Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Second (Part 3): Round 2, Lets Go!

For this blogpost, i will not be mentioning names.. I shall be describing the girl of my first confession as 'first' and then second one (who is the main character of this story) as 'second'. I like to keep things alittle private and mysterious. XP Oh and pre-warned that this is going to be one hell of a long post.. Therefore the entire story will be split into multiple parts (roughly around 5 parts or lesser, depending on my mood)

If you are interested in knowing 'The First Confession' story.. Here is the link for you to start reading from part one. Fear not, the story of the first doesnt have much relation to the second one.. So, not reading the first one is fine. (but of course, it would be better and nicer of you if you were to read it! XD)

The Story of The First: 

For those of you who have missed the first part here the is link to read it! X)

The Second (Part 1): The Meeting & Knowing
The Second (Part 2): The Pathetic Chase
Previously in "The Second", despite how pathetic and awful my chase was in high school, some one up there decided to gimme a chance to redeem myself. 'Second' was going to the same college as I am.. And with the rumors saying that she would only want to get into a relationship after high school, means that I might actually have a shot at things.. Basically, things are just about to get very interesting.. XP

The story of us in college all started on Orientation Day. Back when I was in HELP, I joined a society called Social Sphere which is something like a student counsel group kind of thing. Anyways, one of our job as a Social Sphere memeber is to help out for the Orientation day such as being a tour guide, settling the registry and etc.. I volunteered myself to be in the tour guide section, so that I see my juniors and more importantly, see 'second' and hopefully become her tour guide. XP

At first I wanted to pick a group where 'second' was in.. But later on, I found out that we are not given the chance to pick the groups that we are going to tour guiding. Which means, everything is gonna go random.. To be honest, I was a little disappointing but a job is a job.. Well at least I could see my future juniors or about someone interesting (which will be introduced later on in the story..)

Group by group, students are walking out from the auditorium to meet their tour guide. And then, it was my turn to meet the group of college students.. One by one unfamiliar face gather around and stood infront of me.. Then, I saw one of the last few person who walked out from the hall was her! 8D (Seriously, all of this might sound like some magical korean drama stuffs BUT it really did happen!) I was alittle bit nervous cause I was my first time bringing a bunch of college students for a tour guide of a college that honestly im not very familiar with as well. But anyone would be EXTRA nervous when one of the people who are tour guided is your crush. No worries, everything went well and according to 'second', I did a good job being a tour guide that day. XP

And after that day, begins the story of both of us in HELP and of course my round 2 chase for 'second'. XP Now, I wouldnt say that my chase improved tremendously after high school.. but I have to say my chance and opportunities are just much better compared to last time. I get to meet her more often and spend more time with her compared to last time. And more importantly, not love rivals (i think) around to intercept or demoralize me but myself! >XD

Sometimes, when she would be alone around the corridor doing her assignment, I would just sit beside her just to keep her company. She will sometimes ask "Wont you feel bored sitting beside me, watching me studying?". Every time she ask me that, I would either not answer her or I would give her an excuse like "Im waiting for a friend" just so I could spend some time with her. I can just sit down there and do nothing but pay close attention to her and not feel bored about it at all.

Being in the same college and same course also means that we would have a chance on having same classes with one another. Now, throughout my entire foundation years with her, I have never had a class with her.. We have same subjects but just in a different class.. But still, We would share tips for quizes with each other about the subject and together-gather be paranoid before the quiz. If we have a same lecturer with a same subject, we would share little bits of stories of what happen in the class and give heads up to one another if the lecturer is not in a good mood that day. X)

Of course, walking was still the thing for both of us even in college. When both of us have breaks or have nothing to do, we would walk the entire HELP main campus corridor  We will walk and talk all the way to end of the corridor and after that all the way back to the main entrance again.. this process will repeat about 2 times until one of us gets tired and decided to sit down and continue the conversation. Sometimes, we would take the bus home together and I'll walk her home after that. And of course, the other thing that really didnt change one bit, is the awkward silent moments.. At least the more we talk, the number of awkward silence decreases. XP

Basically, spending time with her in college was just amazing.. I have never been this close to someone I like.. Not even compare to 'first'. But eventho I feel that both of us are doing very well keep close to each other, i was still uncertain about the timing to confess to her. I was very cautious about her feelings towards. We are close, but are we close to the extend that we are more than just normal close friends? It would just be waaaay to risky to just confess without are solid reliable comfirmation but at the same time, it would be a waste of time if i dont do something about it as foundation is only a one year course.

My friends around me thinks that we are close enough to be in a relationship already.. but that is just coming from my friends. They could be just saying nice things to boost my confidence. Thru out this whole time with her in HELP, there was a flaw in my chase.. which is not getting close to any of her close friends in college. If I was close to any of her college friends, I could at least get a clearer understanding of her feelings. But since I didnt take much effort to get close to pretty much any of her close friends, I was suffering in confusion.. until prom night..

Prom night was pretty amazing.. The theme, the food, the music, the entertainment its pretty good I would have to say. Maybe its I've never experience prom night before. (Yes, that was my very first prom night) But anyways, the key point of the story was she attended the prom night as well. The theme of the night was "Beaute Et La Mode", which means something like 'fashion is beauty' (i cant really remember. DX) and so, I was one of the models who is going to be doing the fashion show for the night.. So, in other words, it was a pretty busy night for me.. But thru out the whole time, I couldnt wait to get the job done and go out and meet my friends. The other thing was, I couldnt help thinking how would she look like in her dress? XD

The moment I was done with the performance, I change my cloths in the proper suit up attire and immediately head towards the hall where everyone was at. After that, I was assign with a second job which is to walk around and talk to people (something I do best~ XD) to check and see how are they doing for the night. And then, I saw her. She was sitting at a table with all her friends.. and any guys that saw their crush in prom dress would probably say the same thing.. "She was beautiful". It was the first time I've ever seen her dress up that way. She was so beautiful to the extend that I actually became shy to even walk up to her and talk to her.

Normally, at the end of prom night, they shud have those lovely dovey slow dancing music playing for people to dance with someone they like.. but our prom night did something known as the after party. Instead of playing slow dancing song, the DJ plays hardcore club dancing music. I wanted to ask her out on to the dance floor dance or maybe just move around since she never have this kind of dancing experience before. But she didnt want to cause the music was just waaaay too loud for her and she was shy. So instead, we both decided to head out and walk around the hotel.

As we both are walking and talking, I notice the hotel was beautiful. The setup of the place was actually pretty romantic in my opinion. We then walked into an area which I felt was suitable and there were just both of us in that area alone. The place was right, the moment was right, and I couldnt stress this enough.. she was beautiful. Everything just felt perfectly right.. So without any hesitation, I confessed to her on the spot..

TO BE CONTINUE (should have seen this coming eh? XD)

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