Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

As most of you guys know, there was a HUGE and MASSIVE earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Here a rough short clip of the incident..

Tsunami Strikes Japan

Earthquake Strikes Japan

Lets all pray for Japan and hope they all can rise back up again.

Yeah sure they did tons of bad things in the past. But that was such a long time ago. I just dont think they deserve to be treated that way!!! DX

They made good games, good technologies, good manga and not to mention, good porns. (no seriously, lets all be open mind-ed just once)

Really, why must god treat them this way... they have already make up for all the bad things that they have done in the pass. Look at how succesful they are today!? But yet, earthquake and tsunami destroyed them..

I have to say, Japanese people are strong people. They manage to stand back up so quickly, perfectly and yet efficiently. Google up and see how did they handle it.

What makes me really sad is the creator of Pokemon and also the founder of Gamefreaks company, Satoshi Tajiri died due to this earthquake incident. And Pokemon Black & White just came out few weeks ago!!! DX

Stay strong Japan.. You have my prayers.

And as for the other countries, you guys have my prayers too. Hope nothing happens to you guys..

God, have mercy on us..