Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surprise! Im Working~

I know some of you guys are actually expecting the part 3 of "My First" blog post. Sorry, that its not up yet until right now and im sorry that i MIGHT not be up anytime soon..

Like ALWAYS i have my reasons.. So hear me out alright? XP

First of all, as you all know that im on holidays right now. (okay, maybe u guys dont know cause i mention about it in any of the blog post) instead of sitting down at home playing or going out all night like a boss, my parents demand me to get a job.

I wasnt sure what kind of job im really interested in at the moment.. im too lazy for jobs that have to participate everyday, work ur life out and get really really unsatisfying pays. I like doing events but my brother is current out of events for me to do.. (regret not asking him to book a spot for me) Until one day, my friend Zhen Whei called me and offered me a job. It was the kind of job that u have to start working from 8am to 5pm in the evening, its paid by hours, the work place will have no internet access, only an old working computer for you and it involves alot of data entering and office stuffs which totally sounds like something that I would be attracted with. But the pay for the job is really good and according to him the work load is VERY VERY LITTLE (capital letters to show how extreme im talking about here)

Since it sounded so interesting and relaxing, i thought of giving it a shot since they only want me for 2 weeks. And so far, i've working great! I having lots of fun there working with my friends. Now, i've been working in the office like a office boy, (at least i feel like one) Doing paper shredding, data entries, printing, setting up computers, stick addresses on envelops.. its a pretty fun job since Zhen Whei and another friend of mine, Shu Mei is working there with me as well. XP

Oh oh oh, i didnt tell you guys about the best part of this job! My work place is around my previous college.. HELP University College! 8D Its like SUPER NEAR the degree building for HELP students.. I was totally excited with the job cause who knows, i might get to meet some of my friends there? So far i did met a few and its only day two of my job. XD

There is one draw back thou.. i have to take the stupid, retarded, annoying, late coming, worst but experiencing, U82 bus. I thought things would have change with the timing and the people who are sitting in the bus.. but Nooooooo~ boy was i wrong.. i didnt change one bit.. Journey to my work place and going back going to be the same old pain the ass again.. DX

Alright, guess I wont be bloggin that often even thou its holidays.. but dont worry, i will always remember to tweet and update around weekends. (im free on weekends) so till then, hope you guys still once in a blue moon come and visit my blog yeah?

Owh, i forgot to tell you guys another BEST thing about the office, its probably the BEST-EST thing i've experience la.. the job got free candies and milo.. and when i say candies, i dont mean cheap pasar candies.. im talking Marz, M&M, Snickers, etc.. yeaps.. i get to eat at least 2 of it if i have the chance.. XP

Yeah.. you all better be jealous. XD


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