Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Since im done with my foundation, I've decided to roam around to other colleges to look for my degree courses.

And just you guys dont know, i wanted to study Computer Games Development! Yeah, you kids or grandkids are going to play my games in the future. XD

Wednesday, I visited APIIT/ UCTI with the help from Dex to fetch me there. The journey there was extremely long. It was from ss2 to Bukit Jalil, thats probably gonna take about 1 hour to reach our destination. So I was stuck inside the car with Dex molesting me.. NO kidding.. XD

We reached the place but we have to park in a car park that was pretty far from the college. Apparently UCTI doesnt have any carparks IN the college. But they have plenty of other car parks places outside the college.

So we parked somewhere and we have to take a UCTI van to the college. Which is pretty cool. Something like our HELP's shuttle bus but smaller.. WAAAAAY smaller.

I would say that the place there looks cool. Everyone there looked so smart and professional! (well, looks can be deceiving, so i dunno..) Every student there have wear formal. Not semi formal, but presentation formal!

The place looks BIG, waaaay bigger than HELP i would have to say (thats obvious), they have a library, cafeteria, computer labs, office ALL IN ONE PLACE! 8D But what i didnt see there was a hang out spot like HELP's DSA. Maybe there is but I just didnt see it. XP

Went and talked to a counselor there and talked to her about what I wanna study.

She told me that the course that I want to take has the very little students taking the course. That was no surprise, I was already ready for that from the start. The whole class is probably gonna filled with only guys, very rarely u get to see a girl taking games development.

She told me that I require good maths skills for that course, shouldnt be a problem. Im pretty good with maths I would say. I also need critical thinking skills which I believe I have some. But whats really bad is that I need physic skills. I was like, WHAT!? I need to take physics again!?

I thought when I leave high school I will never again see the subject Physics again.. but WHY!? DX Im a bad bad bad physics student.. like pretty bad..

I took a tour around the college with the counselor and again I will say that the place looks amazing. Maybe cause I never really enter a big and huge college before..

She asked me what kind of sport I do, i told her basketball and dodgeball. Then she was very happy to hear that I play dodgeball. She asked me re-open the dodgeball club for UCTI, cause UCTI's dodgeball club is not very on. I find it kinda cool but I dont play that much dodgeball and Im still not sure whether Im going to that college or not. We'll see...

After the tour, Adri came along and we both went lunch together in the college's cafeteria.The food there was okay I guess but there are many other places to eat and not just the cafeteria there.

Then, after lunch Adri bring me around college to meet some of his friends and also tour me around. Theres actually another few more building instead of the main building of UCTI. So that concludes that UCTI is a pretty big college. XP

Adri then has his class and Dex is still in his class, so I decided to go home myself. From Bukit Jalil all the way back to Taman Bahagia using LRT. And DAMM it takes a long time! 20 stations and is about 1 hour plus journey!! D8

But it doesnt require alot of waiting like U82 and its not that cramp.. I think.. maybe cause im going home at about 1pm. But through out the journey, I get to sit and sleep like a PIG! XD

I would say again that UCTI is an amazing place, I saw some computer games development class and they look pretty amazing with their 2D graphics and all. Im sure they just started their level 2 course not long ago. XD

But the bad thing about is that the place is too damm far. I might need to rent a room there with a friend or something.. it will all depends la.

There are still some other colleges with computer games development courses that I havent visit, so I cannot decide where to go yet but I would say UCTI will be a good choice. X)