Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stand Up and Walk

Full Metal Alchemist- Chapter 2- The Price of Life.

*After Edward defeated the evil priest and Rose founds out that her husband can never be revive anymore*

Rose: This has to be a lie.. He said that he would bring 'him' back..

Edward: Rose.. just give it up.

Rose: Why does it have to be like this?? What am I suppose to do now?? How am I suppose to live now!? Tell me.. PLEASE!!

Edward: Hmph.. Think about that your own way.. Stand up and walk. Move On. After all, you have perfect legs to stand on..

Whoa... Its amazing that how comic books can related their stories with action, fantasies, cool looking guys and of course, life!! XD

After reading this comic, listen to some advice given by my old friends and have a few thinking moment of my own. I guess i should stop emo-ing right now..

Yeah, cant you guys tell my emo-ness around the corner? Well of course not!!! There was no blog talking anything related to it! XD But actually.. there WAS a blog post about it.. but i deleted it immediately.. cause i think it was too emo for you guys to read..

These are the words that i've been hearing, reading, listening lately from my good old buddies.


"Your not weak.. People just dont know how strong you are."

"Stop showing yourself that your weak to others. What will the other weaker ones think if they see you in such a situation?"

"Dude, you have helped tons of people in their life. And you cant even help yours? You got to be kidding me."

"If you fall now.. What about the others that need your help?"

"You have two more weeks in college. Are you going to waste those 2 weeks emo-ing about a problem that you have faced for a long time?"



These are the words that really keep me on going. So, I guess i should stop acting selfish and not think of others around me. I should stop acting like such a fool. I should stop acting like a small boy who is too weak to stand up by his own. I should stop, I should stop.

More importantly.. i should stop letting people around me be worried of me.

Im a super hero! I should be worried of them! Not letting them worried about me!! XD

Monday, March 28, 2011

How Am I?

Wadaaaap people. Time to talk about ME and how am I doing lately again! XD (Thats what this whooole blog is about anyways.)

Finals is kicking in in another 2 more weeks. Although im only having 2 subjects this semester but im still feeling the pressure. Yeah, i've been slacking ALOT and REALLY ALOT this semester..

Gotta need someone to motivate me to study again. DX

Spamming games around the corner is part of the reason why am i slacking these days. Dissidia 012 Duodecim and Pokemon Black & White is asking me to grind them!! No kidding!! I've been hearing voices in my head asking me to play them!! (Okay, thats a lie but you get what i mean right? XD)

Been doing covers lately.. They are not on youtube or facebook. They are all in my head. XD Yeah, i wanted to do LOTS of covers, planning to do.. But like i said, I have no motivations to do alot of things lately.. really.. need someone to always be there to motivate me. X)

March intakes came into our college today.. Looking at all the new faces coming into college makes me feel kinda old.. But no worries, they are not going to see my face ever again soon. XD

I guess thats all for the updates i guess.. Nothing much to talk about these days.. XD

*I dont ask for anything after helping someone.. the only thing that i ask for is.. just remember me.. thats all. X)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Talent Night @ HELP

So, me and Gabriel didnt make it for the finals for Talent Night. But we are still performing for that night. XP

There was this very talented singer contestant named Mae Elissa. She couldnt find someone to play the song for her. So she seek me and Gabriel for helped. Me and Gabriel agreed and we all decided to do a duet two song mash up.

So, yeah.. it sounds like we are participating in as the finalist but we are actually not. We are just Mae Elissa's partners. XD

Gabriel>> Mae>> Me!

Heres out performance. Hope you guys enjoy it. X)

Ho Ho Hopefully + Teenage Dream (Acoustic Mash Up)

If you are wondering.. yeah we did screw up a few parts. But i still think it was okay. And if you are also wonder, yes, both of them are sick. No Kidding.XP

There are many other WONDERFUL and TALENTED performance that night. Seriously, some of them amazed me alot, turned me on alot, and made me laugh alot.

Heres the performance that amazed me. XP

Its done by my new friend, Azim Zain. A very talented guitarist showing his hammer, tapping, strumming, plucking.. basically all the cool guitar moves. Totally salute him man. He won 3rd place btw. XP

This is the performance that turned me on.

Get why it turns me on? (Okay, not exactly turned on but u get the metaphor. XD) 4 girls and a guy. You cant really see but all of them are very beautiful girls.. and guys.. XD If you are there live, u can totally feel the 'ohmmm' coming out when they are dancing. (Dont ask what 'ohmmm' is, you have to feel it by urself.) They won 2nd place.

Sadly there was no video of the performance that made me laugh. Its actually a magic show but its magic + comedy. His name is Ross. A super funny dude. Its racist jokes but the jokes are also facts about us different religion. I totally enjoyed that show. XD And guess what? he won 1st place! XD

Azim >> Me >> Ross (the Magician/Comedian)

*If you watched my 'Rocketeer + Grenade' video, you will notice that he is inside. The part where 'But i still catch a grenade for you'. Yeap, thats him. XD

That night, there was also a live performance done by a Malaysian Band called Rosevelt. Their performance was pretty epic. And the best part is, i get to take pictures with them!! XD

Me and Rosevelt.

Some of you might know and some of you might now know. The lead singer (spiky hair dude with black jacket) is one of the main actors in the Malaysian move 'Gadoh'. XP

I have to say that, that event was a total sucess. Everyone definately enjoyed it. Yeah, even know Mae didnt win but we are all determine to do this for fun. Its experience. Thats something better to be won. X) Good job to all the people who organized the event! XD

Dont worry, I will be making a cover with Mae Elissa soon. XP

Talked to Julia Sheer and Matthew McGinn

Yeap, i sorta talked to Julia Sheer with a friend of hers, Matthew McGinn.

Really nice people. They didnt do a shout out to me.. but they reply answers that other viewers questioned. I was not surprise that she didnt reply my respond cause there were about 500+ people watching and sending message to her continuosly. XD

And this time, im smart.. I print screen the videos! XD

Waiting for the video to start.

The video started!!! 8D YAY!!

Shes reading the messages sent by other viewers.

They both are trying to say something in korean.

And finally both of them did a live performance. XD

If you can actually see carefully, one of the post on the right side of the video is mine. XP

Awesome and Amazing people.. I think celebrities should do this more often!

This totally made my day~ XP


Rocketeer + Grenade

Remember I told you guys that Me and Gabriel went for an audition for Talent Night?

Yeah, turns out we didnt make it. XP

And remember I told you guys that me and Gabriel did a mash up last minute for the audition?

Yeah, that two song mash up was Rocketeer and Grenade. XP

Even know both of us didnt make it for the talent night but we still wanted you guys to know how the song goes like. So, we made a cover of it.

And again, to make things more interesting, we made another VIDEO cover. But this time, its just some simple video cover. XP Enjoy~

So what do you guys think of the video? XP

Yeah, as you can see. Instead of making a video cover with drama, plots, story line, etc... we decided to make it real simple by putting people doing stupid, funny and random things. And instead of show just me and Gabriel, we decided to feature our friends from HELP as well.

So, we found about 21 people to help us out with this video cover. Sporting eh HELP people? XP

If you like this then go to this page..

Give his person a 'Thumbs Up', 'Comment' the video, 'Favourite' the video and 'Subscribe' his channel!! XD


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Facts about ME!!

I found Eriel Ronquillo did this, so since i LOVE her so much. I wanted to do one myself. Just for the fun of it. Owh, yeah and make you guys know me better. XD

If u wanna check out Eriel's one click this link:

Here goes..

100 Facts about ME!?

1. Klex is not my real name.
2. Im a Malaysian.
3. Im 19 this year.
4. D.O.B. 25/2/1992
5. I can speak 5 different language.
6. Yes, im chinese.
7. To be more specific, im hokkien. XP
8. Im a self thought guitarist.
9. Im a VERY mainstream person.
10. Althought im mainstream, i still love Pendulum.
11. I like to make people laugh.
12. I flirt.
13. Im more towards slow acoustics lovely dowey songs.
14. Yes, I love Taylor Swift.
15. Favorite colour is WHITE.
16. Im 187cm tall.
17. Favorite subject is MATHS.
18. Worst and Disliked subject is HISTORY.
19. Favorite fruit? Banana.
20. Sometimes i prefer songs that are covered instead of the original.
21. I cant sleep easily without MY pillow.
22. I was inspired to learn a guitar through a movie.
23. Girls who play guitars are my favorite.
24. I have two guitars.
25. I never bought myself a guitar.
26. Both of the guitars I have are given by my friends as a b'day present.
27. I name my guitars. XP
28. I sleep with my guitar beside me sometimes.
29. I only had one girlfriend in my life.
30. I still have a slight crush on my first girlfriend.
31. I never kissed a girl on the mouth.
32. Yam ice-creams are my favorite!
33. Blueberries cakes FTW!
34. I dont watch football.
35. I know nothing about cars.
36. I like to listen to songs that are related to me.
37. Have major crushes on girls who can really sing.
38. Looks DOES matters to me.
39. I have bad sense of fashion.
40. I have a car license.
41. I dont have a car of my own.
42. Favorite sports: Basketball.
43. Im lazy.. like REALLY lazy.
44. Im a carefree person.
45. LOVE to do last minute studies.
46. I like to make people around me happy.
47. I like to know that i've made someone happy.
48. Love to 'Kepo' in stuffs.
49. I dont quite get along with my aunt and uncles.
50. Im a Game freak.
51. Favorite game: Kingdom Hearts.
52. I still play pokemon.
53. I hate vegetables.
54. I only like to swallow certain vegetables.
55. I love to sing.
56. I dont have a voice of an angel.
57. Hate to get woke up by someone annoying.
58. Racist jokes are my favorite jokes.
59. Im a Lame person. Like funny lame kind of lame.
60. Prefer english songs than chinese songs.
61. I like girls who are shy.
62. I like to keep things to myself.
63. I act strong most of the times.
64. Im a buddhist!
65. I LOVE dogs!!
66. Jeans are my best friends! XD
67. I would cry at least 3 times a YEAR!
68. I dont smoke.
69. I dont drink.
70. I dont shi-sha.
71. For some reason, I love talking to my friend's gf.
72. Favorite cartoon? Lilo and Stich.
73. I have no favorite movies.
74. I have phobia against puppets of dummies.
75. I like helping strangers out.
76. Cant really write songs.
77. Dream job: game creator.
78. Dream company? Square-Enix.
79. Im loud.
80. Im talkative. (obviously)
81. Im a monster when it comes to eating.
82. I cant swim.
83. Dream country: Japan - Tokyo.
84. Im the youngest in the family.
85. I have an awesome dad that can cook!
86. Friends are extremely important to me.
87. I prefer being in a relationship than being single.
88. Im not rich. Definately.
89. Currently studying 4th semester foundation.
90. I dont smile with my teeth.
91. Im very very supertitious.
92. I talk to myself alot.
93. I love outdoor adventuring.
94. When i hate someone, i really hate that person.
95. I like to put emoticons.
96. Favourite emoticon: XD
97. I love mashing up songs together.
98. I always think that some girls are too good for me.
99. Currently in love with someone that will never be with me.
100. I believe that someone is up there looking after me.

Fuh... Thats it.. Finally im done! XD

Now i totally understand why Eriel thinks that this was a pain. XD

So, do you guys know alittle bit more about me already? XP

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disadvantage of Being Tall

Im tall. Im not going to lie.

Therefore, Im going to share to you guys the few disadvantages of being TOO tall. (I said TOO tall not tall. Remember that k?)

1. The head tends to get hit by something really easily.
- This is obvious. Dont need to explain. XD

2. The head tends to hit ceiling really easily.
- Try jumping with our height. Next thing you know, you get a bump on your head. And it hurts. Really bad.. DX

3. Trip and falls are like our best friends.
- No kidding. According to science, tall things falls easier. Sometimes, we trip and fall soo much, that we are entitled with the title 'Clumsy'. XD

4. Half of your head will not appear in a picture.
- Now lets say that you are taking close up picture with a bunch of your friends. Sometimes, you will lose half of your head in the pictures. If not, while cropping that particular picture, the same shyt happens. XD

5. Kids get the impression that your bad guy.
- No kid, there was once a kid pointed at me and said "You BAD guy!!". If its not that, they run away quickly and trying to get out of your way as fast as they can when they see you. Yeah kids, you better run.. XD

6. Hard to find partners.
- Some and i meant SOME girls tend to not like guys who are OVERLY tall. They think that when they are with their tall bf, they wont look matched and people start saying that both of them look more like brother and sisters than couples. True story. X)

7. Hard of find clothings.
- This depends on whether that person is long body or long legs. If you have long body, u have problems finding cloths that fit you height. If you have long legs, pants and shoes will be the problem. If u have long legs, long and wide body. You are in trouble. XD

8. Pain in ass Seatings.
- Cinemas, cars, bus, planes.. etc.. yeah, u will have problems. If you are seating in any of those seats without moving for 2~3 hours, you have a either leg pain, back pain or ass pain. Personal experience. XP

Thats all i can think of actually.. Running out of disadvantages... XP

All im saying is that, LOVE your short heights. Seriously. Being short is cool sometimes. Yeah, u probably have disadvantages too, but being tall is not much of a difference as well. XD


Romantic or Not?

Guy: No one is going to believe a girl like you would go out with me.

Girl: Oh please, would stop selling yourself short like that?

Guy: Im not, i just know limitations. Women... just dont quite like me..

Girl: Let me tell you something. If theres another me out there, she would be lucky to have a guy like you.

Guy: Gee. Thanks.

Girl: Welcome. *smiles*

Guy: Well, if i could build a super realistic girl robot. I want her to be just like you.

LOL!!! potong steam...

Yeah. It was really romantic at first, but after that.. not so much. Its still something sweet. XD

No is not original. I took from some show. But i find it really nice to hear someone say something like that. For some particular reason. XP

Sometimes, one person can just too good for you. Have you guys always have that thought? Cause to be honest, i do.

But the truth is, if you really like someone and that someone likes you too. It doesnt really matter whether shes too good for you are not.

Bah, what am I saying. I totally have no experience for this. So, when i say something like that, dont trust me. Its probably fake. XD


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Memories of Jasper Boy

I just remember that my sister uploaded a video of Jasper boy when he was young on youtube before. I decided to watch and share it to you guys again.

This is to show you guys how cute is that son of a bitch. XP

Yeah i miss Jasper Boy and I always will. X) There are so many things that reminds me of him. Sometimes its things that doesnt really make sense at all and its also totally non related to him. XD Weird issint it?

I wonder how is he doing up there? XP

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Talked to Megan Nicole

I just wanna do a quick blog about this..

I talked to one of youtube's famous singer, Megan Nicole. Its sorta like a blogtv talk. She was having sorta like a live performance with Alyssa Bernal.

Im both youtube friend of theirs and im sorta like a fan of them as well. XP

She made a short and quick shout out calling my name (I put my name as 'klexklex' that time.) and saying 'HI' to me. But she didnt really and exactly talked to me as she was talking to another 200+ viewers that was stalking her like I am.

And whats the really stupid about me is that, i didnt print screen the page when she was talking to me! DX I feel so stupid right now that i could kick myself if i can!

Just incase some of you dont know how Megan Nicole looks like, heres some pictures to show you guys. XP

Cute issit she? Shes just 18. XP

If i have a picture of it, it would be a life time memory. X

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

As most of you guys know, there was a HUGE and MASSIVE earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Here a rough short clip of the incident..

Tsunami Strikes Japan

Earthquake Strikes Japan

Lets all pray for Japan and hope they all can rise back up again.

Yeah sure they did tons of bad things in the past. But that was such a long time ago. I just dont think they deserve to be treated that way!!! DX

They made good games, good technologies, good manga and not to mention, good porns. (no seriously, lets all be open mind-ed just once)

Really, why must god treat them this way... they have already make up for all the bad things that they have done in the pass. Look at how succesful they are today!? But yet, earthquake and tsunami destroyed them..

I have to say, Japanese people are strong people. They manage to stand back up so quickly, perfectly and yet efficiently. Google up and see how did they handle it.

What makes me really sad is the creator of Pokemon and also the founder of Gamefreaks company, Satoshi Tajiri died due to this earthquake incident. And Pokemon Black & White just came out few weeks ago!!! DX

Stay strong Japan.. You have my prayers.

And as for the other countries, you guys have my prayers too. Hope nothing happens to you guys..

God, have mercy on us..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dont Give Up

Whatever shyt your going through..

Whatever sadness, sorrow, suffering or pain in the ass stuffs your going through..

Dont ever and i meant dont ever think of doing something stupid.

If it makes you feel anything better, some people have gone through worst.

And guess what? They are still living a good life. X)

Just punch a wall through the obstacles..

and stay where you are...

If no one there is help you, then you'll just have to help yourself.

If you have tried helping yourself and it doesnt work..


If you have problems.

And you need a hand.

Call me, and I'll be there... LATE. XP

Just dont give up. X)


Wow, im a genius when i comes to this emo crap.. XD

But yeah, everyone who is going through exams, assignments, bad relationships, family issues, basically whatever that makes you feel sad and will like die-ing. Just hang in there k?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stay Strong!!

With every mistake,
With every disappointment,
To keep going on,
It's the hardest thing in life.
You will fall and stumbled thousand times.
But life doesn't stop here.
Pick up and try;
Carry on until you achieve the heights.

Anyone out who is feeling down. Stay strong people.. XD

Quick Updates

While waiting for time to pass by, Im just gonna make a quick blog update. XP

My midterms just ended. Didnt you guys know? XD Well, it was not really worth mentioning cause, its only a one day exams. Yeah, thats what you get when you dont study hard and have to retake only one subject. DX XD

Alright, so what am I to lately?

Im still finding different ways to make FULL use of movie maker. And plus, im finding more potential singers to do cover with. I want to make lots of covers with different people so that i can have a piece of good memory with him/her. XP

I would do cover with ANYONE, who can sing of course. XD

Okay, what else am I up to?

Im back to pokemon! XD There this new version called Black & White version. (Yeah, pokemon starts becoming racist. XD) Its an all new version with another 156 new pokemons. Thats cool, but whats not cool is that the pokemons are very ugly. DX

It seems that pokemon are starting to run out of good ideas in terms on how the pokemon looks and even how pokemon are named. The name of these new pokemons are pretty damm hard to pronouns, not to mention, they sound funny too. XD

Besides that, anything else?

Lately, I went for a Talent Night audition with my friend Gabriel. I wasnt planning to go for the audition at all. Cause, lets face it. Two guys, one play guitar, and one sings. How common can that be!? You can probably find like 10,000 guys in this world that can do that. DX

But in the end, i was persuaded by Ju-Yi, Christy, Wan Jia and even Mr.Fikree to join for the audition. So, i participated. XD This shows that im a very easy kind of person to be persuaded.. Never let me see an audition going on!! It will make my wanna audition as well! DX XD

It was a very very very last minute registered audition. Right after I registered, I have one very very BIG problem. I have no idea what kind of song I should perform. Well, singing the song is another issue cause, lets face it again. Im not a person has the voice of an angel. DX

Suddenly, inspiration struck me. I start picking up my guitar, and strum a few times and 5 minutes later, BAM! I have myself a new mash up! 8D Had a little practice with Gabriel the next day and off we go into the audition!!

Im not very sure whether we made it through or not. But thanks to this audition, I gain/know/notice a few things..

One, is I had a great time mash up songs with Gabriel. Two, I had another experience performing on stage. And three, I finally know what kind of talent I have. Its not singing, its not playing guitar, but its the talent to mash up songs. Well, thats what i believe my talent is la. XD

Alright, so much for quick update.. XD XD XD

Hope that everyone is doing fine aites? XP

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making it a NO Phone Zone

This is an event organize by my college friends.

Yeah, No Phone Zone.

What is this? Its very simple..

This week-long campaign aims to promote awareness about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving through activities, competitions and pledges

So, what am I suppose to do?

Well, there are two things that you can do.

One. Pledge to NOT to use phone while your driving. ONLY while driving. You can use at home, out on the date, in the movies, in the toilet BUT not when your driving. XP

How do you pledge? Simple, go to this link below. (PS: You need a facebook acount, well that shouldnt be an issue since most of you have facebook. XD)

All you have to do is click 'LIKE' Its that simple! XD

Like I said, its a pledge. So its really up to you to pledge it or not. X)

Two. You can participate the event itself!! The event will be held for 10 days. (21st March till 1st April) Where? In HELP main block, Lower Foyer. What time? 10am till 3pm.

Poster of the event.

Different days will have different activities. You guys can look into the facebook page (above) for more information.

Im not really really sure about this event.. Cause its not organize like me.. XP But still, i think its a very very good event for those of you who just got your license or have bad driving skills. Okay, I take back my words. Its actually good for EVEYONE who drives. XD

Why issit good? Simple.. take a look at this picture..

What can you see? Well, yeah, blood coming out from the phone. I can see that. XD

But, does that tell you anything? Imagine your calling like your love one, father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog (what!?), etc... Suddenly, talking half way, you heard a BANG the suddenly the phone just when 'click'. Next thing you know, that person lost something like a leg, hand, or a head (what!?), or worst, YOU lost something or should I say someone.

Just use a little bit of imagination, and you'll know what i mean.. XP

Still cant motivate you? Maybe this videos will. Just watch..

I know some of you LOVE Oprah. Well, if you love her, then you should listen to her. XP For those of you who dont know, shes a very power women. Thats all im saying. So yeah. Pledge to No Phone Zone.

Can imagine who bad this 'using phone while driving' can be? Watch this..

This is EXACTLY what will happen if you met an accident. Why dont you get it to see on TV? Well, cause those are shows and movie. They dont want people to see the DARKSIDE of driving.

Do NOT be like this girl. (Total bitch..)

To know right? Yeah some of you might think that the dude is rude or something. But look at it in another way.. And you can tell what he said is not mean and it actually make sense.

So yeah people. Pledge that you would not use phone while your driving. Do that.. and you can see what difference

If you want miracles? Dont ask for miracles. BE the Miracle. X)

If you wanna ask, yes i pledge. XP