Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Its all over facebook.. Its all over youtube.. its even all over the newspaper.. If you guess never heard of this guy called Jeremy Lin, then I dunno what world you are living in.

Jeremy Lin shoots for New York Knicks.

Jeremy Lin like the next Yao Meng.. Cause his the new Asian American who plays in the NBA. Only a couple of games in the NBA tourny and his already elected to be one of the MVPs already. His point guard skills are amazing and phenomenal. Even some NBA superstars are surprise and amazed on how Jeremy Lin plays in games.

The next amazing thing about this guy here is he actually studies in Harvard University, having a economics degree! His actually the FIRST NBA player who holds a Harvard Uni degree!! WHAO!!! Last but not least, this guy is religious.. His a very religous christian. Thats something very very amazing and respectful about him.

Alright, im not here to talk about amazing this fella is (which i actually just did talked about how amazing he is) Im here to talk about how BIG of an impact he has bring into us asian's life.. Okay, maybe not just asians but teenagers and even kids nowathese days.

I actually known the existance of Jeremy Lin even before he was in the NBA and when he was still in Harvard. How do I know about this guy? He has a youtube channel of his own (doesnt have very much video uploaded tho) and does alot of collaboration with other famous youtubers. Some of you guys might heard of them before. Nigahiga, KevJumba, Arden Cho and AJ Rafael.

Heres a funny video that he made in his channel. XD

Alright now back to the topic that I wanna talk about.. What was it again? Oh yeah.. The impact that his bringing to our teenagers life.

I dunno whether you guys notice this or not but there are more teenagers playing basketball nowathese days. And how do I know that its the cause of Jeremy Lin? Simple.. When one of the players was shooting, he shouted "JEREMY LIN!!" I dun really know why of all things he shout, he shouted Jeremy Lin but this just shows how inspired and how much respect this fella puts on Jeremy Lin. And FYI, he manage to score that point beautifully. XD

Another incident that I faced was in my uni. I saw some new students playing basketball at the court. So, i decided to join them for a friendly 3 on 3 game. Apparently, I sorta.. ermm... how to put this in a nicer way.. I sorta out matched them cause of my height advantage and also with my past experience with basketball. (and lots of girls were looking, so i was alittle bit serious just to show off some skills.. sorry..) and all of them were complimenting me saying "Whoa, who brought Jeremy Lin into the game." which was pretty damn funny and sweet. XD

Ever since then, whenever I have a short class break even for like 10minutes, I will ask Alex to teman me go to the student service office, grab basketball and have a couple of shots. Its something that I dun usually do.. Some time i would sleep in the class or log on to facebook. But lately, nope.. I was pumped to play basketball.. Plus, i start to do lay ups (a type of basketball shooting technique) more often. Just like Jeremy Lin. Something inside of me wants me to be like Jeremy Lin. Creepy but awesome.. XD

Alright maybe the last one wasnt really a BIG impact.. its sounds like the impact only hit me.. but this story that im about to tell next is gonna be huge. And im seriously not making any of these up.. this is exactly what i see and what i heard..

I was walking Pepper at the park behind my house the other day. Yes, there is a basketball court there and there was a young little boy and a man (whom i assume is the boy's father) on the court shooting some hoops.

The boy was alittle bit too short and he tried shooting the ball into the hoops but he just couldnt do it. So he said this to his father (the conversation was in chinese)

Boy: "Dad, i dun wanna play anymore.. not fun one."

Man: "Aiyo, we just came here only. So fast then want to give up already ah? Dont you want to be like Jeremy Lin?".

Boy: "I want!"

Man: "Ah, Jeremy Lin practice shooting basketball alot and he never gave up. So, must you give up as well?"

The boy didnt answer.. he sorta grumble alittle and after that carry on with his shooting.

After awhile, he finally manage to enter a ball into the ring. As it continues, the more he shoots, the counts of the ball entering the ring increases. The best about all this is the smile on the boys face every time he enters a ball. And the man beside him just keep cheering for him.

All of this is all because of the motivation to become like Jeremy Lin.

All of these that im saying right here are all based on a true story.. If you dont believe me, you can ask Pepper! XD

This show how big of an impact that Jeremy Lin's excellent performance have done to us teenagers these days. Everyone looks up to him, kids around want to be like him, even I HOPE i can be like him! XD

He is was all asian teenagers want to be like. X)

To be honest, I love this Linsanity thing. I makes my days in INTI alittle bit more cheerful for some reason. I hope this Linsanity will go on and on and on and on just like the days when Yao Meng was still in the NBA.

Oh yeah, Im a New York Knicks fan right now. I keep myself up to date with all the game scores of New York Knicks. XP

Alright, its another long long boring blog spot that is nothing to do with me. Well, thats because there is really nothing interesting going on in my life right now. Unless you guys would LOVE to listen about codings. XD

To all of you out there who have Lin-sanity too.. Do leave a comment in the blog post and let me listen to your story. I would love to hear it from you guys. XP

New York Knicks FTW!! CHEERS!! XD

Monday, February 20, 2012

March 14th

So, valentines day just past a couple of days ago.. Yeap, a day where people will do something special to impress or confess to someone who is really special to them. Sometimes, the day doesnt really go far into the love side, people sometimes do something for someone who is important to them or sometimes, for fun. XD

Well, im not a really a valentines/lover boy/relationship pro.. So yeah, theres really nothing much i can talk about it. Totally one of my weakest subjects.. XP

But what I know to talk about is March 14th.. I dunno some of you guys know or not but March 14th is white's day. Its some how like a 2nd valentines days and its also known as a valentines day for girls.

Me and my friend were just talking on the phone the other day, she wanted to do something back for her boyfriend who happens to be a good friend of mine.. so i told her about whites day. And i just found out that girls dont really know the existence of white's day.

So ladies, class is in session right now. Well, actually its not going to be a very lengthy class but oh well. The difference between valentines day and white's day is that guys will do all the romantic stuffs on valentines days while the girls will take their action and repay the guys who did all those romantic things to them on white's day. It could as simple as returning a gift, a card, cookies, or just bring them out for a lunch or something. It can just plain simple..

Now, it doesnt really have to be a lovey dovey thing. Is not that you have to like a guy and the guy has to like you to do this kind of things. It can totally be normal among friends unless you think its weird and it might give some wrong ideas to the opposite then yeah you dont have to do that. Its probably for the best.

Oh, how did i figure out about this White's Day thingy? Just alot of TV watching and some manga reading. Apparently, not many people know about this day and even if they know, they dont really like celebrate it, cause you know.. its just sounds different if a girl give a guy gifts. And when a guy receive a gift, they(we) tend to have this psychological idea that if a girl give them something, it means she likes him. So yeah, thats probably the reason why.

Before you people out there think that im hinting someone right now to give me a gift, honestly, im not looking forward to have any gift cause I KNOW i wont get one. (sounds sad right?) No seriously, my valentines was plain boring. I had my first day of uni class on that exact same day, had classes from 10am to 5pm and after that walk home alone cause my parents are not at around. Does that sound boring to you? Sounds boring to me! But yeah, its totally cool.. XD

Im just here to promote this little event and help those girls (or maybe guys) out there who dunno how or what or when to repay the person whom did bunch of nice stuffs on valentines day. X)

For those of you guys out there who did some really wonderful stuffs to your love one on valentines, you guys have my respect. I dun really have the guts or brains or even balls to do these kind of things like you guys. You guys have earn my respect and definitely my blessing for you dream love in the future. X)

As for the guys who tried something but failed or didnt get any respond that you guys expected. No worries, I totally feel you guys as I was in your situation before. But look at a bright side, you did something extremely wonderful. You made a girl feel not lonely on valentines. Yeah its true your hurt and you think its a waste of time/money doing all those but just think with a gentleman's point of view, you did something good for a girl. It might had made the girl feel good or might not but who cares, YOU DID IT! You made a girl feel good and you guys dont even beg or ask for anything in return. (or maybe you guys did.) Yeah, its really complicate but you guys definitely earn more respect than the other guys out there. X)

And finally, as for those of you who didnt celebrate valentines day.. well.. good for you. XP

Okay, I've been yapping alittle bit too much now. Guess i gotta stop. Got an early morning class tomorrow morning and I dead tired.. DX

So, tell me. How did your valentines go? Would love to hear it from you guys out there. X)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to Hell

Alright, its really alittle bit mean to say that my uni sounds like some sort of hell.. so just pretend that I didnt say 'hell' but instead, i said 'paradise'.. Got it? XP

So, Im back in my uni life.. my class started on the 14th February (yeah, on valentines day. XP) And i just made it thru my first week. And we all know that first week of class is nothing.. Its just alot of introduction to what we are learning and explanations about what horror is coming into our way. Horror = Assignment x99

But still, it was really nice to get to hang out with my uni friends again. Its been awhile since we all hung out. During the holidays, none of us even plan an outing to meet up with each other. XD

Just the other day me, Alex, Eugune and Ashwin went to 1U to catch a movie right after our wednesday class. After that we head over to my place and meet up with Pepper and have a couple of card games. We did all of those before hell starts coming in. So yeah.. that doesnt mean we are totally relaxing and all.

Okay, there is really nothing much to talk about right now.. Im here to post some blog post before this blog offically goes into hibernation mode. Well, not really completely hibernate but I will do my best to update you guys once in awhile.

I will be very very active on twitter thou cause there is like the only place i can scream and shout out things. I will around facebook as well. X)

Alright, so i guess thats all. Hope you guys out there who just started uni or already started uni and having a really stressful time like what im about to face.. I feel you.. and of course, stay strong .. Until the end, everything will be worth it. I think.. XD

"Everything will be okay in the end.. If its not okay? Then its not the end." XD


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pepper and Trixie

For those of you who keep track on my facebook should know what or who is Pepper are Trixie. No they are not things, they are pets.. Its a dog and a ferret.. again.. and yes, my house is freaking turning into a zoo again. XD

Lets introduce the dog first shall we? Guys meet Pepper~ X)

Pepper is a male... I know it sounds like Iron Man's secretary/assistant who is currently his girlfriend but Pepper is not a girl. His two years old and currently living in my place. It was suppose to be temporally staying here but now, its confirm that im keeping this dog around permanently. Yes, i got a husky.. for free. XP

I dont really know about the details on why and how did i get it for free.. but all i know is my brother's friend gave Pepper away and my brother decided to adopt it. The reason why he previous owner wanted to give it away is because his a BIG attention seeker, and some what a place destroyer.

Now, his been living with me for a about one and half week now and i dont see how this fella is a place destroyer.. yet! But i do see how BIG of an attention seeker he is. He some what even MORE attention seeking than Oreo. Yeah.. thats really bad. DX

But on the bright side, Pepper is EXTREMELY friendly. Its stranger approval. His the kind of friendly dog that if a burglar enters ur house, he will not even bark at the burglar.

Besides that, Pepper is also some what a in-house dog. Yes, he sleeps with us in the same room and sometimes on the same bed as well (that is just recently). And for some reason, he doesnt pee pee or poo poo around the house. So i guess this fella is kinda potty trained.. XP

Having Pepper is great and it somehow makes me feel like Baby (my previous doggie) is back. And since Pepper is such an attention seeker like me, he tends to hang out around us alot. Obviously because he want us to pat his head and all. But with him around, it sorta make me feels a little less lonely.. X)

I like Pepper but still Oreo is still my priority. XP

Alright now on to my favorite animal around, the ferret.

Before I start anything.. I wanna talk about her name. Yes, the ferret this time a female.. and HOPEFULLY its nice.. well at least nicer to me than the previous one who loves to bite my arse off. DX

Anyways, about her name.. I dun really know how to spell it but i know how to pronouns it. Its sounds like Trick + Xie. So yeah... I dunno whether did I spell her name correctly. Gotta ask my brother to reconfirm next time when his back home. XP

Alright heres an adorable picture of Trixie. XP

Like my previous ferret, Trixie lives in the cage.. this time we bought the ferret alittle bit home earlier. We sorta bought her back a couple of days after her operation. (its some operation that u need to do for home ferrets) So, she was not allow to get out from the cage. Therefore, there is really nothing much to talk about her. XP

And this ferret was bought back ALSO by my brother. And the most interesting part of all is that the ferret was bought back the same day that Pepper was bought back to our home. So both of them became friends immediately. X)

Pepper having a good look at Trixie.

I think Pepper likes Trixie.. but im not to sure about that cause there are a couple of times that my brother told me that Pepper wanted to nom Trixie. I didnt say bite because he didnt do it aggressively. Maybe he thought that Trixie was a kind of food. XD

As for Trixie's side with Pepper.. Im definitely sure that she doesnt like him at all. If you dont know, unlike dogs, when ferrets wiggle their tail it simply means that they are angry. True story.

Alright, so thats all for the update on whats going on at my place. And if and ONLY if you have an animal and u want ME to adopt it, please dont.. Its not that i wont want to but my parents are pretty damm furious about having two pets coming into our homes suddenly in one day. XP


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back to INTI

Alex talked me on facebook the other night asking me whether im heading back to INTI the next day or not cause there was a talk going on tomorrow. So i decided to attend the talk with a last minute planning.. actually i attended the talk because they say whoever that attends it get a free USB pen drive. XP

It was a different morning cause usually i will wake up around 11am or 12pm but that day i woke up much earlier than usual. Dress up in my jeans which i always wear whenever im heading to uni, took the bus all the way to KJ station and from there all the way down to Subang Jaya. Everything is starting to get familiar again. XP

After a long 2 months plus break, i finally head back into INTI. I sat down waited for Alex to arrive as he was looking for parking around the area. As i was waiting, i started remember how lonely i was actually in INTI.. I have very little friends compared to the days when I have in high school and the days that i was in college.. And in a couple of days time, i will back at the place and back to my lonely time.

As i was waiting, I was a girl have a hard time studying.. her faced looks extremely stressed out as if she was about to flunk the upcoming test (how did i know there was a test? well, who studies hardly for fun?) The I had another flash back on back in the days that I was in INTI stressing to pass up our assignments and studying hard for out pappers at the same time.

After day dreaming for awhile, Alex finally arrived and we went and meet up with Eugune. Updated each other alittle bit about what we did during the holidays. After that we all head for the talk. Along the way we bumped into Yenn Yenn and Liana and then Theodore who joined us in the room at the as soon the talk is about to start.

The talk wasnt long and was not really with all my friends around me. In fact, the talk was sorta motivating us to start studying alittle bit more harder as one of the head lecturers motivated us with all his words of wisdom.

And to motivate us even more, he rewarded each one of us a 8GB USB wrist band pen drive, Olympic style. Well, there goes my excuse for not passing up my assignment anymore. XP

His last and final quote of the day was "It was hard, but its worth it.."

Alex mentioned that when uni just started, we will be finding a day to hang out before all the stress and busy shyts starts poping into our lifes. XD

My uni actually starts tomorrow, so i guess i wont be bloggin that much anymore.. I did alot of things during my holidays but nothing really amazing and nothing really worth leaving as a memory.. Just some annoyance and emo things.. Thats why i didnt blog that much. X)

I'll blog as much as I can.. but till then.. Everyone have fun. X)

Now, back to my busy lonely life. XP


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sister May

I was helping my dad this morning in the morning market. It was a pretty quiet day since the next couple of days is holidays, everyone is probably going for some vacation on saturday morning or something. I dunno.. lets just say business was just so so.

While i was then busy with my work wrapping carrot cake packets for customers, someone came and pat me on the shoulder, gave me rm50 and wished me 'Happy New Year.' I turned my head around to take a look at who issit and it was my old sunday school teacher Sister May.

Yes, she gave me a rm50 ang pau money for chinese new year and thats ALOT of money. It was my only rm50 angpao for the year (lets exclude my parent's one). I got the money and I was speechless. No, i want the money but it was just too much.

When i wanted to return the money, she said some of the most sweetest things..

'Im so happy that I can see you today. It was nice seeing you growing up every year. And im sorry that I didnt bring any red packets for you. Keep the money and stay healthy alright?'

She didnt give me the chance to return the money. In the end, she left without even ordering a packet of carrot cake. If she did, i would force my dad to give her free packets.

At first, I felt very nice and happy to get a rm50 angpau money but later on.. I felt sad..
My dad's other customer were laughing at my awkward reaction after receiving the ang pau. One of them said.. 'Good for you!'. My dad was like 'Wowww... shouldnt have gave a big ang pau then this year. XD'. It was suppose to be a very jolly and happy feeling but somehow i just felt guilty, bad and sad..

Heres the thing about me and sister May. Both of us had a history and some stories together. She was my sunday school teacher when I was still in my early high school days. (around form 1 till form 3 period) So, i was very young and immature i would have to say..

The ironic part about my relationship with Sister May is that.. I used to not like her. I used to not give a damm about her teachings and all. I used to make tons of noise and distract her class while she was teaching. I even talk bad about her behind her back. (what a bitch right?)

Back then, alot of people told me that Sister May is a very nice teacher.. but due to my immaturity i didnt give a damm about what they say. I find her very annoying and just didnt like the way she teachs, thats all.. (at this point u guys would probably want to slap me in the face already right?)

But Sister May was really an amazing teacher.. She treat my horrible, distracting, noisy attitude in class into a way of communicating with me. She ignores all my bad habits and all and still treat me as student of her. In fact, she kinda thinks that my noise in class kinda entertains the class. Funny issint?

Beside this ang pau thingy and the way she treats me eventhou im a bad student last time, the other the most touching incident was the chinese new year caroling incident. The Youth team have this tradition of having a caroling on chinese new year, there was this year that we are invited to carol at Sister May's place but that was the time i couldnt make it.

The next day which is sunday school day, I was a little bit sad cause everyone is saying how awesome Sister May's house was with the size of the house and the food and the event and all. Plus, they did mention that the ang pau she gave the others were pretty big as well. I was jealous and of course feeling alittle regret for not making it.

After class, i bump into Sister May and we talked alittle bit. The surprising thing about the conversation was.. she mention that she noticed my missing in action from the caroling cause she knows that im always in the choir team. And then, she gave me an angpau wishing my chinese new year. The amazing part of all is that my ang pau is alittle bigger than the others. XP

Since then until today, she still remembers me as that boy who use to make alot of noise in class but now she sees me as the teenager who know what his doing..

One of the things that I probably regret doing in the past is probably disliking Sister May for that year.. If there was a dude who is getting taught by Sister May and he acts like me when I was back then, I will know what story to tell him. X)

It has nothing to do with the ang pau.. but its about what she did to me in the past and even today. Totally apperciate it. It definitely made me a better person.. well slighty.. XP

Of course the ang pau is still AWESOME! XD