Sunday, March 13, 2011

Talked to Megan Nicole

I just wanna do a quick blog about this..

I talked to one of youtube's famous singer, Megan Nicole. Its sorta like a blogtv talk. She was having sorta like a live performance with Alyssa Bernal.

Im both youtube friend of theirs and im sorta like a fan of them as well. XP

She made a short and quick shout out calling my name (I put my name as 'klexklex' that time.) and saying 'HI' to me. But she didnt really and exactly talked to me as she was talking to another 200+ viewers that was stalking her like I am.

And whats the really stupid about me is that, i didnt print screen the page when she was talking to me! DX I feel so stupid right now that i could kick myself if i can!

Just incase some of you dont know how Megan Nicole looks like, heres some pictures to show you guys. XP

Cute issit she? Shes just 18. XP

If i have a picture of it, it would be a life time memory. X