Friday, July 25, 2008

Sad Thursday..

It was a pretty sad week for thursday.. well a lot of things had happend on that day. Wanna knw?? Then listen to my LONG ass story..

Lets just skip right to after school cos theres nothing much happend in school days.. except that Tarvin have to compete for some shit buku ilham competition thingy. XP Is not that his willing to compete in that competion.. His been FORCE to do it! XD Poor Tarvin..

After school i have been busy playing basketball. Well i think i was a little bit show off that day.. right Yuenhee? XD After that KayJun, Huiee and Izzaty joined along. The game was fun and you should see the way that the mantis AKA Huiee catch the ball. When she got the ball she was soooo freaking tension! XD

After the game we are sooo freaking bored we decided to paid a visit to our good friend aka my little sister, JinHwei. We walked all the way to her house which is like a 10minitus trip. Then went we reach her house we saw her kakak. I asked her kakak "Jinhwei ada??" but then the kakak replied.. "Jinhwei?? Jinhwei masih di sekolah la." Everyone started staring at me. Okay okay.. mayb it was a mistake.. sorry lu.. XP

Then we walk all the way back to school. Then we went to the library and theres where the little tiger is. Huiee told the whole story to Jinhwei. Then we hang out in the library watching Nat and the other playing Cheese. I dunno why.. i just like im sooo pro. XD I miss cheese. XP Jinhwei was busy putting some sort of paper to places. Then shes like staring at the numbers and dunn which one comes first! D8 I mean, 26555 and 26280 which one is bigger?? I think she was over busy that time so very blur blur dei. XP

The me and Kayjun teman-ed Jinhwei to the volleyball competition. Like always Jinhwei is cheering for her green but sadly she was the only one cheer for her house, so we cheer with her. (Im suppose to support blue.. =.=) After that she ran back to the library and grab her bags cos she wanna see the last game. Before we went down, stayed in the library and talked for a moment, after that Izzaty camed in and pull Jinhwei behide and talked to her. After she came back i can see red and watery eyes and cheeks.. What house is competing with what house?

Blue VS Green

Muahaha!!! issint that obvious!!! Blue house will beat green house flat! XD I thought it was just a guess at first.. but in the end SERIOUSLY!! Blue house win Green! D8 But blue didnt beat them flat.. in fact it was a fantastic game..

After the game we found KhaiSern emo-ing at the side. ShuNing told us he losted his stuff.. Which are very very important and precious. So we decided to look around and see thats any clue but no luck theres nothing at all.. KhaiSern wasnt the only one. Jack always losted his bag as well. Poor KhaiSern and Jack.. i really feel bad from them..

Speaking of losing stuff, i dun remember where did i put my wallet! D8 Then i remember i passed it to Yuenhee when i was playing basketball. So i ran back to the Netball and look for her. I walked with her to her bag which is on the otherside. After i took my wallet i asked her abt the game.. The feelings started to change.. She begin to wipe her eyes..

We brought KhaiSern to Jinhwei's house and then KhaiSern made his phone called and leaved.. I seriously feel bad for KhaiSern.. He was such a good friend.. Now i really have to look for his BM text book. Cheer up man.. After that, is my turn to make the phone and then my father brought me back home.

What a sad thursday.. so many of my good friends are in such a mood.. Can u actually spot four of them?? There are always days like this for everyone.. I just takes time to cure.. or *snap* it just cure like that. I cant really say much.. But just BE STRONG people!!!