Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just a Nice Guy

I know im suppose to be studying and finishing up my works and all.. but i slacked, went on youtube and look at WongFu Production's channel. Then i found this video that is just a little story about me.

I saw this video a very long time ago.. but they re-release it because it was not in their offical youtube channel and it was on another channel. Now they re-release it to celebrate their long 5th anniversary. (congratz WongFu~ XD)

So I hope some of you guys who are free and lifeless, i think you guys should watch this video. Its very well made and the story line is very very true.. X)

Just a Nice Guy

Alright, like of course im not as nice as the person acting in this video. Hell, i think i might not be even in the nice guy category. XP

But i think that the love story of this fella is little something like mine (not till the ending of course.) I believe there are many other guys out there who face the same thing. That is probably the main reason why i make this blog post and share this video to you guys. X)

Some other guys or girls out there who are really nice but dont really get to feel any love by someone that they really wanna be with.They are never given the chance or given the luck to do so.. Sometimes, its really complicated to the extend that they really cannot do it. Such as, she/he is just really not into him/her or him/her is just scare of losing or breaking their current frien-relationship. (whoa, i just made a new word. XD)

The worst part about this whole thingy is definately the feeling of knowing that someone that you like and you care about is in love with someone else who really and clearly doesnt really deserve her/him. Again, i totally know how that feels and seriously, i've been there and done that. X) 

So maybe to those of you out there, this video might be a little lesson for you, and me. Just watch the video and maybe, just maybe you guys out there may have a little idea on what are you suppose to do in your love life right now. XP

Owh dont really about my love life, seriously.. i dont think its going anywhere.. And where i am right now its not even close at all. X)

Nice guys really does finish last.. Its a pretty true story.. X)


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stressed Out Post

Hey guys? How is everyone doing? Its been a WHILE right? Like a freaking long long time.. XP

Im here to blog about pratically nothing.. really there will not be any interesting stories, touching stories, ROFL stories.. No nothing.. this is just a blog post to release my stress.. (and to talk alittle bit of emo stuffs here and there.)

For a past few weeks.. alot of things has been happen.. life at my side honestly.. its not very beautiful. its not all rainbows and butterflies and all. Life and my side.. is pretty damn hard.. and pretty damn depressing.. (thats what i think la..)

When im scrolling around facebook, blogpost or twitter.. looking at other people's post and picture.. all of them looked so happy. Its like their life looked so perfect.. they have pictures of them with their happy family, with their bf and gf, they have pictures with celebrities that they are crazy about..

Sometimes.. Im jealous of people who are having a better life than i am right now.. All of them just seem so happy.. it kinda reminds me of the days when im in college.. where the pictures taken with my friends are always funny.. picture that reminds me of something that you look at and you will still ROFL inside..

Right now? Its a total opposite.. Its like right now, im look at the pictures of the college times me. You get my point here?

Sometimes I tell myself (just to cheer myself up) maybe this is what someone up there wants me to have. Maybe i've been too carefree all this time and its time to take shyts seriously. Or maybe someone up there just wanna punish me for somethings that i've done in my life or in my previous.. etc..

LOL, im getting emotional all in the sudden in the middle of the night.. This is what stressful computer science intensive programming lab task and assignment is doing to you. XD

So my exams is coming in another week later and its going to be like one week exams. 4 days and everything is over. Honestly, i dont like it... yeah its fast and you can feel FREEDOM coming to your way faster but i rather have a long period time for exams. that way i will have more time to study for the subjects. especially the ones that im really really weak at. DX

Kinda regretted reading this long stretch of words that is soooo freaking emo huh? Ehehe.. im promise that after my exams and when sem break comes there will be no more emo post!! For about one week.. XP

Alright i guess thats all for my boring stress out post.

Really, i hope everyone out there is doing waaaay better than i am. yeah, even know i will get jealous and all but still.. its better.. the jealousy will eventually go away. X)