Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First: The Flashbacks (Part 3)

If you have no idea what is going on? Or what this whole story in about, i really suggest you to start reading part 1 and part 2 first before reading this blog post. And if you have already read the first two parts of the story you may proceed on the next part. XP

Lets refresh ourselves, shall we? I stopped at the part where I got yell by the girl whom i've been trying my best to go after for the past 3 years.. All these happened thanks to my stupid immaturity mind which couldnt accept the fact that i was rejected badly.. Instead of finding a way to climb back up, i caused nothing but trouble and hurt my very close and dear friend..

Ever since that incident.. I never talked to her anymore.. I dont have the courage to face her anymore.. after what i've done, i never consider myself as a friend to her anymore. During this long period of time, more and more flashbacks of me and her are running thru my head..

Back when i was still friends/ going after her, i will always hang around in her class.. just to meet and spend some time with her. Sometimes i even skip class just to spend more time with her whenever there is no teacher in her class.. I still remember there was once i sat in her class even when the teacher is in the classroom. But i eventually got caught i immediately left the class.. That was a pretty funny and embarrassing incident. XP

I remember back then we used to know each other thru tuition.. i will always be sitting at the corner drawing and drawing and drawing.. (i was pretty anti social back then..) but she will come up to me and talked to me.. at first, i was really hard to communicate with her cause it was just too sudden. She sometimes compliment about my drawings and so once in awhile i will draw something for her. X)

Another flashback was when she came and surprise me infront of my house.. It was not really a planned surprise or anything. I was just a normal weekend day and i was having my evening nap before bball.. Now, i usually have a habit if im having a good nap and you wake me up for no particular reason, i will get into a horrible mood. So, that day my cousin woke me up in a very annoying way.. he was jumping at my bed asking him to wake up. I woke up and in a very very angry mood. My cousin told that she was here infront of my house to find me.

At first i was like.. Impossible.. Cause she lives so far and plus, she doesnt really know where i live as well. He told me in a very very suspicious way cause he was smiling and all. Sometimes, he wake me up cause my mom asked him to wake me up just because she doesnt want me take too long afternoon naps. I was already not in a good mood, so didnt really want to listen to what he has to say but he still keeps waking me up. I finally wake up and i was pissed.. i told him if the person infront of my house was not her, his dead.

I went down, look out and saw her.. it was actually her. She said 'hi' and waved at me. The moment I saw her i was complete awake, the horrible mood that i just had early gone. I couldnt believe my eyes that she was actually right infront of my house. I never even dream of seeing her infront of my house before! (maybe i did but i just dont remember.. anyways~)

Apparently, she was hanging out with her friend who lives EXTREMELY near my house (it was like 2 mins walk kind of near) and she wanted to pay me a visit at the same time. I was not prepared for anything (like always) so i decided to introduce my doggie to her. Back then, Jasper was still alive and he was aggressive as ever so he was not stranger friendly. I was having a really hard time calming Jasper down to get along with her. But she was amazing.. she was sooo calm and she keeps trying to pat his head altho he just keeps barking at her. She was not afraid of Jasper at all! Finally, after attempting multiple times, she finally get to pat Jasper's head.

After that, we left Jasper back at home and both of us went for a short walk until her parents came and pick her up. After she left.. I went home and gave Jasper a pat on the head for being a good boy. I remember clearly i asked Jasper this.. "Hey Jasper did you like her? Cause i do. X)" i also  remember that it was raining after she left, so I couldnt go basketball but it doesnt matter anymore cause her surprise just totally made my day. X)

After going thru all the flashback.. i realise what i did was just stupid and self fish.. nothing could describe how stupid my actions are. She was such an awesome girl.. even if we are not bf or gf, she is still an awesome friend. And i just blew the whole thing up.. (i could really talk about how stupid i was back then all day. XD)

Although i didnt talk to her personally and all but i did talk to her friends.. of course, i apologize to them about all the yelling and insulting i did. (i still feel bad) I will always talk to her friends just to know how is she doing once in awhile.. Sometimes, i will hide at the corner just to check (stalk) how is she doing.. and she always seem so fine and happy.. Which kinda makes me alittle relieve seeing her at least feeling better and not really affect by the incident..

Everything was going the same way for a couple of weeks.. until one day, when i asked her friends about her one of her friend told me that she is going to transfer to another high school. After hearing the news, i was shocked.. Could this be the end of us? Is there really not a chance to even be friends again?



Sorry it took so long to finish this one part.. I promise part 4 will be up immediately. Cause i actually finished part 4 before i finish part 3. XP Spoiler alert, part 4 is the final part of the story.. BUT there total of 5 parts of the story. Enjoy~ XD

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