Thursday, May 7, 2009


My sister love this Taiwan show called (我愛黑澀會) translation is called "The Blackie Show". Its about these teenager girls playing different kinds of intresting games. Its its a very nice show for girl because its funny like hell and you can get game ideas from that show.. on the other hand, its very nice for guys cause you can see different kinds of chinese girls in the show. Hot and Cutes!! XP

I got intrested with the show when there is this episode that they invited my former favourite female singer, Jolin Tsai. (yeap, she was my favourite before YUI. XP) And the girls in the show have a dance competition of her songs. I got attarcted to this girl called 糖果 . Translation her name is "Candy". She danced very very well on one of Jolin's new song [Real Man]. Its exactly like the on the in MV!! She even dress up like her~

Enought talk.. i believe the guys wanna see how she looks like..

Yeap this is her.. Cute issint she??

糖果 Candy

Theres a similarity between her and YUI.

She is just tooo cute!!

Believe me.. im not the only one who go attarcted by her..
Tons of other guys do so too.. XD

You will eventually knw the similarity when you watch the show.. The similarity is that she and YUI have the face like wanna cry like that. XD Mayb that why im attarcted to her.. D8 (Dang, Im weird~)

Guys, you will get the shock of you know how old is she.. Seriously.. when my sister told me her age i got shocked!! She is one year younger then me.. so she is like 16 years old only!! D8 So young!! But still no hope la.. she is a superstar and we are like bunch of jacoons in school.. haiz..

Post some pcitures of YUI so show that im still her loyal fan.. XD

Opps... Accident.. XD

Okay enough thinking of girls which i have a FAT chance to be with.. lets just get back to reality and study study study and then PLAY!! XD