Thursday, April 3, 2008

3rd April's Thursday.

Its Thursday again!! Yipppieee!! *rolls on the floor* XD Today's Thursday was FUN!! But too bad JinHwei didnt stay back and Blue house practise was cancel.. X( But still i have fun with Yuenhee and HuiEe!! XD

What happend in class.. point form!!
Add-Maths >> was pretty smooth.. i understanding whats shes saying today, mayb cos im stting infront ba.. XD
Physics >> Boring.. I use the time to do my add-maths homework!! And i finished it!! XD Megan cant focus during the Physics period cos of Me and Tarvin kacau-ing her. XD
Recess >> Yuenhee stepping on my feet.. Ouch.. XD
BM >> En.Alim didnt come.. Drama time!! I havent started my part yet.. X(
Sejarah >> Im actually doing Sejarah today!! D8 Mayb cos of Pn. Wan treated us on April Fool's day. (read the post "April Fool Day" to knw what happend)
EST >> Harminder is gonna screw Tarvin soooo badly.. XD

Fuh.. one tough day, but at least it was better than yesterday la.. X)

Librarian duty time!! XD This week, even kwn that bastard was inside there but i still go in! Cos i promise to teman Yuenhee.. X) (I kept my promised! XD) The heavy rain turn my intrest towards rumah biru down... X( The people who are staying back in the library today is.. Yuenhee, Khai Sern, Ming Yap, Dinesh, KayJun and HuiEe (is there anyone else i lefted out?? o.O)

I think today i spented the most time with Yuenhee cos we dont get to talk to each other very much.. We talk and talk and talk for the whole duty time. XD Talking abt this fella that fella and then laughs!! XD Khai Sern was busy doing his homework so no time to talk with us.. X(

I never regret tell SuiLun that Yuenhee was lame.. NEVER!! Cos she IS lame!! Lamer than me!! Her lame-ness really beat me down la.. XD (Hip~Hop~) Beware people cos Yuenhee has gone lamer!! D8 That wasnt the only thing that she improved.. She even knw how to flick people!! She hits harder now.. D8 Beware... XD

Kay Jun joined in and we both talked abt Russel Peter's jokes! This time we made her laugh the crap out of her tummy! XD Dinesh and MingYap are having fun insulting Yuenhee.. Awww.. Dont feel bad Yuenhee, your not really fat but you must accept the faq you are short! XD Vincent was emo-ing aside.. o.O

HuiEe came in and i can see that she is really tired out from some KRS thingy. I agreed to sing for the Hari Kecermelangan day.. But dont blame me if its really bad.. XD After that, guess who came in?? Vivian Teoh!! XD Bully her like crap.. I still remember at the KRS kem she said "Fagget la you!" Its damm cute! X)

After that, me, YTL, MingYap, Dinesh and Vincent decided to play Co Tai Di! XD Vincent was a pengawas and his playing poker cards! D8 Arh who cares.. XD I own them first match but after that i got pawned by them. X( MingYap was playing street poker and guess what he got?? 4 KINGS!! D8 That happend once in a blue moon!! Good blees you MingYap. XD

Going back that time, i saw Yuenhee playing with her teddy bear in her car.. Her mom was busy talking in the phone. And she was sooo bored.. she played with this cute teddy bear! XD Im stalking her.. XP

Guess there goes my Thursday.. So Yuenhee i kept my promise adi arh! You owe me BIG time! XD Anyways i have a great time at duty today.. X)