Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Its all over facebook.. Its all over youtube.. its even all over the newspaper.. If you guess never heard of this guy called Jeremy Lin, then I dunno what world you are living in.

Jeremy Lin shoots for New York Knicks.

Jeremy Lin like the next Yao Meng.. Cause his the new Asian American who plays in the NBA. Only a couple of games in the NBA tourny and his already elected to be one of the MVPs already. His point guard skills are amazing and phenomenal. Even some NBA superstars are surprise and amazed on how Jeremy Lin plays in games.

The next amazing thing about this guy here is he actually studies in Harvard University, having a economics degree! His actually the FIRST NBA player who holds a Harvard Uni degree!! WHAO!!! Last but not least, this guy is religious.. His a very religous christian. Thats something very very amazing and respectful about him.

Alright, im not here to talk about amazing this fella is (which i actually just did talked about how amazing he is) Im here to talk about how BIG of an impact he has bring into us asian's life.. Okay, maybe not just asians but teenagers and even kids nowathese days.

I actually known the existance of Jeremy Lin even before he was in the NBA and when he was still in Harvard. How do I know about this guy? He has a youtube channel of his own (doesnt have very much video uploaded tho) and does alot of collaboration with other famous youtubers. Some of you guys might heard of them before. Nigahiga, KevJumba, Arden Cho and AJ Rafael.

Heres a funny video that he made in his channel. XD

Alright now back to the topic that I wanna talk about.. What was it again? Oh yeah.. The impact that his bringing to our teenagers life.

I dunno whether you guys notice this or not but there are more teenagers playing basketball nowathese days. And how do I know that its the cause of Jeremy Lin? Simple.. When one of the players was shooting, he shouted "JEREMY LIN!!" I dun really know why of all things he shout, he shouted Jeremy Lin but this just shows how inspired and how much respect this fella puts on Jeremy Lin. And FYI, he manage to score that point beautifully. XD

Another incident that I faced was in my uni. I saw some new students playing basketball at the court. So, i decided to join them for a friendly 3 on 3 game. Apparently, I sorta.. ermm... how to put this in a nicer way.. I sorta out matched them cause of my height advantage and also with my past experience with basketball. (and lots of girls were looking, so i was alittle bit serious just to show off some skills.. sorry..) and all of them were complimenting me saying "Whoa, who brought Jeremy Lin into the game." which was pretty damn funny and sweet. XD

Ever since then, whenever I have a short class break even for like 10minutes, I will ask Alex to teman me go to the student service office, grab basketball and have a couple of shots. Its something that I dun usually do.. Some time i would sleep in the class or log on to facebook. But lately, nope.. I was pumped to play basketball.. Plus, i start to do lay ups (a type of basketball shooting technique) more often. Just like Jeremy Lin. Something inside of me wants me to be like Jeremy Lin. Creepy but awesome.. XD

Alright maybe the last one wasnt really a BIG impact.. its sounds like the impact only hit me.. but this story that im about to tell next is gonna be huge. And im seriously not making any of these up.. this is exactly what i see and what i heard..

I was walking Pepper at the park behind my house the other day. Yes, there is a basketball court there and there was a young little boy and a man (whom i assume is the boy's father) on the court shooting some hoops.

The boy was alittle bit too short and he tried shooting the ball into the hoops but he just couldnt do it. So he said this to his father (the conversation was in chinese)

Boy: "Dad, i dun wanna play anymore.. not fun one."

Man: "Aiyo, we just came here only. So fast then want to give up already ah? Dont you want to be like Jeremy Lin?".

Boy: "I want!"

Man: "Ah, Jeremy Lin practice shooting basketball alot and he never gave up. So, must you give up as well?"

The boy didnt answer.. he sorta grumble alittle and after that carry on with his shooting.

After awhile, he finally manage to enter a ball into the ring. As it continues, the more he shoots, the counts of the ball entering the ring increases. The best about all this is the smile on the boys face every time he enters a ball. And the man beside him just keep cheering for him.

All of this is all because of the motivation to become like Jeremy Lin.

All of these that im saying right here are all based on a true story.. If you dont believe me, you can ask Pepper! XD

This show how big of an impact that Jeremy Lin's excellent performance have done to us teenagers these days. Everyone looks up to him, kids around want to be like him, even I HOPE i can be like him! XD

He is was all asian teenagers want to be like. X)

To be honest, I love this Linsanity thing. I makes my days in INTI alittle bit more cheerful for some reason. I hope this Linsanity will go on and on and on and on just like the days when Yao Meng was still in the NBA.

Oh yeah, Im a New York Knicks fan right now. I keep myself up to date with all the game scores of New York Knicks. XP

Alright, its another long long boring blog spot that is nothing to do with me. Well, thats because there is really nothing interesting going on in my life right now. Unless you guys would LOVE to listen about codings. XD

To all of you out there who have Lin-sanity too.. Do leave a comment in the blog post and let me listen to your story. I would love to hear it from you guys. XP

New York Knicks FTW!! CHEERS!! XD

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