

Then, I opened Janice and Sonia's cover of 'Just the Way You Are'.

Oreo suddenly just stop biting this chew toy and start looking at the laptop screen.

I thought he was just wondering where did the music come from and all. But he was staring at the screen for more than one minute.

Normally he will just stare at the screen and ignore after 5 seconds later.

It was funny and cute at the same time while he was staring at Janice and Sonia both singing. XD

After that I stared and him and said..

"Mmmmm.. Good taste.." *pats his head after that*

Guess Oreo is really straight after all!! XD


New Family!! (Oreo 1)

Just so some of you who dont know. I have a NEW puppy! Its a male puppy and his name is Oreo! XD

Why the name Oreo? Simple. Cause his a full black puppy with a white tummy. Get it? Black on the outside and white on the inside? Oreo? XD

His a 6 week (turning to 7 week) old puppy with an unknown breed. Yeah, my brother and sister just adopted this dog from PAWS without knowing his breed. But from what my brother and sister say, his the best looking pups among the other pups that are available there. XP

The only thing that we know about him is that his going to be way bigger than my previous dog. Yeap, his not going to be a small looking dog forever. XD

So, Oreo has been my house for 3 days. I guess his still trying to getting use to the enviroment and all.

For three days i've been giving him some puppy trainings like potty training, no biting training and some sit and stand training. Teaching this new puppy is more pain the ass than teaching my previous dog. (Jasper)

The difference between Oreo and Jasper is that Jasper is more hyper I guess. He can just run around the corner crazily like no ones business. But Oreo is just some emo dogs that gets emo if you dont play with him. Cute issint it? XD

And another thing about Oreo is that his STRAIGHT!! Its sorta proven cause he likes my sister more than me and my brother now. XD (FYI, Jasper is gay. No Kidding..)XP

Taking care of Oreo is like taking care of a real baby. Its challenging and its fun! XD This could be a whole new experience since we never really take trainings seriously for Jasper.

I will making funny short blogs about Oreo in my blog. Just to update u guys on how is he doing. I might do short vlog with him someday. XD


Leave the Nerds Alone! (Vlog 3)

I dont get why some people just like to talk bad about one innocent dude for no apparent reason! Talk about stereotyping.

Some words can be really hurtful.. But yet still, people do so. Is not like those two girls know that guy.. and that guy is just pure innocent standing there waiting for a bus stop.

Asian girls mocking Asian guys.. I just find that very stupid la.

What a waste of two fine looking girls. Like i said before, so what if you have good looks. If you attitude is screwed up then that changes everything.

To all those people who have faced the same situation before, just ignore what these kind of people say, stay strong, study hard and move on with ur life.

Dont worry about not getting a nice girl/guys in the future. Once u are famous and you earn big money, the girls/guys will come to you instead! XD

If anyone of you find me using the word 'nerd' offensive, i sincerely apologize..


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Comment Replies

Yeah people. Since I started vloggin and all, I will start replying all comment there are in my cbox and also in my youtube channel. That way, it shows that I read your comments and all. XD

I wanna say thanks to all those who put in the effort to watch my vlog. Like I said before, you guys ROCKS! XD

I have another vlog material coming soon. Stay tune alrights? XP

Im actually having my finals in 30minutes but I just feel like bloggin about something.

Since sooner or this whole blog is going to fill with vlogs. I thought of just bloggin something real simple for you guys. XD

Alrights.. Wish me 'ALL the BREAST' for my exams kay?


My Internet Dont Love Me (Vlog 2)

Yeaps. My second vlog. Yeah, THAT FAST? Right? XD

But actually, all of these are taken and editted before my first vlog video was made. Therefore, THIS is actually my original first vlog video. XD

Did some extra additions and all. Hope you guys like it.

So, heres the question for this vlog.

"What do you to burn time when ur internet connection is not working?"

Leave me a comment on my youtube channel or my cbox alrights?

Would love to read and reply all your comment and all. X)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Vlog

Guess what people? i made a vlog youtube account of my own. XD

Heres a lousy introduction of mine. XP

I know I have alot of 'erm', repetition of words and i keep moving my hands around. Seriously not use to look at camera and talk and all. XD

I will seriously try my best and post up at least ONE vlog a week. Its a promise im gonna make to myself. But i cant garuantee that its going to be nice and all.

So heres the link to my channel. ItsJustKlex

Subscribe, leave a comment or add me as friends if you guys want to.

But on ONE condition, DONT SHARE any of these video k?

I wanna Thank all those people who supported me and gave me the idea of vlogging again. Seriously, I wouldnt have the guts do all of these if it werent for you guys. XD


Friday, April 15, 2011

Less than 3 Taylor Swift

Just to here remind myself.. Never listen to Taylor Swift's song when you are emotional. Especially those break up songs. XP

If you are overly sensitive, you might cry hearing her songs. Trust me.

Thank you for coming into my music life.

I less than three Taylor Swift. X)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magic Box

Nope, this is not the kind of magical magic box that magicians use in their show. This is actually an arcade machine game that im talking about. XD

No, its not that dull looking, keep reading the post!

Those people who love playing O2Jam or any games that involves music and timing wise pressing game, you guys will love this machine.

This game is basically like what i said. Musical button pressing game. But instead of have 6 or 8 buttons, this thing has 16 buttons on it! That just make things more challenging. XD

Yeah, it has two screens but u will be pressing the buttons at the bottom and the top screen is for the other audience to see how lousy or professional you are. XD

The main thing that I like about this arcade machine is not because of its two screen and 16 buttons. Its because it has AWESOME music!! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English!

Some of the songs in this machine are pretty main stream and famous. Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, KARA, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Super Junior and some anime songs are inside too!

The best part is that they have YUI's [again] in the game! 8D XD (Yeah, thats actually the REAL main thing that I like about the game.)

If u wanna know where you can play this game, the only place that I know that has this game is Tropicana City Mall, top floor, beside GSC, arcade center. RM1.50 per game and 3 songs available for you to play each time.

Wow, im pretty good with this marketing thing.. maybe Tropicana City Mall's arcade manager will see this and start playing me good money! 8D

Nah.. that wont happen..


Just got Skype

Hey guys, guess what? I GOT SKYPE! XD

Yeah, I know im a little bit, or should I say, WAAAAY to late to get skype!

To be honest, I downloaded the thing so that I can play HON and talk to my friends who are playing HON with me at the same time. XP

But the whole thing changed when I started to really use it.

Is like i can call someone free of charge! And we can video call each other without having problems!! (msn have tons of problems) Plus, I can talk to tons of friends all at the same time! It feels great! XD

After know how useful this thing is, I feel like kicking myself for not having Skype before. Seriously, one nice and hard kick right at the butt.

Dont worry, I'll still be on msn. But i will be on skype half of the time la. XP

Wanna add me? Come and find, facebook, msn or talk to me face to face okay? I will give you guys my Skype Name. XP


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Youtube Celebrities Friends

Here are some of my favorite Youtube Celebrities of all time! Most of them are already celebrities themself. XP

Tyler Wards>>Luan Legacy>>Boyce Avenue>>Josie

Tiffany Alvord>>Kaile Goh>>Victoria Justice>>Jenette McCurdy

Taylor Swift>>Julia Sheer>>David Choi>>Jake Coco

Sungha Jung>>Eriel Ronquillo>>Kodoubleu (Weijia)>>Tiffany Jo Allen

Megan Nicole>>Christina Grimmie>>Eppic>>Krista Hearts

Megan and Liz>>Alyssa Bernal>>Melissa Polinar>>Ariana Grande

Yoonha (Piano Man)>>Kurt Hugo>>MattyB>>Olivia Thai

Yeah I know them. On Youtube. XP Heres my youtube channel: MIngzNYui


A Tag on Facebook

I was tagged in this note on facebook which is from an old friend of mine. I didnt really notice it until recently. XD Since im bored and out of blog materials, I think i'll do the same tag.

But like I said, instead of putting on facebook, I decided to put here. That way its not tooo public (although my blog is public but very little people know the existence of it. XP) and I can go all out and be honest and possible. XD

Alright.. LETS DO THIS!!

So here's the thing. Go to your search bar (at the top), type in the letter, and answer the three questions about the first person on the list, no matter who it is or your bad history with them, you have to do it; unless it's someone you really haven't talked to, ever! If someone is repeated, then go to the second person under that letter and skip yourself when its your name in the box. After you're done, tag all of them.

A: Amy Wong

1) Do you love this person?

- Errrr... Sorta. XP

2) Is this person your enemy?

- Nope. Shes harmless. XD

3) Would you kiss this person?

- On the forehead will do la. XP

B: Bryan Fong

1) What do you really think of this person?

- An awesome friend.

2) What's their favorite color?

- I dont know.. i guess would be Black. XD

3) Ever danced with them?


C: Denzie Clx

1) Do you love this person?

- HELL NO!!!

2) Did this person have a crush on you?


3) Where do they live?

- Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur!

D: Daniel Ng Chun Yik

1) How long have you known him/her?

- about 1 year.

2) When did you last see this person?

- about 1 week ago in college. i think..

3) What color eyes does this person have?

- brownish black.

E: Huiee Chocolates Candypants

1) Have you met their parents?

- Never.

2) Worst thing about this person?

- Super merajuk! XD

3) Does this person like you?

- Nope. She likes my best friend. XD

E: Flaming Lamborghini (Wei Gin)

1) Have you ever dated this person?

- Nope.

2) When is the next time you will see him/her?

- 3 weeks ago in sunday school.

3) Do you go to school with them?

- Yes. Sunday school.

G: Gabriel Lim

1) Is he/she a good listener?

- Yeah. X)

2) Have you ever lied to this person?

- Yeaps. Small lies. XD

3) Is this person nice?

- Definately. His my great grandson! XD

H: Jin Hwei Ngu

1) What grade are they in?

- Shes no grade anymore. Shes in foundation going to degree! XD

2) Is he/she your friend?

- Nope. We are more than friends. XD

3) Funniest thing this person has ever said?

- "Caterpillars come from egg one meh??" XD

I: Ivan Lim

1) Do they have any siblings?

- Yeah. If im not wrong. A sister.

2) Do you know their favorite song?

- Nope. Probably some oldies la. XD

3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you?

- Reject!! XD

J: Justin Lee

1) Is this person in a relationship?

- I dont know. I guess would be nope.

2) Where do they live?

- Sungai Besi and somwhere near kelana jaya.

3) What color hair does this person have?

- Brownish black.

K: King Ming

1) Have you ever dated this person?

- it was a brothers night out la!

2) Ever danced with this person?

- Come to think of it. No.

3) Ever kissed this person?

- HELL NO!!!

L: Lim Kai Shin

1) What would you do if you had never met this person?

- I would still be a childish immature idiot. X)

2) Do you like him/her?

- Yeaps.

3) Would you go to Disney World with this person?

- Definitely! XD

M: Max Ming Yi

1) Is this person older than you?

- Nope! XD

2) Do you love this person?


3) Have you ever gotten caught doing something bad with this person?

- What do you think? We both are partners in crime. *grims*

N: Nick Zhi Jen

1) Who is this person?

- A dumbass bro. XD

2) Have you seen this person cry?

- Nope.

3) Do you know this person's favorite sport?

- Yeaps. Basketball i think.

O: Rebecca Ong

1) Do they have braces?

- Nope.

2) When was the last time you saw him/her?

- Last week friday.

3) Have you ever liked each other?

- Nope. We just know each other for less than 2 months!

P: Pei Yin

1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?

- One on one. Nope. Together with others. Yes.

2) Are you fairly close to this person?

- Hrm.. Sorta. XP

3) Does this person have a job?

- Nope. Still a student. XD

Q: Vania Quah

1) How did you meet this person?

- High School friends.

2) Is he/she single?

- Nope.

3) Is he/she nice?

- Yeaps. XP

R: Rachel Tan

1) Have you heard this person sing before?

- Yeah!! XD

2) Do you think this person will repost this?

- Nah. She doesnt know my blog existance. XD

3) What’s one thing you would change about this person?

- Hrm.. Her self-esteem i guess. XD

S: Shu Ting

1) Is this person taller than you?


2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her?

- Yeaps.

3) Do they live close to you?

- Nah. Very far actually.

T: Teng Yuen Yun

1) When is the last time you saw him/her?

- Last week thursday.

2) Have you been to his/her house?

- Yeah! To watch Icarly.

3) Do you like this person?

- As a friend. Yes. XD

U: Hui Ling Bang

1) Is this person your friend?

- Yeaps. An old friend! XD

2) Have you ever had secret feelings for them?

- Nopes.

3) What kind of car do they have?

- Seriously. This one i dunno. XD

V: Victor Soon

1) Do you see this person a lot?

- Sorta. At least once a week. XP

2) When did you meet her/him?

- Sunday School YOUTH Camp.

3) What is this person's favorite food?

- I dunno. Anything that can be eaten i guess. XD

W: Waterwheel Lun

1) Where did you meet this person?

- Sunday School.

2) First memory?

- Sunday School YOUTH Camp.

3) When's the last time you saw him/her?

- Last last week in sunday school. XD

X: Xiau Wei

1) When did you meet him/her?

- Last week.

2) Do they have a charming smile?

- Yeaps. XD

3) Do you think they can dance?

- No i dont think sooo.. XD

Y: Yan Leng

1 ) Is this person loud or quiet?

- Seriously. 50-50. XD

2) Describe this person.

- A sister from another mother and another father. XD

3) What color eyes does this person have?

- Dark brownish eyes. XP

Z: Zhenpei Hoh

1) Do you have any nicknames for this person?

- Yeaps. Pui Pui.

2) How did you meet this person?

- College. Thru Justin Lee.

3) Ever been to this persons house?

- Never. DX

FUH!!! Im finally done!! And I wasnt kidding about going all out and be honest. XD