Monday, May 30, 2011

We're getting Along (Oreo 7)

Okay i dont really like Panda.. for some several reasons of course. One is because he gave me a bad first impression by biting me. Two, it stinks cause he just had an operation recently (remove his hormones) , so we cant bath him. Three, it bit my brother's until it bleeds. No kidding. (Of course, dont like doesnt mean I hate it. I just dont play with it that much.)

They say that ferets are very friendly animals. They can go along with almost any tame animals at home. From what I heard, ferets are extremely friendly towards dogs. Well, that doesnt really apply when it comes to Oreo and Panda. XP

Alright I would say that Oreo is cute. You can tell that his curious abt the new living being at home. The first time he saw Panda his like stuns. Which is pretty funny. He Oreo can talk, I believe that he would have said.. "WHAT THE FARK is that!?" (okay maybe not the 'f' word but he does hear us use it alot at home. XD)

Oreo is friendly. For those of you know came to my house and met Oreo should know how friendly he is. So, Oreo want to make friend with Panda. Cause after while noticing that small little thing might be harmless, he wiggles his tail and start sniffing Panda.

As Oreo move, sniff closer and is about to have contact with Panda's nose.. Guess what did happened? BITES. No, Panda didnt get bitten.. but Oreo did.. Yeah, that small little fry bite Oreo's nose. Well not hard until its bleeding of couse, just like one GAOUM at the nose. XD

But amazing Oreo didnt stop trying to communicate with Panda he keeps sniffing panda.. but in the end he still get bit at the nose. Its cute and funny in a way.. XD

Finally after the same process for 3 days, Oreo and Panda finally get along. When both of them meet each other, they both will wiggle their tails and just stare at each other. I guess they are like communicating with each other or something..

Sometimes, when my sister and brother pays more attention to Panda, Oreo will start barking and make wimping sounds. I guess his jealous cause his new friend is getting more sayangs then he does. XD

If Oreo and Panda dont get along, me and Oreo would have made a great team. XD

Anyways, Oreo is sick these days. Apparently he doesnt have allergies but his growing Parasites on his body. (something like a dog bug at bites dog's skins) He going thru some medication and he will be fine in 2 months time. (I hope.) Its not a bad thing, at least getting parasites is better than getting a permanent genetic skin disease. Now thats deadly.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why NO vlogs and Why NO msn?

No one asked me this question but i just wanted to tell you guys just incase some of you are wondering. (Which i assume none of you are really wondering la. XP)

To be honest, I have some vlog materials with me right now. Although some of the quality of the video is not that nice (I was using my handphone to record since my camera is gone) but i really wanted to keep my vlog account updated.

My brother has been hogging the laptop these days cause he got assignments to do and next thing you know his exams notes are in the laptop and he needs to study for his exams and all. Without laptop and I cannot vlog will my webcam and edit my videos. So yeah.. that pretty much explains everything. XP

Since the laptop is off the hook, means i only can call people on skype. No video call. Unless you dont mind showing me your face and me not showing mine. XP

Oh since im on the topic of skype, i mind as well tell you guys this as well. Im will not be using msn ever again. Is not that I dont want to but I cant use it anymore. Its because my account is sorta like hacked so its like keep blocking my account. Everytime to unblock my account I have to use the sms system to unblock it. Each sms for the unblock code cost about 50sen of my phone. But when I unblock my account and rechange my password, it somehow block my account again. Obviously its hacked then.

Since im off the hook from msn as well, I only can use skype from now on. Sobs.. im going to miss that account with all my friends that I have for almost 5~6 years. DX (No kidding, 5~6 years.)

If you guys want add me in skype, leave a comment or a message to me your skype name. But I gotta know you guys in order to add you guys. so yeah~ XP

So no laptop until my brother's exams is over and no msn forever. DX

Thats pretty sucky...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

She still got it

I think Taylor should wear glasses more often. Thats all im saying. XD

Im still in love with this girl. No kidding~

I was this close to forgeting this girl but when her 'The Story of Us' music video came out, everything started to change once again. XD

Some people think that its very awkward and not natural for a guy to really really like Taylor Swift songs. Some girls tend to think that is not cute at all. Her songs are more towards a girl's point of view. Well, im not bother abt what these people think. X)

To be honest im not really sure why am i so obsessed with this girl in the first place. Looks? Songs? Talent? Blonde? I really dont know.. XP

Shes still pretty.. Wait, what am i saying? Shes always pretty! XD

for her new music video~ XD

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What happened to My High School!?

*I aint gonna reveal my high school's name just incase the issue is over sensitive and I might get caught for some shyt. Who knows right?

Okay nothing big really happen to the place.. maybe its just me.. or maybe the place did really change or whatever.. Just hear me out and you will decided k?

My high school was a badass school. Not badass in a good way.. but badass in the cool way!! (get it?) Even before I entered the school, the school is already badass cause its full with legendary gangsters!! And believe it or not, one of the leader of the gangster is named Yu Ming. Im not making this shyt up, its true.

My years in high school, there are bunch of badasses. Im probably the lowest rank of badass in my high school. Like the lowest ranking of badass! (or maybe im not even a badass)

When it was my year in high school there are like smokers and motorcyclist at the back field. Students are actually afraid to go through the alley at the back field. They usually will take the longer way around to avoid any troubles from the badass students. How freaking cool is that. Sometimes, the backfield will have bloody gangster fights. Its nice to watch but not nice to watch for long.

In my days, when it was someone's birthday, we beat the crap out of that person. Splash that person with waters and basically embarrassed the person at the end of school day. We called it the birthday bash. (no, everyone calls it the birthday bash) Its painful but its really really fun. Ahhh.. good old days. XD

So, how is my high school like now? All i can say is.. Its different! Its just not the same thing anymore!! I heard that the most discipline teachers are off the hook from the school already. So, the discipline level should be decrease and badass should be increase. But guess what? its another way around! D8

First is definitely how the school itself have change. When it was my year, the walls of the school are this and this colour. (i dunno what the colours are called.) Its cool cause it sorta resembles the school logo and flag and stuffs.

But guess what? the walls of my high school now is light blue colour. LIGHT BLUE COLOUR!? You got to be kidding me!! if it was dark blue then it might be okay alittle bit.. but dolphin light blue colour!? Holy crap.. GAY!! Thats all im saying~

The good thing is there will still be students hanging out at the backfield. The bad thing is, they are no more smoking or riding motorbikes. They are freaking riding bicycles. BICYCLES!! A motor without engine!! How can that look badass!? DX

The last one, the birthday bash. There is no birthday bash anymore.. I dont see any birthday bash no more!! I was walking back from Taman Bahagia one day. I have to go through my high school to get back home. I saw bunch of students singing happy birthday song and holding out a nice mango cake for their friend. Its nice.. very nice.. but what happened to birthday bash!? I thought its like a tradition! You guys are dudes!! Why are you singing birthday song!? Why arent you bashing up your friend just for fun!? D'X

The song has basically changed alot!! Maybe cause I dont go back and visit my high school everyday so I maybe dont get to the those badass times in my high school. But im very sure that my years are waaay more badass than what we have now.

I remember my class use to make teachers cry! They them so frustrated and dont feel like teaching us anymore. I remember my class use to plan our ponteng school session and go over to the cyber cafe and play some COD and DOTA. Ahhhh.. Those are the days.

I guess things do change.. even High schools. Well i bet the high schools teachers are happy since all the badass are decrease there.

So cheers? yeah.. Cheers.. DX

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Feret named Panda

After Jasper died, my brother always wanted something to replace Jasper. Thats why Oreo is the replacement for Jasper. but before Oreo, there was another animal being selected to be new Jasper. I dunno why there are 2 replacement for Jasper. So dont ask. XP

Instead of finding a dog as a replacement for Jasper my brother choose another different animal. So, he got a feret named Panda.

Why panda? Cause it looks like a panda. You know, panda pattern.

This Panda was suppose to be the first and original replacement for Jasper cause my brother already ordered him. But the thing have to come in late cause when the time my brother ordered one he was still a little baby.

So panda is 2 months old. If you about you wanna ask whether its a male or not. Your answer is neither. Yes, panda is gay. The thing chop off already one. No kidding. Thats why his the perfect replacement for our previous gay dog Jasper. XD

Do I like this thing? well my brother loves it, my sister like it and I dont really like it. XD (in a joking way, i like all the animals.)

Is not like I dont like it. I just like Oreo better. I mean a new pet comes in the people will always pay more attention to the new pet. Is like having a new brother or sister at home.. yeah u all get the point. So i prefer to like Oreo more..

Okay there is another main reason that I dont like it. Cause the thing bite me after 1 minute of our first meeting. Oreo didnt do that!!! Oreo licked me when we first meet! XD

They say that taking care of a Feret is hard. Harder than a dogs. They need more attention than Oreo. Now that is going to be a pain..

Well thats my brother's problem now. Im siding Oreo. Cause Oreo is manja so he needs more attention than Panda. Plus, Oreo is kinda sick these days with his allergies and all.

So yeah in conclusion, I got a gay pain in the ass feret. XD


Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone Comment my Vlog??

Dont worry i cant believe it myself. But still.. believe it. Here are some print screens to prove it. XD

From the video "Im on Holiday Mood!!"

From the video "My First Vlog"

From the video "Leave the Nerds Alone"

Not just comment, some of them even liked and shared my videos around the world!!

I know on my first video vlog i said that you guys cannot share my videos cause all the videos are all on private mode or something. Well, a little birdie persuaded me to change my mind and volah!! XD

So, you guys can start sharing my vlogs ONLY if you think its really really good. Dont just share it for my sake. I will never beg u all to share my videos (expect youtube covers).

Really, I never knew that my retarded vlog can attract people's attention around the world. Some of my videos are just really random stuffs and some of it are just rants.

And I am very very touch when people subscribe and liked my videos. I really really apperciate everything you guys do out there. I wanna thank you all for even taking the time to watch it! XD

Again, Thank you everyone for keeping in touch with my vlog. X)

I will do my best to make my vlogs more and more interesting.


I got myself Unifi~

Okay, i did not got unfi myself. My brother did most of the registering, my dad did most of the paying and my mom did most of the nagging.

So yeah people, I got my unifi at home! The internet here is going to be great and I hope it doesnt get farked up like the previous one. (Those of you who watch my vlog will get what i mean. XP)

Did some a few internet speed check and heres the result..

ping: 25
upload speed: 5.15mbps
download speed: 8.13mbps

Just so you guys dont know, its consider very good already. XD

To be honest, the main reason that my family decided to put up unifi is not mainly because of the internet speed. Only me, my bro and my sis are the ones who are concern abt the internet speed. But the truth is, unifi gives us some tv channels for us to watch! That means, we have TV again!! YAY!! 8D

I tried unifi and i still dont feel much changes for the internet. I still dont feel how devastatingly fast is this unifi is. I guess it might take awhile for me to notice. XP

Cheers? Hell yeah.. CHEERS!! XD

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manja (Oreo 6)

Me and sister brought Oreo to the vet for the second time to take his second jab and give him some check up.

The first time Oreo went to the vet was with my brother. When his was in the vet, he was cool, quiet, fine, not noisy and not a pain in the ass.

The second visit there was an embarrassment. When he was in the care, he was hyper!! Like seriously HYPER!! He was a freaking tarzan in the car. Jumping up and down looking out to the window and everything. Maybe cause it was his second time in a car and his not that afraid anymore. Plus, its very normal for dogs to jump around in the car. No biggie.

When we reach the vet, we ask the dog to do some check ups on him cause his been having some skin problems. As the matter of fact, from what the doctor can see, Oreo is having some allergies. And we suspect that Oreo is allergic to rice cause we fed him rice and dog food at the same time.

Next the doctor need to give him some jab to reduce his allergies. Okay, heres the funny part. The first time he took the jab, it was nothing. He did have some reaction but there was no over reactions. He didnt even make a noise at all!

So, Oreo took the jab and guess what happened? He started yelling and shouting. Me, my sister, even the doctor was shocked!! He then started running around cause he was in pain (yes, his still yelling) and after that he lean on my sister for comfort. Simple, the little son of a bitch is manja. Need people's attention and care. XD

He poop and peed on the vet table on the second visit!! Me and my sister were kinda embarrassed although the doctor said it okay.. (we need some serious potty training for Oreo now.)

Oreo even barked at the doctor cause the doctor is doing something that it doesnt like. Looks like his son of a bitch is still a pain in the ass.

After going thru all that, I kinda miss that act cool, ignoring, lazy, dumb but extremely cute and adorable Jasper. XD

I miss you.. Jasper.

Oh well, lets hope Oreo learns not to be manja in the future. Lets hope..


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Updates

Sup guys!!! How is everybody doing?? XP

I heard that some of the HELP's degree courses have started. Well I hope that the class is awesome!! (although I heard that its boring la.) XD

What have I been doing? Nothing much actually. The same old 9 step routine. But some of the days I have plans with my high school friends and my college friends. XP

Last thursday I invited King to join dinner along with my high school friends. It was their first time meeting each other but they all started tembak me like they have known me forever!! No biggie, as long as everyone is having great time. XD

On that same night, I slept over at Tarvin's place and played LoL for the freaking first time. To all LoL players, sorry.. I would like to sincerely apologize and say that HON is waaaay more better than LoL!! Thank you. XD XD XD

Owh, Wesak Day just passed but i didnt really participate that much this year. Cause my dad needs my help for his morning night markets. On public holidays, his business are actually way better than weekends.

But I did helped out alittle bit on wesak eve. Plus, i get to meet KaiShin again on wesak eve all thanks to Zhen Whei. It was a sudden meet up again la. XP I get to meet up with Suelyn, Suilun, Zhen Whei and the others again after so long. (about 3~4 weeks i guess.) And at right at midnight, I did all my prayers and went back home. X)

My self challenge has been going on very very well.. I havent been posting a single status on my facebook for about 3 days already. My hand does itch to post something lame to seek attention but i still keep resisting. Sooner or later, I think I will not even have a thought of posting something on facebook ady. XP

Oreo is doing fine too. He already learn how to get down from the stairs. But going up the stairs is another story. Give it sometime and it will soon learn how. XP

I would like to take a moment here to thank all my friends who actually came to me and talked me and ask how have I been doing. Im very very grateful and thankful for all your concerns. Not posting anything on facebook just makes me wanna talk to people more. And you guys just came at the right time when I need to talk to someone the most. (you know who you all are. XP) I was very very happy that some of you actually take the time to care about a sore loser like me. XD XD X'D

Owh and another thing, to those who are taking their A-levels exams right now. Stop reading this waste of time blog and go do some studies!! All the BREAST in your exams! Yes, i said breast on purpose! XD


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Self Challenge

I have did all sorts of self challenge and its time to self challenge myself again!! Its a retarded thing to do.. its just thing that I like to do for myself.

This time im going to tell the world, well not actually the world but the people who are reading my blog!! The self challenge involves facebook-ing.

But before what am I challenging myself, hear my story out first. XP

I've been going on youtube watching these days cause im lifeless. And I've been watching tons of random videos. Song covers, comedy, old movies but what really attracted my attention was rants. And there was this popular girl talking about 'facebook rants'.

Some of her rants are very offensive and doesnt really make sense at all. Maybe cause shes too sensative and all. But there was one part of the video that make sense. She said..

"Stop telling the world whatever stuffs that you see, you feel or you do!! Its annoying and some people just dont f*cking care about it."

After she said that, Im starting to think that im one of the people that shes talking about. And come to think of it, sometimes, the things that i post on my status is really annoying. Sometimes, people get pissed of reading my status. And some of them just dont bother about my statuses.

Then I went to facebook and start looking at the status updated by other people. Some of them are annoying with their emo post and people commenting on the status to make person happy. After 20mins that same person will post another emo status. Some of them really make me jealous cause they start talking about how awesome their life is or what they did with their girlfriend and all.

Nick also told me before, "dont tell the whole world what the fark you are doing all the time. Its like your seeking for attention."

Modest is the word. Is not like if I post more status people will like me. Is not that i post more statuses people will notice more about me. I post or dont post is the same damm shyt!

SO, I decided to not post any status on my facebook for one whole freaking week!! After that one week, I can choose post 1 status post a day!

If people wanna know how am I doing, I just think is better for them to ask me personally. Like they comment my wall and stuffs. But to tell the whole world what am I doing all the time is just doesnt feel right..

Its a self challenge. So i can break that challenge anytime I want. XP


"My Grandma said this" Quotes

It seems that some of you might have a little bit of misunderstanding about the statuses i post up on facebook. You know, those status that is something like this..

My grandmother said this to me: "When people love others, they grow weaker, though it's nothing to be ashamed of. True weakness lies elsewhere."

Yeah, something like this one. Those of you who have my facebook will know what am i talking about. And for those of you who dont, never mind. XP

Okay heres the thing, these quotes are not from my grandmother. Its is from a friction character's grandmother. (yeah, the grandmother is friction too.) And that friction character is from a kamen rider show. Which is pretty funny.

Tendou Souji's grandmother quotes.

But can you believe that kamen rider shows can give you such inspiring quotes!? A kids show giving such amazing quotes? Thats why I find kamen rider shows these days pretty educational. XD

Anyways, there are almost 50 quotes said in the show. And here are some of my favorite and the ones i find the most inspiring ones. I just wanted to share to you guys. XP

My grandmother said this to me: "Force the world to revolve around you. It's more fun to think that way."

My grandmother said this to me: "People become stronger through adventures."

My grandmother said this to me: "It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy comes from the time spent waiting for it." (This one has a hidden meaning. XP)

My grandmother said this to me: "If you wish it to be so, luck will always be on your side."

My grandmother said this to me: "All girls are equally beautiful."

My grandmother said this to me: "Even in a world full only with enemies, there will always be someone you must protect."

My grandmother said this to me: "Imitating others is not bad, for it's how we recognize ourselves." (Another one with a hidden meaning. XP)

My grandmother said this to me: "There are two things a man must never do. One is to not make girls cry...The other is to not handle food so crudely!"

My grandmother said this to me: "Life is a long path to a goal. Drop your heavy luggage and enjoy walking with your hands empty."

My grandmother said this to me: "A bond is a deep connection that can never be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are still connected."

Yeah, I cant believe that such quotes came out into a kamen rider show too. but that is just what makes things more interesting. Feel free to go google for more quotes, there are all inspiring too. Well at least to me they are la.

Just incase some of you ask, yes i still watched kamen rider. XP


Friday, May 13, 2011

The Rules of Texting

If you are asking yourself, "Theres a rule for texting!?". Yes there is.

Its not in the law sense and its not like if you break the rule you will go to jail. But if you break the rule, trust me. You will never get to text that person again. The next time you text that person, the aura texting that person will totally be different!!! If that person have no patience that you are just pretty much screwed la.

I got lots of things that I wanna write down but god bless Luan for voicing out about 'Texting Etiquette'. He totally hit the spot!!! Totally what I wanna voice out too.

To those of you who dont know abt the texting etiquette. Please watch.

I just got alittle additional point that I wanna add from the rules of texting. Please dont ever text a person half way and never reply. If you are the one who started the texting conversation, then more that you should reply that person.

Yes, you can reply late but dont go over board!! Dont NEVER reply!! Very important. Tell that person why didnt you reply. Maybe cause you fell asleep, you are studying or you have some important matters to do. Just reply that person. Do you know how it feels to wait for a person that came and talk to you but that person didnt reply!?

If you dont wanna chat anymore, end the coversation. Say some thank yous and tell the person good-bye and all. Say nice things. Like what Luan said, dont ever end with one word.

Just apply these rule and people will be happy and willing to accompany you next time you need a person to talk to.

Dont believe me, try it. XP


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You Growing Up? (Oreo 5)

Oreo? his doing good these days no worries.

What im really worried of is whether his growing up or not. Its been a month that Oreo is living in my house. But the son of a bitch is still small. Like piuny size. So small to the extent that I can bring carry him and walk around the corner.

The stupid thing about us is that we didnt go figure what kind of breed is Oreo. We didnt even bother to check or ask about it.

So, we are not very sure whether that puny little thing will grow up or not!!! Maybe his the kind of dog which will never grow!? Then our outdoors training will just be a waste!? D8

So are we going to go and check his breed? NO!!! Cause I still believe that puny little thing is going to grow into a big strong doggie. Yes, im stubborn me. XP

To be honest, his legs did grew longer. Alittle. Its almost unnoticable. Or maybe its self fulling expectation? XD

Oreo's training has been paying off very well. Thanks to my sister for putting some effort to help you he actually know how to 'hand' and 'up' already. Which is pretty cool! XD

Please Oreo, GROW UP!!! Look big and strong!! Impress me! XD


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love Movies or Love Comics??

As you all know that I've been a lifeless piece of douche bag these days. I've been doing nothing much but computer gaming with my high school friends.

So i decided to do something different to spend my holiday time. I decided to go through the box of pirated DVDs and watch them. Im not much of a guy who likes to watch horror movie but I do like to watch funny comedy movies.

Later, I found this movie which i thought is comedy but it turns out to be a love movie. And for god knows why, I continued watching it.

Its not to say that I dont like love movies.. but I just dont like watching it alone.

For some reason, I watch the movie about 30mins of it then I turned it off. Cause I just think that its not worth my time watching. Plus, while I was watching I was having too much of weird thoughts going up my head. (no, they are not dirty thoughts.) Plus the love movie is not that interesting after all.

After that I head back to the room and turn back on my computer and head into the internet. Since the love movie was a piece of crap, for some freaking reason i decided to read love comics instead. Seriously, I dunno why..

So i went into the internet and start reading "Ichigo 100%" all over again. I would say that, "Ichigo 100%" is the best love comic story that I've ever read in my whole life. (Highly recommended for guys to watch.) And for some reason, I smiled everytime when im reading the comic. Its weird.. i know..

But for some reason, I was kinda pissed reading the comic cause the main guy character is such a dumbass.. XD Then after awhile I feel kinda sad cause i knew the ending and some part of the story is seriously very very sad.. D'X

So I have came to a conclusion today after going through all these activities at home. Im the kind of guy who likes to read Love Comics instead of watching Love Movies. XD

I just think that Love Comics have more excitement in it and Love Movies are just kinda plain boring at first. And plus, Love Movies are better if you are watching as a couple.

But reading Love Comic is the stupiest thing to do.. I believe some of a the guys out there would feel the same as well. For girls, you will have to ask these kind of guys like me the reason behind it. Cause its too private. XP


My Updates

Hey guys, I've been.. well im actually up to nothing these days.. My life right now is very very simple. Heres how it goes..

1. Wake up and wash up.
2. Had LUNCH and head back to my room.
3. Facebook, Backyard Monster and then HON.
4. Talked to friends in Skype.
5. Roam around facebook again.
6. Train Oreo in the evenings.
7. Had dinner.
8. Skype Facebook and HON again.
9. Getting late go back to sleep.

Thats like 9 simple steps of my current life right now!! DX

If im going to start my degree, I'll be starting at July. That means 2 months of these 9 sadass steps life!! Im going to die in bore-ness!! DX

But sometimes.. my old high school friends will ask me out and hang out with him. To be honest, I've been hanging out with my high school friends more often than my college friends. My other college friends are probably having fun or working right now. XP

Just yesterday me and my friend Tarvin made a guitar cover together for the first time!! XD Since im so free right now, i guess is about time I start making more guitar covers already. XP I'll start asking and looking around for people to do covers with..

To the others who are having holidays, I hope yours are not as lifeless as mine.

And to the other who are having their exams, hang in there. Cause its about to be over. Once its over you can be as lifeless like me. Or better. XD

I guess I'll try and entertain myself by doing some vlog and covers la. X)


Monday, May 2, 2011

To the People who Look down on Hawkers (Vlog 6)

This is just a rant about some people in this world, looking down on hawkers due to streotyping. Not much a rant, more like a story telling thing to me la. XD

True story.. No kidding. XP

I really tried to make my videos as funny as possible. Hope you guys liked it. Feel free to comment about this vlog channel alrights? XP


Sunday, May 1, 2011

While Cleaning My Room (vlog 5)

I was cleaning my room and I got bored.. So i decided to do a vlog. Well not much of a vlog, is more like promoting what is there to steal in my room. XD

Im not kidding, you can actually find those things in my room. You just gotta open your eyes and look for it. XD (well, except for the giant mashimaro la. That was from another room. XP)

Through that, two good things happened today. Im cleaning my room and I got a vlog to post! XD

Talk about "One stone, hits two birds". XP