Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Lets make this quick and smooth~


In the morning suppoe to for badmintion with Nat, Huiee, WeiSoong and someother people who i dont knw.. but all in the sudden canceled. Ish.. But i went for a basketball game with my sunday school seniors!! One word.. FUN!!! And i meet the new girl in sunday school already. FINALLY!! XD

Nat and I went for a quick monster hunting.. was smoothly dont but i got over confident and died a few times. Ish..

I was suppose i got for a Dinner with my classmates but the evil mama of mine say that i cannot go cause she have plans for us already. Ish.. Potong Steam..

Honesly, im sad cause i miss most of the fun and FOOD!!.. and its my last year with them.. DANG!!! But still i was lucky that i missed a few things.. Couple Dare.. Heres what i mean..

Call me a Pussy!!! But this is just waaaay over my limits! XD

Lisa asked me this question before..

If is you last day in this school. What will you do??

My Answer.

I will play the song that i wrote about my class. X)

(If i can finish the song la. XP)


No sunday school again X(.. but YanLeng temaned me. XD No, she didnt come to my house. No, I didnt got to her house. But she teman me not going sunday school only. XD Good enought for me! XD Its called and Indirectly Teman. XD

My first Driving Lesson man!! Woohoooo!!! Im finally "L"!! Officalled. And the lucky part is i got a great tutor!! A very good old man!! Very nice.. so far..

The thing abt me is.. everything is okay. The turning, changing gear, breaks but.. the only thing that i screw up everytime is starting to making the car move. My dad and Bro say is very normal for first timer, so i guess im not the odd one. XP

So far sooo good. XP Back to Guitar!!