Friday, July 31, 2009

Im temporailly Back!!

Im like MIA these days cause the com still got pincoded and my brother has been pretty strict with me these days. So strict that he has to take away the PSP from me! D8 No more Monster Hunter again.. Ish..

Now i go home is like aimless already.. well usually i will think of what monster to kill for monster hunter but since i cant play it anymore.. im like aimless.. trying to learn some new song in guitar but no song to hear. Trying to make a new song but no inspiration.

Seriously.. i feel like die-ing at home. I need to go out and do something!! ANYTHING BUT STUDYING!!! Go sit on the streets also better than staying at home.

I've been pretty emo these days.. didnt you notice?? Well life is pretty okay with me.. but today just suck real bad..

I was having Driving lesson today and i keep mati enjine today.. Uncle got pissed a little bit. I just cant use my leg in different kind of direction. One up and One down very susah.. Plus today i got hon-ned by some malay dude. But uncle was nice.. He shouted "Eh, tak nampak orang lesen L arh!?" *salutes* Seriously.. fark that malay fella!! XD

I dont find driving fun.. not a all..

Thats not all.. my sister pissed my mom off when she was in a very very bad mood. BOOM!! There goes the atomic boom. Victims?? Me, My dad even Jasper (my dog) was the victim. Got scold for no reason.

But not all things are bad. I get to meet my sunday school friends tomorrow!! 8D Going for basketball with them again!! Im soooo happy until i couldnt even go to sleep now!! XD

"She" was sick for 3 days.. Weirdly.. I was worried for that moment.