Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gaming Results

Currently Playing..

Rivera -The Promised Land-

A game which is something like FF but alot harder!

The Main Character. Ein

My Super Super Strong Partner. Ledah

His Limit Break! Lost Seraph.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
-Reverse Rebirth-

Still playing.. XP But still i got improvements!

Riku - level 56
HP 260
AP 22
DP 70

The game is coming to an END! So means im going to finish the game adi! D8 Nvm.. replay Sora story again. XP Seriously..


Final Fantasy I & II -Dawn of Souls-

You get to pick FFI or FFII. And my Choice..

Final Fantasy I

Cos after looking at the Dissidia Trailer. I saw the main character which is "Worrior of the Light" so i picked to choose this game. XP This game could be a very very very long game cos if your not smart, you dont knw where to go one! D8

I love this picture.. X)

Black Rose: Day 9


I've seen people doing this tag such as Tarvin and Megan. So i decided to join along since they didnt tag me. All they write was "whoever reading this tag" only ma. So i made my choice. X)

First Name: Tan
Nickname: MIngz, Takumingz, Mingzhai, lameo??
Name the wish u had: I'm kinda happy with my name now
What do people normally mistake your name as: YUE Ming, Yu MENG, U Ming. X(
Birthday: 25th FEB (keep that in mind!!)
Birthplace: Assunta Hospital
Time Birth: If im not wrong.. Is somewhere around 6am.
Single or Taken: Single.. NEVER got taken..
Zodiac Sign: If im not wrong.. Pisces??

Your Appearence
How tall are you: 180+ Proud of it! X)
Wish you were taller: A little bit.. Just to slam dunk! XD
Eye Colour: Brown
Eye Colour you want: Blue or RED!! Looks cool..
Natural Hair Colour: Black
Current Hair Colour: Black and Whites
Short or Long Hair: Short!
Dye Your hair a bizzarre colour: A little bit of gold will do.. X)
Last time you did something with your dramatic with your hair: dunno?
Glasses or contact: Glasses.
Do you wear make up: Yuck!! HELL NO!!
Ever had hair extension: Do i need one?
Paint your nails: Yuck! Noooooo

In the opposite Gender
what colour eyes: Black or Brown
what colour hair: Black or Blonde
Shy or Outgoing: I like both. X)
Looks or Personallity: Personallity, super friendly, caring, active, naughty and playful. X)
Sexy or Cute: Both. XP
Serious or Fun: FUN!!
Older or Younger: Of course younger.
A turn on: Active-ness
A turn off: Emo-ness
Flowers or Chocolate: I belive Both. X)
Pepsi or Coke: Both of them have no diffrence. Both la.
Rap or Rock: Both
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship
School or Work: Is better if is Both.
Love or Money: Definetely LOVE!
Movies or Musics: Both~ X)
Country or City: City!!!
Sunny or Rainy Day: Both~
Friends or Family: Friends AND Family

Have Your Ever
Lied: DUH!!
Stole Something: Err... yeah..
Smoked: NEVER!!
Hurt someone close to you: yes..
Broke Someone's heart: Im more of the victim..
Had your heard broken: ..... yes..
Wondered whats wrong with you: Always..
Wish you were a prince/princess: Yesh.
Liked someone who was taken: ......yes..
Been in Love: DUH!!
Used chopstick: Yeah~
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Sang, no. Talk, Yesh.

Flower: Black Rose
Candy: Eat-able then can adi. XP
Song: The Price of Freedom.
Scent: dunno.
Colour: White!
Movie: Still Loving Advent Children. XP
Singer: Timberlake
Word: Mother Poddle! XD (from Tarvin)
Junk Food: Cheesy Wedges! Mmmmmmm...
Webiste: Blogspot! Friendster, facebook and Khinsider.
Locations: Japan!!
Animal: Doggie! Panda! Kualabear! XD
Ever cried for someone: ..... yes..
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Having a weak heart..
Do you think your attarctive: Nooooooo... I'll leave those to the girls. XP
If you had to choose a fairytale as yourlife what would you choose: Tough one... I'll think abt it. XP
Do you play Sports: BASKETBALL! XD

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules.List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

1. Im Super Perasan!
2. Im Lazy.. XP
3. Im a Game Freak!! XD
4. Im a very sensative person.
5. Have a weak heart..
6. Gets emo real easily.
7. Wish to turn back time.
8. Hates people real easily..

1. SuiLun
2. Justin Lee
3. Peiyin
4. Pei Jiun
5. Huiee
6. Izzaty
7. Yuenhee
8. You, You and YOU!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crisis Core Flash Backs..

I really really need a PSP!! I too adicted to Crisis Core!! XD I dont get un-adicted to something that easily. I can play that game over and over again! XD Haiz.. no use talking that much. Lets check out the photos! X)
Crisis Core Guide book.
The One Winged Angels.
Farwell Angeal..
Angeal: An Angel's wish is to become a human..
Farwell Genesis..
Genesis: Wheres your honour..
Farwell Sephiroth..
Sephiroth: I dont need to be in your memories..
Modulating Phase!
Zack and Aeris.
Aeris: Im.. afaird.. of the sky..
Genesis: Its meaning-less if we just keep fighting..
Angeal: But.. We still have to protect our honour!
Aeris: Zack.. Dont cry..
Aeris: Thank you.. Cloud..
Data.. Corrupted..
Nomura's Artwork.
Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII- Ultimania
The Black Rose..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

21th April's Monday

Blog readers should knw whats going on that day.. Thus people who attended that event will also knw whats going as well.. Its.. Jin Hwei B'day!! XD

Thanks God i managed to get the photos from Yuenhee. It tooked me a while just to asked from her.. i wonder whats wrong?? I'll leave that answer to her la but still thanks.. X) Lets get back to the main issue!

I'll skip the things that happend in school. Lets skip to after school! Okay then, listen to the story..

After school i planned to teman JinHwei most of the time cos its her B'day and also some sort of her Farewell party. Huiee and her gang fellas is the one that organized every thing and me? Im just to make sure that she doesnt find out abt the surpise. XP

JinHwei got splashed like crap after school and the amazing thingy is.. I actually DIDNT splash her!! D8 Regreted for not doing it.. XP After that i temaned her home.. I was not alone.. YTL joined in as well. In the mean time, Huiee and the others are doing their thing in school.

Me and YTL temaned JinHwei home. After 20 minutes of chit chating at her house. I decided to check out hows the other side is doing.. So i leaved her house. Luckily for me, Huiee and her gang are ready so lets go! XD Oh btw lets just name out the fellas shall we??

1. Huiee
2. Yuenhee
3. Sharon
4. Kay Jun
5. Yu Jie
6. William
7. Daphney
8. Ming Long
9. Yee Zhian
10. (one more girl.. fogotten her name. XP)

I guess thats all. Excluding me and YTL la kay? X) We brought her a XXL cake with XXMany chocolates! XP Okay here comes the plan.. I will call JinHwei to open the door, in the mean time one of us will called her photo to keep her busy. While she is picking up the phone, everyone will jump into her house and walah!! XD The plan was a total success. X)

Jin Hwei was sorta shocked.. And of course all of us are happy. X) Okay lets do less talking and more photo-ing. XD

Ooolala~ The cake!!
Look at her. Shes soooo happy! XD

All the girls in the party. Exclude Kay Jun and William. XP

Oh oh oh! Thats ME!! XD

The guys..

1st up~ Yee Zhian
2nd up~ Kay Jun

Last but not least~ ME!! XD Finally i get to take a photo with her. X)

Cake Time!!
JinHwei: I wish...

Shes going to cut the cake!!! D8

Cheeseeeee~ X)
Taking out the flat candles.

Mai god.. it took her 10 minutes just to take out the candle! Shes losing her focus cos shes laughing. Me and Ming Long are laming around the corner. XD

Jin Hwei: I did it!

(I laughed when i look at this picture. XD)

In the mean time..
Guess whose that???

Its Yuenheee!!! XD

After the whole cake stuff thingy. I got to go already cos i have tuition. Thus its getting late and i have to walk home. X( I dont get to teman her more but still she have other freinds to teman her la.

When im gone..

They sure have lots of fun when im gone.. X) Still i havent get her a present yet. Hrm.. Is okay i have two weeks to be prepare of! XD

Currently re-playing..

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memory (GBA)

Im playing Riku's story which is sooooo much fun-er than Sora's story. X) I got some pictures from my VBA. Check it out..

Riku -level 30
HP 140
AP 17
DP 44

A Riku clone walks in.. AKA a Riku wannabe!
And he wants to takao! D8
Here goes nothing..
Yoda VS Darth Vader
6 minutes later..
Guess who win??
ME!! XD Sucker..
What!? Wanna run??
Ansem stoped me..
Planning their next step to kick my ass. yeah right..
To be Continue..
Black Rose: Day 7