Friday, March 25, 2011

Rocketeer + Grenade

Remember I told you guys that Me and Gabriel went for an audition for Talent Night?

Yeah, turns out we didnt make it. XP

And remember I told you guys that me and Gabriel did a mash up last minute for the audition?

Yeah, that two song mash up was Rocketeer and Grenade. XP

Even know both of us didnt make it for the talent night but we still wanted you guys to know how the song goes like. So, we made a cover of it.

And again, to make things more interesting, we made another VIDEO cover. But this time, its just some simple video cover. XP Enjoy~

So what do you guys think of the video? XP

Yeah, as you can see. Instead of making a video cover with drama, plots, story line, etc... we decided to make it real simple by putting people doing stupid, funny and random things. And instead of show just me and Gabriel, we decided to feature our friends from HELP as well.

So, we found about 21 people to help us out with this video cover. Sporting eh HELP people? XP

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