Friday, March 25, 2011

Talked to Julia Sheer and Matthew McGinn

Yeap, i sorta talked to Julia Sheer with a friend of hers, Matthew McGinn.

Really nice people. They didnt do a shout out to me.. but they reply answers that other viewers questioned. I was not surprise that she didnt reply my respond cause there were about 500+ people watching and sending message to her continuosly. XD

And this time, im smart.. I print screen the videos! XD

Waiting for the video to start.

The video started!!! 8D YAY!!

Shes reading the messages sent by other viewers.

They both are trying to say something in korean.

And finally both of them did a live performance. XD

If you can actually see carefully, one of the post on the right side of the video is mine. XP

Awesome and Amazing people.. I think celebrities should do this more often!

This totally made my day~ XP