Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School Days so what!?

Haiz... going or not going to school doesnt really make a difference.. its still bored.. but things started to change when my brother suddenly turn into good mood! 8D No.. No.. No.. the computer still has pincoded. (damm..) but but but.. now he lets me play the PSP!! 8D Yay!! Im playing games again.. thanks br0.. X)

I got A for Mod-Maths!! Well.. anyone can get A la right.. but who cares! I got A for M-Maths!! Muahaha! What about other subjects?? Lets not talk about it.. just leave it and go!! TRY to enjoy the holidays then! XD

I played face book again for like 30mins.. i still dont know what is sooo nice about Facebook?? What its sooo nice about it people?? Honestly.. all i do in facebook is to grab pictures.. XD Speaking of pictures here are some extra pictures that i lefted out during wesak day. XP

I dunno why.. but i like this picture!! Suilun was giving me the chords for every single buddhist song that he knows. XD

The walk begins.. John and Justin making fun around!! Funny..

During the walk we sang!! And i was playing with YUI Tan!!

Sing.. Sing.. Sing.. Yuming daydreams.. XD

Through this time wesak and the walk.. i will never never do that again!! Whats that?? Wear a cap and play guitar!! I problally look better without the hat.. dont you guys think so?

Square-Enix created a new game, its called Last Remnant!! And Tarvin has it! So i ran to his house just to play that game.. Tarvin told me it was a hit and run game.. like pokemon and any other final fantasy battling i thought is going to be boring or shitty.. but it turns out nice!! 8D Yes. its in pokemon fighthing style but its diffrent.. you dont just stare at your character to attack.. you must click to while your character is attacking.. quite nice.. X)

Graphics?? Of course good la!! Its from square-enix mah!! XD The story line is more of pollitics.. which i dont really care.. its something like FF12 la but better of course!! XD Hope i can play this game la.. X)

People are playing Maple Story again due to the new jobs.. its like a small event called "Knight of Cygus" i thought its going to be bullshit as well.. but it looks cool... XD But maple its still maple.. i wont play it again. But here not the main point..

Remember the Korean girls which my brother like? Called "Girls Generation". I found out that they are making the commersial for Maple Story Knight of Cygus!! D8 Take a look...

Seriously.. no comment...

Currently im playing these games in PSP..
Phantasy Star.. people say its like awesome and really nice.. but i think its just okay.. the only things that digs me in this game is the weapon which are like laser-ish. XD

Yeap, Bleach Heat the Soul 6 is out!! Which includes the character of Movie 3 the other Rukia.. thus the storymode this time reached to the time when Urahara is still young and captain.. the incident on how the Vaizards turn in hollows.. the games its just typically the same.. just that the soul amount decreases... and theres a mode called MAX power in the game.. thats all no difference.

I miss playing Monster Hunter 2!! I want to play Monster Hunter again!! Even if i have to start new game again i dont mind!! XD Thus, i want to play Tales of the World Radiant Mythology again as well!! I havent even finish the game!!

Tomorrow going to CFCamp!!! And im EXCITED!! XD Cant wait for the camp to BOOM!! Thus tomorrow is teachers day.. FARK I CARE!! XD PSP here i come!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A little bit of This and That

Lets see what can i do with this post hrm..

Okay like i said before.. i did a YUI [again] piano cover and now its in youtube!! XD Check it out people!! X)
[again] -YUI- (By MIngzNYui)

Now now.. i've seen way better [again] covers in youtube.. and soo far.. this is the best one i ever seen. X)
[again] -YUI- (By sharinganITACHI777)

Like i've said.. this is waaaaay better then mine.. XP

But still, RATE and COMMENT people!! Support me! XD

Next.. a little bit of Kamen Rider News for Rider fans. XP

Kamen Rider Decade Final form is out!! And its called the "Complete Form" I have to say.. its ugly.. yeap.. still ugly.. the old one was better.. but the new one's belt is waaaaay cooler looking.. its a touch screen style!! 8D

There it is.. Now, not only Decade has its new form.. even Kuuga has a new form!! Its called the "Rising Ultimate Form" its something like Agito mixed with Kuuga's final form.. its looks cooler and more devilish.. but its looks pretty fat.. take a look..

Nice eh?? Well heres another something for KR fans.. its a poll for kamen rider series from season 2 (from kuuga towards decade) so heres the result of different polls.

Best Kamen Rider Henshin Effect:
1. Faiz 2. Decade 3. Kabuto

Best Kamen Rider Logo:
1. Kiva 2. Agito 3. Kuuga

Best Kamen Rider Theme Song:
1. Journey Through Decade -Decade
2. Justifaiz -Faiz

3. AGITO -Agito

Best Kamen Rider Looks:
1. Kabuto 2. Kiva 3. Faiz

I support Faiz and Kabuto!! both of them are still the best rider series i ever seen (since both of them got something to do with HIGH speed)!! The one i least support is problally Ryuki and Agito. Both of them just really dont gig me...

Candy, She is still cute in any shape and size.. X)

Being naughty here.. XD Anyways...

Anyone ready for this game?? Yeap, Kingdom Hearts 356/2 days is coming out soon.. which i still dunno when but its comfirm this year.. XD Hope my NDS emulator can support..

Exams day 11+12 (end)

I hate to say this but.. i want to say this!! XD "MUAAHAHAHAHAHA My exams is over!!!" XD To my other fellow friends.. good luck la.. XD

Exams day 11:

Chemistry paper 2 then only paper 1.. after looking through the paper.. the i know already.. I flunked chemistry.. no hope.. die liao..

Paper 2 was like.. BLANK!!! No doubt that its going to be less then 50 marks already.. Paper 1 was ABCD, so i definately can answer all. XD But i have totally no confident in the paper.. I still have to say.. FLUNKED.

My school started giving us Add-maths project.. seriously.. i never heard to such project in my whole life!! Never!!! Is there really such kind of things?? Well, if it contains marks for SPM then i'll out in effort to do!! XD Shouldnt be a problem since my mom is a AM teacher. XP

Exams day 12:
I used to remember that the last day of exams is always the day the easiest paper among all paper.. but my last like is one of the hardest subject of all.. Physic paper 2.

Seriously.. i manage to do my physics paper.. but still i have no confident in the answers i gave.. but still.. i really really hope that i can pass. X) Pray for me people..

I know how to play [again] YUI on piano already.. i even recorded it down!! XD So im going to post in youtube anytime. X) Keep in touch yeah!!

The first level of form 5 life is complete... whats next?? I dont know... Lets just say that its only the begining. X)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exams Day 9+10

Anoher 2 days of exams.. lets see whats going on then. X)

Exams day 9:
Maths.. maths.. maths.. haiz.. shouldnt be a problem. I manage to answer most of the question in paper 2. XP Soo.. paper 2 can say "okay" la.. Hope can get high marks..

During recess.. i visited "her" in her class... "she" suddenly just scold me for no reasons at all.. All i just said was "The answer for 18 is B. XD". "She" did the question 18 already.. and i was just trying to fool around.. then "she" suddenly just scold me. I dont feel good anymore.. Mayb i should try to talk to "her" next time.. as if she even cares about me.. "she" is JH

I underestimated paper 1. D8 Is waaaaaay harder then paper.. i almost dont have enough time to do and most of the questions i dun really know how to do! D8 Die liao la.. tembak tembak only la..

Ish.. chances of getting 'A' for maths is quite low already la.. Sobs.. Im just happy that another subject is over.. X)

Exams day 10:
Accounts paper 2.. im very worried of this paper cause i forgotten almost everything!! D8 Lucky.. i have a group study with JitPian and Elroy.. I manage to pull through but im not sure im correct or not. Seriously.. no confident.. sobs.. please la.. my accounts need to pass then can already la.. i dont ask for much.. sobs..

After recess, paper 3 chemistry!! D8 Chemistry is like the most confusing and the most memorising subject i ever learn!! Chemistry is intresting but HARD, Physics is boring but commen sense. XD Okay back to the paper.. i looked at the paper and BLANK.. nothing comes in. D8 Die la..

After the exams everyone was like saying "sooo easy", "YESH!!! Easiest chemistry exams" or "I manage to answer everything!" i felt stupid for that few minutes.. i think that i was sooo stupid that i feel like dropping Chemistry..

Wooohooooo!! Exams over!!! YaaaaaaY!!! But..... For arts class student only. (=.=) *points middle finger* After today's chemistry exams i seriously regret to be a Sub-Science student.. i got more preassure.. thus art class subjects are soooo much easier ( i think..) they took the same amount of subject but they get to end exams earlier... Wanna be sooo smart for what?? Haiz...

Im actually using the stupid piece of shit laptop who has EXTREMELY slow internet speed. Cacat to the MAX!!! Why am i using this piece of shit? Cause my brother take action already. D8

My brother told me that if i got fail in my exams, he is going to take action. So, he did.. he put pin code on his computer.. and i dun knw how to identify and i also have no idea bout. D8 Which means.. no YUI songs.. no Starforce.. no this no that already.. sobs.. its just me and YUI tan..

Im not even touching any chemistry book ever since i reached home.. Nothing!! Nothing is coming in!! D8 Die liao la.. i spend the whole afternoon ZzZz-ing all the way.. Tomorrow is the real shit exams begins.. Paper 2 and paper 1 Chemistry. D8 Die liao la..

Sabar for another 2 more days then i will flying in the sky already.. but after holidays, i might grow more white hair.. and i might turn crazy.. D8 Please save me..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exams day 7+8

Lets see hows my exams going on? o.O

Exams day 7:
The most hardest exams in history is going to start!! Not chemistry, not physics, not biology (im not even taking biology. XD) but PJK!! XD Why issit the hardest? Cause there is no buku latihan for us to practise and do. D8 (even there is we dont farking care. XP)

After recess.. Accounts paper 1. Its kinda tough.. there are some answers which are pretty hard to find.. Complicated.. After the paper 1, i start to panic about paper 2 already.. issit going to be easy?? D8 Seriously.. im panic-ing.

Exams day 8:

Today is something like add-maths exams day.. but slighty better. It was physics paper 1 and 3. Paper 1 was tough... i brain is like BLANK. Nothing.. nothing is coming in!! D8 But but but.. its not always that sad for me la..

Paper 3 was easy.. waaaaaaay easy!! Even know i studied ripple tank but i dont knw how to do.. but theres a easier one. Ticker-timer!! Muahahaha!! One of the best physics paper i ever did in my life!! 8D Happy la..

I wish that paper 3 was paper 2.. paper 1 and 3 are not really important.. but paper 2 is was the hardest and the most marks one! Why la tell me why la..

I spaming megaman starforce 2 like mad!! The game is sooo addictive. XD But when starforce 3 comes out!! its going to be the best!! Muahahaha!! Love the graphics of the game la.. XP (notw: Im not studying again.. XP)

Btw, i made the [Simple and Clean] cover already!! Woohooo!! XD Please take a look then. XP Thus, i dunno why.. but i think japanese people love their songs with bar chords. o.O XD

Tomorrow its mathematics.. shouldnt be a problem i think.. i think.. okay spam megaman and then spam mathematics!! XD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music of the Month x2

Last month i didnt post a music of the month.. so im replacing it this month!! So.. lets see what for this month's music?? hrm...

FYI: No japanese songs YET!! Since is always YUI YUI YUI. XD

This song was introduced by Tarvin a long time ago.. i think is around 2 months ago.. this guy has this unik voice singing this song.. but sadly he has AIDS.. he made this song just because he got AIDS.. issint that sad? But the song is quite touching (dunno why) Megan like this songs too (heard that she loves it) Okay.. lets see what issint?

Angels on the Moon -Thriving Ivory-

Do you dream
That the world will know your name
So tell me your name
Do you care
About all the little things or anything at all

I wanna feel
All the chemicals inside
I wanna feel
I wanna sunburn
Just to know I'm alive
To know that I'm alive

Don't tell me if I'm dying
Cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun
Maybe I should go
Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming
Of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know
Never leaves too soon

Do you believe
In the day that you were born
Tell me do you believe?
Do you know
That everyday's the first of the rest of your life

Don't tell me if I'm dying
Cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun
Maybe I should go
Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming
Of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know
Never leaves too soon

This is to one last day in the shadows
And to know a brother's love
This is to New York City angels
And the rivers of our blood
This is to all of us
To all of us

Don't tell me if I'm dying
Cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun
Maybe I should go
Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming
Of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know
Never leaves too soon

You can tell me all your thoughts
About the stars that fill polluted skies
And show me where you run to
When no one's left to take your side
But don't tell me where the road ends
Cause I don't wanna know
No I don't wanna know

Don't tell me if I'm dying
Don't tell me if I'm dying

I know how to play this song on guitar already. XD

Okay next song which is this month's one! XP

I know this song for a long long time ago.. until now i still love it but never post about it before. Originally i knw this song through one of my favourite games. XP Well.. i listened to it few days ago and it reminds me of my first relationship (its my break up song. XP) Its originally japanese but the singer turn it into english just for the game. Have i mention the game yet? Its called Kingdom Hearts. Those who played the game should knw what and who sang the song already. XD Its..

Simple and Clean -Utada Hikaru-

When you walk away,
You don't hear me say
Please.. oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that
you're making me feel tonight..
It's hard to let it go.

You're giving me
too many things, lately
you're all I need
you smiled at me, and said

Don't get me wrong, I love you
but does that mean I have to meet you father?
When we are older you'll understand
What I meant when I said "no"
I don't think life is quite that simple.

When you walk away,
You don't hear me say
Please.. oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that
you're making me feel tonight
it's hard to let it go..
(so simple and clean)

The daily things (like this and that and what is what)
That keep us all.. busy
Are confusing me
That's when you came to me, and said

Wish I could prove, I love you
but does that mean I have to walk, on water?
When we are older you'll understand, it's enough when i say so
and maybe some things are that simple.

When you walk away,
You don't hear me say
Please.. oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that
you're making me feel tonight.
Tt's hard to let it go..

Hold me~
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings
The future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

When you walk away
You don't hear me say
Please.. oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that
you're making me feel tonight
Tt's hard to let it go

Hold me~
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings
The future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

Hold me~
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings
Ihe future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

Okay to prove that shes japanese who can speak english.. heres a video to prove it! In the mean time, listen to the accoustic version of the song. X)

Simple and Clean (Accoustic) -Utada Hikaru- (live)

This is song is just and still so beutiful.. I love it. And so is the singer! XD Btw, if you dont like the english version you can listen to the japanese version if you want. Its called Hikari (light) and the lyrics are both different means.. so its not translated. XD Utada Hikaru is just talented.. (for some reason.. more talented then YUI. XD)

Okay.. that enough for music of the month!1 Hope you guys enjoyed it. X)

Exams day 5+6

I havent been really updating my blog ever since sejarah test is over. This is because i've been doing lots of counting.. yeap lots and lots of counting.. you should know what am i facing..

Exams day 5

EST 1 and EST 2.. cheh!!! Piece of Cake!! EST 1 was slighty harder than EST 2. EST 2's essay is sooooo freaking easy! I freaking rock that paper.. X)

After recess.. dooms day! D8 My mom's favourite subject! Add-maths!! D8 I parctise progression and intregration last night since i think its the most popular question. In the end, spectation failed.. its only came out 1 progression and 1 intregration. Other are like okay okay okay.. behide? *BLANK* die liao la!!

I went home and told my mom everything, and not suprisingly she scold me. I not afaird of my mom.. all im afaird is my brother! o.O He has most of my mother's genes i think.. his scold is diferent then my mom cause is fiercer!! D8

Im scared so i spend the whole night practising every chapter of form 5 and some form 4 unitl 11.30pm. My brother saw me sooo hard working (for the first time) he told me that its okay.. if you cannot do then dont push yourself. Then i called me to go to bed. X) I really think that i have a great brother. But he still says that no more com and all those stuffs like my mom. Well then, head to bed and ZzZzZzZz..

Exams day 6
I was sooo worried of my addmaths that i woke up early this morning just to do it! D8 (miracle issint it??) Then i practise a little bit of logarism and get ready to school.

Exams moment.. paper 2 was slighty easier then paper 1. (i think..) I manage to do more question compare to paper 1 but i have no confident with my answer.. So, i get a little bit of help from Tarvin. XP (thanks man~ i owe you one) In the end exams over, preassure gone..

Tomorrow, the HARDEST subject in history!! PJK!!! The only subject which doesnt have a book to practise or read! hard anot?? XD Then, Accounts paper 1. I think i will study a little bit today.. X)

Currently im having a megaman FEVER!! Yeap, im spaming megaman games in my NDS emulator! XD God, they are soo much better and nicer then the one in GBA.

I downloaded Megaman ZX, Megaman ZX Advent and Megaman Starforce 2. Im more obbess of Starforce cause its similiar to Megaman EXE but much better! XD Like that game~ X) But still i got spend time on my FF3 was well! XP

Remember the cute taiwan girl i talked about?? Remember i told you that im obbess with her due to a dance? (if you dont scroll down and read!!) Well heres the video!! Finally found it! XD

First watch the MV, must stare at the dance moves only.. dont really bother of the MV. XP Enjoy the song as well!! Btw, its chinese.. XP

Jolin Tsai -REAL Man-

Keep the dance moves in your head.. now look at the copy of it.. by Candy.

Candy糖果 -REAL Man-

Similiar?? Similiar by 80% man!! Shes 16 but shes waaaaay hotter then the girl i ever meet!! XD She won the competition for that show! X) Yay!! Okay okay back to reality again..

Spam Megaman or Final Fantasy or study?? o.O Hrm...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Precious Pictures

These are like the pictures that i want for a long long time ago.. Until i start back facebook (30mis ago) and i steal pictures from other people there. Muahahaha!! (I bet people making reports and facebook police are on their way to catch me. D8) Lets get start then!! XP

BM Drama 2009
I never told you guys the story before right? So lets just make it short and clear.
Theme: Dunia Kita Syurga Kita.
The story goes like this, God and Devil are fighthing with each other to see whether humans need help or not. Then they show diffrent senerios that the audions might think that humans are doing something back.. in the end when a human representative (me) explain the whole true situation to them and the truth is what they human are doing is to help the world. Even knw we human are powerless to make a beutiful world but we human still work together to make the world we always wanted.
Story written by: Tarvin

Back to the pictures and see how we all looked like. XP
The angels and their god.

The Devils and their Queen

Both sides

The Devil Queen, Human and the God

Everyone IN!!! Im the tallest one!! Spotted??

Everyone IN!! (ver.2) XP I love this one. XD

The main staffs.
Angels~Devils~Lisa>>Tarvin>>WeiQian>>Me!! X)

Alright next piece of pictures! X)
Wesak Day 2009

One of the best 2 days of my life time. X) Last year's wesak was good.. but this year was even better ( i think..) If you want me to tell you the whole incident happend there.. next time la.. now no time. XP Lets just let the pictures do the talking. X)

Start from Wesak Ever bah!! XP

Have you seen this place before?? Never right?

BISDS!! The place where i've been going every sunday. X)

I took a candid with Bryan!! XD I ruined the picture.. seriously..

After that, that night i met back a long lost friend!!
Peiyin!!! XD The one of the right one!! (btw, left one is YanLeng. XP) The one in greeny shirt which says "Little Miss Curious". (o.O) Seriously i've not been seeing her for like 5 months already.. finally the shown up at wesak day. XD shes still so pretty

That all for Wesak eve.. But now the actual day!!
Meet BISDS choir~ One Voice, One Melody~ X)
You can never see the guys!! Never!! We're always block by the girls. (im saying that the girls are quite tall) The only guys who always appear in the pictures are Suilun.. =.= (stupid piano boy..)

OMG!! I can see us!! I mean, i can see the guys!! 8D

A little bit closer so i can spot myself.. justa little bit..

Ahhh~ Spot me now?? XP

We spam musics the whole day of wesak. X)

Drama and Wesak are so far the most joying event for this year. (so far..) Im looking forward to post about it next time after exams. XP Thus im also looking forward to the coming CFC. X)

Back to studies~ XD *picks up the video remote*

Exams day 4

Day 4 of my school exams and day 1 for some of the school's exams. My subject of exams today is.. Sejarah.. History!! Die la.. the only history i knw is last night i didnt study at all!! D8 Too busy having fun during wesak day. I just think history is not worth studying.. am i right?

I totally FLUNKED history.. i thought i was the only one who flunked it.. but i turns out quite amount of people teman me. Im still not happy.. Now i can 100% comfirm that i got one subject fail already.. D8 (My bro is gonna kill me..) Paper 2 was like SHIT, paper 1 was fairly easy.. XD (you all knw why)

Celine and Zhao Yang, I knw what you did.. *grims*
Racheal and Nicholas, I knw what you did too!! *grims*

Yay!! Tomorrow no exams. Actually got la.. but im not taking those subs. XP Chinese paper 2. Okay i heard that chinese paper 2 is always a royal pain in the ass.. SO, good luck to everyone who is taking the exams paper. May the Force of Chinese be with you! XD

Gonna take a quick break and then train my add-maths. Wish me luck!! X)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Exams day 3

Day 3 which is the most unpopular subject, Moral. Everybody just "love" moral dont they? We study moral but do we used them?? Im not quite sure about that. XD

I studied moral like SHIT last night.. Yeah! I spam moral BIG TIME!! I remember like 60% of all nilais!! Good enough the effort paid off.. X) Moral was sorta hard.. but i think i did okay.. No problem!! Can say a little bit easy la.. XP Good for you YuMing *pats head* (talking to myself again..)

Chinese and Islam what next! Free time!! I didnt take chinese.. Evenknow i knw how to speak and write.. but its still my weakest subject (not until chemisty and physic came in) I hope everyone that i know who took chinese did a good job in their exams and my fellow islam buddies as well. X)

We played a game that Nick introduced to us a few days ago before exams starts. Its called..

Cows Eat Grass MOOMOO!!

The game is very simple.. everyone sits in the circle and for example the people and the position that we're sitting inside the game is Me>> Tarvin>> Megan>> Racheal>> Nat>> Huiee>> WeiSoong>> Roshan. 8 of us la. The word that we must say is One, Cow, Eat, Grass, MO. follow on by Two, Cow, Eat, Grass, MO!! Heres an example..

Me: One
Tarvin: Cow
Megan: Eat
Racheal: Grass
Nat: MO!!
Huiee: Two
WeiSoong: Cows
Roshan: Eat
Me: Grass
Tarvin: MO!!
Megan: MO!!
Racheal: Three
*the game continues*

Means each person say a word one at a time, the number cows will be the number of Mooss that we will be making. Starting is easy (unless your a dumbass) but when it gets bigger number like 10~12. The number of Mooss will increase and everyone will start to be confuse. Thus the gameplay goes faster and faster. Whoever who says extra or less number of Mooss and also slow will kena smack, slap by all the other players!! XD Fun eh?? Nat was the dumbass of the game.. he always lose count on the Mooss we said. XD

When home and took a good rest for 30mins and then.. FF3!! XD I acted like it was the last day of exams. XD Here are my FF3 characters just to show off to Tarvin. XP

Luneth -Ninja- lvl42 Arc -Ninja- lvl42
Refia -Sage- lvl42
Ingus -Blackbelt- lvl42

Ninja jobs just rocks man!! They are fast, strong, and deadly. Especially their ability to throw items at enemies which will do x3 damage. 8D Sage is the strongest mage in the game so i need at least one to heal and cast black magic. XP Blackbelt has high HP to support my team from dieing easily.

In the afternoon Joseph suddenly called me and heres the coversation.. Its dumb and lame let me tell you first..

Joseph: Hey YuMing whats your blog link again arh?

YuMing: Oh, its

Wait arh.. *tapping buttons* dun have la..

YuMing: Haiya, i tell you what you click on google and search for "memoriezbeyond" the one with the blogspot is mine already la.. (lazy to tell him cause playing FF3)

Joseph: Okay okay..*tapping buttons* where got!!

YuMing: Cannot be what!! Check again!!

Joseph: The "My Goodbye Days" Issit??

YuMing: Ya! Ya! That one!!

Joseph: OH.. means i found it a long time ago la.. but i tought its was a girl's blog cause of the header!! XP

YuMing: =.=

My know my header sounds like a girl la!! Im going to change it one day~

Next week monday, Sejarah.. OMG.. Die liao la.. only like 52hours to study.. Make that 24 hours since im going to sleep over at temple tonight and spend the whole day in temple tomorrow due to wesak. XD

Come to BISDS Sunday School to celebrate Wesak Day people!! Its at BridFields (not sure the spelling) somewhere near MidValley!! X)

Happy Wesak People!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


My sister love this Taiwan show called (我愛黑澀會) translation is called "The Blackie Show". Its about these teenager girls playing different kinds of intresting games. Its its a very nice show for girl because its funny like hell and you can get game ideas from that show.. on the other hand, its very nice for guys cause you can see different kinds of chinese girls in the show. Hot and Cutes!! XP

I got intrested with the show when there is this episode that they invited my former favourite female singer, Jolin Tsai. (yeap, she was my favourite before YUI. XP) And the girls in the show have a dance competition of her songs. I got attarcted to this girl called 糖果 . Translation her name is "Candy". She danced very very well on one of Jolin's new song [Real Man]. Its exactly like the on the in MV!! She even dress up like her~

Enought talk.. i believe the guys wanna see how she looks like..

Yeap this is her.. Cute issint she??

糖果 Candy

Theres a similarity between her and YUI.

She is just tooo cute!!

Believe me.. im not the only one who go attarcted by her..
Tons of other guys do so too.. XD

You will eventually knw the similarity when you watch the show.. The similarity is that she and YUI have the face like wanna cry like that. XD Mayb that why im attarcted to her.. D8 (Dang, Im weird~)

Guys, you will get the shock of you know how old is she.. Seriously.. when my sister told me her age i got shocked!! She is one year younger then me.. so she is like 16 years old only!! D8 So young!! But still no hope la.. she is a superstar and we are like bunch of jacoons in school.. haiz..

Post some pcitures of YUI so show that im still her loyal fan.. XD

Opps... Accident.. XD

Okay enough thinking of girls which i have a FAT chance to be with.. lets just get back to reality and study study study and then PLAY!! XD

Exams day 2

Everybody thinks that BI paper is going to be like *snap* that easy.. but its a no no no for my mid term exams.. Whose the one that make the paper ah?? Pn.Chung right? Okay.. FARK YOU!!!

I studied "If" and "Sound Machine", truelly it came out.. but sadly i never even seen such questions before!! Its just waaaaay to high standard.. Die la.. no 'A' ady.. sobs.. Its not just the literature part which is hard. The summary is like SHIT only!! Cannot find points at all!! D8 This kind of summary need 90% brain power..

Paper 2 was hard like shit.. Thank god that paper 1 is faaaaar more easier than paper too. Fuh... XD Paper 1 questions are very easy.. i think that the part where u have to score lots and lots of point in order to get 'A'. XP Here are the questions to share for my other friend which are from other school. Who knows you might get the same question as well. XP (Say thank you!!)

Section A: Write a speech about what are the ways to help to protect the earth.

SectionB are like 5 questions one right?? I dont remember the others but i do remember the what is the question that im writing.. and its very easy..

Section B: (a) My first day at school.

Easy eh?? I wrote 537 words in this essay. Dunno wanna write sooo much cause i havent even finish my section A yet. XP (I did section B first..) Tarvin that dumbass acted "sooo smart". He wrote like 1000 words plus!! Later spelling mistakes and the words very ugly then you kena! XD (just kidding man.. you knw that wont happend)

Tomorrow Moral paper only.. shit la.. for 30mins of studying all i remember is "Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan" XD Study Study..

Still got another 30mins.. im going to make another post soon.. XP

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exams day 1

Still having exams.. and still wanna play computer!? tsk..tsk..tsk.. No future.. (Im talking to myself again.. XD)

Today was the first day of exams and the subject is.. BM.

Thank god!! I studies Sabor and Virus Zel last night.. and guess what?? They came out!! 8D I was like snapping my fingers and doing the test paper. (that didnt really happend) Piece of Cake!! But the sorta screw up the syair part.. XP

Paper 2 was harder than Paper 1, I have to say.. Bina Ayat? Shit.. Peribahasa? Shit.. Others all okay.. Paper 1 was intresting.. Faedah Menabung.. Pretty easy eh?? Thus, theres one question about Patriotisme.. my teacher did in class before!! *snaps fingers again*

Thanks to you good luck last night, i was manage to did well in my exams. X)

(One i and that person know am i talking abt. XP)

Tomorrow BI.. suspecting "If" and "Sounds Machine" coming out.. Pn.Chung gave us a few tips already.. hope what she said is real la. XD

Study hard people!! God Speed!!
*Curi-curi plays FF3*

Kamen Rider G

Kamen Rider G... heard of it?? Never in my entire life i heard of it. Thus its a 2009 kamen rider.. but issint Decade the 2009 kamen rider?? Hehe.. weird eh??

Japan studio has this game show called TV-Nihon. One of the games is called SMAP challenge.. I dunno what does that stands for but.. the game is about people making video of doing particular tasks. One of them is called Goro and he got this task called "Kamen Rider" so his job is to make a kamen rider in one week. Sounds hard?? Wait till you watch it..

After one week of hard work he manage they manage to make a kamen rider 20mins movie. They called it Kamen Rider G. Sounds weird but looks cool. XD The show was made by the real kamen rider staffs. How cool is that!! XD

Kamen Rider G. (sketch)

Kamen Rider G. (Real) Its ugly.. i know.. XP

Okay enough pictures and talks.. time for the movie. Yay!! *graps popcorns*

Kamen Rider G -part 1-

Kamen Rider G -part 2-

Cool eh?? I like part 2 where Decade comes in with all the other riders. Very intresting.. XD Thus the main girl character looks very very pretty as well!! XP Am i right guys?? The ending of the show was nice.. after the show is pretty much funny. XD

I have to say.. for only one week making.. this is a good show. X) 5 STARS people!!

Tomorrow english exams arh Yuming.. play play play.. (Im talking to myself again.. XP)

Im being Naugty

Exams is like in another 9 hours later and im still here blogging and playing FF3. How naughty am i?? XD Lazy bump..

Im still addicted to YUI's [again] and of course [Goodbye days]. Both are the best songs i think so far.. X) Wait till the new ablum comes.. that will be awesome. XD Oh not to forget [Taiyo No Uta] is also a great jap drama as well. X) Long story short.. im still obbess with YUI.. XP

My FF3 characters rocks man.. Heres the status.
Luneth -Dark Knight- lvl37
Arc -Scholar- lvl 36
Refia -Red Mage- lvl 37
Ingus -Monk- lvl 36

I like the job "Dark Knight" its cool and strong in the mean time but it takes lots of HP to do skills. XP But worth it la.. XD Thus Monk's job kicks ass man!! The attacks it freaking high for a starter job. XD

Spamming YUI pictures again.. XP
For some reason, this picture loosk touching.. watch the MV of [My Generation] then u will know. XP

Her live streets performance in [Thank You My Teens] One in the train station and another one is infront of a music radia station. X)

YUI doesnt only play guitar as her instrumental..
She plays piano too!! XD Playing [Feel My Soul]

And so is drums!! D8 Playing [Rolling Star]

10 more seconds to her birthday.. X) Date: 26th March

Go GO GO!! YUI [again]

Okay gotta sleep~ Exams tomorrow!! XP