Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crisis Core Flash Backs..

I really really need a PSP!! I too adicted to Crisis Core!! XD I dont get un-adicted to something that easily. I can play that game over and over again! XD Haiz.. no use talking that much. Lets check out the photos! X)
Crisis Core Guide book.
The One Winged Angels.
Farwell Angeal..
Angeal: An Angel's wish is to become a human..
Farwell Genesis..
Genesis: Wheres your honour..
Farwell Sephiroth..
Sephiroth: I dont need to be in your memories..
Modulating Phase!
Zack and Aeris.
Aeris: Im.. afaird.. of the sky..
Genesis: Its meaning-less if we just keep fighting..
Angeal: But.. We still have to protect our honour!
Aeris: Zack.. Dont cry..
Aeris: Thank you.. Cloud..
Data.. Corrupted..
Nomura's Artwork.
Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII- Ultimania
The Black Rose..