Saturday, October 27, 2012

Observing Face Expression

Have you guys watch the american investigation series called "Lie to Me"? Its like CSI, doing investigation, finding criminals and solving mysteries. But whats so different of "Lie to Me" is that, the investigators in the show can read face expressions and body language when a person is telling lie-ing. Its a pretty good american series.

So ever since I've entered uni life, as some of u might know, i've been alittle bit more anti-social than i was last time. I spend more time doing my assignments, playing video games, playing magic and only socialize with all my classmates and my really close friends (most of them are guys). Hell, sometimes i dont even have the time to play games and hang out with my close friends! Sometimes, when im sick of working or I want to take a break, i will observe people around me. In other words, stalking but lets call it observe for this case.. XP

I've been observing people's face expression and body language just for the fun of it. So, one day some of my friends are hanging out with a couple of their own friends at uni during our break time and they invited me to join along. While they are busy having their own conversation i was half time listening and half time observing their face expression (i really dunno why i do that, its really creepy come to think of it.) Yeah, thats  how anti-social i've been. If it was the old me i would butt into any conversation they having (i actually still do that, but not to strangers) and talk all day.

So, one of them is showing her fake tatoo to her friends and to be honest, that tatoo looks real but her face expression kinda gave it away. (dont ask me how i can tell, i just can) all her friends believed her but i was the only one who said that its not. This girl that was showing for her tatoo was not really close to me, we are just 'hi' & 'bye' friends but i do see her around the corner with her friend sometimes. And yes, i observe her facial expression and body language. With that, i can tell when she was telling a lie when she was showing her friends her tatoo.

There was another time when one of my friends just got into a relationship and she was trying to hide it from people cause she didnt want the whole world to know about it. But one day, while I was having lunch alone (i came to school early) she sat and talked to me and i asked her about how her about her new boy friend. She was kinda shocked that i knew that they are in a relationship cause she NEVER told me anything about this new guy. After that she asked me to guess how long have they been together. Based on the changes in her body language, her facial expression and the things that she posted on facebook, i answered about two weeks and it was the correct answer..

Observing people's face reaction is kinda fun.. especially when you manage to guess correctly whether they are lie-ing or u guess correct something.. Me and my brother love to watch to those american competition show like Master Chefs, American Next Top Model, Hell's Kitchen, etc.. Basically, any show that they will comment about whatever that they did on the episode like saying what did they, how they feel, or who they hate. You guys understand what im saying so far?

Okay, so me and my brother knows that the producers will interview the participants at the end of the show and usually in these kind of show, there would be eliminations cause its a competition. So, what me and my brother like to do is observe their face expression when they are commenting about what they are during the show and me and my brother will guess who will get eliminated in that episode. Cause logically, if you get eliminated in a competition and you are getting interviewed after the competition, you will show little bit of sad emotion face expression when you are being interviewed. (unless, the fella is an extremely good poker face) And thats where and how my brother will determine who got eliminated. Its a pretty fun thing to do and its also a good way to train our people's face expression identification.

According to my friends, they say that im pretty accurate on telling a person's face expression but im better when it comes to doing poker face. In other words, im good in telling lies without revealing my lie-ing face. Which me a very suitable psychologist. (and i quote, that is something similiar to what they said)

Reading facial expressions and body language is FUN, im pretty sure that my skills are not up to the standard that i can read people's mind or be a psychologist but i really hope i can develop this skills just for the fun of it. It might be like a super power! 8D


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Some of you guys might recognize this logo and some of you might not. The the early 90s people should recongnize this.. Back then, this logo represented a software that was like the skype for us, the whatsapp for us and the facebook chat system for us before any of these are developed. This software is called MSN Messenger. (correct me if im wrong, i dun remember what issit called already.)

Msn still going on right now its just that i hardly hear people talk about it anymore. Nowadays when people wanted to chat online, its always "I'll whatsapp you alright?" or "We'll talk on skype." or "Facebook message me la.". Sounds familiar right? XP

To be honest, i really really really really really miss Msn Messenger. I would say one of the reason why im much more anti-social now is probably because i lost msn messenger. Most of my friends are there! Primary School, High School, Temple and HELP friends, all their msn contacts are there in my msn messenger account. And i really miss talking to them.. I have lessers contacts on skype (altho most of my close high school friends are there), i dont really go online on facbook chat system, i find their chat system really laggy and annoying.. and for twitter, its just not the right kind of apps to talk to people. To stalk them and hear their problems, yes but definitely not for chatting.

So what happened to my msn account? I really dunno myself.. i think my account got bug or virused or something.. i dont remember what happened but everytime i log into my account they always ask for my handphone number and they send a message to my phone asking my phone to send back something to re-activate my account.. please bear in mind that i have to do this EVERYTIME when i log into my msn mesenger account. And sending the messenger to the msn company using my handphone is kinda expensive. DX

So why not get whatsapp? The awesome application that allows you to talk to anyone like facebook, skype or msn for FREE as long as they have whatsapp as well. Well, sadly, my phone is not high tech enough to have whatsapp. Its touch screen alright, but its not as awesome as the other high tech touch screen devices there are available today.. DX If, i were given the chance to have whatsapp, hell i would download that app and put into my phone RIGHT AWAY. XD

I remember having video chatting with my friends using Msn when i was taking care of young Oreo in the toilet. Yeah, Oreo was alittle scare to being alone (he still is now) when he was young, and i will always stay beside im in the toilet (cause he sleeps there last time) until he fell asleep. And to not bored the crap out of me, i will usually chat with my friends on msn and showing off Oreo to them using Msn Chat system. Ahhh good old days..

If my msn messenger account still exist, i would be less lifeless and i would still keep in contact with alot and alot of my friends.. unless all of them have turn over to the whatsapp side.. that would be very very bad. DX So, for those of you who know me and have a skype account.. please do add me. Im desperate trying to keep in contact with you guys.. yes, you heard me.. desperate.. DX

Skype Name: klex.mingz

Alright thats all for now, im starting back uni life again tomorrow. I've been trying to update my blog more often lately because i had a one week assessment break which im suppose to be doing my work instead of bloggin. But i feel really bad for not bloggin much lately. Last month i only blog about one post.. ONE POST for one whole month! Thats really really not my style. DX So yeah, here you go. 3 blog post for 3 days in a row. Hope you guys still read it. DX


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking 3D Modelling and Animation

Just to refresh some of you guys or maybe, for those of you guys who dont know, this might be something new that you dont know about me.. Im taking degree in computer science majoring in 3D Animations and Computer Games Development. I should sound a little bit more cooler right now.. just a little bit.. XP

For the first two semester of my degree, i've been taking mostly programming subjects. Boring, long, complicate, life threatening, sounds simple but hard as fark, problem solving and annoying codes that have been haunting me for two semesters. For my third semester (which is where i am right now) i STILL take programming subject but lesser (yay~) and finally, im starting to take the subjects that im suppose to take, Animations! (yay again~ XD)

Now whoever that told you that 3D Animations is fun, believe them cause it is. XP But 3D animations can be complicated.. its not hard but just complicated.. and sometimes, it can be annoying when you cant get the shape that you want. The more ambitious you are, the more complicated your model development will be. And me, im an extremely ambitious person when it comes to something like this.

The class itself is fun.. not to be sexist here but finally, we had our very first male lecturer. (yay~) His a pretty cool lecturer as well. He made class fun but sadly most of his class are around 2pm or 4pm time.. and those are the afternoon nap time. But still, learning modelling from him is fun.. Just the other day he thought us how to make a easy looking dinosaur (the long neck one) and a human leg. So one of my friends, Theodore decided to use both of the things that he thought us and combine it into one model.. and we have..

A super awkward and creepy looking hydra with human legs.. but it was really really REALLY funny when he first made it! XD

So now, i am working on my major assignment which is modelling a single frame animation (basically a 3D animated character picture) which can be anything we like but we must try and apply everything that Mr.Vincent (our 3D animation lecturer) thought us into it..

At first, i really dunno what to do.. then i start thinking about robots.. Dont ask me why but i just have the inspiration to build robots..

Spend two to three hours modelling this.. 

What i've modeled is very different from what i have in mind. The one that i modeled was alittle bit.. okay not alittle but WAAAAAY to simple and plain. Its not like i wanted to model transformers that would just be over ambitious.. i wanted to model a robot which is simple but yet good looking.. here are some picture to show you guys some examples..

I wanted to model something like this.. (its the yellow robot on the right)

Or this one.. Alittle bit over ambitious there..

So yeah, thats basically what i've been doing right now. I would have to say 3rd semester is alittle more relaxed than the first two semesters.. but still, its a UOW thing to keep all their students extremely busy to the extend that they cant even blog about their lifes anymore. DX

Owh yeah, i wanna thank all the 35 people who liked this picture of facebook. Credits goes to Liana for giving the idea to take a picture with the paper and helping to take the picture and send it to me as well. Thank You. XP

Many of you have been asking as well, "is there a meaning behind this picture." and the answer is 'Nope.' The story is real simple. I found this paper right under the desk of my lab computer. I knew that this paper was not for me.. That is because there was a class before me.. and besides i have very little friends in inti so the probability of someone who would actually write something this sweet for me is 2%. The reason I say its 2% is because there could be a possibility that my friends are pulling a prank on me or maybe there is someone stalking me! D8 Turns out, the paper was actually written from the previous class people (according to my seniors) and it is definitely not for me.

Why am i so free right now? Cause im currently having a break from modelling and im having an assessment break right now. Sadly, 2 more days of break and im back to uni life again. DX

Hope everyone is doing alright. And hopefully, i will be bloggin more often right now.. Will try and find something random or even the slightest small thing that happen to me on a day (like this random topic) to talk and share it to you guys. XP


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Favorite Colour

All of us should have our very own favorite color . If you dont really know/have your favorite color right now, its okay.. i say we all SHOULD have but i didnt say that we MUST have one right? If you dont have one maybe cause your a colorful person or something. XD

In my opinion, there should always be a story behind our favorite color.. Mine is pretty.. swingy.. swingy because ever since i was kid, i've been changing my favorite color all the time! XD (now i didnt say u cant have multiple favorite colours)

I remember my first favorite color was Blue. I remembering writing inside primary school essay or biodatas or editting personal profile stuffs or when internet is asking the question of 'whats your favorite color' and i always answer it, blue. The story of why its blue was because back then, i was a HUGE fan of Kamen Rider (Masked Riders) and Power Rangers. The Power Ranger that i was watching back then was the very first power rangers, the one with the dinosaurs and the colors of red, yellow, pink, blue and black. And for the Kamen Rider, i was watching Kamen Rider Black RX which can change into multiple different forms that are in different colors.

At first, i wanted to take the black color but whenever me and my brother are doing our boy role playing super heroes game time, my brother will always pick the black color ranger or the black rider cause that was the coolest looking ranger and the strongest form for Kamen Rider. So, i went with the blue ranger and the blue kamen rider instead cause i just think the blue ranger's weapon looks pretty cool and the blue form kamen rider is pretty powerful. (The Kamen Rider's blue form power is pretty sick now that i think about it. XD)

And then came the new color.. white color. And it is related to power rangers and kamen rider as well. The power ranger group suddenly have a 6th member in their team which is white color and kamen rider had a new cool looking form which is somewhat white and black-ish color. After see that new ranger and rider, i immediately change my favorite color to white! Through out the end of my primary school till early high school years, my favorite color has been white..

Now i dun really remember what happened during the interval.. but thru out my late high school days, for some reason i changed my favorite color to grey. I really dunno why.. from white to grey.. from such a happy  bright-ish color into a dull-ish color.. maybe cause during late high school days i started to feel the existance of emo-ness inside me.. Or maybe because i knew that white color stuffs are so easily to get stain on it, so change my color? Im not even sure myself.. lets just skip this part.. XP

And finally, when i came into college/uni days, my favorite color was black. Yeap, back to the old black color~ Now, many of you might think that the reason i like black was because black usually represents emo. Well, that half true. but if you actually think about, the black colour can match any kind of color and will still look nice. Just imagine, red black, yellow black, white black, etc.. all of them are pretty good looking colors! My sister's favorite color is also black as well, and she says that black is the universal color. It really has nothing much to do with this topic but she made the color 'black' sounds cool. XD

Therefore, you will usually see me in white inside and black jacket on the outside.. or maybe just black collar  or non-collar shirts with jeans. Yeah.. the style does sounds and looks alittle bit dull ( but its definately better than grey) but thats just me. XP

Why am i talking about this? I really dunno.. This is just a random topic that i wanna talk about.. There issit really much i can talk about to you guys since life at my side is pretty darn boring.. and of course, there are things going on but they are personal stuffs and most of them are not even mine! (im a kepochi, thats why i know so much. XP)

So tell me guys, whats your favorite color? And is there a little small story behind it? XP


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My First: The After Math (Part 5)

Finally the last part of the story of my first ever confession. If you guys have no idea whats going on and wanted to know what happen, click on any of these links and read part and part. X)

The Confession (Part 1)
The Rejection (Part 2)
The Flashback (Part 3)
The Apology (Part 4)

Before i start the after math story, i wanna apologized for taking sooo long for me to finish all the story. To be honest, there was never really a part 5 for this story. I was over ambitious and wanted to making the whole story into 5 parts just to sound more cooler. But the moment i wanted to blog about it, i couldnt figure out any parts of the story which i left out.. I was 'this' close to the extend to drop the plan of making a 'part 5' but just the other day, something happen and it created/became the part 5 of the story. Dont worry, its nothing bad and it makes the perfect finale. X)

So, lets continue our story RIGHT after the apology incident (part 4). Ever since the incident (please read the previous chapters to understand what the incident is) we didnt really talk much to each other anymore.. Both of us went our own way. We did text each other for a time period.. like for the first few months and after that.. vanish.. things between us just became quiet. It was like we both became strangers again..

Now, even know we both been through that long and dreadful drama together, deep down i still think of her once in awhile. (even until today. XP) Ever since that incident, and whatever that she have done.. I told myself never to forget this girl. So, i've been finding multiple ways to reach her. Like going over to her friends and ask them do they still keep contact with her and all. I even approach her bf to know how she was doing. (I bet the bf felt extremely annoyed. XD) I still get updates from them but until a certain period of time, the just updates just stop..

Everything was silent until it hitted college years.. One day, I overheard a few of my temple friends that are talking about this girl who was nice and beautiful. I was kepo-chi (busybody) so I went ahead and asked who are they talking about. Then they mentioned her name.. I was surprise and at the same time, happy.. After so long, i finally found a way reach her again.. So ever since the day i know that my friends are friends with her, i always come to sunday school and ask how is she doing and all.. and my friends would tell her how am i doing as well. basically, they are like the messager for both of us. XD

I remember the day when i first have my own skype account.. i was asking people to add me on facebook and she was one of the first few people who asked me to add her. Right after that, we had our very first skype conversation.. she was actually one of the very first people who have i a one-on-one video chat skype conversation. And that conversation we had, lasted pretty long.. if i didnt recall wrong, it was about 2 hours plus. XP

There were on and off moment.. she is busy with her college stuffs and im busy with my own.. but once in awhile we will skype conversation each other. After that, there was the meet up moment.. it was the day where me, her and my friends planned an outing together. That was the day that we officially meet each other again after 6 longs years. At the end of the outing, there was the moment that we both sat outside her college, chat while waiting for her parents to come and pick her up. It was just like the good old days when we are in high school. X)

Until this very day (It was actually a couple of few weeks ago) She was about to head to UK to peruse her studies. I knew that a long time ago but i just couldnt find the right time to get to hang out with her before she leave to UK. Besides, it was uni days so i've been busy doing my assignment half of the time.. therefore, i couldnt really plan anything special for her before she leaves..

In the end, the night before she flew to UK, i decided to call her and just talk.. I know it something really really small for a finale.. but at least this time, before she leaves, we both have a nice talk with each other.. So, we both talk and update each other on how we are doing so far and how both of us meet and back. We also talked about a couple of things that happen between both of us in the past that we dont even know.. It was story telling time.. XP

I remember back then i use to LIE to her and tell her that im waiting for my brother to fetch me from the front gate but the truth is, im always walking home from the back gate. The reason is pretty obvious, its to spend more time with her. Since both of us are in different classes back then and she is sooooo popular among the guys, talking to her was difficult and of course, who wouldnt wanna spend more time with someone they really like right?

But what i didnt know is.. one day, just like any other normal after school day.. i waited with her and talked to her at the front gate after school. Her mom came, pick her up, she left, i walk back to the back gate and walk home.. But that day, she left her water bottle at the front gate. So she asked her parents to turn around, head to the front gate to get the bottle. On the way to the front gate, she caught me walking back home.. And at that point, she probably knew that i had feelings for her already..

Another thing that she did reminded me was the 'hidden food in the drawer' incident.. Now, this is actually a pretty creepy story in my opinion.. if your in her point of view, you would find this extremely scary. (pre-warned. XD) Back then in high school.. she is very busy with her chinese society stuffs.. and she often doesnt have the time to go to canteen to eat something. (fyi, i got all these information from her friends. XP)

So, once in awhile.. i will buy something for her from the canteen and head to her classroom and place in right in her desk drawer. And when she comes back, she will find some small packs of food like friend fries or nuggets in her drawer with alittle note by me. Yeah.. creepy issint it? And in my opinion, thats probably the second hint for her to know that I liked her. Now come to think of it, did i ever get her into trouble? D8

Okay, some of you guys are asking me "Dude, whats with the jacket? Why are u wearing it all the time?" and i always answer "There is a special meaning behind this jacket.". Remember? Yeaps, the meaning behind the jacket has something to do with this girl. And many of you guys dont know about it, so im here to tell you guys the story. XP

Now, did say I couldnt reach her but i didnt say there was never once i didnt meet her anywhere or anytime before i found a way to reach her. I did meet her but we just didnt spend alot time together, mostly was just a random 'hi' and 'bye' incident and both of us will get back to what we are suppose to do. But for this story, it was alittle bit different..

After about 3 years after the incident, i manage to meet her again.. and how did we meet was very unexpected for both of us. It was the year of SPM, the exams that all form 5 students fear for their life. My mom got a free entry to a very famous SPM seminar in University Malaya and she decided to send me there ALONE. I was extremely reluctant to go cause i dont like going to these kind of functions and of course, going there without a partner will just be extremely boring..

Since she didnt tell me anything about it.. plus, i was sorta forced to go (cause my mom said so) she decided to make it up to me by bringing me for an early mamak breakfast before the the seminar. At the mamak, i notice a girl who looks extremely familiar.. but i didnt really bother about it cause i was not really in a good mood as i was not really looking forward to a lonely seminar by myself.. I didnt really have a very clear view of the girl as well.. so, dont bother.

I head for the seminar, listen to how lecturers are teaching us how to write a proper english essay.. bla bla bla.. and after a long 2 hours of seminar, i finally get to have my first seminar break.. I remember clearly that during the break, i was eating donuts on a stair case alone and suddenly i get a tapped on the back. When i turn around, there she is. She was very surprise to see me and so was I. Apparently, the girl who i saw  We talked alittle bit and she introduced her me to her friends. After that she invited me over to sit beside them during the seminar..

During the seminar she felt cold cause apparently we are sitting pretty close to the air con. So, i borrowed her my jacket for her to wear. (hero moment) And in the end, she wore the jacket for quite awhile and returned it to me after the seminar day. That was the first part of the story, the second part (which is pretty short) comes in when i found a way to reach her and during the outing with her and my friends. We went and watch a movie and again, she felt cold and at the same time, i was wearing the exact same jacket that day. So again, i borrowed her my jacket again. XP

Now the hidden meaning behind the jacket is not because i still have feelings for her, its because of the memories and lessons of life that she left behind me for me. She is the reason why i became little more stronger than i was last time. She is the reason of why i am alittle more matured than before. And the jacket is more like a reminder to myself, to remember what happened in the past, to not the same mistakes so that it will not happen again. I've hurt one good friend before and that jacket will tell me not to hurt another one again..X)

And that jacket sometimes gives me luck.. i dunno why.. but its like she freaking charmed the jacket or something. XD

Whatever that was told above was almost everything that we talked on the phone during the talk session before she head over to UK. We talked for so long that her phone battery died and i have to call her using my cell phone to call her back.. After a long 2~3 hours long of phone conversation we decided to end the conversation and head to bed. When i drop the call, i sighed.. not because of disappointment but relieve and satisfaction.. This time, i get to give her a proper farewell.. When i check my phone credit, it went from RM23+ down towards RM9+. I smiled and told myself that all of it, was worth it. X)

A couple of weeks after she flew to UK, it was her birthday. On her birthday I asked her for a skype call for that day and she agrees to chat on skype with me and set a time for us to skype. The time she set was a about 2am in Malaysia time but in UK time its 2pm in the afternoon. It was actually a good time for me since i have more time to get ready for our conversation and since it was her birthday, i decided to find something special for her.

I couldnt do anything much about the present part cause it was late, i could buy or make anything for her. So, i did was i USE to do best. Drawing. I drew a picture of her in the short 2 hours of last minute planning.. It didnt really turn out the way that i wanted it look like since it didnt really look exactly like her and the person that i drew could be anyone else. (really) and i was happy with it. X)

When we skyped, i uploaded the picture and send it to her. We both talked, update each other and then took a nice picture of each other thru skype.. It was funny and extremely fun at the same time. After chatting till about 4am in the morning.. we decided to end the conversation, i head to bed and she head to her table and study. And tell u guys to truth, that night i couldnt really sleep cause i was overwhelmed with happiness. XP

A picture of her that i drew in less than 2 hours. XP

The last picture that i took picture with each other before we end the covnersation. XP

And that officially concludes the story of "My First", i sincerely apologize that i took sooooo extremely long for me to finish such a short story. If i would tell u guys the story face to face, it would be alot more shorter than this one. XD

I hope you guys enjoyed the story and hopefully, some of you guys might learn a thing or two from this story.