Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool Day

This year's April Fool was not much of the fooling.. but more of scolding. Also wat i called a really bad day.. No funny at all..

Enter school and the first thing i got is Add-maths and Mod-maths homeworks in my mind. I was like shoot!!! Den quickly do do do and do.. gladly i manage to finish it on time. Cos of the homework i didnt get to visit Yuenhee.. X(

First two period my favourite teacher, Pn.Ting! X) Very normal class.. But at the 3rd period, which is EST, there goes my happy day.. Pn. Harminder came into my class and scold the crap out of us. Pn. Harminder was usually in good condition with us.. but today.. it screwed the whole thing.

She scolded us for 30+minutes, the 4th period was worst.. thing are getting serious and serious. D8 Pn.Wan came in while Pn.Harminder was still in the class and she teman Pn.Harminder to scold us! WTF!!! Are both of them having PMS or something!? Combo us! WTF bitchs!!

On that day onwards i knw that teachers has been gossiping abt my class.. 4 Ixora is the noisiet class in Taman SEA. Teachers that i suspected are almost most of our teachers which are teaching us. I believe the most obvious is Pn.Chung.. and I believe the most unobvious is problely Pn.Ting. God Bless her.. but not the other Bitching teachers!

Luckily no one pranked me that day, or i will kick their ass soooo badly.. Please tell me that this whole thing is a April Fool..