Saturday, November 3, 2012

Its Dad

When i hang out with my bros playing board games, going 'yumcha' & chatting or going someone's else and jam stuffs and i usually will come home late.. especially when its weekends. I tend to come  like 2am or 3am in the morning.. When i reach home, i sometimes have trouble getting into the house cause someone would have locked me outside the house..

Now, to come into my house u first have to enter the main front gate (obviously), then you have to open the metal barred door and lastly the wooden door. In the family, im the only one doesnt have the keys to the wooden door. (come to think, i dun really know why i dont have it. XD) According to what i hear from my brother and sister, even with the keys the wooden door is extremely hard to be unlocked. Its like you need to know the style to open it. XD

Since opening the wooden will be a pain in the ass.. when im home earlier than anyone in my family, i will be considerate. I will not lock the wooden door first, walk up stairs check if everyone is home or not. If everyone is at home already, then i'll lock the door, if not i will not lock it just for the convenient of anyone who will be coming back afterwards.

Sometimes, someone in the family will lock the door immediately when they reached home. And when someone is locked outside the house, they will call anyone who is inside the house to come down and open the door for them. And usually the people who are called are me or my brother or my sister cause calling our parents just seems to be a bad idea..

Now sometimes, I just dont understand, issit so hard to even walk up the stairs, check if everyone is home, walk back down, and only lock the door? Apparently for my brother, its like a freaking hard thing to do. I told him a millions time to check if everyone is home first before locking the door but nooooo, he doesnt give a damn about it. And when someone gets locked out side the house, and called him to help, he will get freaking furious.

And that happened to me today.. like a couple of minutes ago. I was locked outside the house.. I tried calling my brother and my sister but none of them pick up the phone. I called both of them continuously for 30 minutes outside the house and still no one picks up. In the end, i have no choice.. i called my dad and asked him to open the door for me. By just a single call, my dad picked up the phone, came down and let me into the house.

Now, normally when i called my brother or my sister in the middle of the night to open the wooden door for me, they will get very very angry when they pick up a phone in the middle of the night while they already asleep. If my brother is the one opening the door, he will scold the crap out of me before going back to sleep.. But my dad was different.. it was my first time ever calling my dad down to open the door for me.. When my dad picked up the phone and heard that i need help to open the wooden door, he was extremely calm.. When he opened the door and i apologize to him.. He was not mad at all, and instead he even care to asked "Have you been waiting outside for long? Tired ah?" and lastly he gave a pat on the back.

After getting the kind of responds that my dad gave to me, i feel extremely guilty but at the same time, i felt extremely touched..

My dad is different.. different in a very good way.. I've always looked up to my dad as the man who i wanna be in the future. I wanna be like him. Patient, caring and loving.. With that, i always try and be like him. But my dad.. is just undefeatable.. His like the ultimate nice of the nicest guy that i've ever meet in my life. (im just rambling some weird stuffs. XD)

If you guys wanna know who i think is the nicest guy in the world, its dad. X)