Friday, July 11, 2008

Duty Time

Another thursday just past! I'll try to make this as short as possible..

Actually theres nothing much happend duty time today. Me, KayJun, KhaiSern, Jinhwei, Izzaty and Huiee decided to bring our sweater to form some sorta sweater gang. But in the end i didnt turn out that well.. We didnt do any camwhores.. XP Nah.. its worth a try.. X)

Yuenhee was a little bit down that day.. i wonder why?? Well heard that shes over tired that day.. hrm... Dont overdo yurself girl!! X) Are u hiding something behide my back??

After that me, Izzaty and Huiee went for rumah biru, leaving the others behide. XP I was decided to join the bola baling team for a moment. But then it took a long time for them to gather round, do a little bit of warm up, bla.. bla.. bla..

I got a little bit bored of it so i went and check out whats going on in the dewan. Huiee and Izzaty are playing badminton. So i decided to join in, then WuiTing and his friend joined in and play so we played a 3 on 2 game. Me, Izzaty and Huiee VS WuiTeng and Keng Fei.

I gotta admit my badminton skills are way down grade! D8 Even Huiee said so! I was a lot faster last time, but now im a lot slower.. Mayb cos i stick to basketball too much.. XP

Then LeePek comes in... Here comes the pro.. That game is getting funnier and funnier.. I was doing nothing and looking at Izzaty and Huiee kena bullied. I was sorta funny went LeePek hitted Izzaty's head and Huiee's chest..

In the mean time.. Anger started to flow out.. I felt kinda bad for not helping them at all.. X( Well if LeePek play basketball i will soooo damm gonna trash him!!! XD

After that i went back and get my bags.. Then i felt something was missing.. I check around my pocket.. IT WAS MY WALLET!!! D8 I remembered that i tossed my wallet to Jinhwei. So i climbed up the staircase to the library~

Then i reached there KhaiSern and ShuNing was just packing up their stuff ready to leave adi. They told me that Jinhwei went down already. So then i run all the way down again.

Went to passed the teacher's staircase i bumped into KayJun. He said that Jinhwei went to the dewan. Off i ran to all the way to dewan again and finally i found the little girl holding my wallet. Fuh...

After sending Jinhwei back home i walked back home and hit the sacks.. X) Tough day.. X)