Sunday, July 27, 2008


Let just try to make this real short..

Today theres puja singing and its our turn to sing. We did okay but just it wasnt as good as last week.

Then in class we begin talking abt making love and compassion sphere with people around such as Friends, Neutral and Enemies. I was a group with Weigin, Jusryn and XuanZhi. I actually LISTEN to the class! D8

Weigin received the price as a Dharma Student. Good for u Weigin! Noooo coughs here! So relaxs im not that evil.. XP Im actually sweet!!! *coughs*

I dunno.. but i just think that i cant buck up with the chantings and singing.. Chating finals is like NEXT week!!! oh Lord buddha be on our side. XP

I got another company that loves the Price of Freedom! YanLeng!!! Muahaha~ next time teach u how to play larh. XP Btw, XinYi.. dont feel left out larh.. 8) Smile for a while and let one smile makes two! 8)

Oh oh oh and u knw what!? CheeWei camed this week!! 8D Our old buddy and sponge bob is back!! yaaaataaaaahhh!! Stupid John didnt came.. and so is Suelyn!! D8

I skiped dancing today and went makan with the others. After that i came back i was a little.. okay mayb i WAS lost with the new moves. XP

DONT EVER THINK that High School Musical songs are easy to sing. No NO NO!! Its sooooo freaking hard!! It will take a while to master the song..

We dicuss abt what are we suppose to wear for the competition and guess what colour are we suppose to wear?? PINK!!!! D8 For girl is definately sweer but for guys is like.. GAY!!! I have been hearing comment from other people..

YanLeng: YuMing, that day im gonna ambil picture banyak banyak in yur pinks! XD

WeiGin : YuMing i cant wait to see you in your pinks!

Vincent: That day YuMing is going to pose with his pinks!

CheeWei: Too bad i cant go.. Damm! I miss the chance looking YuMing in pinks.

I told my basketball friends abt the wearing pink thingy. You should see the way they laugh.. Jacoons..

I dunno why.. but it makes me feel very very sad everytime i look at the clock and its time to go back home. This proofs that how important sunday school is to me.. i always cant wait for sundays to come.. I think its cos that my bonding with my friends in sunday school is stronger than the ones in school.. I'll miss you ALL of you, boys and girls for the whole 144 hours ( 6 days )

Im sick to stay at home listining to HER!! Stop messing with my life!!! If you really love me then just dont keep NAGGING me!! Im really really sick of it!!!