Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Updates

Hey guys, I've been.. well im actually up to nothing these days.. My life right now is very very simple. Heres how it goes..

1. Wake up and wash up.
2. Had LUNCH and head back to my room.
3. Facebook, Backyard Monster and then HON.
4. Talked to friends in Skype.
5. Roam around facebook again.
6. Train Oreo in the evenings.
7. Had dinner.
8. Skype Facebook and HON again.
9. Getting late go back to sleep.

Thats like 9 simple steps of my current life right now!! DX

If im going to start my degree, I'll be starting at July. That means 2 months of these 9 sadass steps life!! Im going to die in bore-ness!! DX

But sometimes.. my old high school friends will ask me out and hang out with him. To be honest, I've been hanging out with my high school friends more often than my college friends. My other college friends are probably having fun or working right now. XP

Just yesterday me and my friend Tarvin made a guitar cover together for the first time!! XD Since im so free right now, i guess is about time I start making more guitar covers already. XP I'll start asking and looking around for people to do covers with..

To the others who are having holidays, I hope yours are not as lifeless as mine.

And to the other who are having their exams, hang in there. Cause its about to be over. Once its over you can be as lifeless like me. Or better. XD

I guess I'll try and entertain myself by doing some vlog and covers la. X)


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