Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stand Up and Walk

Full Metal Alchemist- Chapter 2- The Price of Life.

*After Edward defeated the evil priest and Rose founds out that her husband can never be revive anymore*

Rose: This has to be a lie.. He said that he would bring 'him' back..

Edward: Rose.. just give it up.

Rose: Why does it have to be like this?? What am I suppose to do now?? How am I suppose to live now!? Tell me.. PLEASE!!

Edward: Hmph.. Think about that your own way.. Stand up and walk. Move On. After all, you have perfect legs to stand on..

Whoa... Its amazing that how comic books can related their stories with action, fantasies, cool looking guys and of course, life!! XD

After reading this comic, listen to some advice given by my old friends and have a few thinking moment of my own. I guess i should stop emo-ing right now..

Yeah, cant you guys tell my emo-ness around the corner? Well of course not!!! There was no blog talking anything related to it! XD But actually.. there WAS a blog post about it.. but i deleted it immediately.. cause i think it was too emo for you guys to read..

These are the words that i've been hearing, reading, listening lately from my good old buddies.


"Your not weak.. People just dont know how strong you are."

"Stop showing yourself that your weak to others. What will the other weaker ones think if they see you in such a situation?"

"Dude, you have helped tons of people in their life. And you cant even help yours? You got to be kidding me."

"If you fall now.. What about the others that need your help?"

"You have two more weeks in college. Are you going to waste those 2 weeks emo-ing about a problem that you have faced for a long time?"



These are the words that really keep me on going. So, I guess i should stop acting selfish and not think of others around me. I should stop acting like such a fool. I should stop acting like a small boy who is too weak to stand up by his own. I should stop, I should stop.

More importantly.. i should stop letting people around me be worried of me.

Im a super hero! I should be worried of them! Not letting them worried about me!! XD