Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pepper and Trixie

For those of you who keep track on my facebook should know what or who is Pepper are Trixie. No they are not things, they are pets.. Its a dog and a ferret.. again.. and yes, my house is freaking turning into a zoo again. XD

Lets introduce the dog first shall we? Guys meet Pepper~ X)

Pepper is a male... I know it sounds like Iron Man's secretary/assistant who is currently his girlfriend but Pepper is not a girl. His two years old and currently living in my place. It was suppose to be temporally staying here but now, its confirm that im keeping this dog around permanently. Yes, i got a husky.. for free. XP

I dont really know about the details on why and how did i get it for free.. but all i know is my brother's friend gave Pepper away and my brother decided to adopt it. The reason why he previous owner wanted to give it away is because his a BIG attention seeker, and some what a place destroyer.

Now, his been living with me for a about one and half week now and i dont see how this fella is a place destroyer.. yet! But i do see how BIG of an attention seeker he is. He some what even MORE attention seeking than Oreo. Yeah.. thats really bad. DX

But on the bright side, Pepper is EXTREMELY friendly. Its stranger approval. His the kind of friendly dog that if a burglar enters ur house, he will not even bark at the burglar.

Besides that, Pepper is also some what a in-house dog. Yes, he sleeps with us in the same room and sometimes on the same bed as well (that is just recently). And for some reason, he doesnt pee pee or poo poo around the house. So i guess this fella is kinda potty trained.. XP

Having Pepper is great and it somehow makes me feel like Baby (my previous doggie) is back. And since Pepper is such an attention seeker like me, he tends to hang out around us alot. Obviously because he want us to pat his head and all. But with him around, it sorta make me feels a little less lonely.. X)

I like Pepper but still Oreo is still my priority. XP

Alright now on to my favorite animal around, the ferret.

Before I start anything.. I wanna talk about her name. Yes, the ferret this time a female.. and HOPEFULLY its nice.. well at least nicer to me than the previous one who loves to bite my arse off. DX

Anyways, about her name.. I dun really know how to spell it but i know how to pronouns it. Its sounds like Trick + Xie. So yeah... I dunno whether did I spell her name correctly. Gotta ask my brother to reconfirm next time when his back home. XP

Alright heres an adorable picture of Trixie. XP

Like my previous ferret, Trixie lives in the cage.. this time we bought the ferret alittle bit home earlier. We sorta bought her back a couple of days after her operation. (its some operation that u need to do for home ferrets) So, she was not allow to get out from the cage. Therefore, there is really nothing much to talk about her. XP

And this ferret was bought back ALSO by my brother. And the most interesting part of all is that the ferret was bought back the same day that Pepper was bought back to our home. So both of them became friends immediately. X)

Pepper having a good look at Trixie.

I think Pepper likes Trixie.. but im not to sure about that cause there are a couple of times that my brother told me that Pepper wanted to nom Trixie. I didnt say bite because he didnt do it aggressively. Maybe he thought that Trixie was a kind of food. XD

As for Trixie's side with Pepper.. Im definitely sure that she doesnt like him at all. If you dont know, unlike dogs, when ferrets wiggle their tail it simply means that they are angry. True story.

Alright, so thats all for the update on whats going on at my place. And if and ONLY if you have an animal and u want ME to adopt it, please dont.. Its not that i wont want to but my parents are pretty damm furious about having two pets coming into our homes suddenly in one day. XP


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