Friday, July 31, 2009

Im temporailly Back!!

Im like MIA these days cause the com still got pincoded and my brother has been pretty strict with me these days. So strict that he has to take away the PSP from me! D8 No more Monster Hunter again.. Ish..

Now i go home is like aimless already.. well usually i will think of what monster to kill for monster hunter but since i cant play it anymore.. im like aimless.. trying to learn some new song in guitar but no song to hear. Trying to make a new song but no inspiration.

Seriously.. i feel like die-ing at home. I need to go out and do something!! ANYTHING BUT STUDYING!!! Go sit on the streets also better than staying at home.

I've been pretty emo these days.. didnt you notice?? Well life is pretty okay with me.. but today just suck real bad..

I was having Driving lesson today and i keep mati enjine today.. Uncle got pissed a little bit. I just cant use my leg in different kind of direction. One up and One down very susah.. Plus today i got hon-ned by some malay dude. But uncle was nice.. He shouted "Eh, tak nampak orang lesen L arh!?" *salutes* Seriously.. fark that malay fella!! XD

I dont find driving fun.. not a all..

Thats not all.. my sister pissed my mom off when she was in a very very bad mood. BOOM!! There goes the atomic boom. Victims?? Me, My dad even Jasper (my dog) was the victim. Got scold for no reason.

But not all things are bad. I get to meet my sunday school friends tomorrow!! 8D Going for basketball with them again!! Im soooo happy until i couldnt even go to sleep now!! XD

"She" was sick for 3 days.. Weirdly.. I was worried for that moment.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Lets make this quick and smooth~


In the morning suppoe to for badmintion with Nat, Huiee, WeiSoong and someother people who i dont knw.. but all in the sudden canceled. Ish.. But i went for a basketball game with my sunday school seniors!! One word.. FUN!!! And i meet the new girl in sunday school already. FINALLY!! XD

Nat and I went for a quick monster hunting.. was smoothly dont but i got over confident and died a few times. Ish..

I was suppose i got for a Dinner with my classmates but the evil mama of mine say that i cannot go cause she have plans for us already. Ish.. Potong Steam..

Honesly, im sad cause i miss most of the fun and FOOD!!.. and its my last year with them.. DANG!!! But still i was lucky that i missed a few things.. Couple Dare.. Heres what i mean..

Call me a Pussy!!! But this is just waaaay over my limits! XD

Lisa asked me this question before..

If is you last day in this school. What will you do??

My Answer.

I will play the song that i wrote about my class. X)

(If i can finish the song la. XP)


No sunday school again X(.. but YanLeng temaned me. XD No, she didnt come to my house. No, I didnt got to her house. But she teman me not going sunday school only. XD Good enought for me! XD Its called and Indirectly Teman. XD

My first Driving Lesson man!! Woohoooo!!! Im finally "L"!! Officalled. And the lucky part is i got a great tutor!! A very good old man!! Very nice.. so far..

The thing abt me is.. everything is okay. The turning, changing gear, breaks but.. the only thing that i screw up everytime is starting to making the car move. My dad and Bro say is very normal for first timer, so i guess im not the odd one. XP

So far sooo good. XP Back to Guitar!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

How am I??

Wassup people!? havent been really updating my blog. Well, what to do?? Got Pincoded and got cornered by my mom and bro. The only thing that i can do is PSP-ing. X)

Lets start of with some Monster Hunter news.. lets see.. I killed Naruga Kuruga, Tigerx and even Rajang. Now i got a new opponent. His size is almost as large as Lao Shan Lung, just slighty smaller and he actually attacks you unlike Lao which doesnt even look at you. This monster is called Akantor.
Yeap this big and cool ass monster is called Akantor. And let me tell you his very tricky and strong. Attack as easy to dodge but once u got hit by one.. POOF!! 1/3 of your life gone. But once u got dragon element weapons and a partner to help u out. Killing him shouldnt be a problem. Nat and I killed it 3 times in one day. XD

Since im highly intrested with Akantor.. I made a Full Set Armor of it. Yeap, it looks fat but strong!! For girls.. they will look very fat in it. but for guys they look very muscular. XD here take a look at it.

Yeap that its. (Btw, that person in the picture is not my character) and the weapon that he is holding is Akantor Greatsword. Damm huge right?? Its attack is very strong but its sharpness is blunt like shit. Yellow sharpness only. But if you wear Akantor Full Set, the sharpness will turn green due to the armor's ability.

Whats next?? I really dont knw.. just trying my best to upgrade my Hunter Rank only. Learning how to use Greatsword. XP

Enough about games..

Lets take a shows/movies now!! XD I started watching Gossip Girl. Why?? Heres the story why..

One day i entered Celine's Blog (you can spot her link in my blog link list) and in Celine's blog, there are videos of this show called Gossip Girl. So since im free, i took a quick look.. then at the same time my brother came home and took over the computer. I didnt close the link to Celine's blog and my brother saw. So he go play one of the Gossip Girl videos. Then.. he was staring at the video for quite some time. The he suddent ask me.."eh, what show is this i wanna watch." Long story is all thanks to Celine. XD

So thats the whole story. My brother got intrested in Gossip Girl all in a sudden and i get to watch the show. People say the show is freaking nice.. i cant disagree with that. The show IS nice!! XD I betray you, You betray me. Also.. FULL of revenge revenge revenge. The best and important part of all. The girls inside are hot.. XP

All the characters in Gossip Girl.

I like Serena. (the blondy) Why?? cause i dont really like the Blair and Jenny. I like Chuck Bass. (not in the picture) Why?? cause his the coolest looking guy and also the guy with the most sexiest voice. Dont get me wrong.. Im not gay.. Im PURE!!

You Know You Love Me.
XOXO Gossip Girl!! XD


I watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Lots of people say its not nice.. but i disagree with that. This time's harry potter was GOOD. Im good with the movies. Plus its quite chi gek. XP The story is just beutiful~ X) but the ending is like HUH!? Like that only arh?

Emma!! She has grown sooo much.. she was pretty when she was young and now i think shes hot!! (everybody does) Hotter then the other girl who act as Ginny. (whoever that person is) but i keep thinking.. Why Ron?? XD

I think that all of today~ Weee~~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I totally ROCK in This!!

Played monster hunter again and again.. finally! I reach the exact same speed like Nat already!! (nya~nya~). No, Wait.. correction.. i think im far more better than Nat!!! Muahaha! *nose turns tall*

I finally slaned Naruga Kuruga!! Wait, you guys dont know whats that? let me refresh you guys..
Yeap, this is the farker.. looks like tigerx issint?? But this is waaaaaaaay easier to kill. Killing him was a piece of cake. (and i thought it would be hard) wan proves?? Take a look..

Saw that!? Still cant see??

Nah~ Saw that! I farking kill him!!

Tigerx is always my favourite dragon in Monster Hunter. Since now my Hunter Rank is higher. I have to kill 2 farking strong Tigerx at once. Killing one is a royal pain in the ass but two?? Die la.. But i manage to pull through. X)

I remember this guy?? Its called Rajang. When i played Freedom 2, i have problems killing it. But in 2nd G i manage to finish the mission. 8D I didnt actually kill him but i catch it. XP Make life alot easier. I told myself.. never fight this farker alone again.

The best part of the game is, I got new and cool armors!! 8D Check it out!

This is my OLD tigerx armor..

This is my new one!! 8D Looks more spiky. Getting this armor was a royal pain in the ass.. But worth it. X)

Next is my Naruga Kuruga armor!! The armor ability is quite useful. I get to dodge more attacks!! (dodge distance increase) 8D Thus I even got the weapon of Naruga Kuruga, Hidden Blade. Critical 50% and sharpness white!! Freaking awessome! Thus i equip Quick Eating abilty in the armor!! 8D Getting this armor and weapon and the abitly took me 1 and a half days to get it. Fuh..

Opss!! Gotta go guys~ Mom and Dad hunting me down!!
(Golden Rajang- Dad) (Black Rajang- Mom) (Hunter- Me)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Am I??

Lets see.. im feeling awfully fine these days.. Still live on with life and of course im still alive.

I just notice that im 1st placing in dragonica in class. XD Nat and I both are first placing in dragonica. Well its just some worthless placing that wont really help us in studies. (Btw, im only lvl 29)

Im back with monster hunter!! My brother being paranoid?? Well.. the truth is i curi curi put in the game and walah!! Im playing it now!! XD You dont tell, I dont tell and he dont read this blog then no one will know. XD

YuMing stop stalking at people!!
! Yeap, im saying this to myself. I have to destroy this stalking people habit. People my think is okay but for me... i just felt so sin-ed!! D8 Stop Stalking.. erm.. lets just say its bad for the brain. XD

Playing Monster hunter with Nat alot these days. Finally, Nat is a better Monster Hunter player already. More capable and also his much more faster then me. But of course i believe im still better then him!! Right nat!? XD

NEVER EVER let Ranee knw that you have LocoLoco (whatever that spells) in your PSP!! Beware people.. ever seen a pegawas snatch a PSP and play?? Ranee is the example. XD

Had English and Add-Maths test these week. Add-maths is shit but english?? Was the HARDEST shit I ever did!! Its not as hard as addmaths but its still shit!! D8 I have to really really bulk up in my studies.

"I wish that theres no such thing as SPM" says YanLeng.

Yeap me too Yanleng.. sobs..

Speaking BM in classs.. yeap not English but BM!! XD Why?? Cause to help my very beloved *coughs coughs* friend, Nathanael in his BM. So speaking BM might (might..) help right?? XP

Learning lots of songs on the guitar these days. I use to dont like "The Climb" but after hearing it over and over again. I think the song is okay la.. so i learned the guitar!! XD

You talked to me once.. so.. are you not talking to me anymore??

Tomorrow Maths exams.. can la.. XD

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Class FUN~ XD

Okay heres something which i've been doing for the past few days in school..

First, im doing a "heartless or heartful" test among my classmates. Still dont get it?? Just continue reading on and you might understand.

I've been walking around the class being very very LOA and telling each person one by one this, I told them "(person's name), WeiSoong bully me!!!" (actually he didnt really bully me, just making it up! XD) whats next?? i will wait and see what will they react. Yeap and i did that to everyone in the class! XD So lets see is my class heartless or heartful.

Okay is proven.. that most of my classmates didnt really help much. Most of them even laughed at me. XD Lets see the results.

75% of them react like this.
"Yeah... so??" or "Em, okay." or "Uh huh."

20% of them react like this.
"Good job WeiSoong!" or *Claps claps*

5% of them react like this.
"WeiSoong you come here now!! Im gonna punch you!"

Yeah... so.. what do you think? XD Okay, if it was you.. what will you do??

Oh ya, among the 5% of them are Nicholas, Kaarthik, Nathanael and Racheal.
Nicholas: "WeiSoong, you see this fist here, its going right into your face man!"
Kaarthik: "WeiSoong!! Stop bullying him arh!! You think you chinese i scared you arh!?"
Racheal: "Aiyo.. WeiSoong how can you do that.."
Narthanael: "Oi!! WeiSoong!! Why you bully my dog!!!"

Okay mayb Nat's one doesnt count..

Thats not the only FUN thing that i've being doing in class.. we also played "Chi Ku Pa" and its not any normal "Chi Ku Pa" its a DARE Chi Ku Pa. The game is very simple.. very very simple..

-Example: 8 people are playing in a game.
-Sits in a circles.
-Starts Chi Ku Pa-ing by going one same direction.
-Among the 8 people, 1 will win and 7 will lose.
-The losers must remember the number placing that they died.
-Simply choose a person who is not involve with the game in class (that person must not be observing the game) to pick a number from 1 to 7.
-The number of the person choosen is the person if will take in the DARE.

Simple issint it?? I did all kinds of they in the one week.. i got 3 dares..
1. Breath very hardly beside Karman.
2. Act like your driving in the class and round the whole class 2 rounds.
3. Put Racheal's pencil box accesory into my shirt until she says stop!!

So far i got lucky for that week.. XD the best part of the game is you have 1/7 chance to get dared. XD Freaking funny game.

So far these are my funniest days in my class. X)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its OUT!!!

Yeap its out.. one of my favourite game all time is out out out!! Woohooo!! Guess what game issit?? Its the game that i've been waiting for so so so long!!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is OUT!! 8D

Yeap. i didnt know until i saw it on youtube. If is square enix company impossible that they will spoil the whole battle systems including hidden characters. SO Its proven that its not a gameplay from square-enix. The game is really FARKING out! 8D

After watching some gameplays all i can say abt this time's KH is.. simple. Doesnt mean the game is simple, the system of the game is just simple. Not much combos that you can do in this game. Thats the saddest part of all. But the limit breaks are diffinately not dissapointing!! Yeap there are limit breaks in this time's kingdom hearts!! Finally!!

The storyline of this game is rate 9.7/10 from gamefax. So it defaintely wont be dissapointing. X) the best part of the game is you can play in multi different characters!! 8D Yeap all organization 13 including Mickey, Riku, Coated Roxas and even Sora!! The only characters that you cant play is Xion (the new girl character) and also Xemnas.

This time's 358/2 days ending is not very beutiful.. Xion died and also the friendship between Axel and Roxas breaks.. the whole thing is just damm sad la.. Thus in the end in KH2.. Roxas will die as well and Axel will scarifice himself. All the 3 good friends.. die. Sad..

Bye bye Xion.

Bye bye friendship.

Okay enough of tears and everything, lets get down to the gameplay!!

First to proof that the game is really out.. Take a look at this.

Was i right?? Was i right that this game was out!! Muahahaha!! Okay now, im going to just show one gameplay of the game only since i dont wanna spoil the whole story to you guys. XP So take a look at this..

Believe me or not but this is the final part of the game already. The sad part is they said that you only can use Roxas Dual Wielder Keyblade form (also known as Coated Roxas) at the end of the game only. No, No, NO the final boss is not Riku. Believe me is not..

Awesome right the game!? 8D 358/2 days is out already.. now all im waiting is for Birth By Sleep. Which is rumored to come out next year. FARK!!! But i dont care i can play 358/2 days then enough ady. XP

This is Tetsuya Nomura.

I dont have a DS?? Yeap true i dont have DS but no worries, i got emulator mah!! *grims* all im worried is where to find the game and also hopefully my emulator can support la. X)

Back to Dragonica. X)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

YUI Tan is BACK!!

Yeap, like i mention at the title, YUI Tan is BACK!! Woohoooo!!

YUI Tan can sing again already.. woohooo~ wanna know whose the hero of YUI Tan's voice?? He is.. Bryan Fong!! XD I owe him big time lar for helping to buy a new guitar strings. (of course i still owe him the money. XP) In the mean time, Bryan also brought a new beutiful guitar!! It looks something like Yui's one. Seriously.. I shall name his guitar then. Its shall be call Banana Jr!! XD

Now im going to make music and noises at home again!! Woohoooo!!!

Do you know that when yur emo, you will have more inspiration to write another new song. Few days ago i was in emo condition (due to some reason) and i got a melody stuck in my head and waaalah!! I made another set of chords for my another new song!! I even made the plucking this new song. I even figure out how to put violin, drums and electro inside. What i had in mind this time is make accoustic version and also a rocking type. BIG dream eh?? XD Im very free these days.. but i believe this song is gonna be good.. i think..

Since i got this song through emo-ness guess its going to be a little bit emo lyrics i guess.. XP Currently naming it "Broken Kite"

Trailes is like coming and im not really putting effort in my studies.. not a single bit!!! I did touch the books but not for long later.. POMP!! ZzZzZzZzZz... Still think i got hope??

My brother band me from playing Monster Hunter, cause he thinks that i will break the analog stick just like what i did last time on my first PSP. Im not mad that i cannot play.. but dont u think his a little bit paranoid? ~.~

Did i mention that i curi-curi go sunday school on the 7/7/09?? Well actually i did and i dont care what my mom says.. but its an important class trip that i MUST participate. Dun care what ever my mom says la..

Heres a little video about our class trip. Btw, its a trip to Taman Megah's Beutiful Gate. Sounds familiar?? Take a look then..

I get to meet my friends, sing, play guitar and gain merits. Those are the best part of the trip. X)

You dont treat me like the way you do.. or issit just me??

Back to Konon-nya studying~ XD

Friday, July 3, 2009

I MIss You Guys..

For now.. this post.. lets do a little less typo and more pictures.. kay?? X)

I never and also havent post any pictures about Nalanda competition to you guys to see eh?? Well heres some of it!! X)

The crowds and Supporters..

The stars!!! You can easily spot me one la~ Spot me! Spot me!

Me and Guitar in Action!!! (thats not YUI Tan, its John Jr.) XD The star guitarist!! Oh, and the right is WuiTing. Our star solo singer!! X)

Our star joker, John!! XD And behide (the girl on the right) is our star perasan XinYi. XP

Honestly, i never take pictures with YanLeng before.. and this is the first one!! XD The similarity is both of us dont smile!! XD They dont call us Brother and Sister for nothing~

Beside Nat and Huiee, John and Suelyn are one of the weirdest couples i've ever meet!! XD But doesnt mean both of them are weird.. XD

What i miss the most is..

This day~ X) Hope it can come again.. X)

Of course i also got miss something else.. not just sunday school thingy.. but they are first in line.. XP

I miss YUI as well!! I havent been really hearing her songs. Only sing.

Merajuk face.. KAWAI~DESU!! XD

Smile... ahh... much better. X)

Something nothing to do with the post:
Natumi made a new and nice song.. LOVE IT!! Its about time i repair my guitar strings and make songs again.. X)

Missing you guys still dont work out for me.. lets meet!! X) Im going to see you guys soon.. very very soon. X)

Back to Dragonica and Monster Hunt!! XD

Thursday, July 2, 2009

These Days + Game Results

Alot of things happend lately.. well im just lazy to blog and also dont have the chance to blog. Lazy is because i need to train my Dragonica char and dont have the chance is because of Pincoded com. Isshhhhh..

National Service?? NS?? Nope not at all!!! Yes, i didnt kena NS.. everyone was like asking me here and there and also some of them also wish that i kena.. well sadly people, i didnt kena!! XD Nya~Nya!!

RKA/Opening/Report card day was like yesterday. Dad came and pick me up.. my mom was like "you have to go and take!!!" who is she saying it to?? my dad. XD My dad tried to scold me but in the end he just made some pratical jokes in then end both of us laughed. XD My mom?? She didnt have the chance to see my report card. Nya~Nya~ Another lucky day!!

2 ceremah we had in school these days.. one is abt stress and another one is about communication. The talk abt Stress is slightly more intresting.. It makes us think MORE positive. Well this is the word of wisdom which i created myself after the talk. (honestly from me myself)

Today is a Bad Day, Tomorrow will Good Day.
Today is a Good Day, Tomorrow will a Better Day.

Sounds wisdom?? XP

I finally got True Devil Slicer in MH2G! XD Whats next?? I need a stronger armor.. and i have just the armor in mind.. Khezu armor.. yeap the dick headed monster armor. XD Okay nvm abt that..

Playing monster hunter with Nat is FUN. Cause both of use the same armor, use the same weapon and also make the same amount of noise. XD Well killing monsters here and there with Nat sure is alot easier since his always the victim. Anyways.. he wont get any strong then me one la. XD

Killed Tigerx, Killed Shen-GaoRen, Killed Lao Shan Lung, whose next??
Yeap his next.. *grims*

I finally made out my change job for Dragonica ady. Assasin or Jester?? My choice.. Jester!! XD Jester sounds stupid.. but its and awesome job!! Its AOE skils are like no joke at all!! Kicks ass!!! So i changed my job into Jester!! XD

FYI: Those who are playing Dragonica, feel free to add me as buddy when im online. server: Elga. Name: ExDeath.

Prove how strong is Jester?? Take a look..

Need i say more??

I just notice that im one of the top 3 dragonica players in my class. (not in the school so geng la) well im going to catch up la!!
Bye.. Meow.. Bye. X)