Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gaming Results

Okay like i said in the last post that i will post out what happend during the time i was playing the PSP in Tarvin's house. And very obvious, you smart fellas out there will knw what game am i playing during that time right?? Its Crisis Core!! XD

Tarvin was at the final battle with Genesis and i promised him to help him level up since he cannot defeat Genesis. So its up to the Game pro to help up and thats ME!! XD


These are the ways to level up that i just find out. But first you need this things just to make life easier..
- Equip your character with lots of AP+ or MP+ materias.
- Boost your character's stats as much as u can, especially MAG.
- Equip your character with Healing spells and Strong magic spells. Recomanded Tri-Thunder, Firaga and Thundaga.
- Equip your character with area AP moves or MP moves.
- Equip your character with good equipment, especialy those who greatly increases your VIT.
- Equip your character with materias that will increase your chances of getting DMW. Recomanded Meteor Shots, Air Strike or Lucky Stars.
- Prepare lots and lots of recovery items especially remedy, ether and osmose.

The best way to level up is to do Inter-Missions. Of course the more challenging it is the more chance of u to extend the time duration of battling. And thats what im asking for. The longer the battle is, the more chances of u getting Modulating Phase. And that is what i want.

I dunno when will you get this Inter-Mission.. But once you receice an Inter-Mission called "50 Soilder battle" theres where the fun part begins! To complete the mission you have to kill the amount of soilder which are told. If you complete more and more the mission very get harder and harder.. Until i reaches 500 soilders battle! D8 So the battle will be very very long..

Meteor Shots and Air Strike helps a lot in this missions. Because the limit break can finish of huge amount of people in the battle field. If you have a special effect which says "MP/AP cost becomes 0" Spam your MP or AP abilty like crazy!! Tri-Thunder comes very handy in the mission, unless you have low MAG status. Dying in the intermission doesnt really matter cos you wont gameover! Thus if you obtain any level up, the level up will still be there even if you failed the mission! But still completing the mission is a good way to gain good/new materias. DONT us any pheonix down in this battle cos is no point using me, believe me you dont want to use pheonix down.


After helping level up from 30~34 i decided to take a try on battling Genesis and this is the stats of his character. (I set it up!!)

Level 34
HP 8000+ /6091 (break)
MP 200+ /193 (break)
AP 400+ /211 (break)

STR 61
VIT 131
MAG 57
SPR 59
LUK 47

-Curaga lvl. 2
-HP++ lvl. 3
- Firaga lvl. 2
- Octaslash lvl. 1
- Thunder Blade MASTER
- Vital Twister+ lvl. 2 (not sure abt the name)


And guess what?? With this stats i finished the game!! XD Serious!! Tarvin had the shock of his life after he sawed me kicked the Genesis Avatar's ass! XD So to those game fans out there, im here to give you some tips according to my experience.

Your Character must have
- HP more than 6,000 (trust me you need it..)
- Have great MAG stats (if you can)
- Great amount of STR (if you can)
- Far ranged magic materias (suggested Firaga, Thundaga or even better Drianaga)
- Area damage materias (suggested Vital Twister or Tri-Thunder)
- Curaga!!! Very important (highly recomanded)
- A pheonix down (just incase)
- Materias that increase chances of getting DMW. (suggested Octaslash, Angeal's DMW, Apocalyps and Lucky Star)
- Quick and critical damage materias. (such as Thunder Blade, etc..)
- Lots and Lots of Ether and Osmose.


-Genesis Avatar-
Seriously i have to admit this one is a lot harder compare to Genesis's original. Firstly it will do nothing but pose around for like 5 seconds i think.. Then it will stab his sword to the ground and thats where the action begins! It will summond will looking flying creatures around which is freaking annoying! Spam your are damage spell/ability just to kill the flying creatures or if your lucky, Modulating Phase. XD After finishing the flying creatures off aim for the sword! Either attack it with your normal attack, or strong spell/abilities. Its your choice.

Once it begins to move again, he will keep his sword back to himself. Lock on to the sword and cast far ranged spells on it. Firaga works the best!! Use some time to heal your HP if its dangerous. It will cast some sort of black wave from the ground but nvm, just run around the corner and you can dodge everysingle shot easily. After that it will stab its sword again, continue what you did before. Finish off the flying creatures then the sword. Continue the steps over and over again.

You will notice that it will cast a skill called flare. This means the boss is finally running short of life. This skill is almost completly undodgable! (its not a limit break by the way) the damage will be around 2,000. So be prepared.. Once you received the damage, heal!! After the samething happend again.. continue the following steps again and again. And remember heal your character once it receive more than 2,000 damage (unless you have more than 9,000 HP)

Finally, it will cast its limit break and it will not be the ONLY time it cast. This is very dangerous point, if you have less than 5,000 HP beware.. there will be chance of getting killed. You dont have to worry if you have pheonix down with you. The limit break will be around 4000~5000 damage which is very very painful to thosw who have low amount of HP. After that HEAL!! And continue the steps above until the battle is over. All you have to do is always stay alert on your HPs, MPs and APs and it will be just fine.


-Genesis Original-
Its battle is a very easy kill.. If you have strong spells you can just finish him off quickly. Or even better with LuckyStars! XD Genesis will cast spell its sword in the begining of the battle. In that time his totally Invurnable, so no point hitting it with strong spells yet. After its done casting the spell begin the action!

If you wanted to finish this battle of in no time?? Then make a distance between you and Genesis. After that spam your greatest far ranged spell on him, Firaga still works best! If he gets too close, dodge and run far far away. And if you run out of MP use the ethers which are prepared.

If you want it to be more challenging, use your normal attack on him. It will take a while to get close to him. Thus Genesis have lots of combos in each and every of its attack. Heal everytime when it gets dangerous. It will cast it limit break anytime which is Apocalyps but not as strong as the one you casted. So you dont have to worry abt the damage but still stay alert everytime.

Modulating Phase helps A LOT!! Octaslash and Angeal's DMW works best. Once Lucky Star is casted, us Firaga and look at the damage you casted. I used it and its like 4,000 x3! D8 12,000+ damage!!


After kicking Genesis's ass Tarvin as like "Bloody fool!! That one shit of an easy kill!" Like i said Genesis's Avatar is tougher.. If your done with the first one you should be relief... X) I wont spoild the last battle your are abt to be facing soon.. but all i have to tell you is.. GOOD LUCK!!

Have fun playing people~