Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Do Conversations Die Off?

Im not here to answer the question but im here to ask the question.. Really, this question has been going around in my head waaaaaay back since i learn how to talk to people. So help me out guys. DX

To be more specific, the conversations that im asking about are text messaging conversations. A normal face to face coversations wouldnt just died off all in the sudden unless both person have no topics to talk about and it will created a short silent period.. Even so, the silent period wouldnt last very long unless both of them are just really really shy.. XP This conversation die off thing happens ALOT in text messaging. How do i know? Cause i experience it ALOT.. DX

So, how does a conversation die off? Its really simple, lets say both of you started a conversation. Regardless who initiated the conversation. Both of you have a good time chating. Replies are coming back and forth from both side but then suddenly, the other person just stops replying..

I always check my text messages before and after i send them, just to make sure that i didnt write anything stupid or awkward. (thats why i reply messages to slow sometimes.) And im pretty sure that i didnt end the conversation by saying any 'bye' or 'talk to you next time' or 'gtg' in my message nor did i write anything weird in it. (at least in my opinion it didnt sound weird) And i always check and see whether my messages are sent or not cause who knows i might have misclick the send button or something.

Its okay if the conversation died off BUT came back to life after awhile.. cause sometimes or maybe that person had a long day and suddenly feel asleep while texting you? Or maybe the person got alittle busy during that period that you text him/her and couldnt reply? Even so, now that i think of it, thats not very reasonable cause if you are busy, then why bother replying so quickly? You could have just tell the person that your busy and will text him/her back later right?

This conversation die off thing didnt just occur once for that one person, but it occues MULTIPLE times for JUST that one particular person. And this thing is like contagious, it doesnt happen to one person but many people whom i text with, the conversations just dies off all in the sudden. And to be more specific, almost ALL of them are girls. (no offense girls..DX)

When this kind of things happen, alot of thinking will start going on in my head. (yeah, i think alittle bit way too much) I will start thinking whether did i really say something weird? Did i annoy the person? Did i bored the person out? Did i indirectly said something offensive to this person? Did something happen to the person!? D8

So thats my question for you guys.. Why do you think that texts conversations like that will just die off? And did it happen to you as often as it does to me? X)

Sorry guys i've been really really busy and lazy lately. And my reasons are still and always be the same.. Uni works are killing me.. and you guys will be surprise that the ones that are keeping me busy this semester are not programming but theory and essay writing subjects. I know right? DX

Hope all you guys out there are doing WAAAAAY better than me. X)