Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just to Share

Im here to share with you all something unbelievable..

Here is some magic trick is done by the champion of the magical competition, Jason Lember. Just check this out..

I cant believe is actually grab the damm laser!! D8 I wish i could do that too.. its soooo cool! That illusion is also done by my brother's friend. Maigod! How did they do that!?

Okay enough of magic tricks.. Magic is always unbelivable.. Lets go to something real! No illusion!

This is a card trick.. not those kind of magic card trick. Just shuffling card tricks. It was done by this two guy called Dan and Dave. Check this out..

Yeap.. i knw.. HOLY CRAP!!! D8 I wanna do that too!! Actually thats the way the all magican shuffles there cards. I like the names give for the trick that they are doing (FYI u can see it on the top left corner) thus the song rocks! Love it!

Okay mayb that was magical illusion too.. i'll show u something else then! real plain real!

This is abt a guy playing a guitar. Pretty normal issint? Wait to u see it youself.. it aint no normal..

Yeah.. thats what i said.. His soooo good at it that he could even play a tune with only one hand! D8 I wish i could play a guitar.. sobs.. but no talent.. sobs.. I love the song that he played. Its really really nice!! X) Heard that his the best classic guitarist guitar player.

Amazing issint? Well i have nothing to post abt and thus lazy to post.. XP Next time larh. X)