Friday, July 24, 2009

How am I??

Wassup people!? havent been really updating my blog. Well, what to do?? Got Pincoded and got cornered by my mom and bro. The only thing that i can do is PSP-ing. X)

Lets start of with some Monster Hunter news.. lets see.. I killed Naruga Kuruga, Tigerx and even Rajang. Now i got a new opponent. His size is almost as large as Lao Shan Lung, just slighty smaller and he actually attacks you unlike Lao which doesnt even look at you. This monster is called Akantor.
Yeap this big and cool ass monster is called Akantor. And let me tell you his very tricky and strong. Attack as easy to dodge but once u got hit by one.. POOF!! 1/3 of your life gone. But once u got dragon element weapons and a partner to help u out. Killing him shouldnt be a problem. Nat and I killed it 3 times in one day. XD

Since im highly intrested with Akantor.. I made a Full Set Armor of it. Yeap, it looks fat but strong!! For girls.. they will look very fat in it. but for guys they look very muscular. XD here take a look at it.

Yeap that its. (Btw, that person in the picture is not my character) and the weapon that he is holding is Akantor Greatsword. Damm huge right?? Its attack is very strong but its sharpness is blunt like shit. Yellow sharpness only. But if you wear Akantor Full Set, the sharpness will turn green due to the armor's ability.

Whats next?? I really dont knw.. just trying my best to upgrade my Hunter Rank only. Learning how to use Greatsword. XP

Enough about games..

Lets take a shows/movies now!! XD I started watching Gossip Girl. Why?? Heres the story why..

One day i entered Celine's Blog (you can spot her link in my blog link list) and in Celine's blog, there are videos of this show called Gossip Girl. So since im free, i took a quick look.. then at the same time my brother came home and took over the computer. I didnt close the link to Celine's blog and my brother saw. So he go play one of the Gossip Girl videos. Then.. he was staring at the video for quite some time. The he suddent ask me.."eh, what show is this i wanna watch." Long story is all thanks to Celine. XD

So thats the whole story. My brother got intrested in Gossip Girl all in a sudden and i get to watch the show. People say the show is freaking nice.. i cant disagree with that. The show IS nice!! XD I betray you, You betray me. Also.. FULL of revenge revenge revenge. The best and important part of all. The girls inside are hot.. XP

All the characters in Gossip Girl.

I like Serena. (the blondy) Why?? cause i dont really like the Blair and Jenny. I like Chuck Bass. (not in the picture) Why?? cause his the coolest looking guy and also the guy with the most sexiest voice. Dont get me wrong.. Im not gay.. Im PURE!!

You Know You Love Me.
XOXO Gossip Girl!! XD


I watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Lots of people say its not nice.. but i disagree with that. This time's harry potter was GOOD. Im good with the movies. Plus its quite chi gek. XP The story is just beutiful~ X) but the ending is like HUH!? Like that only arh?

Emma!! She has grown sooo much.. she was pretty when she was young and now i think shes hot!! (everybody does) Hotter then the other girl who act as Ginny. (whoever that person is) but i keep thinking.. Why Ron?? XD

I think that all of today~ Weee~~