Monday, April 11, 2011


Ahhhh.. U82 Bus. Soooo many memories with that bus. Well before I leave college I just wanna rant about this 'favorite' bus of my one more time.

Heres what happened...

So it was a monday, I had a horrible morning cause I woke up from another amazing dream. Thanks to that one hell of a dream, I have lots of disappointments going on in my head that morning.

And thanks to that dream, I woke up late. But not toooo late. The dream was so amazing that I didnt even hear my alarm rang! And I woke up 1 hour after my alarm rang. Like I said, i was not really late. If I wash up myself in super speed, then supposely I can make it.

Okay, so like always, I walk from my house to the bus stop and waited for U82.

Like always, the bus is slow as usual. The only bus that I've sat that always appears once a hour. Sometimes it even takes two hours for one to appear. But today, I was quite lucky, the bus came in about 40minutes of waiting. (yeah, you might think that is still thats slow.. but seriously.. there are worst)

There was something funny about the bus that day. The bus has lesser people in it. But that moment, I was not really bother about it. So, I get on to the bus.

The moment that I step foot into the bus, the bus driver immediately tells me that the passengers cannot use money to pay anymore. We have purchase a RapidKL bus card only we can ride the bus.

The moment he said there, I was stunned. Cause I dont know what to do. I dont have the card so what can i do now? I cant afford to wait for another bus cause im pretty late already. Plus, who knows if I wait for another bus, that bus will ask me to do the same!?

But the driver thought that I dont understand what he was saying. So he repeated what he said.. But this time, he was saying it louder tone. And I was like WTF!? Dude, I was stunned for only 2 seconds! Im not brain dead! Chill man..

While he was saying half way, he suddenly stop and ask one of the chinese girl in the bus to come and translate to me. Immediately I got pissed off. Right before the girl even start walking to me, I begin speaking BM right at his face!! And never in my life I hear myself speaking BM so fluently!! You guys should see his face when he hears me speak BM. *grims*

So, I told him that I dont have the card. (In BM!!) Cant I just pay it in cash and get over with it? Then, he starts saying something that totally flick me off.

He said something like "If you dont want to buy the card, then dont ride my bus. I dont have time treat people like you."

I was like WHOA!!! This dude is one step away from getting his ass kick!! I was not in the mood to kick his ass. Plus, I was in a rush. As what I learn from my previous experience in the bus, its best not to be a hero and all.. not worth it.

In the end, i have to pay freaking RM10 to ride the bus.

I wasnt the only one that kena the RapidKL card that day. Lots of people did!! Every stop some people are even chase out of the bus cause they dont have ticket and they dont wan to buy. No kidding, even an old lady was chase out. That is why the bus is so empty today.

What makes me pissed of even more is that my semester is about to end only they start putting up this new system. Is like they planned everything nicely, stalk HELP college students and check their graduation date! (yeah, its stupid. But who knows!?)

I have sat alot of different buses in my life. And I would say that U82, was the one the most problems that I've ever faced. Is like the bus was curse to send problems to me!

Owh crap.. Come to think of it. Since, i will be visiting my HELP friends once in awhile. Means im going take this bus once in awhile again. Argh.. alright.. its a worth it sacrifice I guess.. XD