Friday, July 25, 2008

I give up..

I give up... Im not giving some real BIG deal stuff here! So relax~ XP Its just a small little matter or u can actually NOT very important. XP

Okay what did i gave up?? Well remember what i said i wanna learn piano? Two new songs? Yeap.. i give up playing BOTH of them..

Well cos i still havent really mastered my left hand except Price of Freedom cos its really easy.. But for the other 2 songs its pretty hard.. Thus, Price of Freedom's left hand is following the right's hand ryhtm. But the two new song are not on the same track. So i decided to give up.. XP

Well it not that i give up and still stick to Price of Freedom only.. I decided to learn a new song! XD Hehe.. its a little bit easier to play. I think.. Well it just that theres no left hand for this songs! I mean.. its like the right and left hand keys are together. XP Wanna knw whats the song??

Organization 13 / Another Side
-Kingdom Hearts II-

I knw.. I knw.. the songs that i've been playing are all abt square-enix. But i have my reasons for playing these songs! XP

Well wish me luck! X)