Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nats Birthday Partay!!

WARNING.. WARNING.. Long Post Alert!

I came back from sunday school.. i didnt really take a nap.. I was worried of who to fetch me to Nat's house! D8 But luckily Angela manage to fetched me there.. Fuh..

Angela's brother is soooooo cool!! It was the second time meeting her brother. (first was captain ball) Her brother doesnt really kwn the direction to Nat's house as well.. But he brought his map with him and within 5~10 minutes. Poof! There we are at Nat's house! D8 I serious! His very cool..

Fuh.. Reached Nat's house! XD My first impression of his house is.. Neat.. XD Michelle, Audrey, WeiSoong and KimNgiam was there already, playing worms! XD Michelle called me to help her train her Crisis Core. This means what? PSP!! XD I cant believe i died in a inter-mission! D8 Cant blame.. Michelle's character was noob. XD

All of them are having fun playing Worms. Even knw i wasnt concretrating on what they are playing but i knw how hilarious it was! XD

After a few minutes later.. Michelle's PSP battery is low.. So i decided to stop playing her PSP. But on the sametime.. Tarvin came! What does this means again? PSP round 2! XD I took out his PSP and played the same game, and Tarvin's character was sooooo much better! (cos trained by me ma.. XP)

The whole thing started to be like a birthday party when Tarvinder came in. We seriously need someone rasist bastard like himin the party. And let me tell u, he looked DIFFRENT! D8

Tarvin regreted for bring his PS2 memory card. Then he went home and take it with Nat. I was busy helping him level up. In the mean time, the others are playing BurnOut. If Megan was there she could kick everyone's ass! I think.. XD

Tarvin came back all the way from his house! Good job my brother. X) Then Kim was playing this some sort of game mode which is bangning the amount of car to gain more money in a limited time. Tarvin was like..

Tarvin: "Eh, you call that driving arh? My grandmother can do better than that la!"

Kim: "Ya la, ya la.."

*Car bangs on to the wall*

Tarvin: "Eh! Thats a wall man!"

Kim: "Shut up la!"

Tarvin: "Seriously la.. my grandmother can drive 10 times better than u la.."

Michelle: "What if your grandmother is really here?"

Tarvin: "She will be like *EH!!* (grandma's voice) *Gimme that controller!*"

*Everybody started laughing*

Tarvin: "*Gimme the controller! I show u how to drive! I can do 100 times better than them la!*"


Tarvin seriously brighten up the whole party la.. Tarvin started to show off his pro car to everyone. And he said that he can reach 10mil points. Nat joined in as well. So Angela decided to have a competition! The loser must force to eat the left out Salad! XD Luckily for them, all of them dont eat Salad! XD In the end, KimNgiam is the loser.. He owe us a Salad! XD

Then we decided to change game! I brought my KHIIFM+ there. I showed Tarvin the Armor Figure.. And everyone was like COOL!!! Im losing my touch.. last time i can kick that guy's ass within few tries.. But that day i cant even kick his ass! D8 Tarvin tried to battle him and it took him 10minutes just to knock 4+ of his HP. XD

I was still having fun with the PSP.. X) The others are playing Naruto. Oh ya LengPing came before that. XD 4th Hokage was FREAKING GAY!! Nah.. who cares abt Naruto these day. XP

Thanks to Audrey i manage to get home already. And Thanks to Tarvin and Michelle i get to play 5 hours of Crisis Core! XD

Nats Birthday Party was FUN FUN FUN! But tiring.. tomolo school haiyo...