Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whats next??

Price of Freedom - 90% mastered

Organization 13 - Finish learining!!

Whats next?? A hard one?? Hrm...

Songs in my mind.. (* means i need Suilun's help)

To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X (Hard)

Succesor - Crisis Core (Normal)

*Double Action - Love + Hate (Hard)

*Roxas Theme - Kingdom Hearts II (Normal)

*Fate of Unknown - Birth By Sleep ( Super Hard)

SuiLun i need your help cos this songs doesnt have any tutorial. XP Soooo pai tuo la..

Addiction to piano.. XP


Let just try to make this real short..

Today theres puja singing and its our turn to sing. We did okay but just it wasnt as good as last week.

Then in class we begin talking abt making love and compassion sphere with people around such as Friends, Neutral and Enemies. I was a group with Weigin, Jusryn and XuanZhi. I actually LISTEN to the class! D8

Weigin received the price as a Dharma Student. Good for u Weigin! Noooo coughs here! So relaxs im not that evil.. XP Im actually sweet!!! *coughs*

I dunno.. but i just think that i cant buck up with the chantings and singing.. Chating finals is like NEXT week!!! oh Lord buddha be on our side. XP

I got another company that loves the Price of Freedom! YanLeng!!! Muahaha~ next time teach u how to play larh. XP Btw, XinYi.. dont feel left out larh.. 8) Smile for a while and let one smile makes two! 8)

Oh oh oh and u knw what!? CheeWei camed this week!! 8D Our old buddy and sponge bob is back!! yaaaataaaaahhh!! Stupid John didnt came.. and so is Suelyn!! D8

I skiped dancing today and went makan with the others. After that i came back i was a little.. okay mayb i WAS lost with the new moves. XP

DONT EVER THINK that High School Musical songs are easy to sing. No NO NO!! Its sooooo freaking hard!! It will take a while to master the song..

We dicuss abt what are we suppose to wear for the competition and guess what colour are we suppose to wear?? PINK!!!! D8 For girl is definately sweer but for guys is like.. GAY!!! I have been hearing comment from other people..

YanLeng: YuMing, that day im gonna ambil picture banyak banyak in yur pinks! XD

WeiGin : YuMing i cant wait to see you in your pinks!

Vincent: That day YuMing is going to pose with his pinks!

CheeWei: Too bad i cant go.. Damm! I miss the chance looking YuMing in pinks.

I told my basketball friends abt the wearing pink thingy. You should see the way they laugh.. Jacoons..

I dunno why.. but it makes me feel very very sad everytime i look at the clock and its time to go back home. This proofs that how important sunday school is to me.. i always cant wait for sundays to come.. I think its cos that my bonding with my friends in sunday school is stronger than the ones in school.. I'll miss you ALL of you, boys and girls for the whole 144 hours ( 6 days )

Im sick to stay at home listining to HER!! Stop messing with my life!!! If you really love me then just dont keep NAGGING me!! Im really really sick of it!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sad Thursday..

It was a pretty sad week for thursday.. well a lot of things had happend on that day. Wanna knw?? Then listen to my LONG ass story..

Lets just skip right to after school cos theres nothing much happend in school days.. except that Tarvin have to compete for some shit buku ilham competition thingy. XP Is not that his willing to compete in that competion.. His been FORCE to do it! XD Poor Tarvin..

After school i have been busy playing basketball. Well i think i was a little bit show off that day.. right Yuenhee? XD After that KayJun, Huiee and Izzaty joined along. The game was fun and you should see the way that the mantis AKA Huiee catch the ball. When she got the ball she was soooo freaking tension! XD

After the game we are sooo freaking bored we decided to paid a visit to our good friend aka my little sister, JinHwei. We walked all the way to her house which is like a 10minitus trip. Then went we reach her house we saw her kakak. I asked her kakak "Jinhwei ada??" but then the kakak replied.. "Jinhwei?? Jinhwei masih di sekolah la." Everyone started staring at me. Okay okay.. mayb it was a mistake.. sorry lu.. XP

Then we walk all the way back to school. Then we went to the library and theres where the little tiger is. Huiee told the whole story to Jinhwei. Then we hang out in the library watching Nat and the other playing Cheese. I dunno why.. i just like im sooo pro. XD I miss cheese. XP Jinhwei was busy putting some sort of paper to places. Then shes like staring at the numbers and dunn which one comes first! D8 I mean, 26555 and 26280 which one is bigger?? I think she was over busy that time so very blur blur dei. XP

The me and Kayjun teman-ed Jinhwei to the volleyball competition. Like always Jinhwei is cheering for her green but sadly she was the only one cheer for her house, so we cheer with her. (Im suppose to support blue.. =.=) After that she ran back to the library and grab her bags cos she wanna see the last game. Before we went down, stayed in the library and talked for a moment, after that Izzaty camed in and pull Jinhwei behide and talked to her. After she came back i can see red and watery eyes and cheeks.. What house is competing with what house?

Blue VS Green

Muahaha!!! issint that obvious!!! Blue house will beat green house flat! XD I thought it was just a guess at first.. but in the end SERIOUSLY!! Blue house win Green! D8 But blue didnt beat them flat.. in fact it was a fantastic game..

After the game we found KhaiSern emo-ing at the side. ShuNing told us he losted his stuff.. Which are very very important and precious. So we decided to look around and see thats any clue but no luck theres nothing at all.. KhaiSern wasnt the only one. Jack always losted his bag as well. Poor KhaiSern and Jack.. i really feel bad from them..

Speaking of losing stuff, i dun remember where did i put my wallet! D8 Then i remember i passed it to Yuenhee when i was playing basketball. So i ran back to the Netball and look for her. I walked with her to her bag which is on the otherside. After i took my wallet i asked her abt the game.. The feelings started to change.. She begin to wipe her eyes..

We brought KhaiSern to Jinhwei's house and then KhaiSern made his phone called and leaved.. I seriously feel bad for KhaiSern.. He was such a good friend.. Now i really have to look for his BM text book. Cheer up man.. After that, is my turn to make the phone and then my father brought me back home.

What a sad thursday.. so many of my good friends are in such a mood.. Can u actually spot four of them?? There are always days like this for everyone.. I just takes time to cure.. or *snap* it just cure like that. I cant really say much.. But just BE STRONG people!!!

I give up..

I give up... Im not giving some real BIG deal stuff here! So relax~ XP Its just a small little matter or u can actually NOT very important. XP

Okay what did i gave up?? Well remember what i said i wanna learn piano? Two new songs? Yeap.. i give up playing BOTH of them..

Well cos i still havent really mastered my left hand except Price of Freedom cos its really easy.. But for the other 2 songs its pretty hard.. Thus, Price of Freedom's left hand is following the right's hand ryhtm. But the two new song are not on the same track. So i decided to give up.. XP

Well it not that i give up and still stick to Price of Freedom only.. I decided to learn a new song! XD Hehe.. its a little bit easier to play. I think.. Well it just that theres no left hand for this songs! I mean.. its like the right and left hand keys are together. XP Wanna knw whats the song??

Organization 13 / Another Side
-Kingdom Hearts II-

I knw.. I knw.. the songs that i've been playing are all abt square-enix. But i have my reasons for playing these songs! XP

Well wish me luck! X)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures Poeple!! Pictures!!

Random Pictures here...

John's Birthday Group Picture. X)
I dunno why but i seem i like this picture. XD

Sport Shoes tribute! XD
To find mine, just look for the MOST oddest colour.
answer: The Black Shoes with the white infront.

I looked like the spoiler of this picture. Anyways im not the MAIN spolier! ZhenWei is! XD I love Justin's new hat! It looks pathetic but when he wears it, i looks cute! not...

Meet my brother from another mother and another father but the SAME country! XD In other words, my FAKE brother and my piano teacher. XP

Before the next picture, i wanna u all to see this first.

Familiar right? Yeap, its from the Librarian Trip and its Tarvin and Me. Okay now take a look at the other next picture..

Looks almost the same right? XD Nah just being lame here.. XP
This picture was tooken during Tarvin's outing!

Its my brown brother's birthday!! XD

FYI: I was wearing the same vest, the same shirt, the same jeans, the same phone, the same specs, the same shoes and the same PSP for his trip. It looks exactly like the one in John's birthday party outing. XD

And these are the fellas who went for the trip. 3 guys and a girl. How nice.. XD Megan >> Tarvin >> Nat

Your eyes are not blur.. Yes its true. Kingdom Hearts played in a big ass phone! D8 Kingdom Hearts coded is coming out soon!!

Whats Next??

Okat im done with "The Price of Freedom" I think i have manage to mastered it to the maximum adi.. just that i need the tempo for the song for it.. Well who cares!

My sister, my brother, my fake brother (SuiLun) and some of my other friends is sick of the song adi.. Well i dont get sick cos i LOVE the song! XD

Anyways i still think that i should learn a few new songs. So i've decided my TWO new piano songs. Which are..

Sucessor -Crisis Core
Dearly Beloved -Kingdom Hearts

Both of these song i already have the right hand but the left have i still need some time.. SUILUN!! i need his freaking help! XP

Anyways just being random here.. XP

Tag Along

Well no one actually tagged me this tag. lets just say i stole the tag from yuenhee's blog.. XD Okay okay.. i'll let the blog polive to capture me in no time larh.. so lets do the tag before i kena tangkap k?? XP

Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then have to tags 5 people and post their names, then leaves a comment at their blog, letting them know they got tagged.

Starting time : 3.42pm

Name : Tan Yu Ming

Sisters : 1

Brothers : 1

Shoe size : 12. I knw god damm large!

Height : 170+ if im not wrong. A little higher plsss.. XP

Where do you live : A House? Duh..

Favourite drinks : Normal Water.. XD

Favourite breakfast : Roti Canai!!! XP

Have you ever been on a plane? : Yeap

Fallen asleep at school : Duh! Lots of times.. Lied to teacher that im sick that day.. XP

Broken someone's heart : I think so... i dun remember..

Fell off your chair : Yeah.. accidents happend or its either someone pranked you!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Yeap.. X)

Saved e-mails : I dun even check my mails! XP

What is your room like : One word! Messy.. XP

What is right besides you : PSP on the left, handphone on the right.

What is the last thing you ate : Carrot Cake! My dada's one!

Ever had chicken pox : My mom said yes but I never remember having one.

Sore throat : Duh!!!

Stitches : Yeap, kena punch on the right side of my face. Ouch..

Broken nose : If that would happend, i might be dead.

Do you believe in love at first sight : Yeap!

Like picnics : Sorta..

Who was/were the last person you danced with : My sister?? XP

Last made you laugh : Tarvinder


Did you talk to someone you like : Yeap~ DUH!!!

Kissed anyone : Nah..

Get sick : Hope so.. XD

Talk to an ex : Nope.. shes not around anymore.. X(

Miss someone : YESH!! To the power of Maximum!

Eat : Stupid Question..

Best feeling in the world : Being with "her"

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Yeap.. XP My tiger..

What is under your bed : Comics

Who do you really hate : Tons of people! You cant even count with yur 10 fingers!

What time is it now? : 3.49pm

Is there a person who is on your mind now : Yeap.. Always..

Do you have any siblings : A big bro and big sis

Do you want children : Depends she wants it or not.. XP

Do you smile often : Not really..

Do you like your hand-writing : No.. i think it sucks!

Are your toe nails painted : Never painted it before.. XP

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : My brother's! Freaking Nice wei!! Light, Soft, Smooth.. lets just say.. Ahhhhh... XD

What colour shirt are you wearing now : White + a little bit of black..

What were you doing at 7.00pm yesterday : Playing Piano

I cant wait till : Sundays!! XD

When did you cry last : Last Sunday.. My mom said something bad to me..

Are you a friendly person : I cant comment myself.. Why you u ask my friends. XP

Do you have any pets : Yeap, Jasper is the name! WouWou! XD

Where is the person you have feelings for right now ? : Is either.. At home, At School, or at Tuition.. Busy girl.. XP

Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now : Yeap.. Heart her soooo much..

Do you sleep with the TV on? : I can sleep even when i play game, so what do u think then?

What are you doing right now? : SMS-ing and doing this tag

Have you ever crawled through a window? : Yeap~ Once when the basketball store room is locked! XP

Can you handle the truth? : I think so..

Are you too forgiving : Yesh.. but depends of the person's attitude.

Are you closer to you mother or father : My DADA!! Love him man..

Who was the last person you cried in front of? : Myself.. look into the mirror..

How many people can you say you've really loved? : Just ONE and ONLY one!

Do you eat healthy : i dun think so.. i really eat veges.. XP

Do you still have pictures of you and your ex? : Yeap!

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : Duh.. Sensetive wei..

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : My Girl, Suilun and My sister. Theres actually more.. XP

Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : Mostly Loud.. but when theres no one that i knw with me den i can be super quiet! Serious!

Are you confident? : Sorta.. Yet over confident some times. XP

3 Things I was doing 10years ago
- Like what i've been always doing now.. eat breath sleep! XP
- Go to Sunday School and do Dancing.. D8
- Play water in the toilet.. XP

Things on my to-do list today
- Try to do my homework
- SMS peoples
- I think of a choir group name
- Take a good rest, SLEEP!
- Go tuition..
- Play Piano. XP
- Go online
- Try to sneak in and play the PSP..

3 Things I would do if I were a bilionaire
- Give some to my family, especially my parents
- Buy all the things that i want
- Save the other in the bank.

3 of my bad habits
- Super Lazy
- Game addiction
- Bad Mouth..

3 Places I have lived in
- Earth
- Malaysia
- Selangor

5 Jobs I've had
- Choir Group Leader
- Assistant Keceriaan
- Rebounder for Basketball
- A Part of Youth
- Being a good Big Pet Brother. XP

I tag..
- Suilun
- Justin
- Tarvin
- Megan
- Wei Gin
- Xin Yi
- Huiee
- you, You and YOU!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

To All My Choir Friends

Alert people ALERT!!! This is something freaking important!!!

Okay these are a few words from Vanessa..

First of all, we have to get our brains functioning.. yeah F.U.N.C.T.I.O.N.I.N.G!! Cos we have to think of a name for our Choir group! XD Leave your comments in the cbox tell it to anyone of yur friends.

Secondly, we are singing for this coming week's puja. Vanessa has suggested Smile and Let Peace Preveil on Earth. Come before 8.30am and we will have our training. BE THERE ON TIME PLEASE!!!

Okay next is a word frome me! HEHE..

Okay abt the competition i havent think of anything new yet.. but still your guys have to or should i say.. GOT TO remember the lyrics for the song that we're singing. I think you guys should know.. gua...

Okay thats all.. May the force of singing be with you

Duty Time

yeah yeah i knw i knw.. duty time is like 3 days ago and im posting it like now.. yeah yeah i kwn whatcha thinking.. Whatever it is.. WHO CARES!! XD

Duty time.. this week is yuenhee's turn to do duty. Izzaty and Huiee stayed back for rumah biru. But that day.. we have an extra accompany.. Nat!! XD Nat doesnt have any transport home so we stayed back to have some fun with us..

Well, before duty time, Tarvin stayed back and temaned us for awhile. Eventually he doesnt really knw how to speak BM! XD Thus, we make tons of pratically jokes there! XD Okay try this..

What do you call a Face and a Sikh?
- Facing!


What do you call a Losted Sikh?
- Missing!


What do you call a Sikh on a Titanic?
- Sinking!

Lame to the power of maximum!!

Duty time! Kesian betul, yuenhee doesnt have anyone to accompany her. And then the hero comes along.. ME!! XD You owe me big time girl! XD

Skip to the rumah Biru part.. Izzaty and Huiee are playing badminton like usual. So me, yuenhee and Nat decided to take a visit. I tried something that i've never tried before just to be lame.. I was just trying to hit the ball without a racket but my own bare hands.

I cant belive my eyes that i could actually hitted the ball without a racket!! D8 Amazing issint it!? Im getting the hang of badmintion now. XD

Yuenhee can freaking play badminton!! D8 If the racket smack u right on the face! U might be half dead! I got the shock of my life that yuenhee actually can play! or should i say i've never seen her playing before! XD Thus shes wearing a skirt!!! D8 Everytime she did a smash i will stop and just stare at her. D8
Dont mess with the chipmunk i tell u..

Fuh.. Another big tiring day but yet FUN!! XD

This might be the end..

I dunno why.. just being real bored so im here to express my feelings..

Im just like a little baby..
Taking little foots steps day by day..
But theres a path to choose..
The Steps of Good?
Or the steps of Evil..
Baby are naive as u can see..
Of course picking neither one of them,
doesnt really make any difference to me..
But once u step on either one..
You know..
Something good or bad is coming..
It depends on what yur standing on..
What im standing on is the face of the deads..
If I make any more steps or any movement..
I might be dead..
But then you came to support me..
Gave me a hand to make me stand back up..
Gave me wings to let me fly back..
You make me smile and laugh again..
Should are call u FATE??
call u GOD??
I dun think that makes sense anyway..
But the only thing that i can say is..
I love you..

Friday, July 18, 2008


Just being Random here..

I have finally manage to play The Price of Freedom... 80% mastered! XP

I decided to call Tarvin, Nat and Me to play the whole song! 8D

Me: Piano
Tarvin: Guitar
Nat: Violin

Yup.. Totally addicted to the song.. XP

Monday, July 14, 2008

13th Sunday

Well sunday sunday sunday is always a wonderful day. X) Sunday school time! XD

That sunday was one of my class's most important day ever.. is not someone's birthday, is not some huge performance, its our singing competition trailer! (aka qualification) Yup.. you might think is no big deal but i say its BIG BIG time business!!

We have everysingle thing prepared.. thank god that day sis.May was soooo nice that she let us have our training before competition. Yessshhh!!! XD Everything is prepare but just that most of us dun really remember the lyrics and there are overloaded people who want and can sing for our competition.. but no choice we have to kick out some.. X( Its tough but its a rule..

Interuption - For once Peiyin came after such a looooong time!!! XD Welcome back peiyin!! X)

Well nothing much.. we enter, we sing, we stare at other people's class.. and i think that everybody did a good job. Then when it was tissa's class turn to sing, it brings me back memories when we are in tissa but theres one think that im SURELY not happy of them.. they have overloaded people!! D8 Fuck me dead larh!!! What a losers!!

After that choir practice was fun like usual. X) Then me, John, Justin and Suilun stayed back for fun. XD John was having fun playing my PSP and he got addicted with BHTS5. No big deal.. i got addicted within 2 hours. XD Justin was playing his phone, Suilun was teaching me playing Price of Freedom.

Yessshhhh!!! I knw how to play The Price of Freedom already!!! With both hands!! D8 For a fella like me which dunno how to play piano one can play with BOTH hands!! Sobs.. so proud of myself.. sobs.. Thanks Suilun!! XD All i have to do now is to master the song and waaalah! XD

After that John and Justin leaved, leaving me and Suilun behide. We talked and play piano on the same time. In the conversation, i noticed that me and Suilun have alot in common. Well they dun call us brothers for no reason. X)

One hell of a big day!! It sure is fun.. Vanessa told us we entered finals but we werent first in line.. nah never mind.. there is always failure in people's life. X) I seriously dun mind getting 2nd, 3rd or even none place in the competition.. I would seriously clap hard for the winners which will stand upon us.. except Tissa

What i want to tell the BACKSTABBERS out there..

You might think that we are soooooo unfair cos we have training and we are the school team and help from our sifu but let me tell u guys.. we did this whole damm thing all by ourself. Call me a liar but i dun care.. If u think we are cheating, look into the mirror u wannabes your the cheater! U can hate me but DONT EVER hate my class! I think again and dun ever backstab again..

I think that singing became a part of Backsitterz.. X)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Music of the Month

Yeeeeehaa! I finally figure it out wats my music of the month adi. XP Well this song was sang by my choir group. When i sing this song i can feel the "feeling" flowing around me. Thus the song makes sense! So i chose it to become my music of the month! X) The song is called..

- Mariah Carey-
- 1st verse-
There's a Hero
if you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away..
- Chorus -
And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you~
- 2nd verse-
It's a long road..
When you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand
For you to hold..
You can find love~
If you search within yourse
lfAnd the emptiness you felt will disappear~
- Chorus -
And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you...
- Bridge -
Lord knows......
Dreams are hard to follow
But don't let anyone
Take them away~
Hold on......
There will be tomorrow
In time, you'll find the away~
- Final Chorus -
And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you
That a hero lies in you...
That a hero lies in... you....

Hrm.. i just dunno why this song just really beats my heart.. X)

Duty Time

Another thursday just past! I'll try to make this as short as possible..

Actually theres nothing much happend duty time today. Me, KayJun, KhaiSern, Jinhwei, Izzaty and Huiee decided to bring our sweater to form some sorta sweater gang. But in the end i didnt turn out that well.. We didnt do any camwhores.. XP Nah.. its worth a try.. X)

Yuenhee was a little bit down that day.. i wonder why?? Well heard that shes over tired that day.. hrm... Dont overdo yurself girl!! X) Are u hiding something behide my back??

After that me, Izzaty and Huiee went for rumah biru, leaving the others behide. XP I was decided to join the bola baling team for a moment. But then it took a long time for them to gather round, do a little bit of warm up, bla.. bla.. bla..

I got a little bit bored of it so i went and check out whats going on in the dewan. Huiee and Izzaty are playing badminton. So i decided to join in, then WuiTing and his friend joined in and play so we played a 3 on 2 game. Me, Izzaty and Huiee VS WuiTeng and Keng Fei.

I gotta admit my badminton skills are way down grade! D8 Even Huiee said so! I was a lot faster last time, but now im a lot slower.. Mayb cos i stick to basketball too much.. XP

Then LeePek comes in... Here comes the pro.. That game is getting funnier and funnier.. I was doing nothing and looking at Izzaty and Huiee kena bullied. I was sorta funny went LeePek hitted Izzaty's head and Huiee's chest..

In the mean time.. Anger started to flow out.. I felt kinda bad for not helping them at all.. X( Well if LeePek play basketball i will soooo damm gonna trash him!!! XD

After that i went back and get my bags.. Then i felt something was missing.. I check around my pocket.. IT WAS MY WALLET!!! D8 I remembered that i tossed my wallet to Jinhwei. So i climbed up the staircase to the library~

Then i reached there KhaiSern and ShuNing was just packing up their stuff ready to leave adi. They told me that Jinhwei went down already. So then i run all the way down again.

Went to passed the teacher's staircase i bumped into KayJun. He said that Jinhwei went to the dewan. Off i ran to all the way to dewan again and finally i found the little girl holding my wallet. Fuh...

After sending Jinhwei back home i walked back home and hit the sacks.. X) Tough day.. X)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just to Share

Im here to share with you all something unbelievable..

Here is some magic trick is done by the champion of the magical competition, Jason Lember. Just check this out..

I cant believe is actually grab the damm laser!! D8 I wish i could do that too.. its soooo cool! That illusion is also done by my brother's friend. Maigod! How did they do that!?

Okay enough of magic tricks.. Magic is always unbelivable.. Lets go to something real! No illusion!

This is a card trick.. not those kind of magic card trick. Just shuffling card tricks. It was done by this two guy called Dan and Dave. Check this out..

Yeap.. i knw.. HOLY CRAP!!! D8 I wanna do that too!! Actually thats the way the all magican shuffles there cards. I like the names give for the trick that they are doing (FYI u can see it on the top left corner) thus the song rocks! Love it!

Okay mayb that was magical illusion too.. i'll show u something else then! real plain real!

This is abt a guy playing a guitar. Pretty normal issint? Wait to u see it youself.. it aint no normal..

Yeah.. thats what i said.. His soooo good at it that he could even play a tune with only one hand! D8 I wish i could play a guitar.. sobs.. but no talent.. sobs.. I love the song that he played. Its really really nice!! X) Heard that his the best classic guitarist guitar player.

Amazing issint? Well i have nothing to post abt and thus lazy to post.. XP Next time larh. X)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maths Calculations..

Lets just say im over bored and i have nothing to post abt.

Maths Calculation in my life~

Friends Reminder Calcualations!

- Sunday School -

Hat + Retarded = Justin

Joker + Suelyn = John

Quiet + John = Suelyn

Piano + Brother = Suilun

Japan + Konichiwa Earthlings = WeiGin

WeiGin + Camwhore = XinYi

Camera + Rubix Cube = MunWai

Pussy + Shuffle = Zhen Wei

Scouts + Dancing moves = YanLeng

Twins + Creative = Shu Mei

Twins + Hardworking = Shu Xian

Kelly + Beatbox = Kai Yuan

STOP + Solo = Jusryn

Singing + Sifu = Vanessa

- My School -

Beatbox + PSP = Tarvin

Korean + Horny = Megan

Playful + Weird = JinHwei

Short + Mantis = Huiee

Light + Nur = Izzaty

Chipmunk + Short = Yuenhee

Poping + Chipmunk = WenJun

Black + Lame = Roshan

Beatbox + Black = Shekar

Funny + Abby = Nicholas

Accounts + Monitor = Lisa

Perasan + Bus = Wei Soong

Nicholas + Friendly = Celine

Woman + Horny = Matthew

Shuffle + President = Kay Jun

BM teks book + High Jump = KhaiSern

Bleach + Basketball = Len Ping

Crisis Core + Monkey = Xin Wei

Captain Ball + PS2 = Angela

PSP + Crisis Core = Michelle

- Basketball Team -

Rebbeca + Leader = Seng Weng

Lame + Lamer = Keng Fai

ChaoH*i + Brother = Zhi Chao

Wushu + Strong = Chee Kay

Singer + TangWeiPuo = Kenny Lye

Hugs + Smiles = You X)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Librarian Trip Pictures! (90%)

Flash Back of librarian trip. There another few more picture in my list but these is all i can found. Or should i say stoled! XP The blog police are aftering me very soon.. Gotta post this one fast!!!

My first time visiting librarian installation. X)

Tha fooooooooood!!! It makes me think back of Gua Tempurung..

Wats going on??

YuMing: Are we ready!?


Tallest to the shortest:
DO- Me!!
RE- Khai Sern
ME- some junior.. XP
FA- Jin Hwei
SO- another junior.. XP
LA- Huiee
TI- Kimberley
DO- Gan Ying

For Once that Huiee is taller than me! D8
Dont mess with the tigeresss...

More Pictures coming soon.. X)

Blog got problem thats why pictures soooo sucky.. XP

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Librarian Installation


Lots and lots people have been asking me this question over and over again.. even my SISTER asked me that! The question is... "Are u a librarian??" =.=" Let me say this one more time.. Im NOT a librarian! I wish i was one.. sobs..

Okay i have been invited to a Librarian Installation, I went under... NOTHING! Is like other people got go under like KRS, Chinese, LEO, Interact, etc.. but i got invited under nothing! XP Curi-curi go in de.. shuuu....

They begin by performing some indian dance. Yuenhee is included in there. XD After that some speech and giving up the prices, etc.. While they are doing that, Me and Tarvin are playing our PSP behide. Hollow Ichigo VS Kosaka (the other hitsugaya) He kicked my ass badly.. =.= Just for a FEW times only!! Ceh!! Then Tarvin got addicted to this game called "Ridge Racer 2" go download the game larh..

Then more performance coming out! The junior librarian dancing. They have a Low inside that dance. What did the audience do?? We SANG! XD Me and Tarvin are just wait for the "low, low, low, low..." part! XD In the mean time.. Megan was playing Burnout! D8 Then more juniors coming out but this time is singing! XD Then speech again then more performance!!

PeiNing can play piano!? Woaw!! And the song she played is sooooo beautiful!! Gotta call Suilun to play that song. XD Next it other dance by the senior team. This time it includes the boys. Yuenhee and WenJun are dancing inside that dance!

I got one word for this installation.. FAST!! I think this is the fastest installation i ever been! The whole speech plus performance is like 1+ hour only!! D8 The food they serve bring back memories in Gua Tempurung trip.. XD

Outside we go!! Me, KhaiSern, Huiee and JinHwei are doing a little bit of camwhoring.. plus some juniors! We are doing some height thingy which goes like DO, RE, ME, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO! Im the first DO and GanYing is the last DO! XD Super short..

They said that they are going to have games. I heard form the other im not invited.. I heard that from some D*ck or B*tch! So i decided to do MYSELF a own game! The first thing we played was PEPSI COLA!! Missed that game soooo much.. X) The whole gang are like playing crazly! Come to think of it we feel a little bit LOA back there. XD

The pepsi cola game was funny! I killed 4 players in once shot! fuh fuh fuh.. but in the end got kicked in the ass by Megan.. sobs.. CheeGuan won the game! Damm.. Up next basketball!! That time it was left Me, Huiee, Jinhwei and Xinwei around only. The other go play the game adi.

Cos the girl cant really shot in the ball cos they cant hit the board. So i called them to think of the person they hate! At least they have more chances to enter the ball. There some funny story abt Jinhwei happend in the basketball court.. Names are mentioned and im ONE OF THEM! D8 Dun wanna tell the story... XP

Looking at Jinhwei and Huiee kena splash was a funny thing... I feel like a girl today.. I didnt kena splash or kena hit by flour today! Okay mayb a little bit.. Kwok Hsien is like going around the corner splash water and pouring flour at people! XD The victim that kena the most water and flour is... CHEE GUAN!! XD

The price of the petrol and the other kadar bayaran has been increasing sooooo much.. that people dun wanna go home and bath. Then where did they bath?? In SCHOOL!! XD Actually is kinda smart! XD After kena flouring and watering around the corner, Jinhwei and Huiee decided to take a bath, in school! Cheap people.. XD

In the end i head back home early.. wish that i could teman them more.. but tooo bad i have a tuition, meeting and a choir pratice that day.. Next time larh! X)

Pictures are coming soon... just u wait!!

Izzaty, your name is stated here now! Happy?? XD

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hari Kejayaan

Today theres this Hari Kejayaan thingy going on in our school. Thank god its at the time when we have Physics! XD So ponteng-ed physics for like 1+ hours. XD

The Hari Kejayaan thingy is abt other college fellas coming to our school and suggesting what college or course we should go if we wanna get the job that we want to.

I've have been walking around the hall with Huiee and Jinhwei. Good thing i get to find the course that i wanna take which is Computer Games Development & Web Media Technology. Huiee found hers too which is something to do with business and communication. But sadly Jinhwei doesnt really have a course to pick..

We got attarcted to this form six station of our school. They suggest that those who dont really knw what course to take and what college to go, they can pick to form six. They said that form 6 is cheaper but the studies are tougher. Thus SPTM is one of the toughest exams in malaysia. So u can pass SPTM then u definately can pass college exams (thats what they said) I suggest Jinhwei u go take form six larh. XD

Heard that Megan wanted to be something to do with Designing and Tarvin wanted to be something like a DJ. Me?? I always wanted to be a game creator everysince i got addicted to Kingdom Hearts. Tarvin said it will be tough for me to look for a job like that.. Well who knws?? I can fly to Square-Enix and make Kingdom Hearts 10!! XD Huiee is definately got to take communication since she LOVE to talk. XP Jinhwei?? erm.. she still gotta keep thinking! XD

I was thinking of going form 6 as well.. When i reached home i asked by brother hows his life in form six since he only have 1 year of exprience in form six. One word "SUCK!!" =.="

I think i'll still stick with College.. XP

Tag Along

Got Tagged by Megan.. AGAIN!! So here goes nothing!

-From 11 to 1-

people tagged with this quiz
- Izzaty

- SuiLun
- Huiee
- Yuenhee
- Free for ALL!

firsts firsts best friend : Foo Jun Jie. X)
first pet : A fish.. died within 3 days.. XP
first piercing : Never have one
First crush : Erm.. standart 4 i guess..
first CD : Kamen Rider Black! XD
first car : A toy car!! XD
first stuffed animal : Tiger!!! X)
first love : Form 1~
first place called home : My kampung

lasts last beverage : duh~ Water!!
last car ride : 7 hours ago
last movie seen : Kung-Fu Panda. Watched the 3rd time!
last phone call : 2 hours ago, Huiee.
last song you listened to : Its Not Easy~
last bubble bath : Few years ago!
last time you cried : 4 months ago..
last thing you ate : Rice.. =.=
last bad thing you did : Playing PSP while studying.. XP

have you ever dated one of your best friend : yeah! X)
have you ever been arested : D8 Hell NO!!
have you ever been skinny dipped : i think soooo...
have you ever been in a limo : Nah..
have you ever cheated : Hell Yeah! U dare to say u didnt!?
have you ever been in love : Duh~ Stupid question..
have you been in a car accident : Yeah.. but my brother is the one got injuryed.
have you ever broken a bone : Dislocated yes, broke no.

(7) things you are wearing: Shirt? Pants? Underwear? Watch? Specs? What else do u what?

(6) things you have done today:
- Go to school
- Temaned my friends looking for college stuffs
- Makan during recess
- Study.. Study.. Study.. Ponteng.. Study..
- Teman Tarvin go find Megan
- Stayed back for no reason
- Bathed..
- PSP.. PSP.. PSP.. sleep.. PSP
- Basketball
- Blogging.. until now

(5) favourite things:
- Girls!!
- PSP!!
- Handphone!
- Friends!
- sex.. XP

(4) people you tell almost anything to:
- Suilun
- Justin
- Vanessa
- My Sister

black or white : White
hot or cold : Hot!!!
chocolate or vannila : Chocolate

(2) what you want to do before you die:
- Get a girlfriend
- Get a prefect job, game creator
- Get married
- Have Sex (duh~)
- Have a fantastic family
- Get kids
- Become Grandpa
- Donate my organs or parts of my body

(1) things that you regreted:
- For have such a bad attitude..
- For misunderstanding
- For being such a pain in the ass